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from drug maker to commercial. starting february third. this is news live from berlin atop serve politician gunned down in kosovo all over a vote of it was a prominent leader of ethnic serbs in the country his killing bears the hallmarks of a political assassination triggering fears of fresh tensions between kosovo and serbia . also coming up police make a disturbing discovery in southern california thirteen siblings held captive in
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this suburban home in chains they charged the parents with torture. the french president visits kull a a port city that's become a magnet for asylum seekers a model because there are to announce a new policy aimed to clamp down on illegal migration. plus scandal overshadows the pope's first visit to chile pope francis faces national outrage over a high profile sex abuse case many chileans have turned away from the catholic faith this allusion by a long time cover up. good to have you with us a prominent leader of ethnic serbs in kosovo has been gunned down in front of his political party's office in the city of meter of reports say all over it was pronounced dead in a local hospital after being found lying in the street would. gunshot wounds to his
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chest his killing is likely to inflame tensions between serbia and kosovo a former province that declared independence ten years ago a serbian delegation walked out of mediated talks on kosovo at the news of ivana veges death. did these friend cause one is following the story for us he has extensive experience reporting on the balkans hi frank this looks like an assassination what are police saying well the police is on the ground at the moment to find more evidence says no public statement so far from from the best to gauge as we've learned from the doctor in the hospital that he was brought there thirty minutes after he was gunned down and that he was obviously already dead when he arrived that he had no chance to so what if the political. background of all this i think is essential to think about at the moment today you've just mentioned that we had scheduled a meeting a very important meeting of technical talks between the bains and serbs then
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brussels and that was cancelled right away and that was the first meeting to improve so it should improve the situation the living conditions on the ground between abeyance and ethnic serbs in kosovo the first time after one year so i think if we think about this a little bit more we find the motives behind that murder so the timing is very significant who was all over of on of it and why was he significant he was a moderate he was the counterpart of the international community somebody everybody could talk to he was repressed scenting the serbs in north and mitra to that were eager to find solutions in this very difficult situation between ethnic albanians and ethnic serbs in the north and kosovo town and he was he was convicted for war crimes but the appeal court. was this verdict late as they were he was a free man for now and many had hoped that he continues the works. for peace in
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that former serbian province so in that sense i must say that this is a shock for everybody who is affiliated with that region and briefly if you can what does his death mean for peace in kosovo the u.s. the united states just issued a travel warning for north and nato gets only two days ago that's that's the last thank you very much for joining us in studio thanks for having me turning now to a disturbing story out of california where police say they have freed thirteen siblings who were allegedly imprisoned by their own parents the victims range in age from two years to twenty nine police say they were alerted by a teenage daughter who managed to escape and call nine one one. authorities were shocked at what they found hidden in this quiet suburb describing him a seated captives in foul smelling surroundings with padlocks and shackles. neighbors described the family as reclusive the children nearly invisible.
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they were the type that you didn't really get to know anything about them they were very good themselves and it says china so they only kept to themselves so and the only time you would see him he would never see them in person he would never see anyone come outside all you are really see is that. they go out maybe make a grocer and that was about his. parents david and louise turpin were arrested after one of their children broke free and managed to find a cell phone to alert the police the couple are now prisoners themselves facing charges of torture and child endangerment. but photos posted by the couple on facebook in two thousand and sixteen put shreya happy family. authorities will now be asking what went wrong. in the time we live in and it's unfortunate to see this it's actually heartbreaking for the staff. just it's
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unbelievable what you see. this thirteen children are now receiving treatment in hospital their parents are set to appear in court on thursday. now to some other stories making news around the world at least nine construction workers have been killed in columbia after half of an unfinished bridge collapsed the deck and a supporting tower tumbled nearly three hundred meters into a canyon near the capital but without the bridge as part of a major new highway due to open in march authorities are investigating the cause of the collapse bangladesh says it has agreed with me and more in a plan to repatriate more than six hundred fifty thousand will hinge on muslim breathy g.'s to me and mar over the next two years i mean mars to allow that will hinge or to apply for citizenship the un refugee agency is warning it is essential the refugees only be returned voluntarily. libya's coast guard has rescued around
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four hundred migrants stranded in several locations off its coast in the mediterranean sea they have placed distress calls after claiming to experience engine trouble libya is one of the key routes for middle eastern and african migrants trying to enter europe illegally pope francis has arrived in chile for what promises to be a difficult first visit the pontiff has come under fire from chileans outraged over a priest sex abuse scandal that controversy and the catholic church's position on social issues have pushed many chileans to abandon their fate. she lay in police had to yank this protester down from an overhang gross sign. elsewhere a crowd of activists for gay and transgender rights also demonstrators. this is the pope's twenty second overseas trip but it's here on his native continent that he's
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met the most hostility yet at just thirty six percent trust in the catholic church in chile is the lowest in lesson america. model and it's not a lot of us have been catholics we were part of the church however we feel we belong down by the roman curia in the sense that it is an abusive discriminate tree and intolerant church and. much of the resentment stems from the so-called kind of demon abuse case for more than a decade local church leaders ignored complaints against the highly influential financial carradine a priest accused of molesting children it was only when the victims went public to the vatican investigate the affair and in two thousand and eleven was found guilty . while pope francis has made clear his zero tolerance for abuse his appointment of one of canada's proteges one battles as the bishop of also no in southern chile has reopened old wounds. let's bring in the w.'s documented taurus and center with the
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chile where the pope is about to hold a holy mass daria good to see you we saw there in our report that there have been protests that there is generally very little trust in the catholic church right now in chile what have you been witnessing in the capital. so we have been not as many people us we so you know there are eleven american countries when the whole be saddam is and actually we have to have to remember that according to let it all out over to all these searcher. one of the most countries in south america of the main ideas their boat is aggressive in he's a speech just a few minutes ago it depôt addressed the chilean authorities in the presidential palace hold of lemonade out here in san diego and he said he feel pain and shame a day repairable it damage goes but children to children minister of the church he
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asked for forgiveness and to make every afford to support the victims asking all the church members it was such things do not happen again but francis also talk about again did you know people he said the wisdom of the not if people can continue to greatly to protect the environment. now pope francis as and the past unequivocal condemned abuse within the church but we saw in our report that he appointed to a bishop position this is a man who protected the priests who molested children why would the pope himself. he has been also tolkien about this topic in a meeting with song chilean. recently he said also the topic is not well represented by the media but anyway a here in chile if there is a sub big deal is any with the what he said today. and shame maybe it's
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a can of uncertain of all these dopey and wait we saw see what's happened with the be sort of a sort of not because there is some investigation within the church to see if he has or not has responsibilities we saw it once he saw her. up at the bishop is not working properly with sexual abuse he's taking a dump decision so let's see and wait and bear it just briefly if you can you know this is a visit by the pope as an attempt to build new trust in the church do you think that he will succeed in that task. we saw first step is. he saying that he feel pain and same for this damage caused by the children he says but it also to have more warts about the situation of indigenous people if following this path maybe he will be able to change the situation of. a catholic church here in chile. for us in santiago to tell if following the pope's
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visit there are thank you very much thank you and our french president is in calais to unveil plans to stop academic migrants from descending on the port city in a bid to reach britain my car visited a migrant center ahead of the keynote speech expected to outline france's new immigration law he's applied to speed up the processing of asylum applications and ensure those people rejected will be dealt with quote more firmly. from the signal and these are some pictures here of that speech where our president. in telling us really want him in a book that gives a lot lisa lewis has been following all of those for us that lisa what is the president been touching on in this speech well president marc or is in calif at this very moment to show that this situation in the region is on the way to get
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back on track in an economic way because companies have been suffering over the past decades from that stigmatization of that region and have making less profits and also unemployment apparently has gone down recently saying that it's back on track but also when it comes to the migrant situation remember when there was still that so-called jungle that makeshift camp there were up to eight thousand migrants at a moment of time in college and now they're between three hundred fifty in six hundred present in-city in the president is there today to deliver the message that is now a dead end for migrants that they shouldn't be going there anymore and the situation is on track to get back to normal obviously eight s associations don't necessarily agree with that assessment rightly so that's the question is the situation actually improving in calais. well the number of migrants has gone down obviously but what's happening there according to eight s.s.
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agents two of which have now press charges because of that is actually that the police seems to be taking away tents and sleeping bags from migrants on a constant basis a to say to prevent them from setting up a new camp they really want to prevent them from coming they're getting there and not they're not providing enough shelter for those present in cali also eight associations are saying that those that aren't going to college actually have no hope of obtaining asylum so the government saying that they would prefer to provide the necessary infrastructure for them to make their silent application here in france that's actually not the point the eight associations are saying that the people that are who are in college just want to get through to the u.k. and that they and the government should be helping them to live in dignified conditions in the city we mentioned that the president has been holding that speech and is talking about also tightening immigration law what changes are expected to
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be made. the government is working on such a low at the moment and they want to shorten the delays for migrants to make application to make asylum applications and also to peel against rejections of such asylum applications eight associations again are up in arms against this because they saying the french administration is actually so slow that that this might it make might make it impossible for my can sue stick to these delays and then that night there might actually be extradited because of that. is lisa lewis the following this story for us lisa thank you for that update. now four time olympic champion simone biled says she was sexually abused by the former team usa gymnastics sports dr larry nasser the american artistic gymnast and star of the two thousand and sixteen rio games released an emotional statement on twitter saying she is quote not afraid to tell her story and more in december nasser was jailed for sixty years for possessing child sex abuse images and will be
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sentenced this week over two cases in which he admits to assaulting female journalists more than one hundred thirty women a filed civil lawsuits against him alleging abuse. you're watching d.w. new still to come palestinian leaders vote to suspend ties with israel we'll look at what triggered this move and what this means for the middle east peace process. but first let's take a look at the currency markets we must ask and money is always important to me and looking at the euro very very interesting it's stated somewhat it's rally against the greenback trading at one u.s. dollar twenty two fourteen today after reaching a three year high on monday when it was going for one u.s. dollar twenty two ninety seven now the euro has gained almost eighteen percent against the greenback since january twenty seventh teen analysts say the european central bank's plans to end its bond buying program are behind the currency
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strength and the euro is expected to remain strong in the near term so earlier we discussed the rise of the euro with our man in front third study of corp and i asked him what's driving the currency to go from strength to strength. well i think there are two main factions behind of all of this and i can tell you also from the investor's perspective this very strong euro also came as a little surprise for investors here after we really saw a rally here happening at the stock market at the beginning of this year well we are having a very strong european economy at the moment but the main reason behind this is speculation and rumors coming from the european central bank just a few blocks away from where i am that we might be seeing already if this year a change of them on the cherry policy of the e.c.b. right now we still have zero percent interest rates here in the euro zone this is most likely not going to change at least until two thousand and nineteen but many investors are thinking that we could see
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a complete stop of the bond purchasing program that was already cut down now from january to a storm sixty billion euros a month to just thirty billion euros a month this has really been giving the u. . all quite a boost here at the stock market morning now a strong currency a solid currency represents as you mentioned also a solid economy but i know that there's always two sides to every call in what's the downside of a strong euro well even though investors have been asking for a long time that is monetary policy off the e.c.b. is changing they are not really happy with the immediate effects because whatever we have a very strong euro we usually see also shares here at the blue chip index stocks falling because many companies here do lots of their money with exports and with a strong euro those products on the other side of the world for example in the united states get more expensive and then not any more that attractive so that's
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why investors are actually for the moment not so happy with this quote in frankfurt thank you so much for this well i don't know where you travel to for the holidays but i'm sure many of you did travel because preliminary data from the u.n. world tourism organization shows that tourism is booming across the globe over all the number of international tourists grew by seven percent last year reaching an estimated one point three billion in twenty seventeen and the strong woman is expected to continue this year. fronts will remain the most popular tourism destination according to the united nations world tourism organization but spain could be said to replace the u.s. in the number two position with more than eighty million visitors last year a deadly terror attack in august and the political crisis and cut alone you don't appear to have dented spain's overall tourist figures that's not the case for the u.s.
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politics affected international visitor numbers which dropped five percent early last year following the inauguration of donald trump. things a boding well for countries in other regions europe continues to receive the highest number of international tourists six hundred and seventy one million in two thousand and seventeen asia and the pacific recorded three hundred twenty four million international visitors and africa and the middle east combined came in at one hundred thirty million visitors europe and africa had the highest growth rates of eight percent followed by asia in the pacific. with a six percent growth this is the highest annual growth rate in seven years the agency said this was mostly due to global economic upswing in that it expects growth to continue in twenty eighteen or more sustainable pace of around four percent tourism is one of the world's leading export sectors so the growth is welcome news it could lead to more job creation in travel and hospitality investor
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nation countries. and twenty eight in looks promising for yet another second after more than a year on a downward slope sales of luxury watches also began to rebound last year and at the annual fine watchmaking show in geneva manufacturers say sales are on the up tick tick tick. when it comes to watches there are still fans of analog design and many are prepared to reach deep into their wallets for it some of the most prestigious brands are currently featured at the geneva watchmaking show. customers come from all over the world. because you know watchmaking is doing well overall the indicators are all good europe is strong china is coming back and so are the tourists the us is quite promising for distribution channels were a bit overloaded like that's now in secure shelters so we're in for a great year in twenty eight. even easytrieve sure i mean. prices for luxury
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watches can top one hundred thousand euro. still demand is rising. for swiss manufacture of mom piggy global sales rose twelve percent last year and could reach the one billion dollar mark this year the second hand market is also robust. it's a next big thing in the watch in this route. to secondhand sales we should look to the car industry where all the brands also sell their own secondhand cards until recently trade in secondhand watches was handled by others everyone is involved except for the brands themselves which i believe is commercial nonsense. but new watches are still the mainstay and with consumer demand ticking over nicely luxury is still the watchword. and now to a somewhat less exuberant topic tensions between israelis and palestinians are on
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the rise soon you've got that story that's right monica palestinian leaders i have voted to suspend ties with israel the palestinian liberation organization central council announced that it will no longer adhere to existing agreements with israel including the also peace accords the council is the second highest decision making body in the palestinian territories it wants israel to recognize a palestinian state and the meeting came and were sponsored to u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. and we have shiny reside is here with us in our studio she's a middle east expert for more on the story hi shani how significant would it be if the p.l.o. decides to revoke its recognition of israel how significant is any declaration our region is based very much on symbolism and these kind of gestures declarations symbols of course mean a lot but we need to take this specific one in the context of the meeting of the p.l.o. trying to find a response to donald trump the fact is what we can see from the conclusions that
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are drawn in the end of this meeting is that the passing is a basic desperate they're left with a back to the walls they don't really have much to do they don't really have much leverage or many ways to threaten what they can only threat with taking away the little symbolic gestures upon this peace process is built you know is built so that might be why we saw palestinian president mahmoud abbas yesterday called the lower courts into question this is the basis of israeli palestinian ties right now are we seeing that this peace process essentially dead well unfortunately yes so it seems it's trust has been broken there's not much happening on the ground it's hard to see differently now the americans out of the pictures as as neutral mediators it's hard to see anybody stepping in so you know with such into the them bringing in making it a mission for himself to turn the turn to the tides and make this a functioning relationship again between the palestinians and israel to europe for
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example to step in and that role well europe if we talk about that france mccaughan is definitely a force that we can look at and maybe he's interested in that but we see most of europe drowning in its own problems you see germany has its own political problems there's lots of refugees they're taking most of the world's attention and resources now which is another problem for the palestinians you could see in his speech abbas was very frustrated with the lack of support coming from the international community from the arab world itself having you know showing. criticism and quite disappointment for. the people who used to be his closest allies in the in the in the gulf and the saudi arabia definitely egypt he feels isolated he feels alone he feels deserted and he's desperate all he can do is threat and make these declarations what else do the palestinians have left just briefly if you can the p.l.o. wants to see israel recognize a palestinian state that's not very likely to happen is there anything else that
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the p.l.o. would then accept well very i mean to have the international community community stepping up and taking taking hold of this definitely want to go in there talking about going to the u.n. again trying to build a framework international framework led by the u.n. i'm not sure how much chance this stands and i don't think it will bring the results the way to hoping for they want statehood they want independence that's not any coming any time soon right a difficult situation there shiny resigned as middle east expert for us here in studio thank you very much. and you're watching from berlin we'll be back at the top of the hour for now though we'll leave you with music from irish rock with the cranberries lead singer dolores o'riordan has died at the age of forty six this is one of her band's biggest hits linger from one thousand nine hundred three thanks for watching. the be
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