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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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consecrations massacre's structure. starting february third on w. . this is g w news law from berlin tonight to turkey's president threatens a military attack on the u.s. backed forces across the border in syria the president at all one says the troops on the border are a terror threat due to the presence of kurdish fighters are two nato members headed for class or get the latest from istanbul also coming up are these nigeria's
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kidnapped girls islamist terror group boko wrong says it is them in a new video and one of the girls says they're happy with their new along. and watch this video the moment before collapses at the jakarta stock exchange in indonesia scores of people injured but police say it was not a terror attack. coffee it's good to have you with us tonight threats and outrage coming from turkey aimed at plans for a u.s. backed security force along the country's border with syria and iraq the force would defend territory held by the syrian democratic forces which are led by kurdish fighters president. regards the kurds as terrorists and he has valid to quote drown the force before it's born.
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syrian government forces fire on rebel fighters in aleppo this some verified footage was posted online by the syrian government the syrian observatory for human rights say the army has captured dozens of villages in the past three days and is closing in on rebel forces further north turkey has threatened to attack the kurdish held town of a free monitoring group say shelling has already begun ankara had been hoping for washington support instead a fresh conflict is brewing between the countries the us led coalition says it is setting up a thirty thousand strong security force to inhibit the activities of the so-called islamic state along the borders with turkey and iraq these areas are controlled by the syrian democratic forces a u.s. backed militia alliance led by syrian kurds but turkey regards the kurds as terrorists and does not want them controlling territory along its border turkish
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president richard type aired one accuse the u.s. of acting against turkish interests should go took over it. now the u.s. has acknowledged it has a stablished an army of terror along our country's border. it's up to us to drown this army of terror before it's born. the syrian government and its key ally russia also denounced the coalition's plans at a news conference in moscow russian foreign minister sergey lavrov warned the move could lead to syria's partition. even if we take into consideration that i yes hasn't been completely destroyed as the americans say because some groups still remain. in the current us actions shows that they don't want to maintain syria's territorial integrity. super cute. or need to be there in the. despite being on opposing sides russia and turkey have recently
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supported each other in a bid to bring peace to syria it's unclear how tonight he's threats against a free and might affect that cooperation in the future the militant islamist group boko haram has released a video which purports to show some of the girls kidnapped from the nigerian town of chibok nearly four years ago in the video one of the young women pledges her allegiance to boko haram she also says that she pities the girls who were returned to their families following talks between the government and the militants about one hundred of the girls are still thought to be in captivity. for more on this now i'm joined by our correspondent adrian crean she is in law goes nigeria good evening to you adrian so bring us up to speed on the story here of the chibok girls and what we know right now. reverend it's almost
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four years ago that those girls were abducted and you might recall that about two years for about two years there was little information at all about the whereabouts of these two hundred nineteen girls despite the international outcry despite the bring back our girls campaign that was happening abroad but also here in nigeria only in october two thousand and sixteen and march two thousand and seventeen was the time when we got big news when there were the mass releases of about one hundred chibok girls it was a deal brokered by the swiss government and that actually chief that's on the other hands there way off issues who said that in exchange for the release of the girls the government had to pay a substantial amount of money and had to release higher ranking book fighters and while this is of course very worrisome especially if you think of the future of the terror group what they could use these resources for and it was also a welcome development not only for the parents of the more than the one hundred.
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children who are still missing but also for everybody living in the north east off nigeria because it clearly shows that they still the willingness of negotiation the willingness of talking on both sides the women in this latest video now they are purportedly some of the remaining chibok girls but in this video they say that they don't want to go back to their families no i mean if this is true why would boko her wrong release the video now. well we've had a similar view released a few months ago where we even saw one of the legit chibok girls holding a gun saying she doesn't want to go back and it does not come as a surprise to many up service those bills have been in captivity for a very very long time and of course they were brainwashed and this is also what we get from i the girls who were released they said each and one of them had different ways of handling the situation and some of them actually accepted their fates they decided to get married to some of the fighters what other the majority of them is
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more resilient the question why did they release this video now is it difficult to answer what is quite likely that it is that timing that he wants to show that the koran still has strings of a backlash a cow wants to make clear that the group is not technically defeated as the president has repeatedly been saying yeah amazing four years later and still so many unanswered questions about the chief book girls our correspondent adrian creech on the story for us tonight in nigeria adrian thank you very much a mezzanine floor overlooking the main wabi of the indonesian stock exchange in jakarta collapsed today injuring about seventy people no deaths reported now the building was the target of a car bombing by islamist militants back in two thousand but police have ruled out a bomb attack this tell. video captured the moment of the collapse visiting students standing on a mezzanine had no time to react. miraculously no one on
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the landing or in the lobby below was killed. i'm the patient with the most serious injury has a bone fracture another three people were also suspected to have broken bones. but i will need to confirm that with an m.r.i. or c.t. scan. the high rise in the center of the financial district also includes the offices of the world bank. islamists targeted the building with a car bomb in two thousand. but in this case officials were quick to rule out terrorism the culprit appears to be substandard construction the country is known to be lax on building standards. but with no rest for the weary the exchange managed to resume trading in time for the afternoon session.
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here in germany these social democrat leader martin schultz has started a big push to persuade his party members to support coalition talks with german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives shuls has started a tour of his party's regional branches after marathon talks last week it's all party leaders agree to start coalition discussions on sunday social democrat delegates will vote on whether it will officially back that decision many oppose another grand coalition as it's called and they want more concessions from conservatives. what do the young members of the s.p.d. want to talk about that now i'm joined by on a closer she is chair of the young socialist within the s.p.d. party here in berlin it's good to have you on this show give me your take on where things are right now do you think that martin schultz is going to be able to convince the party the grass roots level to say yes to this dream fullish and again i think it's
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a really open question at the moment it's really difficult to tell if he's going to be able to convince them or not the young socialists are totally against a new grand coalition and what do you want we want. a strong social democratic party we want politics in germany that ford social justice and you didn't you didn't have the you know the last election you had your historically bad. turn l. it's a good party we had the worst turnout after coming out of a grand coalition for four years which we had and we went into this grand coalition also with the same debate can we really pushed our social democratic projects and values within this coalition and after four years we have to we notice that we have the worst outcome ever out of the election so yes our answer can't be let's do a grand coalition again i mean did you communicate this with martin shorts and the leaders of the party are they listening to young people of course we communicate
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that and what does or does strange is that right after the elections martin short and entire board of the party voted and then i'm mostly against a grand coalition and for a position that's right and now they have to completely turn around one hundred eighty percent they're even why do you do you know why have they communicated to you why they made that u. turn. well the other coalition talks have failed with the other party is so now or many social democrats think that it would be well the duty of the social democratic party. let's say a man to save american lives or would yes kind enough to save credit germany and see how many democratic projects we can now try to manage and make the lives of the people better i think it's a good thought but i think it's a it's a wrong way to take to say we make sense of again and hope to get some crumbs of the cake get some yeah yeah exactly the crumbs that are left on the floor for you
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what about new elections why does it seem that all of the political leaders are afraid of new elections i think many people just don't know in our past i think we need to be strong and we need to be faithful because this when the social democratic party now decides not to juggle america and we really pushes for social democratic ideas and values that we can also gain from the electorate i mean your party is so far away from that place where you would like to be right now don't you think your party reflects what we see in politics right now in germany where young people in particular are really not listened to were represented when it comes to legislation in policies i mean don't you feel like people are ignoring you they are not ignoring us but i think we are on the repression and to that times and it's not only young people who are on the repressive but also like left wing people actually are not very you would present it in a social democratic party and also not that much in parliament because many people
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who maybe share left wing well you just don't vote anymore and i think part of the problem is that they don't trust the social democratic party anymore and we're not doing something creative one of saying the social democrats the greens and the left party why don't you join forces in create a new super bartie had me do you discuss radical ideas like there of course i mean in berlin we have such a quotation which should just put it out and this is the model that i think it could also work on national level but there's some distrust between those parties and we need to. that so that those so that this becomes actually option for left wing politics on national level with having a left wing chancellor and that's a very important point also for new elections would you like to see as the s.p.d. next chancellor candidate if we do have to. you know what new elections i think at this point it's very difficult to say i would like to have a woman as a chancellor kenny that because i ask if you've never had the women. or the names
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you'd like to name well i think we have to see how the people position themselves on the debate about the great call this and i would like for someone to be credible for leading the party into new election and i don't want to be totally for is a big coalition and i think that would not be very trustworthy we will see what happens if we do have to snap elections again we're going to call you back in and talk with you again i think your analysis is worth hearing i think they're closer with the young socialist of the s.p.d. here in berlin thank you for being on the show you're welcome for the glorious. the singer of the irish rock group the cranberries is docked the granbury cheap international success in the one nine hundred ninety s. with hits like. they've sold over forty million records according to their official website. the while in london for a recording session she was only forty six years old.
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we'll see what the top of the hour with more news. my first boss was a sewing machine. icon for all women are bones by this ocean towards something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle it isn't. since i was in the good i wanted to have a bicycle of my own but it took me years to undo but there's. finally gave up and winterbottom young by cycle but returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreates cargoes than writing about.


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