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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is c w news live from berlin twin suicide bomber strike at rush hour in central baghdad dozens are dead and scores injured after the attackers blow themselves up in the city's tyrone's square a blow to public morale coming just a month after iraq declares victory over the so-called islamic state we'll go live to baghdad also coming up palestinian president mahmoud abbas says the landmark oslo peace accord is over and lays the blame squarely with israel and donald trump . and turkey's president warns are cross border assault on
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a kurdish held city in syria is imminent he says the u.s. backed militias there posed a terror threat. i'm sumi so much common good to have you with us we start in iraq where at least thirty eight people have been killed and one hundred five wounded in twin bombings in central baghdad officials say two suicide bombers detonated back to back explosions during rush hour in the city's al tyrone square the area has been targeted by similar blasts since two thousand and three there's been no claim of responsibility so far but this latest attack bears similar there is similarity to previous bombings by the so-called islamic state. let's bring in susanna george she's the associated press bureau chief in baghdad she joins us for more on the story hi suzanne a good to see you give us an idea of what the atmosphere is like in baghdad after
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these the twin bombings. the mood in iraq capital is very tense the people who we spoke to at the scene of this morning's attacks said that they were worried as they saw iraqi politicians preparing for elections those are rocky national elections that are slated to be out later this year they were worried that old wave of bombings when soon cond to the iraqi capital and so they're concerned that this is just the beginning and that more like this will follow suzanne of this must be an embarrassment for the government prime minister all of bodies government declaring victory over the so-called islamic state last month concretely how are they going to improve the security situation there well adi was very quick to react to the attack this morning he called a meeting with his top security and intelligence officials that's according to a statement from his office the iraqi government is desperately trying to project
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an image of stability at the moment not only because of this victory that really declaration that we just saw a month ago but also because the prime minister is running for reelection on a platform of improved security and unity. so that will be a very important point for him to prove now tell us more about the tire on square where these bombs that were detonated why has this area been the repeated site of attacks in the past. well this is an area that's in the heart of central baghdad it's near a lot of important government buildings and also some commercial districts that are very important to the iraqi capital so attacks here are very effective at undermining confidence in the iraqi government's ability to protect its own citizens so that's why insurgent groups and it's not just i asked but insurgent groups that came before the islamic state group that's why they attacked these kinds of parts of the iraqi capital if we continue to see more of these types of
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attacks that further destabilize iraq are we going to then see a resurgence of the islamic state. well this is something that a rocky and american officials have been warning about for years they said that even after military victories against i ask the country would likely still be grappling with these insurgents silent tax it's important to remember though that this presence of i asked fighters you know underground so-called sleeper cells as the iraqi government likes to call them this is nothing new this is something that the group has maintained throughout iraq throughout their presence in the country even when they controlled nearly a third of the country they still had a very powerful sleeper cells in baghdad so this is not exactly a new iteration of i asked within iraq but it's something that people have been worried about for some time and it's something that iraq's security services services have really shrug gold to fight in the past insurgencies are much more
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difficult for them to fight in conventional wars is urgencies requires a lot more intelligence and much more surgical operations something that iraq security forces are still struggling to master suzanna george the associated press a bureau chief with the very latest in baghdad thank you susanna thank you know it's. now palestinian president mahmoud abbas has accused israel of ending the middle east peace process he said israel's actions mean that the oslo accords no longer exist those nine thousand nine hundred four agreements form the basis of ties between israel and the palestinians abbas also stressed his opposition to u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital he declared that jerusalem is the eternal capital of the palestinian people he made those comments at the opening of a p.l.o. meeting in the west bank now abbas also had strong words for trump who said he would achieve the peace deal of the century between israel and the palestinians.
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even though to trump those no we will not accept his project. told him the deal of the century is the slap of the century and we will retaliate. let's bring in norah miller she's an analyst with the curve a foundation that's a think tank specializing in international affairs thank you very much for joining us in our studio. what does this say about the middle east peace process is this a turning point or is it dead well soon i think it's certainly a turning point in the relationship between a bus and president trump it was quite surprising to many that their relations were pretty friendly ever since their meeting in d.c. last year in may and then on the sidelines of the u.n. g.a. in september would come out and say oh we're hoping that the peace process going to be advanced by the help of president truong and then in december came the american
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declaration and drew some limbs and i think that a bus in a speech in ramallah was all about catering to his palestinian audience in the sense that he tried to face save after having been so positive about so i think it was more aimed and geared towards a domestic audience what we're seeing the sharpening rhetoric on all sides are saying and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he actually accused the boss of using trump's remarks as an excuse let's listen to what netanyahu said. as users. stick. to a secret we do. run away from the negotiations done it before you want to negotiate peace you've got to negotiate. we've never put any preconditions on the garage and . so we hear netanyahu is there saying that abbas is choosing confrontation over
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negotiation but is israel actually proposing new negotiations when i think what israel is trying to do at this point in time is to make the most of this very pro israeli presidency under trum and i think what we will see in the next three or maybe possibly also seven years depending on whether trump will be reelected is israel trying to really push for many of the demands to be implemented now it could be very well the case that they're trying to push for a renegotiation a restart of negotiations with the palestinians but certainly under israeli terms now the p.l.o. supposed to be unveiling a new strategy for going forward for dealing with the u.s. and israel what do you think we can expect there in the strategy well i think in this context it's interesting not only to look at what what excuse me what a bust said in ramallah but also what he didn't say in his speech and remark he came out with a very fiery rhetoric but he said very little on concrete action he could have for
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example mentioned that the p.l.o. is going to cancel the security collaboration with israel in the palestinian territories or he could have said that that would have been a very dressed except that he's going to dissolve the palestinian authority altogether he didn't say all of those things because they would have undermined his own tower base so i think eventually what we're going to see is a very fiery a very assertive rhetoric on the part of the palestinians but possibly not the same degree of action on the ground to be taken norm miller with the curb or foundation a think tank a thank you very much for your analysis thank you susan. now in jakarta police say more than seventy people were hurt when a crowded walkway in the indonesian stock exchange collapsed into the floor below closed circuit video recorded the moment when the mezzanine walkway gave way under
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the weight of several dozen students visiting the building police confirm there were no fatalities in the incident the building is part of a two tower complex that also includes offices of the world bank it was the target of a terrorist bombing in the year two thousand but police have ruled out a bomb in monday's incident. and that to some other stories making news around the world russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has lashed out at the u.s. accusing it of issuing ultimatums and not listening to the views of other countries lavrov said threats from washington and aggravated tensions throughout the world including iran and north korea. in germany social democrat leader martin schultz has started his push to persuade party delegates to support talks on forming a new government with america's conservatives on sunday delegates will vote on whether those talks should go ahead many in the s.p.d. oppose another grand coalition and want more concessions from the conservatives. gamblers headed to an offshore casino ship had to jump from their shuttle boat when
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it caught fire off the florida coast about fifty passengers and crew managed to reach safety after the captain ran the burning boat aground authorities say nobody was seriously injured. and north and south korea have begun talks on next month's winter olympics delegations from both sides met in the border truce village of paan moon joam the north has promised to send athletes to the games and chang in the south but the talks are limited to the north's plan to send an arch troupe including singers dancers and an orchestra. turkish president vegetate peridot once says a military assault on a kurdish enclave in northwestern syria is imminent i do want also said the operation which is centered on the city of offering aims to quote purge terror from his country south east the southern border the areas controlled by a kurdish militia known as the y p g turkish troops are already stationed in rebel held territory outskirts of the city. flooding event build america is
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a journalist in abbeville the capital of the kurdistan region in northern iraq and he joins us for more vladimir thank you very much for joining us what is the reaction been there to a president i don't want announcement while the kurds in syria have said they will defend themselves and the whole. international community to stop but that's because they're also thing i deduce that that's from other provinces in syria we mentioned vladimir that the main target to is the city of offering that's in a kurdish enclave on the border why does everyone see this area such a major threat to turkey security was i think. one of the targets because. there is no presence of u.s. troops so it's more easy for our long who are free. while the other areas the other kurdish areas there's american troops it's been reported loud to me that everyone has vowed to quote drown this syrian critics border security force that is being
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set up by the u.s. were also talking about u.s. backed militias here what does this tell us about on cross ties with washington well i'm not very happy you were the u.s. support for occurs in syria against isis and they want america to stop their support but america has just announced that they're going to support like a furry thousand large border force on the border you know that's why we're here is getting very anxious anxious and that's why probably not on this. report are in syria. attacking also the why t.g. blood in the air tell us more about this group and why it's considered a terrorist organization by ankara while the y b g y p j did have some links to it because a witch in turkey is listed as a paris organization and that's why there is always so. angry at us for supporting
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her the why did you buy the why do you itself says they have no links to the. if there is indeed this military assault that the one has announced are there any fears of retaliation from kurdish groups in the region well so far have been the response from other kurdish groups princes of kurdish groups and is what the kurds in syria themselves they're gonna protect themselves against any purpose at that and that freedom is also not a very easy area to attack because the kurds are very well dug in and out like a sort of mountainous area there so it will not be very easy or that they this area i think there is they were. journalists that event in ever built the capital of the christan region in northern iraq latimer thank you. now of the top story that we're following at this hour twin suicide bombers have killed at least thirty eight people in central baghdad police say the attack took place during rush hour in the city saltire no claims of responsibility yet but the bombings bear
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hallmarks of the so-called islamic state. now the biggest and brightest from the detroit motor show will give you a sneak peek coming up in business in one minute. we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech freedom of press. freedom of choice global news that matters. made for minds.


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