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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2018 11:15pm-11:30pm CET

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version you may have forgotten me but we haven't forgotten the boy in the play go all of saturday and goals are coming up after the break but crash herrington faster and more of the german top life winter break and it's well and truly overshot its trip to live think was based on days encounter on there is a lot more exciting action stations. i should makea has no children which makes her feel worthless and incomplete. in a society that expects them to be her children this is a burden many trucker's women in niger suffer from. a wife is only fully accepted
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upon motherhood. a very personal film about the suffering of childless women in their journey. through history starting january fourteenth on t.w. . byer new stepping closer to the finney they're put as they get saddled with victory over labor coups in the take away is simple the chips mean business. free while the store of the same as the start of the season has goals from these guys coffee martina's frank withering in the hot mess rodriguez kevin pose for the consolation goal but in between the result keeps buyers for track for a record sixth consecutive title. happy belated new year and
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welcome to the book as they get what t w i'm chris here he's in the brooklyn dome also known as the second half of the season has started and there's plenty of action for head of us like to see we're looking to start your second half off strong against the elite second best childhood the royal blues only having two point cushion over our beat we head to head over where the promoted side have voted off once at home this season and looking to continue that success think it's mines both teams have conceded plenty of goals this term so good outscore who. we start the action off with a match featuring the best of the rest rb leipsic in shock a shock of have been more consistent than rb lately under to disco the royal blues are unbeaten since september life's to go could jump shot on the table with a win but the home club could be distracted due to rumors surrounding this guy gabi
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kaita is he going to liverpool now or at the end of the season that's the big question for are be so keen kates in company put distractions aside and compete. childcare visited light seek for what could be not be caters final game remit suggests liverpool are prepared to pay an extra twenty million euros to get them out immediately rather than white and to some. this one took a long time to get going thanks to shot because disciplined play but in the thirty sixth minute benjamin stumbled he got his side into trouble was a perfect move on the jew timeout somewhat less appropriate in the penalty box during a game of football john kevin i was stunned how if i couldn't convert strongly saved by rout them on but poorly taken by the french me odd nevertheless five minutes later leipzig did manage to take the lead and unspectacular not be kate's efforts made unstoppable by desperately unlucky now the
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defeat. of a still the center back himself stepped up on fifty five minutes to put things right was a well deserved equaliser and now does fourth goal of the season. with twenty one minutes to go now to i was involved once again giving the ball away it's a conrad lima from that i switched counter attack the shock about flying off guard to ones of those things the team avengers knights goal of the season was just two minutes later it was three one light six bruma claimed that goal but it was none other than knowledge of who made the difference with yet another decisive deflection was not at least the lights are the best of the rest in the been busy.
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day and it still looks like leipzig still need not be k.-tel let's keep it rolling with hot over hosting mikes this match was destined to see goals from both sides defense hasn't been a strong suit for either how to over so form have been a among the best this season which works in their favor because my kids have struggled on the road the old fivers did size and defensive help over the break season midfielder nigel de young the thirty three year old has earned nicknames like the destroyer and lot more during his career in other leagues so with his physical style help my eyes or would it be too much into helping hand over. nigel de young went straight into mines his starting lineup on his return to the bundesliga and the visitors enjoyed the best of starts they took the lead on twenty six minutes who you should know removed so this false goal of the season one of his defense was far too passive but it was still
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a fine finish. minds continued to press just five minutes later it was to no alexander hack that the red zone with one of his back line again exposed. shortly afterwards how much of midfield and beyond who else conceded a clear penalty and fuko converted the equaliser from the spot with up all. i know that weren't done yet i'm a very much in the ascendancy made race to the second period food cook completed his hat trick and how momentous stunning comeback. three two it finished with took very much the man of the moment. taking i put some on the record as a so it's obviously great for me to get that straightened out today it was really important to school three because it was a foothold in the first half through that so we got the belief that we can get something done. to stingo mccollum the she was good one of our up to tenth with the
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european football becoming a definite possibility. the first one as they had trick for hand-overs nicholas full crew congrats to him it's time for our match day eighteen round up and we start braman visitors hoffenheim and you'll be in not having been consistent at all this season they have struggled to compete on all three fronts to top it off they sold striker sideshow wagner to buyer it's a kick off the roof of their off the brain with the side that booted hoffenheim from the german cup could they get some payback. hoffenheim and duty or not this man began life without front man's arm go back now with a trip north to better braman who went into the weekend in the relegation play off space and opposed back in the era started well certainly not recross for many who cannot say head home to center back second goal of the season giving him the
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perfect start for two thousand and eighteen job done at half time but after the break a goal not scramble so haile gebrselassie equalise relief to flow back or face but a disappointing result hoffenheim they dropped two points in the battle for the european places and their coach was not happy at all. hausberg grigor it was all smiles as he lined up against former club hamburg who gave yulian poland back his bundesliga debut in goal but poland but could do nothing is. the only goal of the game the korean was rightly pleased about his first goal of the season heading home the cross to get out of the wind and to straighten davie compiler's back but many more pounds out spoke up to seven. all eyes were on mario gomez as the hitman returned to stick eight and a half years after leaving his new old team face hatter and gomes as comeback was
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almost upstaged when salomon kalou had the goal of his mercy only to head its efforts over gomes was of course involved in the only goal of the game a bizarre own goal from the clash start while wrestling come into possession stark accidentally and spectacularly love his own keeper i got my celebrated like he scored himself and who could blame him i've been on the wrong i'm sure i can lie as i've been saying for many years now but i haven't been nervous ahead of sunday's league games but today i had butterflies in my stomach you know what they have to contribute. greeted each other like old friends but only the frankfurt boss was happy at half time. sebastien i left school at the opening go probing home up to timmy chandler smuts had found him six yards out but after the break freiburg equalise headed high in a corner so when credit a bottle of white point and wipe the smile off his face.
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so let's see who got off to a winning start and the rook ruined a life thing over sawka three won in convincing fashion hand over hand mike's defeat three to all nicklaus a full crew bray means second half goal level things will hoffenheim outs work only needed a goal to defeat hamburg stuttgart down to one nil frankfurt share the spoils with freiburg friday night sub byron in labor couzin in lopsided byron's way and on sunday cologne host blood bought in the local darby and in the late match dortmund welcome wolfsburg so let's see how those results affected the table as you can see by are now thirteen point cushion on top light six just ahead a shock a narrow margin just a point things could change up here dippin you know the results from the dog men and matches on sunday outdoor climb a bit pushy frankfurt down let's see the bottom half and it's still
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packed very very tight down here as you can see wolfsburg though could jump if they manage to defeat dortmund and win lose or draw cologne stays put. as always let's take a look at our play of the day voted for by you this week's winner with seventy percent of the twitter vote who else hanover's nick last full crew the midfielder's third goal against meit's helped pull off a super comeback after being down two goals his left foot strike capped off a perfect patrick having already scored with his right foot and his head three goals and three points for the zero five years. what a beauty. but a beauty three goals a hat trick them believable in his first in the but as they got don't worry if you forgot to cast your vote this time around you'll have another chance next week and
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remember you can keep up with all the bonus they get action on live on sunday on our website at www dot com or on facebook or twitter here are all the addresses on your screen please write to us with your comments and questions tell us your big talking points so we can address them right here on the show that's all for us at the bundesliga we'll be back tomorrow with all the amazing sunday matches cologne versus. versus wolfsburg and our special guest returning to share his unique soccer views looks funny and still the world's most traveled footballer so until then sit back and enjoy these images from the weekend's action so far for me in the rest of the team here in berlin dhaka. feeders.
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neuromancer this week's highlights. wonderous with your adventure speed riding through this with some ups. wondrous winter landscape the snow grilling in northern ireland. wondrous hundreds spectacle seventy five years of college and. your romex. d.w. . a sense to keep religions apart. in trying to make it separates catholic and muslim children in the schoolyard. even
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multimedia series for africa. the dot com africa on the move. everybody welcome to euro max highlights today is show is filled with many winter wonders as what's coming up. cold as ice stay the night in a snow village in northern finland. works over a swedish artist and his queen.


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