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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2018 7:00am-8:00am CET

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this is the news live from berlin and steve batted fuses to talk now he faces a congressional subpoena the former trump and he won't answer u.s. lawmakers questions about his time at the white house what does he know about alleged russian ties to the trump campaign. also coming up the u.s. government cuts tens of millions of dollars in aid to palestinians after president trump says that they get washington no appreciation or respect we'll explain what's at stake. and rebel troops defend their last stronghold in syria warning of
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a looming humanitarian disaster increased attacks on a limb by assad regime forces are putting millions of civilians at risk. plus w. continues its journey along the road to bragg's it with a key vote due today in the british parliament d.w. talks to swell a fernandes one of the conservative party's leading the euro skeptics. and he is one of millions of chinese rarely seen in public we look at efforts to empower the mentally disabled in china rather than hide them away. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. u.s. president donald trump's former chief strategist steve bannon has refused to answer lawmakers questions about trump campaign's alleged contacts to russia bannon was
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testifying in a closed door session before the house intelligence committee when bannon declined to answer their questions they issued a subpoena in an attempt to force him to talk about and reportedly said that he was under instructions from the white house not to discuss certain subjects. but this was affectively a gag order by the white house preventing this witness from answering. almost any question concerning his time in the transition or the administration and many questions even after he left the ministration. that was democratic congressman adam schiff as you saw just right there are joining us now here in the studio and barker he is program director at the aspen institute germany here and welcome to tyson including. you know we heard adam schiff alleged there that this was a gag order from the white house was it and is it possible for bannon to claim executive privilege you know this is
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a longstanding norm in washington that presidents do want to keep frank counsel with their counselors like steve benen was going back to the nixon administration where they do want to stab a space that is a safe space for presidents to basically say what they need to say it in the search once this is kind of like client lawyer privilege the interesting thing here is they're deploying it in the same way that the attorney general put deployed it in open hearings earlier last year basically saying that executive order has executive privilege hasn't been invoked but it could touch on rails that would require executive privilege so they're setting up a number of obstacles to steve benen testifying which really angered the house intelligence committee on both sides of the aisle and right now everyone wants to hear from steve benen we know that there's not only an investigation underway in the house there's also you know robert muller's an investigation that the special counsel we know that he has issued a grand jury subpoena for bad and we just we just learned about this apparently it
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happened last week. this is of course the investigation between trump's you know associates and russia possible connections to address if he refused to speak to lawmakers in the house can he refuse to speak to muller under this grand jury executive privilege does not apply to grand jury clear criminal investigation so he will be forced as you know reports are coming out to disclose all information any and all information to the grand jury and of course he was not there for that one incident of potential collusion that we're aware of the june twenty sixth meeting between. don jr and to tell you about some of the sky which also included jared push there and others all men afford but he was there so he wasn't there for the alleged potential crime let's say or the scene of the incident but he was possibly there for the cover up everything that happened since including the disclosure last summer all eyes have really been keenly on this investigation and on miller's investigation the fact that bennett is being subpoenaed now where does this say
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what does this say about where we are in that process we're definitely circling the drain a little bit i mean you know we're starting to come to the point where the members of president most inner circle including president himself are being asked to provide interviews to robert mueller and his team to be subpoenaed to the grand jury so we're coming to some point where we might start to see action at a higher level than paul metaphor to than some of the points that we've seen recently the fact that this was a grand jury subpoena the fact that this just wasn't you know a conversation in office as has been the case with other members of trump's inner circle what does that tell you well if steve benen. interviews which have been reported out in the michael wolff book are credible then there are a lot of lines of action or potential lines of action including money laundering one very important strand which will probably occur if personnel is policy you see
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in miller's team that they are following the money a little bit there has been a lot of investment in condos through shell organization since trump became a candidate and there is questions of how that ties back to countries like russia so there are a lot of different strands that could be pursued and you know steve benen has bear witness to a lot of the conversations that have taken place around those dealings and it's not just about the money right because i mean there's multiple directions that this investigation could take right right just walk us through some of the possible scenarios because on the one side there is this to ties potentially to russia. chucks and of justice as well. yeah so i mean we have on tape a lester holt interview you know the basically what was the the the big bang point of this investigation was the firing of james komi and after the that occurred president trump went on television and said he didn't like where the the russian investigation was headed basically indicating that it was an incident of the
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struction of justice on the record on the air so was that the actual intent what were the decision points that led to that interview into that decision to fire jim comey those are also questions so there are a lot of different strains there's money laundering there's the potential for collusion there's the obstruction of justice piece so a lot to unpack for the mower team tyson barker thank you so much for joining us to tell us a little bit more about this move will crush it thank you. so let's get a quick check now of some other stories that are making news around the world. a hong kong court has sentenced pro-democracy activist joshua long to three months in jail wang was found guilty of contempt of court relating to his role in the twenty fourteen umbrella protests is the second time that he has been imprisoned over those rallies a military court in thailand has dropped charges against in eighty four year old historian who has been accused of insulting the country's monarchy sumach civil
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rasika questions whether a national myth about a dual fought five hundred years ago by a king on the plaque on the back of an elephant had really happened the court said that there was not enough evidence to proceed. unusually cold weather has brought chaos to the southern united states where there were pileups and kentucky highways and louisiana were closed and flights in texas canceled widespread ice made conditions particularly treacherous. well washington has frozen sixty five million dollars of planned funding for palestinian refugees state department officials say that the decision was meant to prompt other countries to help pay for palestinian aid but a recent tweet five president trump has put all of that in doubt he wrote that palestinians give the u.s. no appreciation or respect and threatens future payments the u.s. will still pay a portion of the pledged funding allowing services to continue for now.
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can bring out food to the needy a key service the un relief and works agency provides to millions of palestinian refugees many here who depend on the agency a bracing for the worst. of it all. coming off to the palestinian refugees instead of pushing us to the verge of death this seventy two year old fayez for his grandchildren's future. is a great workout what will become of the cvs criminals and the burden on society there would be terrible. his family lives in the gaza strip the dire state of the economy means almost everyone here qualifies for services. those also include health care and education. the u.n. and those services are of extreme importance not only for the well being of the
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nations and there is a serious humanitarian concern here but also in my opinion and they'll be that is shared by most international observers including some israeli ones it is an important factor if the believes one row was set up to help the hundreds of thousands of palestinians forced from their homes during israel's creation in one nine hundred forty eight the refugee camps have turned into these concrete slums. israel says the agency is in need of reform. but position as it should it's not a question of defunding or not it's a question of replacing the old ways after seventy years where the i mean see that will actually address the really major real work produced but for many palestinians across the middle east is a vital safety net. and for more we're joined by tanya kramer who is standing by
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with the latest from jerusalem so tanya walk us through how important this u.n. aid program is to palestinian refugees. well to be seen in the report. to the methods. created in the sixty's. in late ninety seven as a temporary solution to the political solution is found that hasn't been found and today. takes care about roughly as they say million people across the region not just in the occupied west bank but also in gaza in jordan in syria and in live in arm so that schools education programs. health care and clinics so it also always has been. strong financial pressure and they experiencing off on five year is definitely seen as a major crutch to them and given that people in gaza they have been fearing this
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significant cut in the aid program what could the impact be on the ground there. well you got there there actually at one point three million people eventually did as refugees and some of them that really belong to mark finer. than so because of the decade. because of this very difficult economic situation they do did and. now we're not as productive statement as bombs to defeating us come to saying they will continue to provide services that really can make sure that schools are still running but it leaves people in the extreme uncertainty of what will happen next and also they are kind of feeling and they're paying the price in a political game as we've heard it comes on the background of the u.s. president also that the u.s. are presented to you and having threatened to cut if the palestinian leadership
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would not come back to the negotiation table now there are negotiations but this is perceived as political pressure to the policy no sorry and people yes saying annoyed effects to most of the people and it's political pressure with wider implications because it is not only gaza that will be affected and we know jordan lebanon syria also home to many palestinian refugees relying on this and how is the cut likely to play out there yeah as you said i mean it will affect many countries in syria and lebanon jordan there already and the press in syria this war in lebanon and jordan have taken in a lot of refugees so it will be thousands across the region it's interesting to say that even israeli security fit officials have warned about the potential risk of such cuts so it is unclear whether the u.s. will release those funds that delay to states your method calls for other countries to step in but it's certainly
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a nice people in the region over the lot of uncertainty tanya cramer interview salon thank you. we turn to syria now where assad the assad regime forces have stepped up attacks on it led the country's last rebel held stronghold thousands of fighters and civilians fled there after the fall of aleppo back in two thousand and sixteen but intense fighting has once again pushed people to flee and aid agencies warn that a massive humanitarian disaster could lie ahead. rebel counter attacks against the syrian regime. president bashar al assad's forces have stepped up their assault on this last opposition stronghold in the north of the country in recent weeks. against him this coalition of jihad east and moderates don't stand much of a chance. troops backed by russian airpower
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launched intensified attacks on northern how mark and southeast about a month ago. that's led to the biggest wave of migration we've ever seen. one hundred thousand people have already fled the fighting in southern this is raised fears of yet another humanitarian crisis in syria where stream the concern that amid this escalation in fighting up to two million people may be at risk this is an area where tens of thousands of people have already been displaced and the own going fighting could provoke even further displacement of civilians. that means more suffering the regime's campaign has included attacks on hospitals according to the u.n. those so far left unscathed are ill equipped and doctors are exhausted. and
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. there are so many injured people we can't take care of them all. no hospital in the world could treat the number of patients that come here after their neighborhood has been bombed. it is a war zone and that's although russia iran and turkey designated it as a deescalation zone last year more than a million people have fled here from other former rebel controlled areas fighters as well as civilians but they're no longer safe the syrian regime and russia say they're targeting terrorists but political analysts disagree. to syrian government wants to bring all the remaining. people held areas under its control and wipe out the opposition that doesn't care what happens to them he wants to take control of the whole country before peace talks began. just
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a few weeks ago this market in it was bustling. that was a sense of normality. but that save the now. really be a stall holders have nothing to do anymore no one dares come here because of the asterix people are staying indoors wondering after seven years of war in syria peace is no place it appears that assad wants victory at any price. monica is here now with some business news and investors are looking to brussels today exactly because they'll be talking about tax havens today. tax havens are on the agenda in the e.u. the block is preparing to remove several countries from its recently published blacklist of tax havens seventeen countries were named in the list that was only published in december many of them who were small islands in the caribbean and the
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pacific now eight countries are expected to be removed from the list next week after making new commitments that's what the e.u. says and these countries include south korea which is one of the world's largest economies the united arab emirates one of the largest arab economies and panama long a haven for offshore accounts now critics say that the e.u. is backtracking by allowing the countries off the list so soon and we'll be talking to an e.u. policy advisor on inequality and taxation in just an hour from now in the meantime bitcoin the crypto currency that's divided the financial world has continued to tumble in the last twenty four hours forty more than twenty five percent it's been described as a bloodbath bitcoin a fell below eleven thousand edging close to its six week low rumors that the south korean and chinese governments could ban trading encrypted currencies sent to many
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of the coins noah the e.u. is also reported to be preparing new rules that would no longer allow crypto currency owners to remain anonymous when they convert crypto coins. well germany's a state own to h. s. h. malta bank one of the biggest lenders in the shipping industry has reportedly agreed to exclusive talks with potential bias j.c. flowers and severus there's no time to lose a. survivor the financial crisis but only with a state bail out and now the e.u. wants the bag sold or liquidated by next month because well bad loans to shipping companies. and well federal tell us they simply trusted their bank manager when they wanted to invest thirty thousand euros ten years ago their financial advisor recommended they put the money into two ships instead of more reliable
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government bonds you braved about crawling well to trade volumes ally india always sifters when just the prospect of the risks is very limited as it was conveyed to us with a secure unusual dividend made it lucrative by a. lucrative. more anybody but i just wanted a good investment on the one with the ship sounded great to me and yeah it was a bit naive just how it was so. naive if he wasn't restricted to small investors many shipping companies also overestimated global trade volumes and bought shipped off to ship. north bank financed their spree with generous loans it quickly grew from a provincial state bank lender into one of the world's largest shipping finances by two thousand and nine it had over three thousand ships on its books on a list say that was too many. he has taught us probably not just like north banks problem is that in the past it relied too much on only one segment of financing
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ships and neglected other segments that kind of strategy means you can very quickly run into phases of high risk fos and you know i'm that exactly what happened to global financial crisis centroid volumes tumbling too many ships vying for too little freight meant even established shipping companies could no longer service their debt the shipping companies are tight lipped about it all especially with north banks still providing financial support to some of them because you know what bank is still a state backed financial institution its final guarantor as are the taxpayers of the states of sleds they call shine and homburg they face a potential bill of sixteen billion euros even the upcoming silva bank is riddled with risk because if these are big danger right now and i'm not the only one who sees it is it the bidders who put firm offers on the table under certain circumstances when the company has begun generating a profit again i will get it and. break it up and sell off the divisions which is
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performing well. then humbly i know that would amount to the bank being wound up by the private sector. bank stripping by locusts. the chances of the bank ever generating a profit for northern germany's consumers again would then be lost the rules didn't want to see their money go under with the ships or not they made a court claim that the bones had been the sold to them and won most of their money back. the love for shoes goes beyond rationality and i'm not talking about women here it's blends nneka heads die hard tennis shoe collectors who braved the cold to get their hands on adding this latest note and what's so special about the sneaky you ask well it's a special edition and i had by the linz subway system of all things. long lines check subzero temperatures check diehard fans check while it may look like the
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latest i phone launch these so-called sneaker heads have a different prize in mind. these adidas sneakers featuring branding for the baseball game berlin's public transit authority limited edition sneakers are part of the people gaze ninetieth anniversary celebrations and even feature an integrated year round ticket a deal worth the wait for many in line here you know it's i was a few dozen a month now i've had a lot of time to reflect on it at the beginning i wanted to have them because they're such a brand name and to wear the shoes myself at first it was all about the shoes themselves because when you wear the shoes they are merely identifiable so i don't want to sell them there's something i've now earned. it's not the limited edition shoes aren't just a hipsters dream come true. with the limited run of five hundred pairs offer savvy sellers the chance to make a quick buck. at their shops and i cases we already sold them for eight hundred
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fifty euros. and while it might just be faster to walk. these before gay friends at least now have a ticket to ride as well. and sarah was just asking do you have to wear these shoes every day if you want to take the train good question well just follow that one up but first it's a difficult trip for pope francis is currently visiting chile sarah absolutely i'm going to get more on that trip now for you monica because we've been following pope francis is a visit to the country and the vatican has said that francis wept and prayed as he met with a small group of sex abuse victims by priests that meeting took place on the first day of his visit when the pope also celebrated a public mass for hundreds of thousands in the chilean capital santiago the pontiff has asked for lands to forgive the church for a sex abuse scandal that has sparked mass public anger. pope francis. it's used to addressing adoring crowds some four hundred thousand turned out to hear his
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mass in santiago. but not everyone in chile gave him such a warm welcome. there i am this woman is shouting that's how you protect rapists she's one of thousands of protesters angry over child sex abuse scandal many here accuse the pontiff of complicity. we are here to say that the church violates human rights when it is complicit in pedophilia and does not submit those who committed the crime to judicial process we are here to denounce that. pope francis stokes there i know when he appointed this bishop one that asked a protege of a notorious paedophile priest about us tonight is that he had any knowledge of crimes being committed the pope didn't mention bias by name but he did apologize for sexual peace within the church. here i feel
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bound to express my pain and shame at the irreparable damage caused to children by some ministers of the church yes. thank you i am one with my brother bishops for it is right to ask for forgiveness and make every effort to support the victims even as we commit ourselves to ensuring that such things do not happen again. and francis is facing controversy on another front arson attacks on catholic churches militant groups are protesting what they see as the church's role in oppressing the rights of indigenous people. the pope is set to meet with the indigenous my poochie later in his visit. and sports news now we want to get you caught up with some of the his. holt's from round two of the
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australian open in melbourne fifteen year old marta cost you one her second round match in straight sets the teenage sensation is the youngest player to reach the third round of the grand slam tournament in over twenty eight years meantime world number two caroline wozniacki produced a great escape in her match rallying from five one in the third set to beat croatian yana fet and in the men's signals joe will for school week through to the next round after a five set against denis shot. you're watching news still to come on the program we continue our journey on the road to bragg's it with a huge vote due today in the british parliament talks with. one of the conservative party's leading hero skeptics. and donald trump wants to hand out prizes for fake news we will look at the u.s. president's troubled relationship with the press plus and power in china's disabled
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we look at a new program to help the mentally challenged find jobs and depend. on. all that and more coming up in just a few minutes time. that local touch . plane leaves at full speed playing. plane but always almost local movie today and in the future. in sixty minutes or less. the
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i hope this will make us more difficult persons what would life be like as a cyborg in what effect will it happen society does this human rights movement upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this. cyborg human machines starting february first on t w. welcome back you're with your news i'm sarah kelly and our top stories the u.s. has cut sixty five million dollars from a funding package for palestinian refugees two weeks after president trump threatened to cut future payments state department officials say that washington wants other nations to help share the burden of palestinian. and u.s. president donald trump's former chief of staff chief strategist rather see you back and has refused to answer lawmakers questions about the trump campaign's alleged contacts with russia when bannon declined to answer their questions they issued
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a subpoena in an attempt to force him to talk. well donald trump's less than positive opinion of the mainstream media is certainly well known the u.s. president has been tireless in attacking what he calls fake news he has tweeted it about two hundred times roughly war last coming into office and today he is promising to go one step further by announcing what he calls his own fake news awards as washington bureau chief al. central phenomena looks at donald trump's troubled relationship with the press you are fake the fake media is trying to silence us they are the enemy of the free and i am. only against the fake news media or press fake fake. for the last year i have been reporting from the white house on the president who says he's at
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war with the media who craves positive coverage and yet who calls us fake nice. i think that's the most dishonest disgusting despicable thing the president has ever said there for new mistress accusations heated exchanges doing white house briefings relations with the media are tense you can hear him say that it's an honest mistake when you are purposely putting out information that you know to be false. but not everyone is concerned alex five for works for the daily caller a conservative website he says he doesn't take trump's attacks on the media seriously. he's an insecure guy you know he's the supermodel why this be so unhappy so the fake news flash that's he's just angry at a show i don't he's not like there's a want to people i think unfairly comparable to an autocrat but he wants the room
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press freedoms one of the president is calling up reporters on the phone. to president's campaign to discredit the press goes down well with his base men and women who feel that they've been ignored by america's youth connecting with like you know the. i rarely insane child sweet sweet as a journalist i don't want to be attacked this way i'd switch up a cover story like this you know three but yeah yeah but i'm telling the story and then you know i see it and i think maybe some of it was to prove that. tribe speak use attacks help him to draw the attention away from the chaos and it's a strange move from the investigation into the russian meddling in the last election she now the world is watching look at all the fake news back there. they're all why no one enjoys being boot but we should not back down says brian carr him he's made
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a name for himself by asking tough questions at the press briefings and i look at her face but he says that after that confrontation she received death threats through reason for. i'm not worried about me and worry about some twenty four year old reporter first time doing his job working in montana or south dakota right now and another twenty four year old who sees the president go galen school you know they're going to go and get a reporter and they're going to be dumber string him up or something or kill him that's the guy you worry about. some media however seem to be profiting from the conflict the new york times says that subscriptions have risen recently and it's higher it's new reporters. despite all these attacks the press seems to be right now in my world stronger than ever i do think that there is a challenge overseas and you see it and the fact that a lot of foreign leaders particularly authoritarian ones have begun seizing on the
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phrase fake news to basically suppress information of their own society. in the us however journalists hope they'll come out of this experience with a new sense of mission. and longer have to donald trump has left the white house correspondents will still be here reporting on the presidents who succeed him. and for more let's bring back tyson barker who joins us in the studio he is with the aspen institute here in berlin and one of our regular commentators of us politics morning team again tyson and i want to talk first about these the so-called fake news awards that donald trump says that he will issue what do you think he's trying to achieve here i mean clearly this is a very transparent play to his base the way he's kind of adopted or co-opted the term fake news which was originally deployed for you know macedonia teenagers
7:36 am
looking for clip bait to create money or sputnik putting out. news stories that were truth adjacent that felt right to specific types of radicalized populations the united states like about him clintons hillary clinton's health or a pizza gate you know that the hillary clinton the clinton group were running a kind of child trafficking ring from a pizza parlor that was the original meaning of fake news and he's co-opted that said to his supporters the entire mainstream media what sarah palin used to call the lame stream media is fake news and now he wants to recognize truth that jason i think you've coined a new term there tyson and i. might want to clean up ownership of that one really quick. i want to talk about you know his claim though that that fake news is the thing that he is being and treated unfairly in the press does he have a point at all not only in the united states but also in europe around the world for example i mean the truth is is that the media is. can be pretty tribal and they
7:37 am
do have after you know having experience donald trump as a public figure and as an aspirant to the highest office in united states they do have opinions about him they do have perceptions about him they're kind of baked in and everything flows from those pre-determined perceptions so he might have a point but the truth is is he's approaching the entire role of governance in an orphan orthodox way and that is leading to heavy criticism because people are used to for example people following ethics guidelines. well used to divestiture from private business people are used to frankly politicians at this level having prior experience in government either in the military ers elected officials says all things that he does not bring to the table bringing his family into into the white house as as advisors that's all new so that is why he opened himself up to criticism but the truth is that the media does have some pretty baked in
7:38 am
predisposed opinions about them something that people are also used to is a certain level of respect that always existed between the press and the president which doesn't seem to exist at all anymore perhaps that's a bit of an understatement there we're coming up on trump's first full year in office it's been about one year since the inauguration does it surprise you that he hasn't dialed back his attacks on the press because i mean there was hope among some maybe once he got into office he would start to act presidential i mean well he said so himself right but just like the administration always says don't listen to his words necessarily look at his actions and in this case his rhetoric visibly the press has continued to be consistently. scorching frankly i mean you know he's called the press the enemy of the people he's releasing this fake news awards this week i don't think that we see any kind of change in that behavior and his continued use of twitter to kind of release invective on his.
7:39 am
target groups the groups that he's trying to make the enemies of particularly his base continues let's talk a little bit more about that twitter account we mentioned you know at the beginning of our piece that way around that he's treated about two hundred times about fake news about the media is anyone still buying it because i mean when we look at his approval ratings they're at a historic low right for a u.s. president is this still playing to his base eights complete play to the base the base expects this because what they see. as authenticity so every time he does this for them it confirms that he's the man that they elected there is a poll out today from gallup the new knight foundation which says that forty two percent of republicans believe that when there's negative press on politicians that they support it's fake news and only seventeen percent of democrats have that same opinion so clearly there's a qualitative difference in the us public and his base is much more likely to
7:40 am
believe the reports against him are fake news than the other side beyond that news beyond the media we really have to talk about truth and fact right now because you know you mentioned adjacent facts we also heard about alternative facts and there's been so many terms the word is the word of the year in germany this year absolutely seventy what is it about the president's rhetoric and what is it specifically about the media landscape in the united states and perhaps the way that it has developed over the past decades that makes it so difficult to determine right now which way is up i mean the truth is in some ways the united states is returning to its roots you know when you look at the found the founding fathers the early dawn of the country through basically the roosevelt era there was partisan media the idea that the media should converge on a kind of a set of objective facts that are presented by stolid institutions like the new york times and the washington post only really emerged from the thirty's to let's
7:41 am
say the end of the cold war that was the period where respect for the media as date keepers of objective information was at its height so in some ways we're returning to that period where we had broadsheets the united states that did propagate fake news quite frankly the propagated information that really validated the predispositions and there we go now yeah exactly tyson barker with the latest on this fake news of warrants which we will perhaps see some time today issued by donald trump with you so much for putting it into context for us. and also a quick note you can make sure that you don't miss alexander phenomenas our correspondent there in washington who you saw in that piece her full documentary covering donald trump it is a fascinating look at the u.s. presidents controversy packed first year in office and you can watch it on t w or you can stream it online at t w dot com. meantime we want to tell you that later today british m.p.'s will hold a key vote on legislation allowing britain to leave the european union the brags
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that bill has faced fierce opposition in the house of commons and if it passes could have an even tougher time in the house of lords just last month prime minister theresa may was forced to amend the draft law after a rebellion in her conservative party one of the tory party is most ardent bragg's supporters is suellen for nando's on the latest stop in our series road to bragg's it caught up with the british member of parliament and asked her why she is such a fervent advocate for leaving the e.u. . the e.u. is worried about the strength of britain's position and as a result they are probably more defensive then they need to be. great. my name is sue elephant and i'm a conservative member of the u.k. parliament. means opportunity
7:43 am
freedom. and restoring democracy to the british. were right in the middle of the e.u. withdrawal bill that's a piece of legislation which is essential for britain's position on the day that we leave the european union. i feel very encouraged by the progress that's being made is still very much at the beginning but time is running out and we don't have that much time really. i don't think negotiations are supposed to be friendly. i was a lawyer for ten years and yes you might very much like the person you're negotiating with but you know at the end of the day you're going to be serving the interests of your client and the client here is the british people so you don't you know you're not necessarily going to. agree on everything and be nice to each other thank you i am grateful to him for giving way the prime minister has said very clearly we want
7:44 am
you to stay and we value your commitment what part of it doesn't mean. i have a constituency which is on the coast and i meet with fishermen because they're. fish for us and they have been almost ruined actually by inappropriate policies from juta the common fisheries policy which is a european union creation and i think there's a quote. opportunity to really vigor right our fishing and our culture in britain. yes i think free trade agreement with the e.u. is eminently possible and i think that that would be
7:45 am
a great great benefit to british workers and companies and european workers and companies but if they were a bit more collaborative and supportive we might have made a bit will progress by now. and for more let's bring in our correspondent baerga mass who joins us now from london we just heard there while a fernandez pretty upbeat about the opportunities that she sees for britain in leaving the e.u. do many m.p.'s still share that view. well it's well of an undersea has been really one of the leaders within the u.k. parliament of those m.p.'s who really are pushing for breakfast and who really want to make sure that it is really happening she's also a government minister there are other m.p.'s within the conservative party that share her view there are some in the labor party that share the view however the majority of british parliamentarians really in the e.u.
7:46 am
referendum were fighting to stay within the e.u. so we have a slightly ironic situation that now a lot of m.p.'s feel well it's kind of their duty to execute the will of the british people and others who are still fighting for britain to stay within the e.u. but the majority of parliamentarians there are not that many robert so it's really only a few within the conservative party some in the labor party and it's this cots and the liberal democrats who are fighting to stay within the e.u. the rest has sort of given in to what they see as well the the fate of the of the country and given that sentiment among m.p.'s i mean this vote coming up later today on the e.u. withdrawal belle promises to be quite interesting does prime minister theresa may seem to have been numbers in the house of commons. it does look like she has the numbers for now there are going to be more stages for this bill
7:47 am
we've had one of the so-called rebels within the conservative party and a super e who had a slight disappointment i think she expressed when she said well now it's up to the house of lords to put more scrutiny on the spill this is all about how e.u. law is going to be implemented in british law so it's about the process of bricks it and the tin the conservative party and the labor party it's not expected that there's going to be a huge rebellion at least not at this stage and i want to turn to something that the e.u. president donald tusk said in strasburg yesterday i'm getting a little bit of the e.u. view of what is going on there in britain and then get your reaction there after let's have a listen if the u.k. government sticks to its decision to leave regs it will become a reality with all its negative consequences in the next year
7:48 am
unless there is a change of heart among our british friends we hear on the continent haven't heard the change of heart our hearts are still open. thank you so the arms are still open the hearts are still open on the e.u. side how high is the prospect of and it sounds like from what you've said earlier not very. no not very and the mean the conservative right leaning british press always ridicule on statements like this we've had it from europe it's not not the first time that day they say that the door is open even though maybe not from from the notice but we have we have had this and it doesn't really fall well on it's not really something that a lot of people here appreciate of course those people who want to stay in the you they they are really somehow hoping that it might be changed but for people
7:49 am
who don't want they say well i mean they still don't respect it we have to side and this is that but it also shows that you know this sort of strong reactions a statement like this also shows that there is still some sort of fear and for example jacob jacob riis more he's one of the really right leaning conservatives one of the leaders of the right leaning conservatives within the u.k. parliament he has said if the house of lords is not respecting the will that is really would be a terrible thing they have no legitimacy is the lord's will seize the e.u. withdrawal in the next stage so there is still this fear that somehow the cat is not yet in the bag and that the fight for for the two or four forwards happening to britain is still some open. mass in london thank you. and that analysis from the piece that you filed
7:50 am
a little bit earlier those are just some of the stops on our road to brag that serious we in fact have a number of our reporters and journalists you see them there are out in the field traveling around europe and the u.k. trying to understand the full impact of the upcoming divorce between britain and the e.u. we will have more about the uncertainty the challenges the hopes the aspirations all of that you can find on our home page that is that d.w. dot com. for now they have been called china's invisible millions people with disabilities are rarely seen in public and the country is only just beginning to think about the infrastructure that that is needed for the estimated eighty five million who are physically or mentally challenged but now new initiatives are helping the disabled to venture out into their communities find jobs and empower them to lead a more independent life. at first glance looks like any other young man in the
7:51 am
chinese countryside a few hundred kilometers from the capital beijing he likes cars his mobile phone and playing with the dogs on the farm. when his family chose his name twenty years ago they wanted him to grow up to become something special means outstanding when he was about a year old his mother had a feeling something wasn't right when i. went to the hospital because we were concerned that he was not like other children. he had not started walking he was far behind in his development so when the doctor told us the truth it was a great shock we were devastated. it turned out that he has cerebral palsy a disorder caused by brain damage that usually happens before during a baby's birth the twenty year old is unable to speak properly but today life is a bit better for the family. after the parents applied for permission to have
7:52 am
a second child despite china's strict one child policy or sororities made an exception because of disability in china a child is seen as a type of insurance so that parents are cared for when they're old they knew that their firstborn wouldn't be able to do this. the grandparents used to ask us what will happen when we are old and have no one else then who will be there for us so with a second child there is someone who can take care of us and later in life. depends on his father's help they drive to the local brickworks where the son is allowed to work but only together with his father he earns just under thirteen euro zone day today there's not much going on there's been a lot of rain in the last few days and the machines would sink too deep into the
7:53 am
mud on other days can drive the finished bricks to where the concrete is put to harden he's got used to the work and he's accepted by his colleagues. who are we all know each other from the village everybody is nice to us we like each other and also spend time together after work we'll have a bunch together for about one try i know. the family wants to manage on its own and doesn't want to be pitied when the son attended a special school they felt awkward because room and board were free according to official figures there are more than eighty five million people with disabilities in china but there are rarely seen in every day life this is slowly changing at least in bigger cities like here at the trendy zara cafe in beijing a young woman with a disability was given support to secure a job and some independence well i was born mentally disabled and with a slight physical impairment. well there are some of the year i
7:54 am
like to work here very much. i can talk to lots of people and above all i can earn money. i want to save for later and of course for my parents for your every month someone from the disabled advocacy group wrong i wrongly stops by for a visit the group helped get her job at the cafe and checks in regularly with her wrong i wrong began the project four years ago and sixteen companies are now involved the owner of the cafe was one of the first to join though it required a bit of patience at first. when she was new she was very nervous. it was a new environment a new work it wasn't at all easy for. the customers treated her quite normally and and even spoke english sometimes. when tea or this was finishing wind up when a lie is now coping well with these types of challenges changing g.
7:55 am
of the advocacy group believes people like way lie a pioneers and the leaders of china's official disability associations are also starting to agree that integrating people with disabilities is better than locking them away in a home. well. we do have a sense already that things are changing. for now it is important that we can extend our pilot projects from beijing to other provinces. such as headway and. here in her bay province casuals family has finally come to accept that getting some help can be a good thing the parents have applied for disability id card for their son this will enable him to benefit from the new subsidies introduced by the chinese government nationwide. and he has
7:56 am
a dream for the future too. he wants to drive a car someday. you're watching news from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site and you can follow us on social media check out twitter and facebook i'm sorry kelly. the above. the word. the be. going to. cut. cut cut
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bush more. what you want what you want to. up to date extraordinary getting to decide what's on sunday morning. dot com smart t.v. . i'm trying. to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news events. and d.-w. makes that part of traveling easy just because it's available and thousands of her talents resorts and cruise ships worldwide. or have you found the domain site to send us a picture that shows the w. in your room you can break right to d.w. dot com travel quiz by bite you the countdown is on for britain's
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withdrawal from the european union but little spurts affects. the people dealing with it. what are politicians doing about it. our reporters are seeking answers in the year ahead of this fiscal. road to brazil today in the first place. on g.w. since. the truck bombs on civilians. more true situation escalates coach no longer in the four schools. ruthless calculation military leaders were coping extent of the mass clock technological progress comes with a conflagration some answers from becoming. to her starting february third on t w.
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this is news to live from. fuses to talk now he faces a congressional subpoena the former aide won't answer u.s. lawmakers questions about his time at the white house what does he know about alleged russian ties to the trunk campaign. also coming up the u.s. government cuts tens of.


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