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starting february third. this is. the moment under one flag a step towards deescalation as north korea agreed to march under the same banner at next month's winter olympics will also be sending a joint women's ice hockey team if the international olympic committee is also coming up another terror attack in northern nigeria
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a suicide bombers killed at least ten people and it looks like it could be both. plus a meeting of chancellors but was there a meeting of the mon. courts and germany have been trying to find common ground on the divisive issue of migration did they succeed. good to have you with us tonight the two koreas are taking a step that many hope will lead down the path of reconciliation in the demilitarized zone that separates north and south korea representatives met today and agreed to march under one flag at the opening ceremony of next month's winter olympics they also agreed to send a joint women's ice hockey team if the sea approves a small step towards lessening tension but. will be the first time to the two
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koreas have marched together at the two thousand and three world university games they entered the stadium under the so-called korean unification flag since two thousand they've also marched together at three olympic games. i'm joined here to my far right by honda's mostly occur re expert from bruins for university and right next door here to me to my right our sports correspondent alina talking to both of you welcome kline's i want to start with you and we've been talking about this now ever since the news came out but i'll ask you again why is north korea's leader using the winter olympics as an opportunity to reduce tensions or to at least have it appear that way well the most important reason for that north korea recently was very much isolated future the sanctions and other provocations and even north korea needs the direct communication channel for implementing its foreign policy and talking to south korea is the first step and talking to the u.s.
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which is the ultimate aim that's the ultimate aim alina we talk though about the sports part of it this is the first time that we've seen the two koreas use sports to bridged divisions right yes and what makes this so unique in particular is the fact that this is the first time we'll be seeing a unified korean olympic team and i've been stressing this day entire day the emphasis here is on and then takes because in the past these two the two koreas have joined forces when it comes to international sporting events beside for example in one thousand nine hundred one in japan at the at the world table tennis championships and the women actually ended up winning that tournaments and that same year they also joy sent a joint soccer team to the future youth championships in portugal and you guys want to guess how far they went they went i know i have no idea ok as far as the quarter finals is it just shows you that if the. to unite the talent is even. quite the
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sporting all right so there's more there is sports here and it's not just symbolism is minuscule what's been the reaction in south korea to this is a big all positive well similar to the international community basically that people are very positive about the recent developments but except the conservative opposition who tries increasingly to criticize the negotiations and the participation of the north korean athletes because they are saying there's only promotes the propaganda of the north and for example carrying the unification flag you just mentioned would rather be trade the south korean people because they're not carrying the south korean flag which is of course ridiculous but it shows that the how they try to undermine this reproach and well i mean and in terms of symbolism and in terms of what it looks like to the outside world it looks like a win for the north doesn't it surely yeah but the opportunity the the opposition things differently they a little bit angry about the last presidential elections and this all plays
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a role in this and the let me ask you about this joint women's ice hockey team so i mean do you think the r.u.c. will approve this i mean it has to be proved right if the i.o.c. if they follow their own in them picks they own values their own ideas you would think that they would approve it because they're the very same people that encourage peace that encourage creating a better was understanding despite our differences are they really big on bringing people together but let's be clear about one thing that is why this is the first family that we do see a joint korean team this is not the first time that we see the two koreas that they'll be marching site by site in an opening ceremony that has happened before it happened in sydney for the first time in two thousand and four years later in athens and at the winter games and inter and ok. we know that kim jong un wants to use this the. the olympics to isolate the united states and he would like for the
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united states to be the ultimate loser in this if you're thinking of him as a rational actor is he going to get what he wants to say it's not about isolating the u.s. but engaging the u.s. and as i said earlier it's about going via south korea to the u.s. because talking to the u.s. directly was and still is very difficult without losing face but now north korea can say we went to the olympics we are full peace and that now without losing face they can and you think is is thinking that this is a way this is a channel to communicate with the u.s. without it appearing that we're picking up the phone yes that's exactly the strategy capable see we've got another month will see how this pans out but interesting analysis from both of you and as well as the from berlin's for university and lima talking from our sports desk to both of you thank you were to nigeria now where at least ten people have been killed and dozens injured
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by suicide bombers in an attack on a crowded market in the northeastern city of my degree police say that two bombers carried out the blast but emergency services they say that four women were responsible no group has claimed responsibility but it bears the hallmarks of the islamist terror group boko herat are for more on that story now we want to go to our correspondent adrian crease he joins us from magos good evening to you adrian what more can you tell us about this bombing. all right as you said the emergency officials put the number of twelve people who apparently died more than sixty five injured but it's very difficult to verify those numbers right now because even in maiduguri our colleagues they are not able to go out because there's a curfew overnight no group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet but it is very likely that is behind it they have attacked this area before the area where it
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happened in the outskirts off the state's capital maiduguri it's actually the area where a lot of internally displaced people live where those who come from the rule areas to seek safer place come first and basically the security forces there take quite a long time to check everybody before they allow them to enter the town so it's a kind of a buffer zone which makes it of course rather easy to attack for terrorists and the information we have so far is that at least one of the suicide attackers was a woman and once again that is also another sign that might be behind it because they have been increasingly using women and young girls forcing them to carry out those suicide attacks. there's been a separate incident in nigeria's northwestern could. have kidnapped an american and a canadian and killed two police officers what do we know about they're not related to what we've seen earlier. brant
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a very unlikely that is related to a book incident we have seen these kind of kidnappings for ransom happening in very often do not state is rather in the center off nigeria and those incidents as i said have been occurring there many times over the past year about a year ago two germans web later on released probably a ransom was paid so most likely those are criminals who try to go for money in the current incident from what we know at the moment is that the american and the canadian well actually installing solar systems in villages this is what the police said and on their way back from kut do not state to the capital they where so no information is where they are what is happening of this negotiations ongoing or not . the embassies of canada and the u.s. of course they do not make another choice about if they want to negotiate in the background but i believe it's a criminal act and it is quite likely that after negotiations they will be released
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are you dream krishna with the latest there from long ago thank you. fears of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in london the house of commons has passed a key breaks it bill it repeals a nine hundred seventy two law that made britain a member of the e.u. and it turns european legislation into british legislation the bill has now been sent to the upper house of the house of lords for further scrutiny in chile pope francis has denounced the use of violence in the country's struggle over the whites of its indigenous people his comments during an open air mass referred to recent violence including the burning of churches in the country's south that's where indigenous groups have been pushing for the return of their land. in ethiopia thousands gathered outside to cheer opposition leader good enough he was released from jail he is one of several hundred prisoners to want. free as part of the
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government's pledge to quote widened the democratic space the move comes after months of anti-government protests. here in europe german chancellor angela merkel in austria as a new chancellor sebastian cortes met in berlin for talks today the meeting was under closer scrutiny for any signs of discord between the two accords halves up a controversial coalition with austria's far right and he's been a vocal critic of merkel's migration policy the two leaders are hoping to find some common ground on improving the protection of europe's borders. the youngest government leader in europe meets the longest serving one and it's not just age that divides these two it's austrian foreign minister sebastien cortes sharply criticized on the americans refugee policy now however even the german chancellor favors setting a limit on migration quite says that he sees other e.u.
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countries moving in austria's direction adopting positions he was criticized for two years ago you know how men and evil pulpits in the us and austria we made a disproportionate contribution that we have the second highest number of asylum seekers relative to our population after sweden so i believe no one can accuse us of not showing solidarity on the contrary but if we want to solve the migration issue that it won't succeed via distribution but instead with aid on location and that still inadequately functioning e.u. external border protection that we urgently need. machall stressed that it's not human traffickers who should decide who comes to europe. it's welcome cloud us it's totally clear that we want to reduce illegal migration and strengthen europe's external borders one of eight but also strengthen the partnership with the countries of origin that in turn means that we must find new ways of working together with those countries in when it comes to questions of resettlement or
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offers of co-operation and annoyance of it and then once in this differences remain vienna feels there's been excessive focus on the use of quotas for purposes of distributing refugees entitled to remain in the e.u. austria in the past to sympathise with eastern european countries that refused to abide by such quotas. merkel feels that's wrong. if you hadn't you know you people john ch the new austrian government on its actions and that's what i've told the chancellor one side only if that's what counts c eight the tone of the two leaders debate may have been less harsh than in the past but relations between the two neighbors remain complicated. catalona as new parliament has held its opening session lawmakers from program independence parties used their slim majority to elect
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a left wing separatist one hundred tory to have their speaker now that is a symbol or signal rather that the chamber is likely to continue its push for independence from spain yellow ribbons mark the empty seats of former cattle one president carlist and other separatist figures which tomorrow remains in self-imposed exile in belgium three others are in prison phasing charges of rebellion and sedition. are sports news outlets catchable some of the results from round two of the australian open in melbourne men's number one seed rafael nidal is through to the next round following a straight sets win but the things biggest story came in the women's singles fifteen year old. won her second round match in straight sets so that makes her the youngest player to reach the third round of a grand slam tournament in over twenty years meanwhile it was a bad day for germany number one you will you guess who is out of the tournament after losing to elise corn today in straight sets. it's time now for real the
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mountain biker max he has conquered the legendary. come down hill ski course in his native austria take a look at this the forty three year old rode down over three spine chillingly steep kilometers on a regular melton bike the only out of the equipment metal spikes on his tires he hit top speeds of one hundred six kilometers an hour the last report was his mother was very relieved when he got to the bottom. you have to they don't need to be a news we'll see you again at the top of the. they make a commitment they find solutions. and stronger. africa
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the. stories of people making a difference in the nation.


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