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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:03pm CET

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in germany the deadline is looming for parties trying to form a new government media leaks suggest angela merkel's conservative martin schulze a social democrats have agreed on climate policy and migration new elections could be triggered if the parties fail to reach an overall agreement by thursday the. engine is e o two petrol bombs were thrown at a synagogue during unrest over price increases and new taxes no injuries were reported but the building suffered some damage demonstrations are up today earlier
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this week in several parts of china zia. french actress catherine deneuve has criticized the me too movement seeing men should be free to make advances towards women in an open letter published in france din of warned of a new putinism in the wake of the recent surge of sexual harassment scandals. former white house chief strategist steve bannon is stepping down as chairman of breitbart news after drawing fire from donald trump over remarks published in a new tell all book about the us president bannon was quoted as accusing trump's son of treasonous behavior but later distanced himself from the comment. question for you which donald trump do you see we're just this week we viewed
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a genius an idiot the hardest of workers and a president who likes to sleep in in washington he remains first some russia's best friend and tonight he says that he's the reason the two koreas are talking again i'm broke off in berlin this is the day. i just spoke to. president bush on. these very thankful for what we've done without our editor that would have never happened you know some of them called it a performance i consider it work. here in the united states we must respond with birds of seats in this room mr putin's design to try to compromise democratic institutions the republican controlled house continues to plot democrats' efforts to investigate the attack.


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