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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 18  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm CET

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i hope that this will make us more ethical persons what would life be like as a cyborg and what effect will it have on society just the human race for the need to upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this cyborgs human machines starting february first on t w. i i. believe. and so it continues friends kick up is back with the stars of a new year a dozen new year bring new york yes no. rock bottom cologne could use a large dose of ice alice in everyone is highly motivated we're looking forward so
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it's easy what about rivals gladbach it's darby time. it was close to about fight mentality mentality fice and mentality to get a look to you. still guts mario gomez also wants to get lucky. the last three days i've heard really like like a young guy i bet leipsic what are their new year's resolutions. and no whining just get results opponents are in second place so what are they hoping for . this from more goals and concede fewer than the first season and what about laverick isn't. enough we need to stop showing teams too much respect for. much day a scene with everything remain the same or are there some surprises to come.
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the burning question in twenty eight thousand for heiko helli enslave a cruisin squad are they tough enough to topple byron munich. no easy task but the only team in the bundesliga still undefeated at home just might be up to a. game broadcast all over the world everyone's watching us everyone's written photos and everyone wants the been to sleep it to be exciting again. given the three one defeat leverkusen suffered in munich to start the season they'll be hungry for a change of fortune in the new year. at least boys came out fighting determined to make things difficult for the visitors. and dhoni cause storming header nearly put them in front. but biron weren't afraid to counter-attack. than despite their pre-match
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optimism they were cruising soon found themselves behind against the chance as the home side made it far too easy for harvey martinez on thirty two minutes the spaniard gobbled up the scraps of this corner for his first league goal of the season. was leverkusen stream dead by half time they'd have to keep believing if they wanted to results at least reminded his team that their new year's resolution was still within reach with plenty of action left to go. and his team talk nearly worked with leon baby centimeters away from levelling things just ten minutes into the second half was. yet another moment they took their chances and or chances we didn't take them on that's what made him a good see of course a player of funk live release experience knows all about having to take your chances. he's been through a rough patch without a goal to his name in the bundesliga as he looks to win a new contract. by. he started the year off well he gave bailey
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a lesson in finishing in the fifty ninth minute. for bob. willis first bundesliga goal of the season be as last for byron i was this one last fall before the fans i. was about it was a super good and important goal but i don't know if we need to act as though every time here are in rope and scores that it might be for the last time for myself so it says let's have odyssey you must try. to nail down two they believe in buying superstar. was there anything left for leave because the play for. kevin fallen nearly clawed went back for the hosts in the sixty third minutes and with a bit more luck he made it to one of his next step. in the futile but he'll take. you can't beat the best without a bit of good fortune. of glimmer of hope for hellish. not against byron
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with a game merely over how many slowed league is strolled up to a free kick as casual as can be so much for labor couzens grand ambitions three one five and the colombian attacker would be happy to keep that up. the hosts can only look on enviously byron coach you pine trees with tommy's and a host of other world class players at his disposal. and liver couzin would love to have a contract dilemma like fire have with lividity. but hank is insisted it was a tough match. yeah i'll try to give it a if sorry but we're playing leverkusen they're in fourth place and they're not just a young team but also a very talented one get them on shots need to win their mug defeats always hurt but we don't need to be ashamed cheap limits to the team in the months off. proud or not for all their dreams of taking on the. mighty byron munich team ended up with
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the same result as they managed earlier in the season three one defeat. it was their first loss at home in twelve matches. much of it down to this young man's left foot. what's left to drain a base when it's already clear that by it will be champions. with as a win in their last five games leipzig enjoyed a pretty lousy end to twenty seventeen. but will the new year bring new low. don't forget life they came second last year so they have that for at the moment they're finished the season is not nearly over yes. on the other hand we have shot that they haven't lost interest in not chance. thank
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finished twenty seven teams second in the table it can't get much better than nasty . the royal ballet's plan is to continue where they left off last year the famed broke don't fix it. seems that some of the remote goals are as plain and as simple as they were last year or in the first half of the season to keep progressing to score more goals and concede fewer than we did in the first half of the season. it all sound so simple yet back in the cold reality of life six shelters struggle to get going maybe their minds were elsewhere reminiscing about the warm sun of their spotless winter training pads was mind is not on the job that things happen i wasn't looking for shout that was like sick. sean cavanagh
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this town was in charge of all made on thirty seven minutes. too painful to watch. locally leipsic have a secret weapon that helps them make up for missed penalties is the way to england soon but he's staying in germany until the end of the season and scoring goals for months it was that the case had made one million in the forty first minutes of abortion reaction from the likes of that inch obvious witnesses on the sails from shaka. defensive play spin now joe decided to step in where shelter's misfiring strikers had failed of the was was poor school of the season the the now bad for a thirty five year olds of the shock of an eye on the brazilian the but even he couldn't prevent life six on talisman from making an
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impact on sixty of the supercell team better had only been on the pitch for six minutes the but he made it seem like the the life around hasn't had the courage the gun frustration for demand a coach a desk all the above seagraves a winter break in freezing germany and they look to have called shelton coach. for him and they did three one on seventy one minutes and that's how it stays the biggest go pictured of all different place but for hasn't had to land leipsic to new year has indeed frost enough and that's ok with that teams having on team was healthy. and strong if you're a striker there's nothing better than to come out of the winter break with a score a goal straight away especially because i didn't do so well at the end of the year that's why it's great that i scored again but also that we finally won again know that you're going to. if you're going to. shall go on the other hand have to get up
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to speed in a hurry. up and go because a godless of whether we want our loss today we have to learn from and improve after each game i think deserve to win today we have to accept that but we also have to examine why they deserve to win today. and signify more in this fight for them as they did shall get deserved their first loss and thirteen games genet boys the show must go on. like six mini crisis seems to be over like last season they're back in seconds find out why next in contact. with. new year new rules the darkman starting eleven was with a p.r. emerick obama young suspended by coach peter sugar for skipping a team. that makes a first start for young swede alexander. a win against false book could have launched ottman into second place. because. the black and yellows went after it
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feverish leave the chance to chance. some saves they hit the woodwork. and sometimes they were their own worst enemy. whatever they tried the ball refused to go in. and so both spoil the order for the teams adventurers defending with a point of dortmund missed the chance to second. often time at better braman the visitors are currently bleeding talent sandra bachman last season's top scorer is going to buy in my current best go getter heads to shock and summer coach ilya not guzman could be gone soon too. yes carlyon it was all hoffenheim they were the stronger team and where we were is it for us shortly before the break extreme and not charged enough. and then you met him there for the
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one narrow. reason alone by the way and will be gone in summer too but verdict is undefeated at home since dog and coach that took over on the tenth day the nice co-production ends with to get reese and laughing firing it off the crossbar one boy. payments check defender was quick at thinking here that all the others can be at the points which is a nice place which doesn't help either team in the new year. for. the second half of the season a striker's jewel is expected to tweak mills peterson with deep goals this season. who struck six times. said it was a strike partner brown of you who could really put the best front. julie warmed up. by the twenty minute frankfurt sharpshooter wasn't going.
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to from. just up to the break. on a corner to roll because to tie it up first the goal for the twenty one year old. news peterson showed sometimes a good the talking was it's better just to make room for others five francs for with a well earned point. not exactly an ode to the beautiful game outside for instance homburg you have to pity the traveling how bird fans but sadly there's no money back guarantee the only play really worth thing to slide to the much t.v. sweet cross thank you jet chilled. hamburg's new mom between the postmedia cars that didn't have a chance in his first one does the guy sing just like his team for the rest of the game. can't makes it
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deeper into the swamp of relegation my housemates know optimistically upright in twenty ac. i fear he is the man of the moment the last true kook i didn't like the first but. i visitors from might spoke with them their new hard man nigel de young returning to the bindis league after nine years and stops in manchester milan l.a. and the start. of the much better start but for just over. us just little was given free reign one mill after twenty six minutes. shortly afterwards the games he decided next on the hot humid the free kick from alexandra. field by. two goals in five minutes and came another image biggest corner funded by fufu to. the young can often
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be a bit too aggressive. to critics responsibility it's healthy to. fifteen minutes before the end on the twenty four year old let's fly again free to start the guevara nearly on his own could twenty team be his year to the credit of the spots of the german. side up i would say no. and. would punish the dutchman de young at the world cup no matter what happens at the lives that qualify. i. after nine long years he's back in stuttgart maleo gomez the local boy is to. asked
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with help in stuttgart stave off relegation. but why would a team who have scored just thirteen goals expect that of a striker who only manage one himself this season involves book. easy gomez is the embodiment of stuttgart success it was there that he notched his first bundesliga goal developed into a world class striker in two thousand and seven won a sensational championship. gold is a relic of the good old days which deckard hope to make real again in twenty teams . with divorces in the city don't forget your roots again it's there always good to come back to me in a fog it's not as if barcelona are coming in from me and see how it goes was marginal. we'll see where the road leads maybe russia stuttgart is now his stage to make a case for yogi lives world cup squad just six minutes and he's already made a statement. that was
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a close one. stuttgart has gone over eight hours without a goal get into the three million man don't mess. but it was offside valuable as mine is a shoe lace too far ahead. i don't remember much the last few years. which was so so special for me because the last two or three days i felt really like like a young guy i like. like i fed him or my first measures or thought so it was special nevertheless the better chance is wrong after the first from valentino less are a once in a better chance. but the second from salomon kalou really had to be put away. after winning the last two are they have separated themselves from the tables bottom dwellers but no such success now. passed just like gomez given the firm. forty five minutes but nothing to show for it first of we've
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been a bit nervous but also there was going to call and we had three chances. at the end it's ok we just have to win it doesn't matter how exactly that's what counts for the league's third strongest team at home could have bought the coleman is that the referee didn't point to the penalty spot here. nil nil things were docket for stuttgart leaving coach on a small fuming but he wasn't out of tricks and with daniel can check a striker number two. such bravery in the fight against relegation was rewarded in curious fashion in seventy eight minute to gomes. and verity as somehow the ball and get up in the net. has forced me to stop the scoring an own goal. even if he didn't shoot it himself
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without his and moving determination the ball never would've done it. again it's a funny goal because. for me. the situation was oh it was a wreck on a penalty but then. lucky as the mayor of america has gotten so i think they're going and that's where he lets go of. twenty eighteen is off to a good start in stuttgart. even if they didn't score themselves stuttgart are back to their old winning ways of home it sure seems it was worth the nine year wait for mario gomez to return. what could have happened here a small miracle in twenty years even after the dreadful end to the previous. year
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six measly points the second worst first half of the season in blood does they get history is relegation already assured for cologne or is there still a sliver of hope. there's definitely no lack of love the teams make over is well underway with the new sporting director i mean she's a new striker seem on target actually a specialist for the second break and the new has coach deaf on what back. home tempo form that we have speed up front and never want to go to someone who could press the ball but he also has ideas with the ball and we came up with some you talk to. us on for. its safety first all players like world champion eunice hector are playing in their old standard positions only to extend it about back to feared opponent in the rhineland darby seemed to bits today sit in the old science they couldn't seem to
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capitalize until those errors. but those showed off surprisingly strong plays for the last team in the league is titled fight scene for a comeback. a free kick in the thirty fourth minutes. and for your experience and gives them the maids hope and faith is coming back the sign of the second success in a row after the home win against hanover. we are talking about cologne here. and the billy goats defense has improved remarkably to constantly breaking a lot backs attacks chances for success are shutdown i seems like a good start for the second top of the season. the bypass
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the high flying moments and the second top i thought back were more effective once they brought on raphael. started suggester the band suddenly with that's when all of the above file with the equalizer the above were a static above us it was a familiar feeling to come to the scenes at the booth they crumble like they had so many times before the object of a joke but had not was a very open game overall and blood but could have had a last minute winner just like we did speak of i get the football god seemed to be
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rooting for cologne to stay in the first division the batter caravans shots could have easily played back up to heads. but then the ninety six minutes approached. i don't know non tie to their hopes. and then came this was the constant too much of a bit his very first not see one zero to the last to the end to the way of objective though that has not only know that i also hope for a comeback for staying in the me the body gets a fix the last second i got my body behind the ball and managed to put it in the back of the net with them and it is the rest you saw for yourself i don't remember much of what happened from then just that ten people piled on me and i was struggling to breathe and i was going to tell you one can take those emotions away so you're happy today that's important to the movies to my time in cologne really avoid relegation next week their guest in hamburg. if they manage another win
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anything is possible even the faith in the team would return. not so much for so much they not only did cold pool of a minor miracle to be flat but but stuttgart also managed to turn things around with a last gasp of goal against carter can over put up such a fight against mine so they managed to win despite being there to know the goal thanks to the wonder boy declasse fuku for. their first heartbreak in the biggest leaguer of the drinks on you know how does that work at home to for. this i have no idea it was my first time. despises their oinks filled rooms had over remained in the lower half of the table in first we have by and with a thirteen point lead then things get interesting second place like sick and frank played in nine are separated by a mere four points. and over our rifle hind in ten place after that pulse they've still got our hands tied very each have twenty points in
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our brain and hamburg and reinvigorated alone find themselves in the benedictions and. see for. us. in this league one how my advice might save for a point by swallowing say just free chang's absolutely trask's strong allies rodríguez the ball travelling at all by slow motion leaving. bad lineout wondering how that got past them you don't see a for a change like that every day and i like new year fireworks from hamish rodriguez the pick of the bunch in a story one way. the
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book. the book . the book. the book the book
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. the by. climate change the biggest in the boom environmental. biodiversity species on sufficient exploitation of ebola the move to make the beast placement the bureau the global i'm going to a local market. global three thousand and thirty minutes on d.f.w. .
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the be. above the big. dropping bombs on civilians. more troops the situation escalates there's no longer a person kills. ruthless calculation military leaders work ok extent of the massive
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. technological. the conflagrations massacres. starting february third on g.w. . frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self in road and rail. located in the heart of europe connected to the whole world. experienced outstanding shopping and dining offers and trying our services. biala guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from a bought. this
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is d.w. news live from berlin the tops of politician gunned down in cost of a all about iran of their choice of prominent leader of ethnic serbs his murder bears the hallmarks of a political assassination triggering fears of renewed tensions between kosovo and serbia also on the program. thirteen brothers and sisters held captive some in chains in this suburban home in southern california police charged the parents with torture. and pope francis asked chilling to forgive the catholic church for a sex abuse scandal the express is fierce.


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