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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin it took more than twenty four oz and was described as turbulent but after a matter of hong all night chilling political leaders managed to make a breakthrough in their talks about forming a coalition government but this still a long road ahead also coming up. president donald trump is accused of using vulgar language to describe african countries and he denies the reports but a democrat says he was the leader of the president made the comments and two news
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in sticks in the streets to voice their anger over price hikes by the government nearly eight hundred people have been arrested this week will be upon thousands being able to contain the bomb and i'm dressed. these general election political leaders have agreed to enter a fall into formal coalition talks under medical and social democratic leader boss insurance a loss a breakthrough aftermath on or life talks in berlin it means the country has come one step closer to having a new government but it doesn't mean the deal is sealed political leaders must now convince the parties to give the green light to form a coalition negotiations. it was a long time coming including a twenty four hour marathon session last night now there's an agreement on paper but with some rough edges the three parties are working from very different platforms and promises to constituents tired but proud the three party hands an
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ounce to a successful outcome and some compromises they say they can imagine working together in a grand coalition. i think this document is the result of some give and take and that's the way it should be in a society filled with such a wide variety of people and will have our work set out for us when a new government is formed and we set out to put it into practice but the onus is on this man s.p.d. party chairman martin schultz is under pressure after the election he said he did not want to enter another grand coalition but now he has to convince his party to do just that but we have three goals solidarity that we want to organize. innovations that will take us forward and trust in each other. the that is essential in a government if. we wanted to see if the spirit of cooperation was there and i
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don't think the answer is positive for. uncle americal is under pressure as well because for over three months germany has been functioning without a new government she wants to see germany active on the european stage once again europe is a focus of the party's new blueprint for talks and the conservative party's advisory board stands behind this negotiation result but things look different with the social democrats six of forty members on the party executive board voted against moving forward with coalition talks there are fears about how the party base will react. when mcclellan i think we're on the right path but we have to be careful to remember this won't just work out automatically dollars the twenty eight page document is up against heavy criticism from the opposition just as expected. to lead this country into the future and there's no answer to digital change and no
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flexibility in the pension system on the contrary it does injustice to future generations and it's expensive. chancellor merkel wished success to the leader of her would be coalition partner the s.p.d. now it's up to martine schultz to convince everyone at the party conference and get the party members to vote with the yes if all goes well germany could have a new government by early spring. and both sides are forced to make concessions to freeze the agreement on starting form a coalition talks about some most controversial issues the tax rises and refugees here's a closer look at some of the issues that are visually holding the deal but now appear to have been dissolved phenolics east. now this is what they came up with here at villa a twenty eight page document that outlines the basic points of moving ahead with building a government let's have a look at the most pressing issues on top of the list family reunions of refugees
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under the new draft agreement one thousand family members would be allowed to come to germany every month until america had resisted a cap to yearly refugee arrivals for a long time now she has agreed to limit them to around two hundred thousand per year the parties also said they wanted to bolster germany's relationship with france and strengthen the eurozone in september french president mccall called for a european budget to help the bloc cope with economic shocks an idea a possible grand coalition would now support. party leaders said they would introduce further limits on arms exports and countries involved in the human conflict such as saudi arabia won't be getting any weapons from germany at all. good news for taxpayers in germany no taxes will be raised and the solidarity tax that was put in place after the fall of the wall to support poor eastern states is most likely going to be abolished it seems until america will be able to keep her office in the chancellery for now but this agreement is not the final word on that
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as for the leader martin schultz will now have to convince his party members for form a coalition talks to take place. so what's the vote on this fifty event out and i asked some people how they felt about the outcome so far and what they're expecting now and listen. if you do school you would be good to have a grand coalition soon the one we had in the last few years wasn't bad and it's better than your election that's too expensive. i'm just glad that it's finally over that they could reach an agreement to get it and in general i'm not so keen on the ground coalition i wasn't very impressed with the last one i think people who voted s.p.d. have specific hopes that the s.p.d. can't fulfil in a coalition with the c.d.u. . were. it's a lot better than your elections. it's good that they're finally building a government. germany still needs to be a stabilizing force in europe so if they manage to resolve their interior conflicts
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and find out ways to work together be a good thing for everyone especially in current situation euro. news from the united states president dollar trump is disputed reports about his alleged use of vulgar language insulting countries like haiti as salvador and several african nations it's claimed that trump asked lawmakers and advised to quote why are we having all these people from dot dot dot countries come here he reportedly suggested accepting immigrants from places like norway instead the claims have been verified but least one senior government official a trump tweeted that was not the language he used but admitted using tough words so how are these remarks being received in some of the countries allegedly targeted by president trump did obvious correspondent catherine bond who joins me now from nairobi castle people offended in kenya by president trump's reported comments.
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people are very offended by his comments the very racial that people are saying that it's a very racist comment in fact the african union reminded president trump that the american economy was built with the help of african slaves who were taken from this continent when they were making the statement saying that they were loved by a president trump statement you have a lot of kenyans and other africans who are showing pictures of that escapes of africa and beautiful sunsets and of the environment just to prove that africa is not the doc continent as perceived and it seems that that's still is the perception in some people's minds that africa is you know the place of hopelessness so a lot of kenyans are insulted we have the president of botswana who is the first president to directly address this particular issue with from the continent and but so on is a south african country which is
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a very strong economy it's considered one of the strongest in the continent and he has summoned the u.s. ambassador in that country to explain this particular statement and how that affects relations going forward so quite a backlash there not donald trump is of course suggesting that immigrants from africa are a burden on the u.s. system if you want to take the example of kenya where you are is there anything which supports this view. his statement is not really supported by fact given the fact that a lot of african immigrants all those who make it to america going for professional reasons or are going to study or have won a green card which have specific criteria when you look at kenya specifically the number of kenyans living in america their remittance in two thousand and seventeen was at one hundred eighty five million dollars combine that with other kenyans living in the diaspora this is kenya's highest foreign exchange. remittances for
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people living in the diaspora this is higher than tea and coffee and tourism so people african immigrants specifically kenyans are not really a burden to the economy but seem to be productive and that is the case for a lot of african immigrants around the continent this is from egypt especially from nigeria especially from botswana and from ghana we have a lot of them going to the states and these are people who have. bachelor's degrees or higher which you know if you look at the number of african immigrants in america who have bachelor's degrees or higher this is about forty percent compared to about thirty percent of american citizens who have a bachelor's degree so highest so the facts don't really supports donald trump's fia catherine in london in nairobi thank you very much for that update. let's all take
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a look at some other stories making news around the wild hundreds of palestinians have clashed with israeli security forces during protests against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital this comes as funerals were held for two palestinian teenagers killed in recent demonstrations the u.s. announced its decision to move its embassy to jerusalem last month. clashes also in greece protesters took to the streets of the capital athens as union stepped up demonstrations against a new austerity bill devoted to strikes across the city that halted ferries and destructive public transport protests and work stoppages are planned for the next week. turning down to three zero where scuffles have broken out between police and protesters during a rally in the capital tunis nearly eight hundred people have been arrested in tunisia this week while demonstrating against tax increases and new austerity measures the demonstrators are demanding an end to the measures which the government says are necessary to revive the country's struggling economy and the
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violence is prompting fears of fresh political crisis in tunisia in the run up to the anniversary of two thousand and eleven arab spring uprisings. now our correspondent finally for char is in tunis danny what is the situation like where you are augustine demonstrations going on or have things calmed down. things have really calmed down here in tunis in the capital city of tunisia it was a large rally today with a few thousand of people which is not the peaceful actually diverse stops couples between the police and protesters but compared to previous days previous nights one could say that these were peaceful demonstrations not only here but also in other parts of the tunisia the question of course is how this is going to change or not change in the run up to the south and anniversary of the uprising here in tunisia in twenty ten and of twenty ten the beginning of twenty eleven nobody knows how
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after all of course we have seen a lot of images out of tunisia that made people question whether the police was maybe a little bit too tough on the protesters however speaking to the police they say they need to protect certain government buildings against people who are vandalizing and the protesters are saying nobody's really vandalizing here but rather just pushing added a message to stop that top austerity measure that was introduced ingenue first to making their voices heard and they are happy actually that this is possible obviously in a democracy in a very young democracy which is only seven years old and funny i want cool of the people who are actually out in the streets in august protests mainly about the economy and the a stellar team measures you've been telling us about. it's a combination of the different groups of people first of all of course we must name young people at least twenty five percent is the percentage of unemployment among youth among the youth but also there unionists who are demanding
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a increase of the minimum wage of the minimum salary and also there is the opposition party popular front calling for an overture and of the entire finance law so it's a combination of different people but logic students it's about young people it's about activists who are saying democracy is good in this country but it's not fully consolidated especially when it comes to benefiting from it they say the business elitist benefiting from democracy but not really the youth. right fani for china in tunis thank you very much for that update. here watching the japanese coming up ahead as germany moves closer to having a new government the currency markets have signalled their approval we have more on that from ben consumer and business sense which is coming up shortly. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin do stay with us.
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i'm sure maggie has no children which makes her feel worthless and incomplete. in a society that expects them to be her children this is a burden many married childless women in niger suffer.


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