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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2018 5:02am-5:30am CET

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the way they were a year ago steve benen was the presidential insider then came fire fury and the fall well tonight the political prince who became a pauper with a story did sell under oath i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. the president states is a great me be any be true to you mr president i don't like. the changes to pretty quick i think you spent a lot more time with reporters that he ever did with the president listen i have to like steve i'm grateful for for the time he gave me i don't know if it was two hundred interviews with steve thing i mean i think we've seen a side that is frankly very very disappointing trump is now trying to sue steep bank interest land and i don't want to put him in more hot water than he is
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already and i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white house quite a bit and it was one of those things that's why sloppy steve has now written for joe. also coming up tonight they watched the video said it to their friends and then the police came tonight more than one thousand young people in denmark are facing charges of distributing kiddie porn. have you seen it yes i have have you yes i shan't the video i think it has a lot to do with that. own we begin the day with steve bannon and the people getting in line to hear what he has to say today we learned that robert mueller these special counsel investigating possible ties between russia and donald trump has subpoenaed bat in to testify before a grand jury that's what the new york times is reporting now this is the first time a lawyer has subpoenaed a member of trump's inner circle now that makes it
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a big deal but we still don't know how valuable bannon's testimony could be members of congress well they may know much more earlier today van and arrives on capitol hill where he was questioned by the house intelligence committee behind closed doors the committee is investigating russia's meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election as well as possible ties between russia and mr trump. last week as the world got its first read of the new tell all book fire and fury by michael wolff the quotes from steve benen were the ones that shocked and stuck in the book banning uses the words treasonous and unpatriotic to describe a meeting between a russian official and trumps a son in law jared kushner and trump's former campaign manager paul man of fort of that led trump to lash out giving band in the new nicknamed sloppy stevie but the author of fire in fury says there is a method to what could seem to be bannon's men. but i also think
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that that he he had a plan here and the plan was that he was going to get roy moore elected in alabama. and and that would have made made steve bannon the kingmaker and donald trump the loser given steve bannon enormous amount of leverage going into the two thousand and eighteen election and my book i suspect was part of his play and to break with donald trump who frankly he considers an idiot. all right no love lost there it appears i want to pull in my colleague now who has spent the past year writing and reporting on the trump train our washington bureau chief alexandra fanaa good evening to you alexandra so first things first how important is the news today that we're getting from the new york times that
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robert muller has subpoenaed steve benen to testify. well if it's true and it's going to be confirmed it's very significant because it would be the first time that mr miller is issuing a grand jury subpoena to seek information from from a member of president strums inner circle and it would be a clear signal that the investigation is intensifying and it's going to be concluded soon so it has to be confirmed but if you ask me i'm sure that it's very obvious that mr miller would like to speak to steve benen because of his very critical role during the trial come pain because of his critical role in the white house in the early days and because of his comments and michael walzer fire and fury book and were then on was quoted as saying that he expects the miller investigation to focus on money laundering thought of course i would
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assume that mr willow with miller would like to know wherever steve benen was just talking or whether he has actually half he has knowledge of what he was talking about mr mohler of course would like to do something that you've already done and you have met steve berry and you've interviewed him in fact that interview was part of your new documentary on the first year of the trump presidency which is airing right now here on d w we've got a clip from your talk with me and let's take a look. ben has left breitbart and when i met him he seemed to be enjoying this conflict has struck me as dana and self-absorbed. the institution of the media is just another average cigarette in fact i think news is the least bit called icon the opposition party what i mean. that's actually not true but information today is part of political warfare. all right you know again
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i'm going to say kudos to you for telling him we're not politicians and you know as if you had forgotten that but alexander let me ask you what we through your mind immediately following that exchange with mr ban you know i thought well he likes to fight he really likes his crusade against other so-called mainstream media he when you question his use he is sort of getting in there are slowing punches and that reminds me of president strum but then during this event what i have found more interesting or even to be known as scary being there in alabama and listening to mr bannon was the way how he was able to manipulate he's audience how he was able to so a suspicion and hatred against democrats again the republican establishment and of course against the media and how popular his message was there we know that he
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testified today behind closed doors in front of the house intelligence committee do you think steve benen now has an ax to grind with trumpeted is he going to offer information that will make a difference in the collusion investigations. well when he has if he has this sort of information then i would say that the white house should be wore it i mean still is steve benen has lost his influence but he was a very important figure in the white house during the trump campaign and he was advising for example president on how to deal with the miller investigation so who he could tell wherever the president was cooperating with the probe or actively trying to block it if he wants he could reveal a lot i think but the question is whether he's going to do it i would assume if he wants to make
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a comeback to win back his conservative donors he will be very careful choosing his words and before we run out of time alexander january twentieth marks one year of the trump presidency you've been there the entire time what condition would you see our profession is in after a year of president wrong. you know at the beginning of this year i was trying to my main goal was to trying to explain what president would like to achieve and why and it's sort of changed during the course of this time not because we as journalists want to change but because of president trump his controversial comments he's tweets the way he behaves here at home in the u.s. and its in meetings with world leaders and all that well leads to lats to the fact that the now reports as i are asking the president of the
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united states wherever he is a race is wherever he is fit for office and that's you through the president's behavior yeah if you have not seen by the way if you haven't seen alexander's documentary uncovering the first year of the truck presidency i highly recommend it you can watch it on demand simply go to d.w. dot com or you can find the link on twitter alexander of fun nah that's your handle i've posted it on my feet as well brit go off t.v. take a look at it alexander as always thank you very much. well will briggs that ever happen last week top brigadier nigel for raj said that he would like a second referendum on the u.k.'s exit from the european union now that doesn't seem widely as british parliamentarians are now debating the last stages of the brig's bill one of the sticking points all along has been the rights of the e.u.
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citizens in britain the w.'s for involvement reports now on the three people who are feeling the brick sit back where. tea time and togo had months place close to timing one or. two friends of joint and said tell that is polish and withdrew the daughter of german and british parents than us or us. the three e.u. citizens at this table represent a small slice of the continent they all moved to england full of appreciation for the country times since i came to britain you know like that for fourteen years ago no more now fifteen years ago i always found british british people and britain very friendly with the looming breck's it has changed their lives the three of them are part of a citizens' initiative called the three million person named after the number of e.u. citizens living in pretty woman who converted to the sick religion often encounters
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the rising hostility against non-producing residents since britain voted to leave the european union high months finding some friendships on what they used to be. when you have you see specially from people you know and you you learned to know over such a long time and you actually like very much exchanged christmas cards you you have that now all sort and whatever and all of a sudden you're being as an immigrant you are being exposed to this kind of. accent for that and all because he's from an e.u. country european union citizens in the u.k. have been concerned about their residency status since the vote i am just worried i only have the german nationality at the moment so i need to do a bit of research on how it can possibly obtain the british as well but it's a money question i have no funds whatsoever then you know i could get a u.k.
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passport because of her british mother but for others naturalization can cost thousands of euros. shopping and he's proudly wearing his scarf from his favorite german soccer team. at his local fish and chip shop he gets a mixed reception. the owners originally from india this employee came i hailed as pretty. we asked what she thinks of european union citizens. to fishing kenya i think it should leave my. wife in my head i would have not been and things are not why i am on white's voice alter he continued fishing for details. so you would have to leave it for now but let's face. it i think i mean you know that kind of comment like that i. don't know if i even know it's kind of why once the cameras are off she tells me
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she means e.u. citizens from eastern europe like tell but from poland she's picking up a son from school both of her children ripon in britain she married her british husband in poland before joins the e he was working as a pastor in poland at the time. tell but has british citizenship now but getting it was difficult and that took a heavy emotional toll on the couple and the uncertainty and then the expenses well and the length of time the fact it took three months four months to sir replied to different letters and find out what was happening ended up causing a lot of tension even between us many people in his congregation are from of the e.u. countries the brics and vote came as a hard blow for groups there were people were crying because it didn't feel accepted anymore that it will come down the street she has the and it's almost as though the whole of the brics situation justified racism because of the way it was
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spun said talbot is in a minority of one have she alone wants to stay in britain after it leaves the e.u. that was both a home run and stunning loss doro say they've had enough of england they want to return to the continent. art i'm joined here now at the big table by john wirth he's a journalist and blogger here in berlin you know we love full disclosure john is not a briggs it's a year john it's good to have you back on the show so we've heard theresa may say time and time again the protection of the rights of e.u. citizens in the u.k. is guaranteed what's the situation right now on a c i don't really fully believe that theresa may for many years has been opposed to immigration and wants to keep the numbers of people coming to the u.k. down she also was the person who was home secretary instituted a very hard line taken by the u.k. government against migration and bear in mind also that we three million citizens
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living in the u.k. and only just over a year to go until break that happens is capable of actually processing. the documentation necessary and it's as much as people say why don't we fully believe that to reason may. actually stands by that do you believe that the u.k. right now is capable of processing that much red tape no i don't think that's one of the big concerns of the e.u. citizens in the u.k. is simply as we said just heard in the report it takes so long for all of that to be processed and that leads to great insecurity in everyday people's lives and that's one of the big problems of price i want to talk about what we heard from the president of the european council donald to talk he did today in the european parliament take a listen to this clip. if they. stick if decision to leave. it will become reality with all its they got that close a close if. there is
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a change of heart that. we haled a continent haven't had a change of heart it's. still open. thank you i mean well his arms are wide open and is theresa may willing to fall into them bear in mind the saying or twist is aware of the problems that are around the corner and he is more aware of those problems with around the corner and bret's it pops into reason may's and when it starts to get very nervous for the u.k. some point in the next few months maybe the u.k. will be grateful for those words from to us today he's essentially saying i don't think that britain yet understands the downsides all sees the consequences of what it is doing and maybe just maybe when it doesn't understand that the door is still open for them or maybe he sees what's just around the bend and the fact that the reality is about to become very real right and bear in mind we're now almost half
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way through the exit process of a fourteen months only until britain is due to leave the european union and britain has got very very little to show from all of that period so far and bear in mind that whatever deal would have to be ratified the e.u. has said repeatedly it's got to have the framework of a deal in place by october of this year that is an incredibly tight timetable it is and then it brings me back to what we reported last week saying hey let's have a second referendum and let's get this thing solved once and for all that's a very unusual decision by nigel frosh to make that demand and it was met by a confusion on both pro e.u. and c.e.u. sides. i think if i were to pap's interpret that is at least aware of how difficult breaks it could potentially be and he wonders whether the government's determination to see this thing through is wavering somewhat and maybe that's why
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he was willing to change his position on the referendum question. still a moment don't quite believe that britain is going to have a second e.u. referendum however but now we're about thirty seconds if there were to be a figure referring to based on what we've seen with the polling right now would the remainders seize the day it's not a foregone conclusion there is a narrow. lead for remain in the opinion polls at the moment is only a very narrow one bear in mind however that the campaign wants to be a second referendum would have to be radically different than it was. last year in natural first preference john where there's always good to have you on the show great insights will be talking again soon sure. what tonight in denmark more than a thousand young people mostly teenagers could face charges of distributing child pornography now that's after they shared video clips of two fifteen year olds having sex a danish police launched an investigation after they received
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a tip off from facebook and anyone found guilty would face a fine or prison time and they would be put on a child pornography register. it took just a few seconds to share the video of the young people who did say they never imagined times serious the consequences would be. i am shocked and i also think it is strange that only one thousand people are being charged that it is not many more because there are so many who had the video there could be many more people charged for this i don't think it's fair if it is only this handful who are convicted when so many others are involved. investigators say the scale of the case is unprecedented most of the suspects under twenty five years old . they will get i'm sorry it may be a prank but they can have adult consequences if you are convicted of distributing child pornography or you will have a criminal record and it will appear on the background check if you want to work
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with children that could have some ugly consequences for many jobs in denmark we need to have a clean record of jobs. but the ramifications are also far reaching for the victims in the case the young couple featured in the video. the young people who were fifteen at the time the video was made have tried to put it behind them but they're reminded of it on a regular basis they'd like to forget about it but they can't so we must at least make sure they feel they're being taken seriously. the danish government wants the case to send a clear message i hope but i hope this could be a wake up call for many young people to say it's illegal and not acceptable what we have seen is deplorable. if convicted the defendants could appear on the child pornography register for ten years. it's very serious consequence is that how did
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we get to this point where we are tonight to talk about that i'm joined now by to reason walker she is an editor at motherboard at the tech and science but form from vice is good to see you again you know last night on the show we spoke with a former content manager with facebook and is that what we're looking at here that content manager received a complaint and said this looks pornographic and send it up for inspection is that what happened well most likely because as we all know facebook tends to be a big black box especially when it comes to their inner workings but what happened was that facebook received complaints and these complaints were received in not on the public platform but within facebook messenger which allows for one or many people to discuss something which is not public but assumed to be private i was reading that these authorities are saying that the pornography charges could be thrown out by the judge because the judge could say listen all of these youngsters they didn't even realize that the two people were having sex were minors now if
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that's the case we certainly don't want to talk about this notion of pushing kiddie porn but if the judge can say they didn't the kids didn't know what they were looking at in how can facebook be able to say this looks like pornography yeah well there they are legally they are legally obligated to forward any complaints to a particular n.-g. o. in the u.s. that deals with possible exploitation cases on minors and since there are the n.g.o.s has been a safe and sorry they forward a lot of to law enforcement and europe also in germany we get a lot of complaints from this particular and. the head of cyber crime of the bench police who i spoke to today in germany gets about eight hundred thousand to nine hundred thousand complaints each year we heard from the police to do. indeed mark saying that they really want to pursue this case they're being very hard with it
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because they want to send a message to young people that it's not ok to just see your images of other people doing these things and that's one point right there is one point another point is i think there is a case to be made for privacy so when you have a messenger system that you think is something that is a close communication line between two people you have to assume it's especially if it's encrypt it and find friends and then it's disconcerting because if i'm going on to facebook messenger and i think that this is encrypted and i've been told that it is that's a law i write if someone complains then the content manager has the authority and the ability to look into my message which means it's not encrypted really that you know you can find out about this when you click on the report button when you are within messenger otherwise i personally have never heard of it so i mean there are systems messages systems that are enter and encrypted that are still bulletproof i
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personally did not know that facebook can also read this message what you don't know a lot because as we heard from this former continental last night there are these nondisclosure agreements that all of the continent is have to sign the point is the transparency levels and facebook is so other social media platforms very it's very so we don't know what happens once we send a message or share something to yeah exactly what i do know what i can what it what i know now that facebook puts all of the links that have ever been shared into a giant database and so when a complaint arrives about this particular link they can assign this thing an id and find out all of the instances where that link has been shared and this is why i was so easy for facebook to filter out all of the data and forward it's a law enforcement along with the names and she was a doctor an amazing amount of power there to now that these companies have i mean. you're not really aware until you see a case like this tree's along as always thank you we appreciate your insights very
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valuable thank you thank you thank you and the day is almost gone but as always the governor continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can write directly to me off t.v. don't forget to use that hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see even about.
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