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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2018 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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services on the social democrats a finally agreed to start coalition talks germans voted one hundred and eleven days ago with a fair wind they might have a new government by easter i'm phil gayle in berlin this is the day. a step closer to a new government. i'm optimistic that things are moving forward. with us i think. we have achieved great results and us president donald trump said hold water after reportedly insulting haiti el salvador and several african nations around the world the story of the wife. giving rose has ever spoke personally. grocery store.
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now nearly four months after germany's general election political leaders have finally agreed to enter formal coalition negotiations and social democratic leader martin shields announced a breakthrough aftermath an old night talks here in berlin bringing the country a step closer to a new government but it doesn't mean the deal is done political leaders now have to convince their parties to give the green light to formal coalition negotiations. it was a long time coming including a twenty four hour marathon session last night now there's an agreement on paper but with some rough edges the three parties are working from very different platforms and promises to constituents tired but proud the three party has announced a successful outcome and some compromises they say they can imagine working together in a grand coalition. i think this document is
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a result of some give and take and that's the way it should be in a society filled with such a wide variety of people and will have our work set out for us when a new government is formed and we set out to put it into practice. but the onus is on this man s.p.d. party chairman martin schultz is under pressure after the election he said he did not want to enter another grand coalition but now he has to convince his party to do just that it isn't like we have three goals. solidarity we want to organize. innovations that will take us forward and trust in each other. that's essential in a government. guys that. we want to see if the spirit of cooperation was there and i think the answer is positive on the americal is under pressure as well because for over three months germany has been functioning without a new government she wants to see germany active on the european stage once again
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europe is a focus of the party's new blueprint for talks and the conservative party's advisory board stands behind this negotiation result but things look different with the social democrats six of forty members on the party executive board voted against moving forward with coalition talks there are fears about how the party base will react. i think we are on the right path but we have to be careful to remember this one just work out automatically the twenty eight page document is up against heavy criticism from the opposition just as expected this is. an ambitious to lead this country into the future and there is no answer to digital change no flexibility in the pension system on the contrary it seems to do it justice to future generations very expensive measures in a grand. chancellor merkel wished success to the leader of her would be coalition
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partner the s.p.d. now it's up to martine schultz to convince everyone at the party conference and get the party members to vote with the yes if all goes well germany could have a new government by early spring. when both sides were forced to compromise to reach this agreement on starting to form a coalition talks among the most controversial issues with tax increases and refugees here's a look at some of the issues that were originally holding up the deal that appears now to been resolved for now. now this is what they came up with here advil a bun tells a twenty eight page document that outlines the basic points of moving ahead with building a government let's have a look at the most pressing issues on top of the list family reunions of refugees under the new draft agreement one thousand family members would be allowed to come to germany every month until america had resisted a cap to yearly refugee arrivals for a long time now she has agreed to limit them to around two hundred thousand per
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year the parties also said they wanted to bolster germany's relationship with france and strengthen the eurozone in september french president mccall called for a european budget to help the bloc cope with economic shocks an idea a possible grand coalition would now support. party leaders said they would introduce further limits on arms exports and countries involved in the human conflict such as saudi arabia won't be getting any weapons from germany at all. good news for taxpayers in germany no taxes will be raised and the solidarity tax that was put in place after the fall of the wall to support poor eastern states is most likely going to be abolished it seems until america will be able to keep her office in the chancellery for now but this agreement is not the final word on doubts as for the leader martin schultz will now have to convince his party members for form a coalition talks to take place. so one of the people who will be part of those discussions is karen taylor karen's a member of
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a social democratic democrat party welcome to the day so how do you feel bad about the prospects of the s.p.d. going into coldish in talks with chancellor merkel's c.d.u. looking at the paper that came out today i'm very disappointed. if we see the results if we see on what what is be focused on before these talks and what are the results right now i think is pretty have to step back on the very core issues such as their health insurance question for example also the question about a maximum amount of asylum seekers coming into the country that's a big thinkers and now this is exactly exactly and that's exactly the point which we always focused on that the right to asylum i mean it's still in this agreement that the right to access is aside it needs to exist but if we link it with the with the maximum number well it's kind of contradiction in that case. do you think
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you'll vote against it. i mean i'm not one of the party member who will be at this party convention to vote for or against it but i'm part of the organisation which is that migration committee in berlin and i know that the base that the ground is against this against this treaty so. i'm very hopeful that the people who are in the delegation will listen to the party will listen to the people on the ground what did you get though by trying to scupper this deal because surely the sings that you want to achieve you are more likely to get them if you are a party in government rather than a party in opposition. well if i look at the points again i must say a lot of points missing asked if we talk. about germany as a diverse country this agreement only focuses on migration linked
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to asylum seekers but as me for example i'm a black german there's nothing about diversity there's nothing about the population in germany which already exists so i'm wondering how come that when we talk about migration and integration we only focus on the new incoming people and not talk about migration measures our integration measures which need to be taken in to place for depopulation in job or do you think germany has a has a problem as it stands with with the diversity of its population its already here i would call it a problem i would say you look for solutions to problems yeah i would say i would say that there is a quality between the just say the white population and the rest of the population
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if you look at different measures such as the health care system if you look at the labor market and look at where people of color and nonwhite people stand there is definitely a gap in our education and the educational system so talking about discrimination which point which is missing in this agreement i would say there is more to gain office and government than by this government is really good about this deal definitely good points if we talk about a lot to migration does this is mentioned within the treaty of migration act there's also disappointment of families which is definitely a positive point and also if we talked. about the right to
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part time to part time jobs when you are taking care of somebody in your family so that definitely positive pints but again i must say there's a huge gap between what is very important for another part of the population which is not regarded at all so the job as president from voters. went to great pains to get the two parties to sit down got directly involved in politics which is unusual for a german president so important did he believe it to be and in germany's national interests this is clearly not a position that you do you agree with you don't believe it's in germany's national interest for this to happen i mean if it would be that it's definitely definitely a part in question to have a government but i must say that by other means and there's not only this solution to a government but also a minority government
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a minority government which would bring back the discussion to a debate does attack because for right now have to debate is missing and it would bring back that debate about topics which are important to the whole population so i guess that's another solution very interesting i can tell thank you so much for joining the value of thank you so. what do germans think about these negotiations that what are they expecting now well the dublin has been out on the streets. i think it would be good to have a grand coalition soon the one we had in the last few years wasn't bad and it's better than your election that's too expensive. but i'm just glad that it's finally over that they could reach an agreement to get it and in general i'm not so keen on the ground coalition i wasn't very impressed with the last one i think people who voted s.p.d. have specific hopes that the s.p.d. can't fulfil in a coalition with the c.d.u. . workers it's
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a lot better than the elections. it's good that they are finally building a government. germany still needs to be a stabilizing force in europe so if they manage to resolve their interior conflicts and find out ways to work together be a good thing for everyone especially in current situation. u.s. president donald trump has disputed reports that he used a vulgar language to insult haiti el salvador and several african nations multiple witnesses say the president asked lawmakers and advisors why are we having all these people from viz countries come here before going on to suggest that the us should accept the immigrants from places like norway instead mr trump tweeted that he didn't use the words reported but admitted that his language had been tough.
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for her to do with his washing cars one and cost and found number one catherine of wonder in kenya's capital nairobi katherine told me about the political. well the african union has made it clear that they are condemning the statement saying that they're actually surprised by it and they were very keen to remind president donald trump that the u.s. economy was actually aided by you know immigrants from africa who had taken here from past lives to work in the fields and in america so that was this strong statement that came from the african union that we also have the president of botswana who said you know that he's equally appalled by the statement but also some of the u.s. ambassador in that country to explain that particular statement even though donald trump has come out deny it if there's no hiding the fact that he did use those words and that has created a lot of reaction so he wanted the u.s.
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ambassador to explain what that means for botswana and what that means going forward but one is a south african country which is one of the strongest african economies that we have on the continent a list of the common social cost of all normal in washington well cost and the president is facing accusations of racism today on a day when he was actually set to all of the civil rights leader martin luther king jr how is the white house reacting to these criticisms. much. donald trump was asked by reporters of both those alleged remarks during that ceremony he didn't react to it we've seen the tweet in which you denied that he used those exact words but one of the leading members of the democratic party senator dick durbin who was in the room during the conversation when donald trump was said to have made those comments he said he did it he just. used those words
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and not just ones other people have also confirmed this a few have also denied it but whatever. so you believe the crisis management of the u.s. government is really not that strong i just saw the best of haiti a few moments ago talk about this nobody had reached out to him he hoped that the president go to paula joy's old soul both democrats have called on the president to apologize even a few republicans but knowing going to trump that is not very likely. mr trump is suggesting that immigrants from africa are a burden on the u.s. system does the kenyan example support this you know it doesn't support this view in the sense that a large number of african immigrants go to the united states to study go for you know as professionals or go through the law to system which is one of the issues
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that were discussed within you know in america that brought about the statement by a president trump but then when you look at the specifics you have african immigrants who are among the hot most highly educated immigrants america has compared to you know its citizens in one case you can look at african immigrants having at least forty percent of african immigrants having bachelor degrees and over compared to thirty percent of american citizens but then when you look at the specifics when it comes to kenya kenya the remittances from from kenyans living in the diaspora it's as over pasta as has the past foreign exchange and it's like tea coffee and tourism. in the united states alone does kenyans who live in the united states remit about one hundred eighty five million dollars to the economy that was in two thousand and seventeen so they're not really a burden to the in the american economy as such but these are clearly productive
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people through and wonder. woman in washington thank you. women in saudi arabia are now allowed to watch football games live from the stands for the first time in the country's history the first game with women in attendance was actually helped this evening in the western port city of jeddah stadiums in two other cities for most of those two with saudi arabia has been slowly granting women more rights there are still many areas of life where have a need permission for men last year saudi arabia using king solomon to create an end to the country's ban on women drivers by next june the pad had been part of a conservative tradition that restricts women's mobility and this was seen by rights activists as an emblem of their suppression the effect has been immediate. saudi women lost no time in flocking to jagger's famous lemoore to take the wheel
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at the kingdom's first auto show specifically aimed at women. after my microphone was being interested in cars but we didn't have the ability to drive and now i'm very interested in buying a car but i would like the payments and prices to not be very high in. saudi arabia is the only country with a ban on women drivers the lifting of the ban later this year is being held up as signaling a new progressive trend in the deeply conservative muslim kingdom that. it's known that women of the largest section who shop in miles this whole model is run by women anyway that's firstly secondly all the cashiers are women everyone in the restaurants are women. the idea is to make everything in the car exhibition run by women for. the jet exhibition focused on fuel efficient cars and provided a team of sales women to help this burgeoning customer base choose the right model
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. let's get more on this from a saudi human rights activist daria t.v. welcome to you saudi man now allow saudi women to drive by their own cars and go to football matches what can't they do well and. there is the guardianship system or it. is an obstacle to. traveling choosing to get married to and other rights that are given to us through sharia which is their stomach you know and we need dad to get abolished how big is the appetite for saudi women to go to for matches will they be flocking to to watch games. i'm sure that any woman who has the money time and energy or and interest in football of course will go into the stadium it's a passion for what is the biggest sport or so these women as well as men.
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and these latest moves are a part of reforms that have been introduced by crown prince mohammad. where is he looking to go with this what's his end game when he said it in his speech on october twenty fifth of october two thousand and seventeen he wants to put saudi arabia on being to national with it to keep nomic least socially. we just waited thirty years of backwardness which was caused by the marcos siege in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine and we hope to get back with all what we can do to to be a political and global player as much as we can and have these reforms been gone through unopposed i'm guessing in such a traditional country the hospital physician.
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there. we've lost lives dahlia. we'll move on. we'll stay in saudi arabia for other story the countries that seventh from last when it comes to gender equality for pakistan though is even worse and one of the world's most of restrictive countries for women systemic gender oppression is the order of the day things do vary between urban and rural locations and depending on class she's illmatic is a feminist graphic designer who's trying to break down barriers using art. women wearing the huge job riding motorbikes women navigating public spaces a celt asian wonder woman pakistani digital art as she is in my leaks art cuts through patriarchal consciousness and judging by the viral impact they've had
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online she has struck a chord. so much are mostly deals with identity trying to figure out what it means to be young and pakistani having influences from the west and the east going up what kind of artwork would that look like. according to a report published by the world economic forum pakistan ranks second to last in terms of gender equality in two thousand and sixteen social media stock. was strangled to death by her brother a so-called honor killing drawing from experiences as a woman in pakistan. to challenge the status quo and which women are held to the suffocating standards of patriarchy i made a brown wonder woman and that was when i was actually feeling a lot of pressure for getting married and i just wanted to draw this woman who is you know comfortably saying i do it it's my destiny i can do what i want with it
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sans to the bitter legacy of colonialism fair skinned still prized in pakistan growing up my leg remembers her daily use of potentially toxic concoctions and then attempt to lighten her skin. it was only being surrounded by women of all colors abroad when she first fell puta full her return home revealed new discomforts very hard to go outside and it was just something as simple as going for a walk on this really rich an experience i just ended up drawing about it and a drawing for myself where i go. myself these role models a century in art and i hadn't realized that that would resonate with so many women like to stand out of broad suzi of fields that much of her work has gone viral because it speaks to collective trauma women share it to communicate their own struggles through the medium of art. well this day is
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nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter w news or at for go don't forget to use the hash tag the day. finally if you are in the chilly northern hemisphere and fed up with the cold days of winter spend a thought for poor people in northern russia up in the arctic circle they last saw the sun at the end of december and since then they've had nothing but pole that night well the sun beams are back if only for half an hour and it was for i think was an obvious reason for celebration of a good night. from .
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