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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm CET

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this is. from berlin tonight a deadline for a deal here in germany we are expecting word tonight on new government negotiations political leaders have just a few more hours left to reach a deal on starting talks to form a new government will they meet the deadline and what happens if they don't also coming up thousands rally in pakistan to protest against the rape and murder of an eight year old girl they want to know why the police were so slow to react to the child's abduction. also tunisia deploys the army to quell violence unrest in
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several cities demonstrators are protesting social inequality in price hikes is the cradle of the arab spring on the verge of a crackdown. also coming up scaling new high we'll meet an incredible rock climber from hong kong who's determined to fulfill his dreams despite losing the use of his left. i'm good to have you with us tonight time is running alps political leaders here in germany are bracing for a long and difficult night of negotiations the german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the center left as they're trying to see if they have enough common ground to enter a formal coalition talks now the exploratory talks entered their final day today
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the chancellor saying at the beginning of the day the stakes are high and the outcome far from certain. orcon often there are still big hurdles to overcome. in stuff thirty seeking from my party i can say we'll be as constructive as possible in our search for compromises we'll miss it since in that of course i also were aware that we want to deliver the right kind of deal for the country and that means it's going to be a tough day. with this i in how the talk via. a hard day and it looks like a hard and maybe a long nights that's why we're going to go to fabi in front of mark he is our correspondent helping us burn the midnight oil with those political leaders here in berlin he said as party headquarters where the talks are taking place going to need to uvalde on so where are we it is just after eleven pm here in berlin the talks
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are still going on what are the major obstacles that we know of right now. they are still the same obstacles that were mentioned earlier on today by american mountain shows they said there was a big hurdles and that is migration refugee policy that is the field of pensions as is the field of taxes and if you want you can all boil it down also in the field of money because this new government can spend a lot of fresh money there are some forty five billion euros that this government can spend the problem is there are projects on the table that are worth almost one hundred billion euros so in other words everyone has to kill their darlings has to give up on some of their projects that they want to. fulfill with this new government and that is of course always a very difficult and hard thing to do particularly for the social democrats because they absolutely need a trophy a success something that they can show they are party members and that has to be in
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the fairy costy field of social policy could be a major change in health care could be a tax for the richest could be a very nice thing for pensioners but this is something that the s.p.d. definitely needs and that takes time and that cost a lot of money because a lot of money but we do understand that there's there's reason to not at least to be hopeful that some type of agreement will be before the sun rises in the morning so what would be the next step then what would this road map look like in forming a new government. if in this probably very long night they agree on something and i'm actually not in chills come out here and say yes we could imagine to form a coalition then for the for america's conservatives that it's basically it she can decide with her party leaders and the leading comment that they want to go in to
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form a coalition talks with the social democrats for the social democrats it's a lot harder would have to come pain for this preliminary results from tonight and then there's a party congress coming up next week where they have to convince the party members and even if they agree to start forming a coalition talks then at the end a coalition treaty would have to be agreed by the party members and that is another big hurdle so for the s.p.d. it's still a long way even if they can push the conservatives tonight where they want to have them ok our correspondent mark on the story for us tonight as we go into the late hours of the night with these exploratory talks here in berlin thank you. well to find out more about what germany can expect from a renewal of that grand coalition that we've had for the past four years let's hear
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now from a senior member of the central f. social democrats his name is thomas over a month he spoke earlier today to my colleague comic lever. most of them in the german establishment seems to be pushing towards another grand coalition it feels a bit like a goods train with no weather upson is this really a choice does germany have a choice here. well the grand coalition is something like nobody loves it but everybody believes the government is needed and there is no other government inside it beside a grand coalition so we are as we have serious negotiations about a new grand coalition it is difficult of course but i am optimistic that it can be successful now a wise man once said that village democracy needs new ideas and new people to come in willoughby any new ideas from what would effectively be
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a continuation from the same government as we just had it cannot be a continuation of what we had because. we have serious problems ahead of us right now germany is in very good shape we have a strong economy we have high our employment we have a surplus in revenues but that will not stay the way it is unless we invest a lot of money in infrastructure we have a great effort a huge deficit unless we invest a lot of money in our educational system and unless we stabilize the european union . all these questions have to be solved and there have to be you know new ideas of course. to continue this government otherwise it will not get together but just i mean that the problems are not new the people are not
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necessarily going to be new if it does come to a grand coalition how are you going to shake it up. i don't know yet it depends on you know what. the negotiators will come up with. we have seen that. we have done good work in the grand coalition we have improved the lives of many people for example by implementing a minimum wage in germany for the first time but that did not help us in the election. we got our worst results since one thousand nine hundred forty nine and so it cannot be just the content you ation of the last grain coalition definitely not we need new ideas more justice more investments if that doesn't happen it probably will not take place we have a party that has to give the green light for real negotiations and at the end
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the members of our party will make the decision the other party that everybody in the world is looking at towards it in germany is the f.t. alternative of germany they may well become then the largest opposition party and in the german parliament how would you in your position as vice president of the parliament how would you give them the democratic right to speak without allowing that the german parliament to become a sounding board for a far right use that would be a real. political hard consequence if the a f t. would be the strongest opposition party in the bundestag leader of the opposition practically. but the a.f. d. was elected by the german people and they deserve equal opportunity like any other party in the bundestag no special treatment i believe that we should not
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give them the opportunity to describe themselves as victims of the political establishment that is what they really prefer to be appear. and we want. to give them we don't want to give them that kind of opportunity the world is watching germany waiting for germany to get a government organized what would you tell people would you tell other governments apart from it's all going to be ok. well the world may be waiting for a german government the fact is in germany the result no crisis because we don't have a regular government just a preliminary government. but it is true that we do need a government that can actively. shape the european future together with emanuel mccraw who is still
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waiting for months now to get a response to his reform suggestions and i believe that this is a great opportunity even though we have right wing parties all over in europe it is a great opportunity to really make the european union more attractive and more stable and that is what we need a government and i hope i'm hope i hope that we will have it before easter ok so if you're a betting man as a way to put your money well i would not bet on it but i'm optimistic thank you very much thank you terry. all right you heard that that was a member of the s.p.d. there from us for months saying that germany may have that government just in time for easter we'll have to see if he's right are right for us all of this mean this is a slow slow to go she asian you know what it mean for the mighty german economy well the economy's soul it's big businesses are going to find small businesses well there are little bones just imagine the frustration for those businesses if there
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were new elections here in germany less political direction means more uncertainty for those looking to invest yet on the other side of the calling it's rather bright europe's economic engine saw a two point two percent growth surge in twenty seventeen but political conclusion tonight would be the cherry on the cake. followed a book soaring exports and a shortage of skilled workers to unload germany's economy is thriving and exports a forecast to grow a further five percent this year as well flying start for the next government which can look forward to a tax revenue bonanza so there's money there which germany's industry federation the beady eye once used to modernize the country it warms the new government not to waste any time. we have to invest more which means public investment but also means private investment so preparing the conditions for.
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intent more intense private investments in the sector of digitization in the sector of public transportation. but although in different sectors starting from schools and universities he set or other problems are also waiting for an incoming government the global economy is laden with risks the b.t.i. is especially worried by the threat of trade barriers and increasing state interventionism german companies cite china's behavior in particular. china is a very important market for our companies especially for the industrial part of our economy. on the other hand we see that china has a very strict strategic agenda. and we see an increasing influence of the political party. into the individual businesses but even the u.s. and britain are becoming increasingly unpredictable trade partners the v.d.i.
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says it's high time for a new government to take office here to start taking the necessary decisions. that's it for your business i'll be back a little later with law but brant tonight anger across pakistan that's right daniel the rape and murder of an eight year old girl has shocked the nation and sparked violent demonstrations two protesters have died in clashes with police the twelfth child now has been sexually assaulted and killed in that same area of pakistan in just over the past year with the killer still at large tonight demonstrators are accusing the police of being too slow to act. boils over at the death of another little girl and investigators failure to find out who killed her. through the tone of targeting the local police station officers opened fire and chaos ensues. protesters attempt to carry away the injured.
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the girl's family is over the police response to the protests seen ups father told d.w. that he wants justice for his daughter. we demand that the government take steps to ensure the safety and protection of all ghettos in this country i'd also like to appeal to the army chief and the chief justice that steps be taken to avoid such tragedies like those taken in many army counter-terrorism operations. this is a community in grief. vanished on her way to us last week. this is the last image of her alive. leading her holding her hand. police discovered her body on this trash heap on tuesday is believed to have been raped several times and then strangled to death her family wants
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a thorough investigation. of the murderer be arrested a life police shouldn't look to lift the burden from themselves by killing some innocent person and then seeing no you have justice. the high court chief justice has ordered the police to take swift action in this case but with residents furious at what they see as a failure to properly investigate previous abductions there could well be more protests to come. interviews are in emergency meeting is planned between the main political parties and business is on saturday they want to find a solution to the wave of protests gripping the country the last three days of seeing clashes between protesters and security forces demonstrators are angry about all staring the measures in a growing inequality as many as six hundred people have been arrested this week. not even threats of a clampdown could keep them away hundreds of disaffected tunisians clashed with
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riot police and another long night of violent unrest with both sides trading tear gas and drops some coming off wash for where. i was trying to talk to one of the policemen and suddenly one of them help me with his baton. that's been. seven years ago to near zero was the cradle of the arab spring after a revolt against rising costs that revolution may now be history but its spirit and its cause lead zone for many in the rural heartland economic frustrations confusion go hand in hand. there was no no no you couldn't put it out because. we had to endure these clashes after a day of work. even our bus was attacked with tear gas. and we need to find
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a solution for you thought the politicians raised our living costs why don't they take a pay cut we have to suffer taking two buses to the factory town just a hundred euros. earlier this week one protester paid with his life and dozens more have been injured as economic hardship leaves its mark on china's. here's in the other stories now the making headlines around the world iran's foreign minister has met with european union powers to discuss its nuclear deal british german and french diplomats reaffirmed their support for the pact us president donald trump is expected to decide this evening on whether to reimpose sanctions against iran in move that would effectively kill the nuclear deal president drums former strata dish steve bannon will reportedly testify about alleged russian meddling in the twenty six thousand u.s. election bennett is set to appear in front of the house of representatives
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intelligence committee next tuesday reports say he'll only be questioned about his time on the trumped campaign team once we get leaks founder julian assange has become a citizen of ecuador he's been living in the country's london embassy for five years to avoid arrest ecuador's foreign minister announced the move on thursday and said she hopes britain will recognize a songe as a diplomat and give him legal immunity. from the british prime minister theresa may her office says that the country will not hold a second referendum brags that now this after the prominent breaks it's here nigel for raj said is that a second referendum might be a good idea many politicians have called for a second poll saying the consequences of the decision were not clear for voters at the time for raj it says a second to voters would in the debate it's a little. earlier we talked to our london correspondent period mohsin we asked her
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why for raj is suddenly proposing a second referendum on whether britain should leave the e.u. we asked or is it a stunt. i think it is a bit of a stir and i think it's to keep his name in the media not many bricks in here would dare to call for a second referendum because they have a lot to lose they had they won the first referendum and not many remain as daring to call for a second referendum become so far public opinion doesn't is not very clear that they would actually win it so there is not really a lot of momentum at the moment behind a second referendum at all in the u.k. and that was our correspondent. reporting earlier from london arrives looks like there was a bore who blew open luxembourg's brant but to the state he was a villain looks leaks whistleblower. leaks documents laying bare shady tax deals between luxembourg and hundreds of international companies back in twenty fourteen
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he was judged guilty of passing on secret information but tonight delta has reason to celebrate. anton delta a smile to see arrived at court today and for good reason the luck seeks informant was previously charged with a one thousand five hundred year a fine and suspended prison sentence for stealing private legal documents but today the. arguments have been heard but they can say she considers that the appeal courts misinterpreted the european court of human rights jurisprudence and this is what we want to demonstrate by going to say she said this is a victory. but she's former colleague rafael was not saying that the court decided that the nature of the documents tell a divulge the press did not qualify as relevant information status and rejected his appeal. we will keep going until we reach the european court and is this is where
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the case is going we could say that everything is going to plan and. in two thousand and fourteen luxembourg's decision to prosecute was met with widespread public outrage with many showing up to support him in court today the luxe leaks sparks parliamentary inquiries across the wild and helped shape major reforms to the way multinational companies are taxed. venezuela's a comic crisis is grinding down on the poor and struggling ever more people into poverty the past year has seen inflation top two thousand six hundred percent despite the supply crisis in venezuela some industries are doing what they can to struggle on and there is demand for relative luxuries like chocolate but produces have to look to abroad to keep their businesses afloat. in her correctors apartment nutrition professor nancy silva spreads cocoa on a stone counter to make chocolate bars they'll be sold in local shops for around
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fifty cents that's a week's wages here but there are still a few people able to spend that on candy. outside venezuela chocolate of this quality might earn many times that so silver is focusing on france where a kilogram of chocolate could fetch around one hundred dollars. i carried my chocolate around in two suitcases. and i've been to paris three times that way. i don't even speak french but i know my product and i know who's willing to buy it i was able to sell my chocolate over the course of around a month. she could probably sell many times that it's been as well as soviet style bureaucracy didn't make exploiting almost impossible for small companies to countries hyperinflation means serve been constant shortages of food and even gradients but this is offset by steady access to high quality aromatic cocoa from
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her family's farm in eastern venezuela. the need because i think a cow in terms of the quality of the grains their variety and their yield i would say we are in the presence of the best cocoa in the world but it's going to milk a cow and what. for now the chronic shortages are probably the most have a venezuela's economy. but as the chocolate maker show they're also entrepreneurs' doing their part to boost their country. and this whole business to an inspirational story now brant that's right we're going to look at someone who has overcome some incredible obstacles daniel all athletes have burdens to overcome but lychee why he has battled through more than most step is a competitive rock climber he was named asian champion four times before an accident left him confined to a wheelchair rather than giving up liking through what he calls one of the lowest
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points in his life and now he's become the first person from hong kong to be nominated for a laureus world sports award here's why. limbering up to lift not only his body but also his wheelchair like she why it was a champion rock climber until a car accident in twenty eleven left him paralyzed from the hip down but he wasn't going to let that stop him. the hong kong native has kept up his passion despite the extra challenges that come with being paraplegic by physical and logistical. i love rock climbing before there was a lot more freedom i could go to various indoor climbing spaces or if i wanted to i could go rock climbing outdoors i could do it whenever i wanted but now that i'm in a wheelchair i need to consider a lot of things is it appropriate for me to climb is it safe are people there to
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help me or his jaw or their his greatest achievement came on the fifth anniversary of the crash when like climb to hong kong's lion rock scaling the summit of a mountain that reaches to almost five hundred meters the accompaniment saw a light nominated for the laureus sports award and sums up his answer to towards life. i understood from a young age that you only get one chance at life so i didn't want to regret anything. like she why hopes his story inspires other athletes with disabilities his triumph over adversity will surely see him reach even greater heights. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you political leaders here in germany have just a few more. starting talks to form a new government the german chancellor angela merkel and her conservatives and the center left social democrats have set themselves
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a deadline of exploratory negotiations both sides say many issues remain unresolved thousands of people rallying in pakistan to protest against the rape and murder of an eight year old girl the accuse the police of being too slow to react to her disappearance. you're watching. from berlin we'll be back at the top of the hour with more news including the latest on the midnight talks here in berlin on trying to form a new government staging to deal. with. culture
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needs to listen to crime fighter and share tell a friend tell a friend to. crime fighters. everybody welcome to the show today we have a great selection of stories from all over europe for you here's a look at what's coming up. pixel portraits a swedish artist and his few speed creations get. crazy when we meet at the top german chef.


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