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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is the news live from europe under fire over its human rights record human rights watch criticizes the news efforts to keep refugees out but there's also a price for countries taking a stand against populism also on the program. i'm not a presidential tweets divides america after weeks of hype donald trump and finals he's fake media awards will bring you reaction. over europe kill three and cause traffic chaos across the continent all the long distance rail transport in germany is counsel.
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i feel welcome to the program. the european union has been heavily criticized for its treatment of migrants and asylum seekers a new human rights watch report highlights e.u. efforts to prevent fresh arrivals in twenty seventeen and it criticizes the e.u. for its reliance on non e.u. countries to stem the flow of people reaching europe while the number of migrant arrivals by sea was down to one hundred fifty thousand by november last year around half the previous year but the report says the mediterranean remained deadly with nearly three thousand people dead or missing in that same period human rights watch also said the member states who took in the largest number of arrivals were shunned by the remainder of the union and this was because of the dublin regulation under this rule asylum seekers were returned to excellence and greece who then had to
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take responsibility for them because they were the original e.u. countries of entry in some of twenty seventeen germany suspended those rules and a number of other e.u. states followed suit human rights watch as executive director is kind of the roth launching this year's that world report in paris he blamed the rise of populism for many human rights violations the rise of the populace was very much a response to genuine grievances that people had they felt left behind economically they were complaining about economic inequality and many people dislike the cultural shifts associated with migration some people fear terrorism and what the authoritarian populists did is take things which in the grievances and skilled goat won't be able minorities to say you know it's the migrants who are at fault it's the asylum seekers it's the refugees and that effort to sort of breme a vulnerable minority for the problems of the majority hasn't paid in my eyes to
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the rise of the populist. and once only health care is director of human rights watch here in germany welcome to g.w. we'll get to populism shortly first let's start with a report six hundred pages to tell us that refugees need to be treated better now what what's the point of this. the point is that we see a rise in refugees rising migration the mobility in a globalized world is much bigger and that causes a populist backlash in a lot of countries the same time we see the e.u. cooperate ing with countries like libya where there is no rule of law and where refugees are being treated terribly so that is the reason why this report awful not only but also focuses on refugees. you told us you told us there
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what we already knew didn't need a six hundred page report to tell us that things are not going well let's pick through some of this essential issue of human rights watch is concerned is this shifting of responsibility for asylum seekers and refugees to their countries of origin you criticize the e.u. for this what should the block do. let me tell you first the six hundred pages are not only on refugees refugees of course a very important topic but we have six hundred forty eight pages that deal with almost every country and their human rights abuses in the world and so what the e.u. should do with refugees they have to change the policy the distribution of refugees within the e.u. has to be much more equalized at the countries that are now blocking the excess of refugees have to change the policies and the e.u.
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should not cooperate with countries that are clearly. disrespecting the human rights of refugees and military to them and. though those countries being for example libya but also turkey in some extent by not letting syrian refugees for example crossing the border so let's talk about libya. you've criticized italy and the e.u. for providing training and support to the libyan coast guards because of the physical abuse that as has been documented again if the e.u. is looking to limit the number of. refugees and people seeking asylum under which shows what else can it do if not work with other countries in order to stem this for. it has to work much more with african countries to improve the situation in those countries by a meaningful development aid that should not use doing. so to some extent
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but not really. it could be much more smarter too much development aid as it's reaching the hands of corrupt authoritarian regimes not reaching to certain people or where we see development aid and maybe an improvement in the infrastructure or education we still have the oppression of the people no freedom of expression oppositional evolution's have to see is that they come to that they be thrown in europe you are talking about what you're effectively saying is the world is not perfect and the e.u. is not a perfect institution and is used to dealing with imperfect institutions the e.u. is an institution trying to do its best within its own rules nothing that you have said i'm sure will come as any surprise to anyone from federica rainy or
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to yucca downwards so again it's it's interesting to see that you say well you do this wrong you do this wrong you do this wrong yes they know that i think you can't see how you're helping do they know that i think maybe we and other organizations have told them the last couple of years this again and again again but we have the feeling that they're not really listening who they're listening to other populists too many politicians are trying to ape populist positions which of fear mongering scam mongering positions and not really doing what they should do too many politicians saying we have to take the root causes but where does it happen i can't see that too many countries are cooperating with human rights abuses abusing regimes who are refugee producing countries and so the healthy very interesting thank you for joining us. now one of the countries that mentioned of course that
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turkey facing condemnation for violating human rights more than one hundred forty journalists are being held in turkish prisons following twenty sixteen's failed attempt to overthrow the government the w. spoke to a turkish court reporter who's covered many of those journalists trials. at breakfast shannon shakun isn't ready checking to see if they have been any more arrests for years the thirty year old has worked as a court reporter covering the trials of her connie. i check if other journalists were imprisoned since the police weren't at my place at five am they could have struck somewhere else. she has lost her sense of humor without it she says she wouldn't be able to last in her job. she reports from the heavily guarded palace of justice in istanbul the place where freedom of press in turkey came to an end. i would just there to be
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just like every day when i walk over to this clase i see this building as some kind of a normas monster awaiting me with an ugly grimace to take her to the cio i. cameras are not allowed in the courthouse so from this point we were cord with a hidden cell phone today she attends another case against colleagues of the daily paper already at the accusation betraying state secrets a few other reporters are present trials against journalists have become part of a sound routine in turkey the coverage of the trial itself is obstructed by the courts well since ronald holmes so they say there's no place for the press the building is huge but the courtrooms are very small the smallest rooms are always selected for these important trials. no more than twenty to twenty five visitors can fit into them about. this time sean combs colleagues walk free at least for the
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time being after two hours attorneys and defendants come out of the courtroom after the trial is postponed for two months over. goon sends a copy of the court's decision to have paper. outside in front of the courthouse the lawyer for the generalists describes the repeated postponement of the trial as a tactic to keep the defendants on depression. and her colleagues are watched and filmed by the police the entire time. shakun returns to the editorial department of her newspaper her yet three of her colleagues are currently in prison and dozens of accusations are pending. the editors fight to survive and shushed co knows that she could be indicted at any time for her court reporting much about. yachts in turkey there is no system of law that protects the rights of
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individuals entire groups in society have been declared enemies and their rights are just taken away so lucky you'll all. and the world would not be aware if they're safe shannon didn't get up every morning to report from the inside of his stumbles palace of justice. now after weeks of hype about a possible fake news awards events u.s. president donald trump has pointed to a ten top examples of news stories in twenty seventeen that he says were intentionally wrong mr trump unveiled the awards with a tweet said to have provided a link to a republican party website that listed ten cases in which major american news sources reported stories that were later to be tracked it or in which the list which the list says were incorrect c.n.n. had four mentions followed by a two for the new york times despite some of the president's initial statements via twitter it's still not clear who was drawn up the list. as you can imagine the
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social media reaction to those awards highlights the deep polarization within the united states with the president's supporters and detractors seeing them as vindicating their political views as you'd expect the trump base applauds the move is my ghazal i'm saying i'm just so proud to have a president who not only stands up for the american people but stands up to the liberal media trump is changing the scope of politics and his refusal to be politically correct is a dream come true of chums opponents have a seat as another attack on press freedoms writer alley says that we laugh about the fake news awards but it is in fact quite terrifying and chilling is what happens in dictatorships and fascist regimes facts language truth and ultimately the press become hijacked to serve power not question it or hold it accountable it was generated enough attention to bring down parts of the republican party website just after mr trump tweeted about them. for germany the netherlands and belgium
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have issued warnings as that deadly winter storm made landfall today killing at least three people and causing transport delays the dutch weather service recorded gusts of up to one hundred forty kilometers an hour on the coast this was the same time stamps that ship all are port earlier overflights were suspended at the peak of the storm the national rail service also halted trains across the netherlands earlier today the storm crossed to britain leaving much of scotland covered in snow thousands of homes without electricity. and his reminder the top stories at this hour of the european union has been heavily criticized for its treatment of migrants and the new human rights watch report the organization shop to criticize the use reliance on countries outside its borders to take in my kids. that's it you're up to date i'm all for you capital of the hour or you'll find more on the website that's t w dot com for the.
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there is no use in germany is a strong country. yon's and we have achieved so much we can do this and do something henderson says we must overcome. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w. made for mines.


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