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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin don't you find his uncle edition militia across the border into syria the tanks and out the radio the country's defense minister says an attack on the enclave has begun we get an update from our correspondent in istanbul and also coming up germany's social democrat delegates to vote on whether to join chancellor angela merkel is going to have the dip stick with the new government for going to the opposition. on the one storm in a decade it was the britain the netherlands and germany feel at least
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a dozen people dead to entry go traveling across europe. to. touch you much good to have your company. dicky's defense minister says an operation has now begun against the kurdish controlled on klav off often and reports coming in that turkish forces are firing shells across the border this comes just days after the turkish president. threatened a full military intervention into syria to stamp out what he called nests of terror on the country's border ungar are deployed tanks and military equipment head of the operation putting it at odds with the us which is backed the goodish militia in its fight against islamic state only i spoke to did correspondent in turkey daryn jones
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and i asked him what he was hearing about the military operation while asserting there's a sustained bombardment of the syrian for an enclave which is controlled by a syrian kurdish militia this bombardment has paid much more sustained and previous bombardment in the last few days on top of that turkish forces are continuing to reinforce on the front here more times more armored personnel carriers and we've had the political rocketing up of tension for the turkish defense minister neurontin clear warning that this operation may not be confined to the eye for an enclave all across turkey southern border where there are three kurdish militia are currently based but he said the actual timing of the incursion into africa will be dependent on military considerations and the main junket of this operation appears to be this a group called the wife b g tell us more about this group and why distill a key view it as such a threat to its national security. well the white p.g.
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according to is linked to a kurdish rebel group called the p.k. cave i've been waging a decades long insurgency inside turkey company that has claimed tens of thousands of lives it says that this why p.g. militia is clearly linked to this group is accuse its fighters of entering turkey to support the p.k. k. in their operations now that is a claim that is hotly demarked annoyed by the militia but claims that this group a poses a clear and present danger and it says it's a terminal to route it from its positions in the south in northern syria. and the defense minister that you mentioned dorothy's also said that there is no option now for a ground offensive to target the wife b g now turkey just encroach under siege in terror you wonder why did the repercussions of such a move when according to turkish prime minister been in the yield room
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today he says that turkey has international law on its side it says that when a country is facing such a major terror threat in his words then the country has a right to remove it but there are major threats to this operation given the fact that syria the muskets regime has warned that any incursion into syria will be treated as a hostile act and will be resisted militarily the united states yesterday the pentagon spokesman called on turkey to refrain from such an operation and crucially moscow which also backed the militia has remained silent and it is unclear whether moscow would support such an operation if turkey care about operation without any of support of the key regional players it will be a day operation that's considered fraught with danger so potentially of a volatile situation is what you're seeing daryn jones in istanbul thank you very much for that update. let me bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the wound a group of international scientists say they have developed a new test that screens for multiple types of cancer using only
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a blood sample but further studies needed before the test ct cancer seek can be made widely available for its projected cost of some five hundred dollars. a california couple who all held their thirteen children captive for years in their home have pleaded not guilty to charges of torture and child abuse prosecutors say the children were starved and shackled even when they had to go to the bathroom the couple face life in prison if convicted of the charges. germany's most well known extremist who joined the so-called islamic state then a school spat has reportedly been killed in syria a media site affiliated with i.a.s. announced the death of the forty two year old former rapper who performed under the stage name of diesel dog. new zealand prime minister just into arjun has announced she's expecting her first child and will take six weeks of maternity leave when the baby's born arden's comments on
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a woman's right to privacy concerning baby plans went viral last year after she was elected leader of new zealand's party. here in germany the social democrats will decide on sunday with the indoors family coalition talks with conservatives it's a tense political drama and curious how we got here election day twenty fourth of september two thousand and seventeen the social democrats suffer a major setback party leader martin schultz says the s.p.d. will go into the opposition then chancellor merkel begins exploratory talks with the pro-business free democrats and the greens but those talks failed then the president of germany frank steinmeyer urges medicals christian democrats and the social democrats of martin sure to hold talks after that all night marathon negotiations the leadership of b s b recommends starting formal coalition talks now
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this coming sunday the s.b. the rank and file will decide whether or not to back that decision by party leaders but the party is divided especially the youth wing of the social democrats it's simply not convinced the s. video should go into correlation with america for another four years and it looks like the youth wing could hold the balance of power in sunday's vote we caught up with a youth wing leader. six months ago no one knew who he was now it seems everyone wants a piece of kevin care net. at just twenty eight the leader of the s.p.d. as youth wing is on a mammoth mission to stop another grand coalition between the social democrats and the conservatives what germans call. we reject a renewed grand coalition because we convinced it wouldn't be right for democracy in germany and we consider it negligent to let the far right if do you become the
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leading opposition party with us and for the second time in two months cain it will be locking horns with s.p.d. party leader martin schultz on sunday as he bids to convince party delegates to vote no growth. grassroots support q not believes this is the only way for the s.p.d. to regenerate after damage in years into medical governments. the finnish president and for me he is the kind of politician who hopefully has certainly shaped the future of this party. that they tried to influence a very talented upcoming politician he's still young and everything lines ahead of him i think something will become of him. even pozen members who support the idea of a grand coalition have high hopes for canucks political future. impose a t.v. and put in the most positive sense he's a politics junkie he breathes politics but at the same time he's matter of fact and stands by his opinion and he definitely has a big future. i cannot became
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a member of the s.p. day at just fifteen in the same year that angle of michael was first elected chancellor but can it snow grow coke campaign now threatens to end a twelve year reign. that's because that's what i think i'm going to mathilde's time in office will soon end because her policy model simply no longer works you can sit on issues forever and make no decisions the things aren't going to get into magically better when she's no longer chancellor you know america is one of conservatism it's a classic tale of experience against youth name first is nobody but they snow today could well be the straw that breaks the camel's back in germany's chancellor. i've seen that analysis i'm joined by political correspondent christopher spring good welcome chris i mean you know why have you seen this disconnect between the youth wing of the s.p.d. and the mainstream body given that the s.p.d. executive what is it you know i'm mostly to going full coalition tilted i mean
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america there's always been tension between the the mainstream of the social democrats and its youth wing the uses you know the users the younger the more radical the more left wing they're more ideological they're far less willing to compromise and they have from it well if that is in a sense their jobs you know to provide ideological stimulus and youthful energy and the key thing at the moment is their focus is the health of the party and indeed from the perspective of the social democrat party would be best to go into opposition and really reinvent themselves there but you know what the users don't have as young politicians is experience of government that kind of national perspective where you develop a sense of response responsibility for the nation before the party so that's where that disconnect is coming from and so what from what you think it's also it's a generational thing that idealism off the youth wink compared with the kind of riyadh political the mainstream but also in terms of policy you talked about deniel
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and this is a lot of people say that what the party desperately needs is renewal i think actually the main dividing line at the moment within the social democrats is between the wings if you want the mainstream the right wing of the party and the left wing it is the left wing of the social democrats who are most keenly against joining another grand coalition on the other grow co with chancellor merkel the conservatives and of course the use of those the youth wing a key element of that left me but as i say their concern is a narrow one it's with the health of the party they want to put the party before the nation but for decades now the social democrats have put a nation before party and that is why the party leadership is tending in that direction in fact the the users could be fact. affect the balance of power in the. that is going to take place on sunday but look at mobility these it's the details have been going to hundred and seventeen days give it take a few days what do the general public in germany feel about this dragging on people
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are fed up with this you know as you say hundred seventeen days four months after the election we still have no government and i think they'll be positively angry german voters if they're forced to go back to the polls again i think this is also something that is exercising the minds of the social democrat leadership they know that if they go back to the polls if there are fresh elections the s.p.d. their party will be punished ok and what about overseas about how people view this do you think the fact that you know four months after elections jimmy still doesn't have a new government well it is affecting the way people abroad view germany germany until now has been this model of solid stability and that image is being eroded chancellor merkel orthorexic is being eroded her reputation as a dealmaker is being eroded although i think she's probably not the only one to be blamed for that. the european allies of germany especially want to a government as soon as possible they need to move forward on the e.u.
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budget they want to move forward on a debate about how to integrate deepen european integration so people are getting impatient. chrysippus bring it up as if to have you with me in the studio or welcome. in history jim lee and by the full cost of describing it is the one still in a decade at least twelve people were killed eight of them here in germany as hurricane force winds and rain stepped across parts of europe the powerful gave force winds tore up buildings and toppled trees and pools have a really an air traveler with. a nervous fliers nightmare planes blown around like toys at amsterdam shithole airport. down on the ground a mother and her baby had a narrow escape. while gale force winds toppled shipping containers out of dutch port. the.
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across the border in germany the elements made some jobs impossible. trees were uprooted here as well causing extensive property damage as well as fatalities. rail passengers were left in the lurch as high speed train services were shut down across germany. friday morning travelers were resigned to the situation i've been here since yesterday and i mean it's just the waiting game now there are a lot of people who all stuck in berlin so i think they do what they can and. they can control the weather. as it continued its journey east the storm also pummeled poland and bold area but it's set to weaken throughout friday. and watching do you have any is coming up ahead i think and swine fever spreading
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across europe a wild boar population. shops in danger more of that coming up still in. and that is with then president of the business update for you coming up shockey you're watching live from london. they make a commitment. they find solutions. and stronger. africa on the minds. story of both people making a difference shaping their nation.


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