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tv   Night Grooves - Feat. Nik Kershaw and Brings  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2018 6:15am-7:00am CET

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domestic violence cyber. human trafficking for investigators cases that keep you on your toes. story is the best idea ever so every young person needs to listen to crime fighting and share. fighters don't miss it. unimpeded access to education and knowledge and the same opportunities for everyone . a central goal of the global community but what's the reality on the ground education for all w.'s multimedia special remakes personal stories and highlights extraordinary projects the world over find out more on the internet d.w. dot com education for all. two for. our drinks are ready five cologne v m one scout
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and to all our guests a day off from the true strongholds will be a pro including no enforced today at michael's banks and nick kashyap. to. talk. well. now. limit your cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut. cut cut. cut cut cut. cut. cut cut cut. vendors cut
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back come to us for life and also order indonesian begin to truly to einar under the its message with ensign's of super yet it's sick by deception that's how it's not to us that's our guide it's had an exaggeration and ions t.v. hadn't yet sconce revolts. the bad news mccain and his kind it's tied to how many. now knows. a. little. bit lol. but. such. luck. close to. a.
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dead. sleep. should.
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say. it's. called. please. please. thank. we
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. mind even mine leave out that's when i inched entrepreneur. if i had the money my flesh that's it that's now my law is. enforced by. time off and she tells a lot of i'm that noise machine that's falling it's also blown on unless i motion from the phones hearing some guys here you know i don't want to say that i'm a faculty member but i guess this have you been part of this if not overlong is our differences and i know it's all inside i'm not going to tell you this it's emotional vitae and it's from hard to forgive but that doesn't fancy a fault as it wasn't on top when thoughts were doesn't describe it to me it feel like i hear live all your thoughts on the whole of us you guys think i have a symbol to show that i tell you stuff about you. even move all of the middle of all of you dust and all seeds then brings clientele into
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a pot you. know you have to believe in the feel. like i'm. like i got a couple of that but. i've not. been on the fuss no son no i will he says fifty thousand learn to spin that. what i found on if i've been a political price i got. for your the gov to shop the locks got the four doctors five that's always a one off with much thought and your first no no yes for cutting this one to decide off today i need to know i just gotta. what are the what your digestion is that you should be dipping down by to give us a coach coach on monday hawk let's keep tabs on you and could that's also i should
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not have so skagen i didn't win this device feedback. dummy ngo this goes against bits and games been seen as a one of these and all have doesn't account of i've said to women let's get started on by an often by and with a slogan feel feedstock out of the bottles or what i call put in the school to get off on a slice of the puzzle you help all occurring on by own i can function if i decide to have one of these to go hock then i have to have. his apartment yes i will come out that's not myspace ones on a concert on a points it's all this is. a must also poems it's a long concert like the restoration did you also question i don't as a buy ac d.c. i'm gonna buy a don does the doctor think every insurance i drive just because i don't like are talking to go towards a guy that oh yeah that's one xanax i got similar to not as a make i'm not going one tactics not me i'm michelle. says yes i want to fight.
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so that you know i'd like to let. you go. about it on what. i've. made crush on if you have this in. it's been your all and kid and a pocket get picked is fun klingon nick carr saw that what he needed after only spy on some people that concept him house minka get a pass to get in the car shot out on the other. hand be on a what i make. my move all the visit concept i'm not going to into tourist and not . it's fine. i think to intimacy up even to a dozen guns belong with hosea i love the south yeah i love this house of i collect
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some kind of fun at your own stuff so this is this is right up my street about indoor atlanta has to feel a concept to get my heart so things are i'm trying to after your laws. yeah i'll come back meet of titan oh yeah for league yeah. we. are leaving it was. good to her. her her playing who is that guy. ok i said if you can get would have been to did i said but i'm coaxed also i guess extant is if he's one you're doing it's yeah his notes but. yeah but i wasn't anyone that had
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a do like that yeah but you did. say like a snitch yeah you have to see on the other sheet yeah about the music stunt or down if he's one of finnish president of the music doesn't the classic i buy yeah listen classical fall like a man in this yeah yeah yeah but ask you to fill out a it's half a million i don't finish music from dia whoever does dispositioned us and i'll do to. you that and then cause i'm back and also components it's difficult to remember where you were a head was when you would deny things it was a long time ago. if you can full of youthful enthusiasm and energy and it's so and the success and that feeds that feeds us well you've got that kind of an issue so it just it just kind of happened all the songs that just came you know i
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wish i still had it but this is just awful now that they come but slower they take away so long but they're young football does about us i thought. you got us they gave us some a top of it this yeah some of them mentioned you know what would reflect you as a man extended estate etc but as east on sax there is there too. you know zag mine to find a man a better mind of how to you know kinda to and because of all stash and it knowing tyler gulps. dolfin the spotlight along a book has got music long in it and want. one hundred two something about him as a black. kid eve yeah that's what does more vice as it can they're feeling that my life size. do young some fly. time has me hurt and i'm disaster as i only give adding at. the other deaths to definitive
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crystal and no must as not. ok i'm like a fine wine yeah that's a metaphor for life after you know my game does this it was on the estimate that would be bent about is mike's additional ma and the digraph gets to been some guy thank you to see license never mind a damn one town yet i'm not sure his lead does he can with feeds here in the long been wouldn't it be good. good news gold baghdad. you've got a decent mood on the road and you know god. it's getting harder
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even consoles again. but even though i know it's truly good call is. be choosing the every but my broken spirit is frozen food cold. oh i beat you in whom flute. me you can't blame ya susie. cause you to. sleep good ole boys. move it. be a good suit be on the yacht. the to sally's going gold . a good way good.
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i am. going to be abandoned. love is going to be a pos to. the boob tube oh and it. hit. you bag. too bad it is so. big it's getting hard. guy. back. there.
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thank. you. thank you thank you i was expecting a different show but they are really. good so you don't budge able to see the desk but yeah you do that just don't think you can annoy or visit those who have a caste system that can and if you don't get done it cannot be so easy on the eighteen thousand bands and stuff i can just now i have one desert reason. the infinity and get us to set you dead on the moon do you mean was he from. i never really say thank you and i think it's going to i've got thirty year old of the five kids around about thirty year old a seven year old so there's kind of an ok a limb between say when a seven year old obviously doesn't doesn't get it so i would advice you know you
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and the cynthia. the i kind of you kind of i think you like so i do i'm not sure if the show is a spell and kids twenty or so often been is it could be forced and it doesn't answer from the family in boston i'm advised them if i add or if you can be forgiven what seems to them are symbolic of oslo or if you want to show an abiding voice in your differences cooled funds of all i'm good sigh from behind assure me of on the. stand i can is doing nothing when a client of mine and we get such a show on the same you have a good talk though. it's official you can puff on do you think of the momentum so. much better for general fund as i mentioned i just thought i'd let it happen as detached and even probably as a result i have. a new citizens and ask why should i want to talk to an appeal but it is you're sure you don't think i'm going to more on the. stand from media. as you have by the you know i stand of in five which is about the coming of the son
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dustin's all about should when there's a lot of people to be exposed to slide into the altar seems to have fixed lives in them by limits while you are not going to get out of all of them to give you know i mean nothing i mean you know how much you have to invite my community and talk to vicki and say i have a sense of ought to as why not i'm going home in five of those rigs are these animals or the venice list i did on the alpha greenish two dundon in my mouth was the chef and event when i did always get it i got on of all of the bones and voice always look well that's a good day it doesn't exist food is other stuff one is a robot for the course and not all fear the hollywood and the crowd have really. we were hanging on from a studio a warm. good gang that is our lives to go through a deep inside only lets in kwanzaa krenz the circus why this definition is killing us and tried what is that kind of us wish the title good enough to be. asa good as
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old enough to just. did i'm friends are not used. by consequently george has a lot of thoughts also i'm going to say more fun than that i beg of you send it into my mind is enough of these emotions would also loss of the you know who are. very i was i'm not damaged and oxegen as a when you have you young. again as i do it's all show business i've album on and an oxy gun and off i ma. do you that's a vet. chimed the best into the mouth that's what i'm trying to think not just on up toward. us quite old when it first started because i was twenty six twenty seven when i was not who wasn't a child so kind of figured out you know that a lot of the isolation i love the attention you're ok it's not really about you it's about an image if you're a picture that go on their wall or an idea that goal of you but they don't know you
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so it's no it's not really about you it's how this isn't as long as you can separate separate yourself from mine so i did not handle i didn't ask to go on some by spew venom and got me solution is. to go on and on that's what my venom was equal god i'm dust in the language and victim for has done. this was to god as of this moment of the vilest if i guess god exist as this is i gonna show up to sin and how is a good story of it other than chelsea also you've been saying and on the comment was missed all is good and so what is good. young the script checked as least as good on done let's go with goofy ideas about it's big to get. at sitting in the back connected. as a shrine at the stand macadams of hot food that's good this was a. so i think that's. my i mean obviously sure enough this was. the most of the gun still fall in love with us in the show as a dish loose just loose and kind of a sword you fall in an. open always see in places such as muzzled i didn't look to
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laugh. or news that is about guns that i just can emulate vices or never would an explicit and less than a die defending of course how so much pressure off the old concept of old stuff like not over the next or that is going to add that ok. i'm used to his roots in zoom convolution of course it's i think it's unfortunate in a new form current fed license twenty five thousand or two reasons really it's going. to look for that sort of work on tons of years moochers on has to wasn't on welcome to the falls or front row you know it's when we're talking about how to. actually. get out some fly i'm going to convert. these all of us you've got to introduce it in front of other four thousand times more going on i love all that much more i want on the home of a clue to our story with us is to question its energy and off the clock since i wish it's oh god oh out and yell i'm going to do if i make ya the next.
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dinah how our fan follow me. well first when it was really big i meant a lot of them a very young crazy crazy you know. but it and i was i was married when it was all going on anyway so it wasn't you know i wasn't a fighter but. ok. for your loss i of course i thought about if you look at me i think yeah yeah ok how about how about his it's not. noticeable it's your cancer next woman. i'm. no i was i was you keep yourself out of trouble really if i'm a bit i'm some music mom using my view. of them got to. be you know that's when i'm woman finish when klang culture that's the ultimate end
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of it all music instrument on the bottom to top twenty two to go out. come up and. take your band funny being a. kid that's a good time to push thank you i'm talking to just gets me down and felt like the f.d.a. has leaked this. decision gunson i'm attacked i'll fall but i don't know oh i want one of. the bad t.v. first that's this is i think this stuff on my luck i'll go but no mention a cause and somebody like ah boss. down. the lyrics. as you go through. this is still going to let me believe.
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that it will get. one of the. big. thing oh. oh .
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thank you thank. you thank you i had thought it was dead in the title for this country flechettes dog bad in rough good sponsor house spend that's name invest some make fandom i'll bug in my posts was a minute pit of it's lies and anguish. and all things things i get no discussion at my corner you know how nice i make me classic on them lish i'd look classy call them was eek this scientist office and saw this new announcement and i went down and it cost me the riddle. to.
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i've got two strong arms. let's see is a battle. can we try the same. goal. every brigade. it's a tribute to the old. lol come up closer. to. the street and. goal.
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i've got plans. to take instead of me. you know what is good. for it good life. bad. business. her. keep. her. saddam. gassed. while it's cold pretty. busy.
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you. know. yeah. but you. never get a. good. movie we've we've you have. you. have yes. how did you guys thank you thank you thank you don well so far he's the show was for free in dunk. and. yet you buy it as a hit so that's only so good doc and i think you got the feeling from. this so i
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was. going to go out to see him. spear and off of this was that and also in films and life was like enough i'm going to be sick of white model as a mom i'm on a plane back and play back in view sex and tell harmful six and zero. and that's going to be out of my b. that was you know what i mean yeah i'm not trying to chart it was. but yeah. you know it i don't i would be i to see if they got to tighten and come up fifty shaka zulu is the name get us for how many latinos in our life. or. yeah that's awesome he does a vehicle. that was he flipped out across the middle of us we see the gun so i just give you he was over the top yeah stick this out the guy. i'll see about that have the power but i doubt we're going to get that video yet not expect to have to not get your practice you know i just need
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a for ya good on them i saw. him as about once fall and then via summit and if it's i think social model but not that some of us max us and him of am of a dominant position he says biting your legs in the business. of ministry and as a v. i think you know the song you know the best expression i do as well as i'm all for going to getting those loaf in hmong when i was pregnant was all a poem but i think in the absolute in the couple shot because of the off the boots we absolutely have to come up with mistakes. but i was. never sure. that i got samantha in that as i did cut in a month by five pounds or twenty a muslim job a car bomb and then you off the venues and on job i need to ya game from there so i think buddhist use of nick was too. if i could just do good. everybody
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laughs and look at them you know so i kind of and lots of people are looking at you so he kind of when i look as good as you can and you never look as good as you want so i guess if you're funny it's can't hang out and it looks to be much more among some speed on the banks my time to seen yet. i think. most can speak with wrinkles and i know i know it's no well if it's going to happen and of you know friends i won't mention of had abyss jury and stuff and that sort of. i don't think so i just kind of just never looks quite right it's kind of from a distance might be but it just never lets go have you so much of a market after you have always had to get we both of us. just move and you have to prove it i was kind and if you work that's also on your vision it's a good one first because long she blew
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a shot of roger moore get all you know there's you know the storming out of that's how we're going to guess what i'm going to test those used to begin to make and comes to the other that i was ok as if the idea is that it's by a by by man i was i was going to mid-life crisis can't get death. was going to bet monte composition also much she owns so sure to show my portuguese coast yeah yeah . yeah i just posted for aunt lived out of the book portion got a new wife. get the walk over to the polish stand and couldn't afford polish when you walk. out on the bus ben is you fucked because i took diana's with a midlife crisis i says and i can do it for the bike once of the shrink you saw again that was about as i made of those friends for coming on to find the damn hands of my view. that you probably would you did right when you look so much stuff about one is it's do i envision
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a major but once the above kind of girl travels on the local. there's of a larger problem and it's cornell's if you know and love affair right now martin climbs needs as we're gonna miss you have one moment to start it so i didn't learn your bargain of that all boil water. thank you very much and it was sick i'm not the best. in the middle of prizes i was insecure doing it i literally leave all. that one gets have sao paulo here on an extended leave given the. benefit of all the girls.
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to me the. last thing you. feel. the fear. live full lives. lives live. simply. live. the book. play.
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play play. play. play. play. play. play.
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play play play. play. play play. play. in a. game . a a.
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good. place. to look i got. that's good thank you i got. out i was still here thank you begin to miss nora so in my in my. side one gets you to sing song and have fun all's in love or the. other i'm off to look at it at the stars these events are all much less problematic few visits a future but i'm voting for them all this year for the how much i'm a little find a hot spot is a. look so i'm here but once i'm on there's just songs what often often as i learn it was august the i let it shine just as well as i live in light of invisible yeah
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but not about. the hope i'm not. so invaded by a top ten. so i couldn't put up a lot of apostles and that's fine as did. the wants to know if you can sell. records out ok think it. does seem to work is done i have wife would feel it was we are the store them want to die concept that our friendship began as an octagon who had this will to garfield. yeah if it didn't you it paul indeed have you get to leave because you know i love it. oh yes i suppose even vic long you have you have to be hopeful you know because you can't just say oh you know there are some scary things going on in a moment of so the it's one where the division more borders. breaks it for godsake
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this is. as far as i'm concerned bad news but you have to trust. you people are good people you know people a good. time new kid the tight kind. didn't hardly. it's difficult i mean because i think anybody really know some light on rotten got only ounces and you have to you have to base the tree people in the world they're in and in our own little worlds we have to just be nice to each other smallest somebody when you. just just be nice to people then there's a lot in. via vision wish that doesn't mean we'll get this is their minds from fish have a number some of the goddam yeah yeah but i did not speak. can you have. believed to be given to a place to all my clients i would get clobbered by the ash. yeah
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maybe mid afternoon ok. ponza shuts off mic on to off you that i can not buy one t. ted at the highest dancing guy it's. boring. to leave. my. sad. to.
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see. her. dancing.
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so brave. soul. i told. you. they dance with. you. webb you know. whether i'm going
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to drop kids' outcomes or. web site you were told he was in jail he also started ceilings. as a business first you don't make. any judgment and i think the next time that makes a good season to have. the guts those are the bombs you will be under the white i wasn't going to yeah when i couldn't get on the phone the couple hundred engine no no that was because it was an old post because your son father had all the time. there would be put up for you thank you so that was you that is also my come on we have to say goodbye and the banks. want to. see you back some. weight.
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the sense to keep religion is a part. in traffic that separates catholic and muslim children in the schoolyard. even though over two decades have passed since the war ended in bosnia-herzegovina how deeply do the divisions run in the hearts of the. no love in a hostile climate to divide the. next d.w. . duramax this week's highlights. wondrous woodridge wrencher speed rushing through this was an ops. wondrous
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wonderland just no village in northern finland. wondrous hundred spectacle seventy five years of. your robotics and thirty minutes on d w. are you up to speed on the latest technology. know when it may be time for an upgrade become part of the future become a cyborg. and design my perception of reality implants that make every day life easier. i use my you. on a daily basis that optimize the human body and connect people more effectively. i hope that this would make us more ethical persons what would life be like as a cyborg. what do you think will happen society does the human race need to upgrade
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i think it's only the beginning of this cyborgs human machines starting february first on t w. in northern portugal at least eight people died and dozens were injured in a fire in a local residents' association authorities say the blaze was caused when a wood burning stove exploded in the building in the town of tun dela witnesses said people had been attending a card game tournaments there. or of hawaii has apologised after residents received a mass text message warning an intercontinental missile would soon strike the island that.


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