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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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some good news to her she's. starting february third. this is deja vu news live from berlin twin suicide bomber strike at rush hour in central baghdad dozens are dead and scores injured after the attackers blow themselves up in the city's tire runs where no claims of responsibility yet but the bombings fairholme arcs of the so-called islamic state. also coming up palestinian president mahmoud abbas says the landmark also peace accord is over and he lays the
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blame squarely with israel and donald trump. and the u.s. president issued a strong denial against accusations of racism after his allegedly remarks disparaging african countries trigger international condemnation. i'm sumi so misconduct thank you for joining us we start in iraq or at least thirty eight people have been killed and one hundred five wounded in twin bombings in central baghdad officials say two suicide bombers detonated back to back explosions during rush hour in the city's al tyrone's square the area has been targeted by similar blasts since two thousand and three there's been no claim of responsibility so far but this latest attack bears similarity to previous bombings by so-called islamic state. mustafa salim is a journalist at the washington post
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a baghdad bureau i asked him if iraqi authorities fear further attacks. yes according to the actual chile they said that they decreased under our close to suicide bombers. stuff is the limit journalist at the washington post a baghdad bureau on the line with us mustafa thank you very much for that update. and more on the story now with amir a saudi an iraqi journalist who is out living here in berlin he joins us in our studio good morning to you as yet no one has claimed responsibility for these twin bombings last what do you think what is the government response been so far to this i think this is the first response from mr body the prime minister of iraq give many orders for the intelligence to in the hands of their work and in concert trade on the sleeping cell i think in the end of the day is going to face i hope not but all the the size looks like iraq is going to see more than
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similar attacks within back. in iraq we heard moustapha just say there that a body is government actually said that it had declared victory over islamist terrorists that have been operating in iraq what does that mean for the government ok deliberates is area tour a tree area in iraq from the hands of islamic state doesn't mean this is a security hundred percent for the iraqis it is also the way to destroy them or and also to gain more power for to gain more of the ground from them but the truth of this now is not in the area but it is in the in the intelligence war against islamic state not just in iraq but by the way and also in europe and in the area in middle east how difficult has that intelligence war become your have jihad just gone underground again after being driven out of this territory if it is typical the reaction of jihad is when they begin to lose two or three they respond
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and that's why all the many of the expecting that seniority is going to happen they just want to say that we are still there we we lost some tour of duty but still we have in fluence we have the ability to bring detainees in the area and also these disable izing. security concept within the capital so how can the government protect against that kind of destabilization i think. the exchange of information with other intelligence not just in iraq and also in europe with the united states intelligence is also given back up for iraqis but in the end of the day it's just clear there is no one percent concept of the security and everywhere in this in the country but especially in iraq i think exchanging information this is more most important know what is and also political solutions i mean i'm a star in iraqi journalist
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a living here in berlin thank you very much for your insight thank you now palestinian president mahmoud abbas has accused israel of ending the middle east peace process he said israel's actions mean that the also accords no longer exist those one thousand nine hundred four agreements form the basis of ties between israel and the palestinians abbas also stressed his opposition to u.s. president donald trump decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital he declared that jews were jerusalem is the eternal capital of the palestinian people and he made the comments at the opening of a p.l.o. meeting on the west bank abbas also had strong words for trump who said he would achieve the peace deal of the century between israel and palestinians. we said no to trump and others no we will not accept his project. told him the deal of the century is the slap of the century and we will retaliate.
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or with a bus of blaming israel for ending the middle eastern peace process does that mean that hopes for peace are now dead we asked our jerusalem correspondent tonya kramer . well take to fully i mean people here would say there is no such thing as a peace process at the moment now mr abbas has made it kills in his speech that the postings want to continue to pass on peace but not in the way that the positions would accept a u.s. led initiative that the u.s. has a say alone and this kid is they want to see an international approach maybe a multinational approach like for example in the existing. bodies the quartet we've watched him it is quartet also the five plus one that was successful in the iran nuclear deal so what they're saying they have to fill the
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void to know that u.s. has left interesting a new model of approach to continue the peace initiatives to have used ten year cramer there reporting earlier from jerusalem now to some other stories making news around the world the stock exchange in the indonesian capital jakarta has been evacuated after a floor in the lobby area of the building collapse police have raised the number of people hurt to seventy five it's not clear what caused the mezzanine floor to come down but police have ruled out a bomb explosion. gamblers headed to an offshore casino ship had to jump from their shuttle boat when it caught fire off the florida coast about fifty passengers and crew managed to reach safety after the captain ran the burning boat aground authorities say nobody was seriously injured. north and south korea have begun talks on next month's winter olympics delegations from both sides met on the border truce village of puntland join the north as promised to send athletes to the games and john chang in the south but the talks are limited to the north's plan to send
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an art troupe including singers dancers and an orchestra. and here in germany social democrat leader martin shows has started his push to persuade party delegates to support talks on forming a new government with angela merkel's conservatives on sunday delegates will vote on whether those talks should go ahead many in the s.p.d. oppose another grand coalition and want more concessions from the conservatives. south africa has summoned a top u.s. embassy official for a meeting over president donald trump's a legit disparaging remarks about african countries trump faced accusations of racism following the comments during bipartisan talks on an immigration deal let's listen now to trump's response to the controversy while he was in florida this weekend. we have our when a caller from the j.f.k. had secured here in berlin with us here in studio to talk more about the story
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higher when so there's been three days of international condemnation about these comments and the president felt he had to say in public he's not a racist how extraordinary how unique is this well it does bring back memories of richard nixon declaring to the world that i am not a crook right that these are the kinds of words that can haunt you down the road but this is not a surprise donald trump has a long track record of being on the racist end of a spectrum he likes to think in terms of the zero one by near you're a racist you're not a racist and he happens to have a very high threshold which probably means something like the ethnic cleansing sort of rhesus that we've seen in history he's not like that but he belongs to a type of racist known in the united states certainly fifty years ago the belief in . debility
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a right to discriminate based on race what about the rest of the republican party some of the senators that that meeting are now backing him again are they going to change their stance they were distancing themselves and they were taking the that's not what i heard or i can't recall hearing that and some minor semantics about the second syllable whether they were talking about a hole or a house but this is just. minor things the republicans do not want to generally. go directly against the president something that he would regard as not being. but i am personally disappointed that we don't see more people trying to just get ahead of this and say this was a gaffe it was an awful gaffe but people who have observed donald trump know the man does not do gaffes this anything that goes through his mind comes out his mouth
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and there have been several controversies over trump's comments in the past do you think this will actually affect his agenda domestically and internationally. we're seeing the international repercussions perhaps in the oval office when his advisors tell him he has to be a bit more careful about talking to his base because the rest of the world is listening to i think that's probably something that his advisors will try to remind him that cleaning up the international scale is not something that says easy to do but for domestic consumption he's not going to change. color from the j.f.k. institute here in berlin thanks very much. now turkish president vegetate her to one says a military assault on a kurdish enclave in northwestern syria is imminent everyone also said the operation which is centered on the city of offering aims to quote purge terror from his country's southern border the areas controlled by
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a kurdish militia known as the y p g turkish troops are already stationed in rebel held territory on the outskirts of that city. to sports the first tennis grand slam of the year the australian open is now underway in melbourne here's a look at the pick of monday's results the first big shock is last year's finals venus williams losing to unseeded belinda been cheech the world number five crashed out of the tournament along with fellow american sloane stephens and coco venda way meanwhile in the men's singles a world number one rafael nadal he beat victor estonia boodles in straight sets to advance and so did number three seed grigor dimitrov who crossed cruised dennis novak to go on to two round. to football now in germany is like a return to action from its winter break at the weekend and it featured a big result for struggling cologne up against local rivals much in god but the
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rock bottom team pulled off an unlikely last gasp when i. tell those players still believe in a miracle escape that much was clear before the right job but the game initially looked like it would run to form the black box christophe karma going close after a quarter of an hour. below grew into the match though and frederic sorry incident had fans jumping for joy with the opener after thirty four minutes well known for the hosts in their biggest game of the season. the second half so glad that threaten again but at first they could not take advantage of poor cologne defending . the level it was coming however and the rafael finally managed it at the second set and. even the staff he goes matzoh in a prestige to be. put there was to be a twist in the tail and want to twist deep into stuff his time simonton over got
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the win afic alone in his first game since rejoining the club the win is just a lone second of the bundesliga season but hope springs eternal for the basement side they get to safety is now eight points and they have the local bragging rights . in english football premier league leaders manchester city suffered their first defeat of the season losing four three at liverpool in an epic clash former byron coach pep guardiola need not worry too much though his city side is still fifteen points clear at the top mohamed salah scored liverpool's fourth to record a big a win for your club sliver pola they moved into third place. all right a reminder now of our top story that we're covering at this hour twin suicide bombers have killed at least thirty eight people in central baghdad police say the attack took place during rush hour in the city's al tyrone square no claims of
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responsibility yet but the bombing bears the hallmarks of the so-called islamic state. the biggest and brightest from the detroit motor show we'll have a peek coming up in business that's in one minute. to learn german with. anytime anyplace. with or with jo-jo and your friends. it is going to be much believe. it's easier surely you.


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