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back now top top story with the card thank you so much care hard to remind her of what we're following for you right now german chancellor angela merkel and the conservatives have agreed on a blueprint for a formal coalition negotiations with the social democrats they agree meant paves the way for detailed negotiations to end the stalemate that has led germany without a new government since elections last september all parties promised a fresh start for the country after difficult negotiations on sticking points including immigration taxation and germany's role in europe the social democrats must now get the green light for members for talks to continue. to have more on that story in just a few minutes i'll see you after the break. the
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this is we don't use live from berlin germany edges closer to getting a new government. in-depth exploratory talks that we carried out. after a marathon all night talks chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats are green on a blueprint for a formal coalition to go she mentions they can bring an end to the stalemate that has lived germany without a new government since the election last september. great to be with you we continue our special coverage of the exploratory coalition talks here in berlin german political leaders have hammered out a deal that could pave the way to a new government a chance to anglo american conservatives and the social democrats led by martin schultz negotiated through the night to come up with
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a blueprint for formal coalition talks it could bring an end to the stalemate that has left germany without a new government since the election more than one hundred days ago. and the did over used political correspondent rupert redeveloped is at the social democrat headquarters in berlin where political leaders held that all important press conference. is germany breathing a collective sigh of relief. well if it is germany also needs to know that there's still quite a lot of time ahead if really you go listen government come be called out because. right now what we have seen is only the end of the talks in front of the talks and now the party buddies have to decide which is already taking place the social democrats held in holding their party board meeting right now behind the doors here behind me on the same counts for the christian democrats
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a fungal americal who will also be sitting at their party headquarters now and discussing the agreement that has been reached between the social democrats on the conservative block of. this already is not the end because after all afterwards the . social democrats are going to take the decision to a party conference sunday in a week from now and this is going to prove the most complicated part of it now let's first talk about what they agreed on broadly telcel a bit more about that. well they have agreed on a. bit of the paper they have agreed on it's trying to eight pages thick and what it is quite interesting here is that if we look at it it is very detailed. concerning that considering that these have only been the preliminary talks and not the real coalition talks yet but this agreement already is very detailed and it had
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become very clear that these social democrats failed to push through some of their key points they wanted to have in it for instance taxation the social democrats wanted to raise taxes especially for the wealthy and the rich this is not in the paper or if we look at the refugee policy the social democrats wanted to. bring back the right for future refugees to. go to to bring their families into germany this is only in there but the very in a very limited version only twelve thousand refugees will be allowed in the coming into the country on this premises so many of the things the social democrats wanted in this paper and this could also be a problem all right so the s.p.d. had to make a lot of concessions rupert i suggest that we take a listen to a bit of the press conference and i continue our conversation
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but i was hawks were long and they were hard and last night things got very exciting and interesting in every sense of the way it's turbulent. but it's carried out in a spirit of respect and i want to thank everyone we struggled we really did. struggle very intensely with one another because you know the obviously. you want to clarify as much as you possibly can before entering into a. coalition of negotiation. these were intense. very in-depth exploratory talks that we carried out and the position paper that we have written it isn't all a superficial one but rather an expression of our intention to seriously work together today and in the next term of office to create a theory recognize it. so that we couldn't live in germany one in the
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next ten and fifteen years and live a good life intense rupert turbulent these have been very very difficult talks will the members sign up to the demands that they agreed on. it was already said especially for the social democrats it's going to be very difficult to. to to find their common ground in there and it's not only the party conference in the house to decide the party conference of the social democrats only has to desired on whether to take up new talks or that the real coalition talks with off to these coalition talks have been finished then all of the party members have to decide and that is some sort of a black folks especially the the parties left wing is very critical against. helping on glom akhil to stay in power and already the first critics have voiced their concerns for instance the use of going these ational fee social democrats the
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so-called usals they already said that they are going to start all launch some sort of a no grow cold. meaning that no grand coalition be don't want to have a new grand coalition so they are already starting to. tighten to find two to do to debate against this grand coalition and against a more formal talks for a grand coalition so we're but realistically when could we see a new government be put in place here in germany. well germany and the rest of europe still has to be very very patient here because first of all it's going to take another week until the s.p.d. formally decides to take up coca-cola talks yes or no if they do so these coalition talks could take about two to three weeks or even longer and after that then the party members of the social democrats have to decide again all of the party members
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and two thousand and thirteen we have seen something similar to that and that took about five weeks so if we are happy and lucky perhaps we will see the rest of the on coalition on easter how right easter it is river read about on going to hold you to that promise thank you very much for your continued coverage through. art and political correspondent joins me now on the set good to see you is this a breakthrough that we've all been waiting for it is for now as we heard it's a long road ahead it's the first hurdle that all sides have to overcome particularly martin schulze on that road super century forming another ground coalition government but given all the noise this is making and all the detail that this is going into already that could at least make all sides hopeful that the talking might get easier although they might see themselves pushed to maintain the drama when it comes down to the nitty gritty of what eventually this kind of
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marriage contract of a coalition couldn't tale right in the hard part is just beginning because they have to now convince their their members yes and has a very hard time i mean let's just. remember the day after the elections or actually on election evening came out and said and ruled out another so-called grand coalition he said he just simply wouldn't do it anymore and german chancellor merkel said well she didn't really see what she could have done differently because both parties did suffer in the polls and now she has to do something differently and now martin schultz has to convince his own party to do what he himself had ruled out so this kind of weakens the stance of both the key leaders here in this with of course any martin schulze facing that vote from the party base and the party base wants to see the social democrats basically survive as a key left leaning center left party here in germany which has been threatened of potentially sinking below the twenty percent threshold this at the same time is
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what of course the party is also afraid of if germans went back to the polls they could out of frustration pushed the social democrats even further down so he is a very fine balance you have to strike to very fine balance whether brings us to the question you know being for another four years in government is that going to do the s.p.d. any good well large parts of his party think it won't. particular use in his party the leader of the youth section of the social democrats currently is touring the country trying to convince the party base to vote against what ever comes out of these talks i mean there is a section of the party that says no matter what we just simply can't do it again a lot of things like the minimum wage this is impressive we didn't get credit for in the past government and they don't want to see that happening again let's talk a little bit about the the because it played also a role in these negotiations do you think that because of the rise of this of this political party that it was more difficult to find common ground for these
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political parties well certainly the christian democrats and the sister party c.s.u. in bavaria which is suffer daily and which faces recent elections this year it is very much afraid of the alternative to many and it is picking up some of their rhetoric as well and they are convinced there's a quote of a former leaders saying nothing should be no legal party should exist further to the right of the c.s.u. now this is the democrats are pretty much the other end of the spectrum and putting all of that together is rather difficult the f.t. is still a single issue party it's very much. that was being anti you're on to europe then the migration crisis came and this is what they cashing in on right now that simply is no appetite for. further large groups of migrants coming to germany i think this is also what made it slightly easier. leader that not to grandstand on principle and go along with the seize a huge amount to further extend this while pretty much ban on relatives of asylum
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seekers or people who have less a status here in germany to come and to limit this to really really tough cases indeed so it's the it's all between the lines there but the as the largest opposition group in parliament will have a privileged position they're already in from an influence in how debates run in parliament it's become a lot more aggressive and this is what everybody is still frankly getting accustomed to and it could still. the political agenda in directly in that way as an opposition party can already claim some successes i mean that's what they have done with the c.s.u. in bavaria and i think we're going to see a very very tough election campaign that in this southern most state which was the first entry put forth for most of the markets that came during that crisis and the f.d.a. has a lot of opportunity to to grandstand on this issue but at the same time that's a forget the if he is democratically elected into the parliament and they also now have to stand the test of whether they can do politics and whether they can actually act as a professional party they've become part of the establishment but they look down on they need to prove the.


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