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tv   Doc Film - Tricks of Memory  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2018 10:15am-11:00am CET

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suburb is saying the right things now we want it to be good for people but he still wants that captive audience facebook is developing its own video offerings sort of like netflix it has plans for that audience so i might not all be about make you facebook and the world a better place even busier social media to thank you very much for this insight going to asia now where a new bitcoin craze has achieved popular culture status japan's virtual currency girls performed their first concert in tokyo today each member of the band represents different cryptocurrency such as the bitcoin experience or ripple in keeping with the theme payments for the group's merchandise will only be accepted in of course fictional currency their dead new song warns against fraudulent operators and urges people to make sure of their online security.
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in venezuela angry mobs are slaughtering cattle in the fields according to reports and supermarkets have to be protected by the military against looters the country is starving but as well as inflation rate has reached a staggering two thousand and six hundred percent according to calculate by the country's parliament which has been disempowered by president nicolas maduro as of a tarion socialist regime price controls have been put in place to curb inflation but they have little effect on shelves are empty. sad sight shelves have never been so empty in venezuela and it's getting worse what's the point in the government reducing the price of staple foods when none are available anyway. not. painful to see the shelves because there isn't anything to eat i bought three things all i could get and my heart hurt because lowering prices is not the way the government should be acting. this
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seems critical to me because honestly we're going through a very serious crisis right now. i don't know what to do because i can't get any basics. i've never seen the shelves like this there's little or you can see it juices cookies canned goods but otherwise nothing. like that you know. but even if shelves were stopped decently wages barely cover the cost of necessities every day offers fresh evidence of venezuela's bankruptcy with no foreign currency available to import food or any other basic products. and that is why businesses in venezuela fighting for their very survival facing shortages and a socialist rocko see that blocks their every move some entrepreneurs still refuse to give in venezuela famous high quality cocoa beans could be
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a good source of revenue chocolate connoisseurs around the world value it highly exporters forced to find very unusual ways to sell their products abroad. in her caracas apartment nutrition professor nancy silver spreads cocoa on a stone counter to make chocolate bars they'll be sold in local shops for around fifty cents that's a week's wages here but there are still a few people able to spend that on candy. outside venezuela chocolate of this quality might earn many times that so silver is focusing on france where a kilogram of chocolate could fetch around one hundred dollars. i carry my chocolate around in two suitcases. i've been to paris three times that way. i don't even speak french but i know my product and i know who's willing to buy it i was able to sell my chocolate over the course of around
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a month. she could probably sell many times that it's been as well as soviet style bureaucracy didn't make exploiting almost impossible for small companies the country's hyperinflation means serve been constant shortages of food and even grevious but this is offset by steady access to high quality our magic cocoa from our family's farm in eastern venezuela. the need because they think in terms of the quality of the grains they're variety and they're yield i would say we're in the president of the best cocoa in the world that is going to call it. for now the chronic shortages are probably the most have a venezuela's economy. but is the chocolate maker show they're also entrepreneurs' doing their part to boost their country. and that's all you have business for now going back to the old top story now the south absolutely back to that breaking news
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that developing story here from berlin where german political leaders are reported to have reached a breakthrough in pre-columbian talks chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and social democrats led by martin schultz negotiated throughout the night to find some common ground indeed it needed to enter more formal coalition talks now merkel has been having a caretaker government since the national election more than one hundred days ago she and her conservatives have been in exploratory talks with the social democrats since sunday. and for more let's bring in our correspondent reviewed overall to a standing by there at the s kitty headquarters in berlin where the talks have been taking place and report wow what a what a series of talks it has been i mean more than twenty four hours these party leaders talking there and various representatives just bring us up to date about what we have been saying. you just said twenty four hours of negotiating from from yesterday morning on up till now right now you can see behind
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me all the journalists queuing up here in front of the believe we're going to house these social democrats quarters here in berlin waiting for the press conference to start or at least to get in and then to waiting for the press conference in which we are going to hear how this agreement really looks like what we have been hearing so far is that there has been an agreement but we don't have any details yet we only know that the negotiators have been struggling to find some agreement especially on the issues taxes refugees and. health insurance and i can't i don't really know yet what the main sticking point was but what we have heard so far is that especially the tax issue was a very difficult one so robert just just walk us through where does this lie in the process because i mean these are just the pullin minera talks that the precaution
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talks right what comes next. i'm salut lee this is in the end just the first step after the. and after this press conference both party leaders will go into their party headquarters and then talk to the party boards and have to convince them that this agreement they have reached is really good and that it's enough to. wriggle coolish in two weeks and the social democrats even have a longer way to go they have a party conference. coming up sunday in the week on which the rank and file have to decide whether they want to go into coalition talks with anglo-american help staying in power and the social democrats from the very beginning have been very reluctant if they really want to help to stay in power if they really want to know the grand coalition which doesn't serve them very well in the post covertly to
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vault with the very latest there from outside the s.p.d. headquarters where as you mention is pretty coalition talks have been taking place of reports of a breakthrough at this hour we are standing by waiting to hear some of those leaders emerge and what they have to say as to what has been a great report thank you so much for bringing us up to date. in the meantime as we wait for those press conferences we'd like to bring you some other news now because u.s. president donald trump is expected to decide today whether to re-impose sanctions on tehran if he does this would be in violation of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear agreement the european union is not happy about such a possibility which was made clear when iran's foreign minister visited brussels. for the iranian delegation brussels was of reassurance couldn't come at a better time the foreign ministers of britain germany and france as well as the e.u.'s foreign policy chief reaffirmed their support for the iran nuclear deal
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which u.s. presidents donald trump has referenced to lead the deal is working it is the living on its main goal which remains keeping the iranian nuclear program in check and in the survey against any played an important role in crafting the landmark nuclear court in the summer of two thousand and fifteen she has lobbied hard to convince washington to keep the nuclear issue separate from other contentious issues with tehran such as its ballistic missile program what the nuclear deal could however facilitate is talking about these issues something all ministers emphasized in brussels today should report to or from within the of course we must also address the situation in iran we are all very concerned regarding the rights of those demonstrating in the streets we are convinced that people have a fundamental right to demonstrate on top of that we also need to talk about iran's actions in the wider regional individual of the. deal announced that iran had
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committed to a dialogue over its role in war torn yemen and syria but whether the nuclear deal and the diplomatic channels that come with it remain intact now depends on the u.s. . to pakistan now where there is anger over the rape and murder of an eight year old girl it has sparked a violent demonstrations and two protesters have died in clashes with police it is the twelfth child to be sexually assaulted and killed in the same area over the past year with the killer still at large demonstrators accuse police of being too slow to act. boils over at the death of another little girl and investigators failure to find out who killed her. through the tone of targeting the local police station officers opened fire and chaos ensues. protesters attempt to carry away the injured. the girls' families over the police
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response to the protests. seen ups father told d.w. that he wants justice for his daughter. we demand that the government take steps to ensure the safety and protection of all ghettos in this country. i'd also like to appeal to the army chief and the chief justice that steps be taken to avoid such tragedies like those taken in many army counter-terrorism operations. this is a community in grief and saudi vanished on her way to class last week. this is the last image of her alive. leaving her holding her hand. police discovered her body on this trash heap on tuesday is believed to have been raped several times and then strangled to death her family wants a photo investigation. the murderer be arrested
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alive the police shouldn't look to lift the burden from themselves by killing some innocent person and then seeing no you have justice. the law who are high court chief justice has ordered the police to take swift action in this case but with residents furious at what they see as a failure to properly investigate previous abductions there could well be more protests to come. many athletes have burdens to overcome but the chihuahua has battled through more than most as a competitive rock climber he was named asian champion four times before an accident left him confined to a wheelchair but rather than giving up he came through what he calls one of the lowest points in his life now he's become the first person from hong kong to be nominated for a laureus world sports award honoring the best sports men and women of the year here's why. limbering up to lift not only his body but also his wheelchair
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like he why he was a champion rock climber until a car accident in twenty eleven left him paralyzed from the hip down but he wasn't going to let that stop him. the hong kong native has kept up his passion despite the extra challenges that come with being paraplegic both physical and logistical. i love rock climbing before there was a lot more freedom i could go to various indoor climbing spaces or if i wanted to i could go rock climbing outdoors i could do it whenever i want to go but now that i'm in a wheelchair i need to consider a lot of things is it appropriate for me to climb is it safe are people there to help me out or heaps all there his greatest achievement came on the fifth anniversary of the crash when like klimt hong kong's lion rock scaling the summit of a mountain that reaches to almost five hundred mates has become placements or light
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nominated for the laureus sports award and sums up his answer to towards life. i understood from a young age that you only get one chance at life so i didn't want to regret anything. like he why hopes his story inspires other athletes with disabilities his triumph over adversity will surely see him reach even greater heights. for him now the second half of the blind as they can see as it kicks off on friday night and the opening match sees leverkusen face runaway bleeders fire munich leverkusen are in fourth place and locked in a fierce battle for a champions league spot their fans will be hoping that the home side can trip up the by the bavarians and a certain youngster from jamaica could be just the player to cause an upset. he's only twenty but his career is taking off fast the bailey has joined the young
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guns of labor cousin after a slow start with the club his speed and his goals have made the jamaican one of their most standout players quit some things it's a vine i mean his short appearance is it wasn't like everyone was shouting at her ray but he didn't give up which is a really important quality he kept believing in his chance and worked on it he was always a total team player who puts himself at the service of the team in spite of all the public attention he gets. in the stands i thought since he seems to me tough stand . still the winger from kingston hasn't had an easy path to the world's top leagues . as a teenager bailey played in four different european countries that was after leaving his homeland with two friends at the tender age of thirteen. we didn't have so much money we had a budget sometimes would have. just.
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because we had a dream from we were very young he said his ultimate aim is to play in the premier league but before then daley wants to make it into the champions league with labor and more immediately to extend his team's twelve game unbeaten streak in the bundesliga by defeating by in munich on friday night. and for more on the leverkusen byron match and the second half of the bundesliga season i'm joined now here in the studio by tongue. from v.w. sports s welcome to you tom. you know we just heard a bit about leon bailey but of course this team isn't only about him right you know i mean this is been heiko heloc first full season in charge at they've accused him . and he's really been able to bring about a sea change in that in the ambitions and the atmosphere around the club last season they were very bellicose and very loudly talking about you know knocking don't one of the seconds fall in the wind is legal which is very ambitious for
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a club like they've accused and they put themselves under a lot of pressure in doing that and when things started to go wrong they went wrong very quickly now has. had a much more humble approach they've just been doing quite hard work and they're really reaping the rewards. byron munich apparently without their top striker robbie live and of course who has a minor injury so who needs to step up or desire but your new signing wagner who came from hope and heart and just over the winter break for thirty million euros. now buying has actually long been without a real replacement eleven dollars ski and when he's been out with injury or something they've suffered because they haven't had a lot for like replacement for and that's going to be wagner's role and as if to really over emphasize the point anybody who hadn't realized that he's now going to wear the number two on the back of his shirt which for a center forward is slightly strange but either way wagner is come home to his hometown club this is where he came through the ranks so he knows club but it's been ten years since he left he's now thirty years old and he's had a lot of different stations in between so for people i mean there are some who
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really doubt whether or not this is the right move for him and he needs to hit the ground running to prove me wrong if we're just looking generally big pitch picture speaking i mean you know top of the table with an eleven point lead any chance of catching them i think realistically and unfortunately for a need to find probably no there's so far ahead eleven points is a massive gap and in terms of quality sport that they really are streets ahead of the competition so i think it's quite unlikely that we'll see them falter so just quickly the real story is bottom of the table. for me slightly further down the table but not too far in second place who've had a brilliant first start start to the season they play lots of this weekend to various acting teams apart from by and that's my real holiday for the week and that's the one to watch and i thank you so much we will see if those predictions are correct in the end for me thank you so much for weighing in. well voting is underway in the czech republic and germany is hoping that the results for lead to
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better relations with its neighbor despite that used promise of a united europe east west fault lines deepened in the latest election the czech republic recently voted in a euro skeptical government critical of german migration policies but in the bavarian and the bohemian forests that area in central europe german and czech conservationists have found an issue that both countries can agree on. powerful bad came here with the intention of doing research on black grounds hazel grouse and would cross the shine birds live in the national parks on both sides of the check today in border. that it snowed hard overnight so powerful won't be able to find any of the tracks was another of the these species are disappearing from commercial woodland but here in this forest they're doing fine we want to find out how many of these birds there
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are and where they're located we work with the very few the seal even on the war. the two national parks are working on a joint project that will do exactly that in fact both parks cooperate closely on these kinds of efforts and no one represents that spirit of cooperation better than biologist pavol better he works for both parks. together the parks make up the largest primeval forest area in central europe. human shape the landscape for a long time now it's nature again and that attracts numerous visitors. the park agency is also to cooperate on book publications most are available with texts him both german and check. the
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man responsible for this is powerful who been a the director of the national park party faced a lot of opposition. to the war but. when you go through both national parks and both directors are working toward the same goal. we want these parks to develop together with the same conservation policies. and we both have similar ideas on how to do that. in appreciation of this cooperation the european union has provided subsidies totaling more than six million euros over the last two years. that money is also welcomed by the bavarian national park administration. director finance libels says this kind of cooperation shows that european nations can work well together.
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he explains why the program works. i think you didn't talk to each other a lot and we trust each other. we try to find things that we have in common with and then we put projects together kynan and sometimes we just sit around in the evening and discuss things over libya and then for all them to move by on the suits and look at a room by and go spewing out stuff you'd move much mostly they're honest people and they tell it like it is. they don't pull any punches. but our discussions are always very pleasant. communication news good. find good when it comes to. a real check german winter fairy tale. box powerful bench who says both signs will have to work hard to make sure things stay that way in the years to come. u.s. president donald trump has come under fire for reportedly insulting haiti el salvador
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and several african nations in a foul mouth outburst trump is said to have asked why are we having all of these people from profanity countries coming here according to the washington post newspaper the president became frustrated during talks on immigration lawmakers are trying to put together a reform package that includes protection for the children of undocumented migrants we you know well given the almost daily controversy around trump some critics have asked is he fit to be u.s. president trump is due to undergo an annual medical check later today as allegations over his physical and mental health abound the white house says that the results of the health check will be made public has more. slurred words at the end of a major speech in december you know the church thank you very much feels a flurry of speculation about donald trump's health. trumps the oldest person to become president in american history he was seventy when he was sworn into office
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character he doesn't drink or smoke but he makes no secret of his love for fast food or his aversion to the more rigorous forms of spores. he uses a cart for golf and one said that his main source of exercise comes from moving his hands during his speeches so how does the president shape up problem and there's. a letter written by trump's doctor during the presidential campaign showed he was overweight and on medication to control his cholesterol pressure proclaimed him to be in excellent physical health. fast forward sixteen months and he's dealing with the pressures of arguably the most demanding job in the world questions have existed from the beginning of a term psychological and intellectual competence for the role of president just days ago he came under fire for seeming to forget the words of the u.s.
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national anthem. and a bombshell book released last week claims that most of his staff and advisers think he's mentally unwell trump it back with one of the twitter bursts he's famous for assuring the world he's a very stable genius. and all eyes leapt to his defense is that i'm not there seven days a week but i'm there once a week and i'm there for a day with white house meetings everything no one questions the stability of the president great review the wife has says today's medical check will be purely physical but the debates about mental health his sure to rage on. and we want to return now to our top story this hour german political leaders have reportedly reached a breakthrough in pretty coalition talks chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats led by martin schultz negotiated throughout the night to find a basis for formal coalition talks now america has been heading
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a caretaker government since the national election more than one hundred days ago she and her conservatives have been in exploratory talks with the social democrats since sunday. let's get more now on this breaking news with me here in the studio is spending across she is a political scientist at the humboldt university in berlin and an expert in coalition governments welcome to you q what do you make of what we're seeing this morning it's exciting right but it's also promising it's good to hear that the.


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