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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CET

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this is d w news live from bandit donald trump for news the iran nuclear deal for what he says is the last time that the us president says he'll pull out of the agreement soon unless what he turns gets does all stressed fruits of faith that in you were in russia says his ultimatum is a great mistake or search coming up after months of deadlock germany may be on the way to hold me and you government chancellor i'm going to mark owen says a coalition could be in place by not only if social democratic leader martin
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schultz and we know the his party's skeptical members. and a step forward for women's rights in saudi arabia for the first time ever women have been allowed to enter a stadium and watch a live look like a. home free thanks for joining me president donald trump has decided to stick to the international nuclear deal with iran at least for now but he says he wanted to prove it again unless it's changed now trump says the twenty fifteen agreement contains what he calls terrible flows as he spends international sanctions on iran than exchange for cuts on its nuclear program every few months the president is required to sign a series of waivers to keep those sanctions suspended but the e.u. and russia have warned that ending the deal would have negative consequences. iran
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expert ten days of hope for use frequently in teheran for us joins us now in the studio now iran's foreign ministry has already put out a statement in response to donald trump's remarks i just want to take a look at it now because it says that the islamic republic of iran stresses clearly that it will take no measures beyond its commitments under the nuclear deal and when accept no changes to this agreement now or in the future such as this that means that teheran is expecting is preparing itself for a confrontation with the united states over this it looks that way to iran's been preparing for the worst case scenario for more than a year a member of president rouhani his office just recently said and who can blame them for that because president trumpets basically started threatening to rip the deal apart the moment he went on the companion trail so it's an option they've got to consider but you have to see that it wouldn't be a confrontation just between the u.s. and iran but more for confrontation between the u.s. and all the other countries that signed the deal because europe and russia and
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china think that the nuclear deal is working and that it should be preserved i mean of course europe has its own concerns about iran's ballistic missile program about its influence in the region and human rights issues but they think that should be treated separately because that was not part of the deal let's just take this deal down from its diplomatic a little bit and think about how important it is for the economy of iran and for the people living there that this deal is preserved it's very important that's why it's had that much support in iran in the first place because the sanctions were taking their toll on iran's economy that's why president rouhani agreed to limit the country's nuclear program in return for sanctions relief but you have to see that iran has met its commitments the international atomic energy agency certified that on a number of occasions and the deal was signed but the u.s. has not really lived up to the spirit of the agreement because they basically started threatening. but the part the moment they signed it so and that has caused
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many european companies especially to kind of shy away from doing too much business with iran because they're afraid they might be punished for it now or in the future so many average iranians haven't really benefited from the deal with much as they could have and we've seen incredible scenes in iran as of late as well with the biggest anti demo government demonstrations i mean is that then any chance that this could see those kind of demonstrations break out again well any economic decline could because the economic situation was the reason these protests started in the first place high unemployment rising price of and inflation and all of which hollowness blame on rouhani by the way because of you nuclear deal has improved the situation the way he promised so. if the deal was terminated now or in the future by the u.s. there would be likely to get even worse and then the honey would be weakened a lot and hardliners would benefit but that of course. would end in
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a way where europe and the u.s. would have no chance at all to talk to iran about other issues there are unhappy with anymore because hardliners are not going to negotiate with their arch enemy in washington about their ballistic missile program for example right thank you very much. now the african union is demanding an apology from president trump over his alleged use of an expletive to describe countries on the continent now the w. has decided not to repeat about exploitive but the president is alleged to have used it during a meeting on immigration at the white house referring to haiti and african nations as quote s. whole countries will trump has been c.s.d. criticized many have termed the president racist he however has denied using it. sometimes the president shed tilling is unwittingly troublesome on friday he made an appearance with the nephew of martin luther king jr in honor of the famous american civil rights campaigner just as accusations of racism were being hurled at
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him from around the world at a meeting of republican and democrat senators on thursday the president is alleged to have said. why are we having all these people from s. dot dot dot whole countries come here this was trump's alleged angry reaction to a compromise proposed by senators on immigration reform we're willing to restrict the so-called green card lottery but want to retain limited protected status for people from el salvador haiti and certain countries in africa anybody can report on trump's comment unleashed oak ridge in thing sorry but there's no other work on can use but racist. you cannot dismiss entire countries and continents bottles who's entire populations who are not white therefore not welcome on twitter trump said he never said anything derogatory about haiti that the democrats had made it up and that he ought to record meetings in future but by then the remarks had
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already made headlines around the world. german chancellor i'm going to michael says she hopes to form a new government by east conservatives reached agreement with social democrats yesterday on which informal coalition talks the previous attempt to form a coalition with smaller parties failed late last year so friday's breakthrough has eased months of political uncertainty here in germany but there are still several hurdles to overcome sussed. social democratic leader martin schultz still has a lot of selling to do at a special conference later this month he'll ask six hundred party delegates to back formal talks to renew the grand coalition with conservatives but it's the party's four hundred thousand members who will lend have to give their approval to the final agreement the party's youth group plans to lobby hard against another grand coalition. merkel's bid to form a new government is already the longest coalition building process in post-war
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germany and it looks likely to drag on for weeks if not months even so many of her christian democrats are upbeat. view. the results are good for a country the chancellor negotiated very well but the social democrats also achieved a good deal if we come together it will be good for the country. germany's european partners including neighbors france and austria have also been expressing relief that a coalition appears to be in the works but in germany itself reaction is mixed the largest opposition party the nationalist a.f.d. has criticised the plans calling them a desperation move and. i fear we will get a bad government the last four years have shown that things have been going downhill in a number of areas and since this coalition of losers wants to stay in power a few more of the same. many voters simply want the politicians in berlin to get on
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with the business of governing. i think it would be good to have a grand coalition soon the one we had in the last few years wasn't bad and it's better than your election that's too expensive. germany still needs to be a stabilizing force in europe sol that if they manage to resolve their interior conflicts and find out ways to work together i'll be a good thing for everyone especially in current situation euro but whether germany is led by another grand coalition will ultimately hinge on what the social democrat rank and file think of the final deal. sports now in the winter break his calm and gone in the bundesliga is under way again things started last night with another victory for reigning champions by and playing away against laver couzin it was a case of business as usual for the variance how do you martinez got by a fly in the thirty second minute after frankly because he'd made it to nail they
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the couzens kevin for them to then pull one back at a spectacular free kick from james rodriguez made it three want to see who prefer to buy it now the result keeps them on track for a record sic consecutive title. and for more on that and a look ahead at the second half of the season mark corrigan from the sports joins us here in the studio so moch boy i could be picking up from where they left off before the winter break can we say that they are potentially a shoo in for a sick title in a row sadly for the rest of the bindis league yes i think so helen i think there are miles in front already. as we saw this just just won another game won the first game but and they look like they're going to take it at the concert again you get the troubles of the hundred on the car once a lot of the early part of the season see a world away know they've stabilized on the you playing because they have the likes of thomas retreat as we saw his free kick their likes of from riverview as well the
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experience that is there is there to take him over the line so a consequence he passed by on this impressive dare i say a slightly boring more exciting perhaps that is the race for second and those champions league spot as well so who's leading that race at the moment well that's just quite a taste of what will bottle at the moment the street seems and there there's leipzig and shell conduct on the riviera darby rivals for me shell shock edge it for two reasons the first one is that it's one man actually paid to go to the dortmund coach for me that was a buffering appointment possibly the most strange decision of the season and been this really good this is a man who had failed. to win fourteen games with kalu lost his job and was then given one of the plum jobs in the business leader staggered in. by contrast of a young vibrant pushing the medical to desk rule they don't have any european concerns like shell. like and dortmund. they do so if you see you can see shell could take in
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a second spark that touch shall not dreaded relegation because it does seem already that cologne is destined to go down who else could join them is tempting to say humbug but they always seem to do that the other way so i wouldn't bet on them i think for me it would be better play him and they're really struggling with goals this year they will need a fair team in there for seventeen games and i think without finding someone that's got sheets in but i think they're going to really struggle so that would be my my tip all right mark corrigan from the thanks a lot and you. that was a small but possibly significant step forward for women's rights in the gulf region for the first time ever women in saudi arabia have been allowed to enter a stadium and watch life football where men turned out in force last night for a game in the city of jeddah excitement in and around the stadium this palpable. young saudi girls excited at going to watch the football a normal sight in most countries. but their mothers and grandmothers didn't have
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that privilege in a nation the tortillas for its hugely restrictive stance on women's rights. yet on friday in the western city of jeddah women were allowed to attend the football much for the first time. many marked the occasion with a message on a special wall. inside they took one of ten thousand seats allocated as a special family section and ready to cheer on local favorites. i'm happy to be at this event and i congratulate the women and girls and families who enter the stadium and we're happy because we're all alley fans and we're cheering for a team we weren't disappointed the result was a thumping five mill one for the home side afterwards there were selfies to capture the moment one which many saudi women feel is long overdue said i has out with this decision should have been made a long time ago but thank god that it came at the right time and hopefully what's to come is even better for women with the lifting of the football bond following
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a similar one on driving it looks like saudi women are on route to a more liberal era. all right now heavy snow has brought chaos to western japan as much as fifty centimeters is in need of prefecture for cost as a warning motorists to drive kathleen hundreds of commuters well stranded on a cross and check train in the region where the measures the service is taking how was to rescue them now there's little response expected with more snow for cost over the weekend. now just a reminder the top story that we're following for you hit on day donald trump has decided to stick to the international nuclear deal with the wrongs and now the u.s. president must now renew the agreement every few months and he says he won't do it again unless he unless what he calls its disastrous floor affixed. more news coming up at the top of the hour here on the d w in the meantime be sure
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