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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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this is the dobie news live from berlin it took more than twenty four hours and was described as the jump from not a pound or night to a job in political leaders not is to make a breakthrough and it talks about forming a coalition government but there's still a long road ahead for the coming up president donald trump is accused of using derogatory language to describe african countries and treaty he denies the reports but the democrat says he owes them because the president made the comments. to
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senior iranian clerics seen here entering the german airport is accused of handing down causes of death sentences activists of course for is addressed in charges of crimes against humanity of the german authorities have allowed him to leave the country. to use in sticks in the streets to voice their angle over price hikes by the government nearly eight hundred people have been arrested this week while the occult is being able to contain the i'm dressed. because of the world economic forum since pakistan is want the last places on the planet to be female the major woman who's turned to pasta challenge two types and tonto book going viral. i am. holland and well welcome to you i'm a bit touchy margaret to have your company. nearly four months off until new
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general election political leaders have agreed to enter a full month coalition talks. and social democratic leader martin schultz announce a breakthrough after all night talks and it means the country has come one step closer to having a new government but it doesn't mean the deal is single political leaders must now convince their bodies to give the green light to form a coalition negotiations it was a long time coming including a twenty four hour marathon session last night now there's an agreement on paper but with some rough edges the three parties are working from very different platforms and promises to constituents tired but proud the three party has announced a successful outcome and some compromises they say they can imagine working together in a grand coalition. i think this document is the result of some give and take and that's the way it should be in a society filled with such
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a wide variety of people and will have our work set out for us when a new government is formed and we set out to put it into practice but the onus is on this man as p.d. party chairman martin schultz is under pressure after the election he said he did not want to enter another grand coalition but now he has to convince his party to do just that. we have three goals. solidarity we want to organize. innovations that will take us forward and trust in each other. that is essential in a government. guys that. we want to see if the spirit of cooperation was there and i think the answer is positive on the americal is under pressure as well because for over three months germany has been functioning without a new government she wants to see germany active on the european stage once again europe is
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a focus of the party's new blueprint for talks and the conservative party's advisory board stands behind this negotiation result but things look different with the social democrats six of forty members on the party executive board voted against moving forward with coalition talks there are fears about how the party base will react. i think we are on the right path but we have to be careful to remember this one just work out automatically. the twenty eight page document is up against heavy criticism from the opposition just as expected. to an ambitious to lead this country into the future there is no answer to digital change no flexibility in the pension system on the contrary it seems to do injustice to future generations very expensive measures in a grand. chancellor merkel wished success to the leader of her would be coalition partner the s.p.d. now it's up to martine schultz to convince everyone at the party conference and get
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the party members to vote with the yes if all goes well germany could have a new government by early spring. and the deadliest political correspondent is across that story he joins me now from bottom interest to do is tell us of these negotiations were really really tough so is the difficult part now oval office with these talks still collapse when formal coalition negotiations get underway. this was certainly emerita the first hurdle in a very long process if germany is going to have a new version of the grand coalition as we heard in that report now the big hurdle that comes next is in the hands of martin scholz he has to convince his party delegates next week sunday the twenty first in born to accept those formal negotiations only then will he be able to join the conservatives in those formal negotiations that could probably take longer than these exploratory talks that
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we've had so far and afterwards if they do manage to have those formal negotiations and to conclude them then all the s.p.d. members still have to vote to accept the formal agreement so it is certain we can clearly say this was only the first hurdle there are still many more hurdles along the way and it is by no means certain although certainly was a positive move today that germany will have another grand coalition so how do people feel about these latest developments given that elections actually took place back in september well the uncertainty around this lack of new government is something that is certainly felt among among germans germans are clearly concerned about the country not having a new governing coalition and that's something that we saw for example when dodger vella team was sent to the streets to see how people thought about this breakthrough let's let's have a look at what people had to say. i think it would be good to have
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a grand coalition soon the one we had in the last few years wasn't bad and it's better than your election that's too expensive and i'm just glad that it's finally over that they could reach an agreement to get it and in general i'm not so keen on the ground coalition i wasn't very impressed with the last one i think people who voted s.p.d. have specific hopes that the s.p.d. can't fulfil in a coalition with the c.d.u. to do would. work. it's a lot better than your elections. it's good that they are finally building a government. britain germany still needs to be a stabilizing force in europe sol that if they manage to resolve their interior conflicts and find out ways to work together be a good thing for everyone especially in current situation euro. so that if a mixed reaction there told us to do the leaders when they could face the journalist they give a kind of upbeat. feeling that they felt that that they work out of pretty close to
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forming starting formal negotiations but as you mention this still have to get their party's backing especially the s.p.d. difficult will that be especially for the s.p.d. it will be very difficult it is certainly the case that many in the social democrats in particular the youth branch the so-called users are against a new version of the grand coalition they believe a new version of the grand coalition with only tarnished the profile that the s.p.d. should have and in fact they have supported what might insurers had said right after the election in september namely that they were that they shouldn't join a new grand coalition they should instead be in the opposition something that their users the youth branches particularly worried about the prospect of a new grand coalition is that if such a case were to happen then the alternative for germany the populist party described as right wing would be the major force in the opposition so there are certainly
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many people within the social democrats that are very concerned about the prospect of a new grand coalition right thomas parel a long road ahead for the formation of a new government thank you very much for that assessment. done in joins me now on a loop on reaction to the want of business after the start of the agreement and green went on to start a new coalition talks and that's right lukewarm is the right word some are happy some waiting for more really now if you're a domestic focus business owner there's some good news in there tax to help eastern german states dating back to the ninety's will be cut that should help drive consumer demand as could infrastructure investment the very fact that a new government could be on the horizon is relief but exporters and multinationals are taking a pretty dim view of the talks outcome. most business representatives and economists seem to think it's all been much ado about nothing responses to the outcome of the c.d.u. c.s.u. s.p.d.
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exploratory talks on a new coalition with decidedly low key german chamber of commerce president eric's writer was disappointed he said this willingness to enter into workable compromise a still fails to adequately address important future issues in many areas there's still no into competitive tax reform there is frustration that although taxes here won't be raised they also won't be cut for business while countries like the u.s. france and britain have all pledged corporate tax cut. exporters association president hold a big man said the result is not forward looking and is anything but a fresh start. others had also hoped for more ideas and bounce when it comes to digitalisation they say the results are all very middle of the road. i think it's not a big breakthrough but it's going to it's going to support the the current strength of the german economy it has all the right ingredients we're going to get a bit of tax relief we're going to get more investment in digitalization in
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education so it will not make germany the year the big reform or structural reform wall champion or european champion but it will help to continue the current strength of the economy put briefly it may not be a groundbreaking agreement but it is full of honorable intentions which certainly won't harm anyone in the current economic climate. an actual correspondent daniel corp has been tracking the investor reaction from the frankfurt stock exchange. well investors i guess you can say that are divided some of them of course relieved that those preclusion talks didn't fail as they did last time some are also rather disappointed because they are not really thinking that too much will be changing in the next four years some of them really have called for change also for example regarding to the tax system that we have here in germany at the moment many are saying that in order to be more competitive there
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really needs to be reform remember that the corporate tax just recently was cut down by donald trump in the united states to a level of just twenty per cent also we received a statement from the president of the german institute saying that he is rather disappointed because he is not seeing any changers regarding the income tax as well so yes some are relieved but others also a little bit disappointed because they were actually hoping for more changes. in frankfurt and the small business coming up a later and it's all smooth sailing for britain's luxury boat business that and more puns coming up later now it's back over to rita thank you daniel now u.s. president done from this disputed reports about his alleged use of vulgar language insulting countries like haiti as salvador and several african nations it's claimed that lawmakers in advises quote why are we having all these people from s.
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dot dot dot countries come here he reportedly suggested accepting immigrants from places like norway instead the washington post was the first to report on the alleged comments citing sources with direct knowledge of talks with the president on immigration trump tweeted that was not the language used but admitted to using tough words for more of the fallout from the latest scandal be joined by the washington correspondent cast and a former nominee. welcome costner is facing accusations of racism on a day when he was actually set on a civil rights leader martin luther king jr how is the white house reacting to the prison. not much really donald trump didn't questions of reporters about those particular commons during that event but as we've seen he sent out this tweet denying that he used those exact words
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however one of the leading members of the democratic party senator dick durbin who was in the room when trump said to have made those comments he confirmed that trump used those words and other people who were also involved also have confirmed so once again we see donald trump living in his own reality or at least feeding his own version of the reality to the public if donald trump likes to face any consequences over this latest gaffe not this one diplomat has kind of been his resignation. yes but this particular diplomat the u.s. ambassador to panama didn't explicitly mention this particular case he just said that he could not serve this president anymore and cited personal reasons also it could be that this was the last straw for that bastard but we don't know that to
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be honest now i don't believe there will be any immediate direct fall outs from this because president trump has lowered the bar of expectations for what should be normal presidential in the way that many people who just shrug and say ok that's that's the on the trump rate is only the latest outrage in a whole series of outrageous that would be more to come i'm very sure about that just wait for the next tweet indirectly this might weaken his position in the discussions about its reform of immigration and border security because the democrats of course would be much more reluctant to compromise with him and the republicans and trump might be forced to accept a deal more on the democrats' terms in the current climate and dead again could anger trumps base which is strongly and she immigrants and there has been quite a backlash to this comment in some of the countries concerned bodies in washington
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that trump is putting the u.s. international soft power at this. well it certainly doesn't help when the president insults other countries or other peoples on a regular basis just to give you one example the haiti was one of the very few countries that supported the united states in the un general assembly when it was criticized for trump's decision to move the us embassy to israel to jerusalem instead of to love the you've the question is whether countries like haiti would do that again the next time rolls cotton phenomenon in washington thank you very much . donald trump is due to undergo his first medical checkup as president today as allegations of this physical and mental health abound the white house says a result of the health check will be made public he has more slurred words at the
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end of a major speech in december united church thank you very much feels a flurry of speculation about donald trump's health. trumps the oldest person to become president in american history he was seventy when he was sworn into office he doesn't drink or smoke but he makes no secret of his love for fast food. or his aversion to the more rigorous forms of spores. he uses a cart for golf and once said that his main source of exercise comes from moving his hands during his speeches so how does the president shape up problem and the tremendous from a letter written by trump's doctor during the presidential campaign showed he was overweight and on medication to control his cholesterol but proclaimed him to be in excellent physical health. fast forward sixteen months and he's dealing with the pressures of arguably the most demanding job in the world questions have existed
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from the beginning of a term psychological and intellectual competence for the role of president just days ago he came under fire for seeming to forget the words of the u.s. national anthem. and a bombshell book released last week claims that most of his staff and advisers think he's mentally unwell trump it back with one of the twitter bursts he's famous for. assuring the world he's a very stable genius. and allies leapt to his defense but now i'm not there seven days a week but i'm there once a week and i'm there for a day with white house meetings are read and no one questions the stability of the president the white house says today's medical check will be purely physical but the debate about trump's mental health is sure to rage on.
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less article look at some of the stories making news around the wild hundreds of palestinians have clashed with israeli security forces during protests against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital this comes as funerals were held for two palestinian teenagers killed in recent demonstrations the u.s. announced its decision to move its embassy to jerusalem last month. clashes also in greece protesters took to the streets of the capital athens as the unions stepped up demonstrations against a new austerity bill they will also strikes across the city that were tooth fairies and disrupted public transport move through tests and work stoppages are planned for the next week. and now to a distressing case of child abuse here in germany prosecutors in the city of freiburg have accused a woman and her partner of raping the woman's nine year old son and selling the child for sex on the internet police have arrested eight suspected members of
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a paedophile ring in connection with the case they've also seized film and other recordings of the abuse. the cycle of abuse began in two thousand and fifteen outside of fribourg in southwest germany the victim is now nine years old among the abusers were his mother and her forty seven year old partner who had a criminal record they were arrested last september after an anonymous tip to federal and state police. our agents were severely tested by this case they have been involved in child pornography cases for years but both the tactics of the perpetrators as well as the circumstances surrounding the abuse made it very difficult. the mother apparently offered her child in exchange for money two other men among them a forty nine year old soldier of german nationality who served in the german french brigade analysis he was arrested at his base and taken into custody suspects of
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swiss and spanish nationality were also arrested a total of eight people have been apprehended not to be said the law provides for a range of sentences for each individual act from a minimum of three years to a maximum of fifteen years but as i said for each individual act five days after details of the crime were posted online it's a temper of last year investigators were able to save the boy when a man traveled from northern germany to boston brought back to make contact with him the forty three year old had expressed murder fantasies he's also been taken into custody. a senior iranian cleric under investigation chimney for alleged crimes against humanity has got to stay here for my chief justice i have the hashmi shadow the wasn't germany for medical treatment activist referred him to prosecutors came in he was responsible for thousands of death sentences. this patient leaving
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a german clinic on thursday morning is one of iran's most feared man amnesty international says that is iran's chief justice from one thousand nine hundred ninety two thousand and nine. ordered the execution of more than two thousand people including children that's a violation of the un convention on the rights of the child in one case is reported to have condemned a young woman to death for adultery after she admitted she was raped. activists called on german authorities to prevent her from leaving the country they filed charges against him with the federal state prosecutor. believe that he. on thursday morning it became known that the federal prosecutor had begun to investigate possible charges against. by midday he was already on his way from the
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clinic to hamburg airport in a convoy of cars from the iranian embassy one of the first activists to press charges against charlie says the authorities need to explain their inaction. to clarify you all knew about the date on germany and. who was involved in issuing a visa. because should actually a. federal prosecutor. rights activists staged a small demonstration against the airport cases cause political concern in the region where he was treated lower saxony as conservative state government called shareholders' treatment at the hannover clinic in comprehensible. in a commercial representation and when the sanctions against. the state government is planning to issue
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a statement on the case in the next few days but for these human rights activists enter a new exiles it's a disappointing outcome their hopes of seeing the iranian cleric answer for his actions have come to nothing. voting is under way the czech republic and germany is hoping the results will lead to better relations with its neighbor the czech republic recently voted in a euro skeptical government critical of german jim these refugee policies but in the bavarian and bohemian far as german and czech conservations have found an issue on which both countries can agree. pavel bad came here with the intention of doing research on black grouse hazel grouse and would grouse the shy birds live in the national parks on both sides of the check valve and border. but it's not hard overnight so powerful won't be able to find any of the birds tracks.
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as in. these species are disappearing from commercial woodland but here in this forest they're doing fine we want to find out how many of these birds there are and where they're located we work with the. war. the two national parks are working on a joint project that will do exactly that in fact both parks cooperate closely on these kinds of efforts and no one represents that spirit of cooperation better than biologist pavol better he works for both parks. together the parks make up the largest primeval forest area in central europe. human shape the landscape for a long time now it's nature again and that attracts numerous visitors.
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to. the park agencies also cooperate on book publications most are available with texts him both german and check. the man responsible for this is powerful who been a the director of the national park party faced a lot of opposition. here today rather. the world. when you. both national parks and both directors are working toward the same goal. we want these parks to develop together with the same conservation policies. and we both have similar ideas on how to do that now in appreciation of this cooperation the european union has provided subsidies totaling more than six million euros over the last two years. that money is also welcomed by the bavarian national park
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administration. director finance libels says this kind of cooperation shows that european nations can work well together. he explains why the program works. we talk to each other a lot and we trust each other. we try to find things that we have in common and then we put projects together and then sometimes we just sit around in the evening and discuss things over a beer. and look at a room. we're honest people and they tell it like it is. they don't pull any punches. but our discussions are always very pleasant. communication is good. a real check winter fairy tale. box powerful bench case says both signs will have to work hard
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to make sure things stay that way in the years to come. coming up ahead to me is in stick to the streets to voice their anger over price hikes by the government will be a conscious be able to contain the congress. we get an update from our correspondent funny for charts in tunis the news from. stores close to kim. this time in cologne dialect meets good use for. kershaw and the german band brings a. strange
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story. imagers. emotion did not. know what. to bring on d w it's. primary personal bio diversity. he said that the coral grows into that interest in the last five months so we are happy and political ideas present on science from all over the world to. traditional knowledge this is a drill to use it to make it c it'll help ease pain. projects i live in the kinds i feel it's my duty to protect the area and that's why i bring
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my students here to live in a landfill make sure it's an ancient patient. our strategy is based on the traditional lifestyle of the people as a way of preserving the environment for future generations out of jealousy of the. global ideas on facebook twitter and at and t. tell if. you're watching the news i'm amazed that she thank you for your company stories us president donald trump has denied reports of using derogatory language while taking part in talks on immigration he said said to have insulted haiti and salvador and several african countries. and german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives on the social democrats have agreed on a blueprint for full well coalition negotiations the agreement should pave the way
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before when they go see a chanst to end the stalemate that has left a gemini without a new government since the elections last september. and both sides were forced to make. actions to reste the agreement and starting point when coalition talks among the most controversial issues with tax rises and refugees here's a closer look at some of the issues that originally holding up the deal but appear to have been dissolved at least for now. now this is what they came up with your advil a twenty eight page document that outlines the basic points of moving ahead with building a government let's have a look at the most pressing issues on top of the list family reunions of refugees under the new draft agreement one thousand family members would be allowed to come to germany every month until america had resisted a cap to yearly refugee arrivals for a long time now she has agreed to limit them to around two hundred thousand per year the parties also said they wanted to bolster germany's relationship with
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france and strengthen the eurozone in september french president mccall called for a european budget to help the bloc cope with economic shocks an idea a possible grand coalition would now support the party leaders said they would introduce further limits on arms exports and countries involved in the human conflict such as saudi arabia won't be getting any weapons from germany at all. good news for taxpayers in germany no taxes will be raised and the solidarity tax that was put in place after the fall of the wall to support poor eastern states is most likely going to be abolished it seems until america will be able to keep her office in the chancellery for now but this agreement is not the final word on that as for the leader martin schultz will now have to convince his party members for form a coalition talks to take place. and the breakthrough in talks in germany has been welcomed in brussels the commission president said he was specially pleased
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with the agreements in europe reste in a potential coalition hotness. you know. in terms of the content i'm very satisfied with the future the c.d.u. c.s.u. and the s.p.d. have agreed upon. it's a significantly positive force looking contribution to the debates on european policy and therefore very satisfying to me even though i'm never truly satisfied when it comes to politics. and mantis is covering that story for us from brussels and he joins us now from new york some relief but also some caution by what. i had to say what do you mean by his comments. are wrong junkers of course a seasoned politician and he learned to be cautious so i'd say the paper takes a lot of boxes for him as a european politician but of course there are some questions open so when jungle juncker reads about the minimum rate for corporate taxes to be introduced in europe
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he of course wants to be more specific how high when he reads that the potential new german government would be prepared to pay more into the european budget he wants to know how much so overall i think one can say when he reads that the european integration is meant to be strengthened in the future that's bound to be good news for european institutions. don't you speaking of the tea parties seem to have a common position on your job and reforms what was their reaction more on their position that. of course when in brussels and in the rest of the european capitals you see a twenty eight page document coming out of these exploratory talks that starts with a large section on europe that is a strong signal to european partners and it's a signal not to be missed particularly not by france you have the french president with an ambitious agenda to reform europe to to move forward with the eurozone in
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particular who's waiting for a strong drama government to walk along with him and when he hears anglo american saying that she speaks about a new awakening for europe and to give europe a fresh start with this potentially new government it's bound to be good news for european partners. as investors thank you very much scuffles have broken on between police and protesters during a rally in the tunisian capital nearly eight hundred people have been arrested in tunisia had this week while demonstrating against tax increases and new austerity measures the demonstrators are demanding an end to the measures crisper government says are necessary to revive tunisia struggling economy the mandans is prompting fears of a fresh political crisis in tunisia in the run up to the on a birth to two thousand and eleven spring uprisings. now our correspondent funny is in tunis johnny what is the situation like where you are augustine
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demonstrations going on or have things calmed down. things have really calmed down here in tunis in the capital city of tunisia it was a large rally today with a few thousands of people which is not the peaceful actually diverse talks couples between the police and protesters but compared to previous days previous nights one could say that these were peaceful demonstrations not only here but also in other parts of the tunisia the question of course is how this is going to change or not change in the run up to the south and a good story of the uprising here in tunisia in twenty ten and of twenty ten the beginning of twenty eleven nobody knows how after all of course we have seen a lot of images out of tunisia that made people question whether the police was maybe a little bit too tough on the protesters however speaking to the police they say they need to protect certain government buildings against people who are vandalizing and the protesters are saying nobody's really vandalizing here but
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rather just pushing added a message to stop that tough austerity measure that was introduced ingenue first to making their voices heard and they are happy actually that this is possible obviously in a democracy in a very young democracy which is only seven years old and fine i want cool of the people who are actually out in the streets in all of these protests mainly about the economy and the a stellar team measures you've been telling us about. it's a combination of the different groups of people first of all of course we must name young people at least twenty five percent is the percentage of unemployment among youth among the youth but also there unionists who are demanding a increase of the minimum wage of the minimum salary and also there is the opposition party popular front who is calling for an overture and of the entire finance law so it's a combination of different people but largely seven students it's about young people it's about activists who are saying democracy is good in this country but
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it's not fully consolidated especially when it comes to benefiting from it they say the business elitist benefiting from democracy but not really the youth. right fani for in tunis thank you very much for that update. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin coming up ahead challenging patry arkell structures in pakistan artist. has gone viral really to impact the ongoing need to debate and discuss this with our culture editor robin merrill. but first to daniel and facebook announces controversial changes and that's right some people are not happy about this business in particular facebook shares of tumbled by more than five percent after announced its overhaul of the news feed feature from now on little prioritized posts by friends and family over unpaid content by companies and media organizations facebook says companies that use pages to promote content will
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likely see a decrease in views c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says the changes should make people spend less but more valuable time on facebook the company is responding to a growing tide of criticism about its role in society. as a bricks at negotiations and choppy waters at least britain's luxury boat business is receiving a new wave of demand that's thanks to a sinking pound for british boat builders it's all hands on deck. luxury yachts for the haves almost everything on view here has been sold already britain's boat business did really well in twenty seventeen posting over three and a half billion euros in sales that's three and a half percent up on the year before and there's no sign of the boom tapering off some of the country's boatyard to booked out for years ahead. in the week has
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certainly helped the u.k. manufacturers makes their boats look more affordable to europeans to americans but the whole market is on the rise and it's not just the british market that's a sea change from previous years when the sector languished in the daltons but there's been a fresh swell of business since the british currency slumped fifteen percent after the twenty sixteen vote to leave the e.u. those who can't afford their own cabin cruiser can rent one on britain's many canals sales here have risen as well as the low pound also draws more foreign tourists with the prospect of a cheaper holiday in britain and of course the brits who can no longer afford to holiday abroad because of the weak pound or also rediscovering some green unpleasant backwaters. fancy a stay in the beijing marriott well don't even try looking for the hotel's website it's been shut down by the government for two days now chinese authorities have been cracking down on u.s. firms that appear to question china's territorial sovereignty the hotel chain says
7:41 pm
it was a simple error. marriott's offense the company had listed taiwan tibet hong kong and macau a separate countries on its website while the latter three are indeed part of china taiwan's international status is more complex with many countries recognizing the island as a sovereign state china's take on the issue is clear. i want to stress that hong kong macau taiwan and tibet all part of china there is no objective fact in the consensus of the international community we welcome foreign companies to come to china and invest in companies. at the same time the companies that come to china should respect china's sovereignty and territorial integrity abide by china's laws and respect the feelings of the chinese people this is the minimum requirement of any company going to another country to carry out business and investment that. marriott meanwhile has apologized on its website writing
7:42 pm
they respect china's sovereignty and territorial integrity the hotel operator is only one of several companies facing chinese ruthe over sovereignty issues the country's aviation authority has demanded an apology from delta airlines for listing taiwan and tibet as country's. fashion brands and medical device maker metro nick have also been given a deadline to correct their websites. on the whole business for now if you've been missing the german football action of the holiday season don't worry because it's back to you go all of that force absolutely i have done it in the second half of the bundesliga season kicks off tonight in less than an hour and the opening match sees live the cruzan face runaway leaders by munich live in fourth place and locked in a fierce battle for a champions league spot their fans will be hoping the home side can trip up the mighty bavarians and assert any youngster from jamaica could be just the player to
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cause an upset. he's only twenty but his career is taking off fast bailey has joined the young guns of lavery cousin after a slow start with the club his speed and his goals have made the jamaican one of their most standout players some things it's of on nights when it's in his short appearances it wasn't like everyone was shouting at her ray but he didn't give up which is a really important quality he kept believing in his chance and worked on it he was always a total team player who puts himself at the service of the team in spite of all the public attention he gets. in the stands i thought since he needs them tough state. still the winner from kingston hasn't had an easy path to the world's top leagues. as a teenager bailey played in four different european countries that was after leaving
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his homeland with two friends at the tender age of thirteen. we didn't have so much money we had a budget sometimes would have to. be just. because we had a dream from we were very young he said his ultimate aim is to play in the premier league but before then daley wants to make it into the champions league with laver coups and more immediately to extend his team's twelve game unbeaten streak in the bundesliga by defeating by in munich on friday night. and for more on that juicy encounter which mocks the start of the second half of the bundesliga season i'm joined by chris having to. welcome chris you know we saw this in the on daley has impressed everyone because kids but it means more than just one player who a what can cause an upset in this encounter that they're going to see stuff soon well let me start off with chippy bailey that says duignan i actually had the
7:45 pm
chance and opportunity to interview the young man yeah chippy he's named after alvin and the chipmunks because there was some similarity there with how he looks but he's a very promising young striker winger actually with a very powerful left foot and he has contributed six goals and four assists the other players that are making a difference in labor couzin kevin fall and kevin fall in is the top score of all germans right now in the but as they go with nine goals and that's a great return because he was a hefty investment for leverkusen he cost around twenty million you're also excited to see him doing things and then heiko haley's to coach i mean the coach has experience with the lower divisions you see that coming to fruition filling in a good spot because roger schmidt sr didn't work out so well the laver couzin but this is a big match up there at home when he gets the definitive champs buyer this is a real test for them because they're going up against the best but i do expect chippy bailey to have a stellar performance i do believe in the young men and. by dan without that top
7:46 pm
striker role but eleven he's going to an injury so who is going to step in for him . wagner will he a dream come true for him you know he started off byron munich he's been around to a few different leagues and then he did spend some time with darmstadt in the second division but he helped propel them up to the top flight and he's a heavy investment as well twelve million euro that's how much barnes ponying up for him i believe his contract last until twenty twenty but it's exactly what robert levin dosti has been asking for he's tired he's been complain. that he hasn't had adequate rest and he's expected to resume night giving the spotlight vog that he's back at home in munich but on the road at leverkusen but he's in the munich jersey he's a big good solid replacement he's pretty big a big strong powerful forward he's six foot four that's one meter ninety one you know any he's a very good aerial game he didn't see so much action this season but in the action
7:47 pm
he was a believe in eleven matches for goals and a couple of his cysts so i do think he will contribute in what i like about wagner at the most his ego ok let me go i've read a few quotes he's come forward say he's believed he's been the top striker in germany for a long time now we all know germany on the way to a world cup and you can see if that is actually true but all the all i think is a good fit and it's will be a great match no doubt yeah absolutely they do you see as i said earlier by and has an eleven point let's be realistic does anyone have a chance of catching up with them before the end of the season no i don't think a team can and i'll tell you why because byron munich will have to go four games without earning a point to give any other side a realistic chance shelf is the team with eleven point trailed they look really good right now but in terms of chasing by i know it's going to be a matter of the other teams trying to fill these two to four spots to qualify for the champions league i think that's the best the other teams can really hope for
7:48 pm
right now so the real story is not the bottom of the table isn't it crespi always your brother gave an issue you have a handful of teams twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen these teams are very tightly packed to the bottom of the table the one team out unfortunately as cologne there at the very very bottom of the table with only six points i think their season is pretty much destined for the second leak but tighten tight and we look forward to a relegation battle as we always do in the bluntschli chris huntington as you will visit pleasure to talk to you ok. we're going to stay with force and turn to something different on this for nineteen different countries affected take part at the winter olympics in killing chung in february including plenty of countries that we know immediately spring to mind when you think of winter sports like skiing or ice hockey in taiwan one twenty three year old illusion sports live is hoping that the upcoming games will give a boost to winter sport sports in his country yet faces
7:49 pm
unusual challenges for a loser namely wrote traffic. the winter olympian trains on wheels rather than blades and on the roads rather than the run the time when he's climate isn't exactly conducive to excellence in winter sports but is unperturbed by his disciplines local obscurity it was shown as anything else dictated by hope that the sport can be carried on and that taiwan can have people participating in each winter olympics hopefully more and more people. there's a lot more to lose than just lying down manly and he's keen to improve the disciplines profile in taiwan where winter events in general receive fairly little attention he believes that winter sports can establish themselves even in this unusual climate. he might be one of the few taiwanese athletes to have qualified for pyong chang. but if he gets his way there will be plenty of his countryman
7:50 pm
following in his tracks in the future. moving away from sport now and pakistan has a poor record when it comes to women's rights the ones economic forum ranks the country's second to last in terms of gender equality graphic designer she is trying to bring about change with her artwork take a look. women wearing the huge job riding motorbikes women navigating public spaces a celt asian wonder woman pakistani digital art is she z m a leeks art cuts through patriarchal consciousness and judging by the viral impact they've had online she has struck a chord. so my are mostly deal of identity trying to figure out what it means to be young and pakistani having influences from
7:51 pm
the west and the east growing up what kind of artwork would that look like. according to a report published by the world economic forum pakistan ranks second to last in terms of gender equality in two thousand and sixteen social media stock. was strangled to death by her brother a so-called honor killing drawing from experience as a woman in pakistan. to challenge the status quo and which women are held to the suffocating standards of patriarchy i made a brown wonder woman and that was when i was actually feeling a lot of pressure for getting married and i just wanted to draw this woman who is you know comfortably saying i do it it's my destiny i can do what i want with it things to the bitter legacy of colonialism fair skin the still prized in pakistan growing up my leg remembers her daily use of potentially toxic concoctions and then the attempt to lighten her skin since.
7:52 pm
it was only being surrounded by women of all colors abroad when she was here first felt beautiful her return home revealed discomforts hard to go outside and it was just something as simple as going for a walk on this really like anxiety written experience i just ended up drawing about it and drawing for myself where i go. myself the usual models essentially an art and i hadn't realized that that would resonate with so many women like his son and abroad says he'll feel it's that much of her work has gone viral because it speaks to collective trauma women share it to communicate their own struggle through the medium of money it's art. face interesting stuff now to talk more about this evolving metaphor to this is robin not the kind of to distill one expects from pakistan no it isn't and i have to learn to law from
7:53 pm
looking into this not just about as well i spoke to the all. who interviewed says there molly he says she's a very determined woman she has seems to have no fear one example is we saw the very beginning about reporter picture of a woman on a motorbike this is actually a piece of graffiti on a big intersection you see here it's seven feet high and it is the office with a piece of graffiti in a big busy intersection she's also been producing gifts like this one on social media which peaches staring eyes representing the young pleasant surveillance of women's bodies in patriarchal societies and then very different pictures here where she mixes pakistani folk icons with western rock musicians so really very different types of all she sings very very talented young woman here she's going to do just what they modern elements of economics it's so interesting but not you know what
7:54 pm
they need to move when gaining kind of traction across the was also part of that it was she's certainly has indoor states on social media and the me too movement has gained a lot of traction in pakistan are even to use a side the the nobel peace prize winner has certainly endorsed self and i'm told it's very unusual for a global conversation like this to have such a local rivers read of. but she still does like this because that's what she wants from her office while she wants to create conversations and wants people to share their stories and that's very much what the me to hash tag says wow that's right and now box. is going to want to own fashion line she has evidently it's the first feminist fashion line in pakistan she launched in october last year and i quote she says she wants to give women ownership of what they wear and you can see the influence of her dress designs and sometimes there's
7:55 pm
a message in designs as well like this dress with this red dress which has the word power over it definitely an artist and designer to watch out for i hope we see her exhibiting here in europe i should mention i'm told with her background she has a bit of protection because she's from the upper classes if you like she mit mixes in social circles but i accept but i do think she's a very brave woman and the biggest class protection is all of a bad but lots of people also from her class have been killed full. anyway been married i look forward to seeing more of this design exhibiting as he said here in butt in thank you very much for being us for that story. you're watching the news here is a recap of the top story that you're following for you german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats of read on a blueprint for formal coalition negotiations the agreement should pave the way for
7:56 pm
detailed degustation is to end the stalemate that has left germany without a new government since the election last september. more news coming up for you in a few minutes with phil again thank you very much for your company but by.
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but on what it. is and i mean in your medicine god knows what an almost route that. goes over now there's cynical media. us all up with out about. vision again. but on what. this you know i mean in your mind noticing quine you think i have focused on among women out. what empathy is any material but i'm with what it took and i said i'm not going to turn. this you know i mean in your minorities ingrown you know getting in when you cry i don't want to. mean i'm going to a unanimous. the show could go places you've had said. i shouldn't. have only safe but i thought when i'm going to be a fundie. point zero point zero can see it as if to say i said.
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this is d w news live from berlin the talks lasted more than twenty four hours and would describe just turbulence but the aftermath and all night some german political leaders have made a breakthrough in discussions about forming a coalition government but there is still a long way to go also on the program. president trump accused of using vulgar language to describe african countries in haiti he denies the reports but a democrat says he heard the president use those words.


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