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this is the w.'s line from berlin mcelwee it's macro in paris the german chancellor and the french president hope to put on a show of unity but events back home in germany this weekend could mark the beginning of the end of the long battle here and take you live to paris also on the program. turkey files on kurdish militias in syria with tanks and troops ready to roll turkey's defense minister says the shelling is part of a planned invasion. some said he wouldn't last until christmas for president trump is still there to take a look at his turbulent first year you know. i'm
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from galle welcome to the program europe's two most powerful leaders meet today to discuss their fissions for the blockhouse i'm going to mco visits paris for talks with french president emmanuel macro trying to hammer out a series of reforms to the eurozone at an e.u. summit last month chancellor and president said they hope to have proposals ready by march twenty eighth is seen as a crucial time to push through these reforms ahead of european parliamentary elections and bracks it but agreement sees seems a long way off. from the let's join max hoffman in paris welcome max standing there in the cold. what do these two leaders want. it's not that caulfield and of course as you know that medical and i call probably the most beautiful friendship in the european union is about to take shape here
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than it's heartwarming to go i'm only joking the two have a lot to talk about of course for example medical hasn't been about in europe as much as she used to be even because of course you know she's caught up with coalition talks in germany and i'm michael has been quite the opposite just returning from a meeting from a summit with the british prime minister three so many so that's something they could talk about but you said it earlier the prime goal here is to get the german french and german really humming again and that requires a show unity that's why we're hearing they're talking about a new version of the famous easy treaty that's the treaty that was born fifty five years ago and basically the foundation for all or for a lot of cooperation between the germans and the french it was founded not so much time after the second world war so of where you symbolic but of course they also have to find common ground on the many e.u. reforms that are about to happen maybe in the next months and years so between them germany and france control roughly half of the eurozone budget max what do they
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disagree on. they won't say it openly they're really striving to be very united publicly but of course we know that some of the suggestions that in one room i call the french president made in the past have already been struck down by the germans for example zone a euro zone budget we already have a budget for the european union but macross suggested there be another budget just for the euro zone countries because not every e.u. country actually has the euro and is in the euro zone same thing for european finance minister but they're on the same page for example for founding own european monetary fund just like the international monetary fund that we have in washington d.c. but up until now it's not entirely clear where the to do align on those big projects you touched on it's a brief when you first. chancellor merkel of course having problems domestically
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a putting together a new government how has that affected her position in a new policies. well first of all we do have a result from the exploratory talks as you know between the social democrats and the conservatives in germany in the first part is all about europe and you can sense a lot of money michael in there so you can sense that he has increased french influence over what germany says it does about the european union immensely that's an important factor second important factor germany still is the most powerful member of the european union but of course going back his hands are tied as long as he doesn't have a government so as long as that doesn't happen the european union does not advance with its projects but it will as soon as she has a government but now i'm out hoffman and paris thank you. we mentioned it there let's talk about it to mourn her chance of america's
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political fate could be decided this weekend not by the voters or by her own party but by her potential coalition partners on sunday s.p.d. party leader martin schultz will try to convince a special party conference to back the leadership's decision to talk to the chancellor's conservatives about entering into a new grand coalition the s.p.d. can only start formal negotiations with the conservatives if the conference votes yes but the party is split with particular resistance from its youth wing a no vote would mean i have a minority government or fresh elections watching scholtz has been speaking about sunday's vote vehicle surveillance of unity we are concentrating on reaching a majority of the party congress on sunday in favor of the decision to enter into talks aimed at finding a coalition deal that is my task to get a majority of others are trying to get a majority for their positions that is how a democratic party works up in about how they will cut fission power. let's get
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more on this from his friend you crouse she's a political scientist at bourbons humbled university welcome to t.w. german politics getting interesting as a novelty let's talk about sunday's vote then and its importance we'll start first of all with it's important for germany yes obviously is very important because you know right now we only have a caretaker government right and if this vote will fail then we'll probably have to face new elections would be which would be a no win for germany does not a shelter of the numbers. i think it's going to be a close race but i think in the end the party congress should approve to start negotiations for a call forming a coalition government now you so you think that on balance it's likely to be yes the the big problem as far as we can tell for marty schultz is likely to be the youth wing their leader kevin. i think the chancellor should form
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a minority government listen to him speak that's what if i'm going to market it means anglo american would have to secure majorities from case to case. she shies away from that because it's not her political style that i can understand that on a human level but german politics can't revolve around the sensibilities of angela merkel's card in front of your american audience here so that's that's that's the other option isn't it that i'm going to who could form a minority government why is she so against that option and she personally is against it but it's also a problem for german politics in general because we were only had minority governments right so we only had it twice on the federal level and on the on the eleven they are now you know on the. senate levels are sorry yes they level and i mean in the one case it went quite well but otherwise especially on the national level we never had this before so it's right the germans are reluctant to do this now who kerry but it might happen i mean if if if he does vote
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against a grand coalition those will be her options are minority government or a new election nobody wants a new election nobody does but nobody else wants a minority government aside from the s.p.d. maybe so i mean it's it's medical sedition to to do that and i think she's very reluctant to do that because that would be a novelty and she's not well she's not there's nobody there so i think. it sounds to me that if. i guess that's the case this is important for martin shows as well he's not long in the in the job as the he's taking them to their worst political so the worst election result since anyone can remember he has to assert his authority is true but. right now what we see especially also with the youth organisation is that they'd say they don't want to have this grand coalition but they're not necessarily against multinationals so if martin schultz would want to stay or stay
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the leader of the s.p.d. he might have the chance to but i don't think he would he would take this risk. server everything happens on sunday talk us through what's going to happen on sunday yes so we'll have the delegates off the social democrats vote on on the question of whether. it's pretty should start the coalition talks so it will be a simple question should be a speedy start coalition told exactly ok yeah so this is a either yes or no vote and then we'll see what happens i mean if if they agree on that then we'll have the formal coalition to go she sions and then if they are a successful then we'll have another referendum of the s.p.d. but this time it will be the members who will wote on the coalition agreement so this is another quite a big hurdle for the conclusion what people against this flood the us why why would somebody voices within the s.p.d. against going into a coalition because this this would be their third time i think with chelsea i mean
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they had bad experiences right so they whenever they were a coalition with with the c.d.u. c.s.u. they lost a number of votes and they also saying that policy wise they couldn't really. come forward could not be brooke restive as they want to and i specially with the conservatives so this is why they're against it still you've crossed from buildings from both university thank you. as take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world here in germany clean up works under way in the wake of worst storms to hit the open group in a decade or two fredricka killed at least twelve people and to ensure insurers here estimate the storm caused some five hundred million euros worth of damage but its national group of scientists say they have developed a blood test that screens for multiple types of cancer researchers say further studies needed before the cancer seek test can be made widely available for the
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projected cost of around five hundred dollars. the husband of german journalist i'm a challis tolu has been rearrested in turkey just weeks after he and his wife were released from pretrial detention so what color is a journalist an activist whose father in law has confirmed that he's been taken into custody in his wife face charges of belonging to a terrible organization. so your forces have begun firing on targets across their border with syria the country's defense minister says an operation against a kurdish controlled on klav in syria's african region has begun by the move comes just days after turkish president reggie type erdogan said he wanted to stamp out what he called nests of terror on the border military intervention puts turkey at odds with the united states which is backed the kurdish militias in its fight against a so-called islamic state. thousands of kurds demonstrated against
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a possible invasion of turkish troops president add ons and once meant that he wants to drive kurdish militias i took the syrian enclave brought them onto the streets. and that's not all the world needs to hear us and these threats from turkey. who goes over the head of one wants to intimidate us we will kill any attacker who sets foot in our free. was all about. iran's twenty kilometers further north turkish tanks roll on unperturbed towards the border region of how tight security that is high media reports say there have been exchanges of gunfire but no one was injured turkey calls kurdish militias in northern syria terrorists. ankara says they are the extended arm of the band k.k. however some kurdish militias are u.s. allies in the fight against the so-called islamic state. we are
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telling the turkish army straight we are ready. what we are prepared for anything and our troops are well equipped to defend our free will be. a free night fears a military strike that could track the entire region into a new war. you watching d.w. news live from bergen still to come some said he would last until christmas the president trump is still very much that will take a look at least turbulent first year in office. the trade wars breaking out between the united states and china benefits really can tell us will some chinese steel and polyester exports to the u.s. now face punitive tariffs as high as one hundred seventy four to sit. washington says subsidies from beijing give these products an unfair age making it hard for american producers to compete on the a small range of chinese products are affected experts say the trade dispute could
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affect other countries too. has entered the german market that is purchasing dimas crude which began offering a similar service in germany last year it will have to compete against cashing platforms like dr e. and snap which are already present in germany turo has around five million uses in the u.s. not to show yet how many users here in germany but let's pull in our financial correspondent daniel cole who's standing by in frankfurt on this one daniel they're already. caught sharing apps here they're already caught sharing apps as well when companies like b.m.w. for example because of the streets the people can use and you share them with others but this is about sharing your own cop and german state pride in their cars what would they really want other people driving their prized possessions. well i
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was actually asking myself the same question because you know when i'm here in my car standing at home it would be actually a nice idea you know to make some money with it but on the other hand you don't really know who's going to be driving the car maybe it's somebody who's smoking i personally don't small investors also feel that the german market especially is going to be very difficult for the company because there are other european companies i actually asked my spanish colleague a little bit earlier where cars are mostly more seen as a way of transportation coming from one place to the other well here in germany a car in many places you know or for many people it can be even more important than the own wife but of course at the beginning also nobody was really believing in the success of air b.n. b. but it's now a company also making more than one billion u.s. dollars every year and also since last year in the winning zone so it sounds like there is a market out there. driving in step as well which i
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mentioned. apart from the fact that there are still a lot of germans who smoke and i wouldn't want to smoke you getting into my car. yeah exactly i mean drive you from france right now and number one here in europe tour has the goal really to become the number one here and you are actually trying to rent a car tomorrow just for a couple of hours and just one car was actually offered to me and all to the north about for about twenty five euros but at the same time located in mine so would be another forty minute drive so i guess they really still need to grow where little bit because the infrastructure is not there and it depends on whether or not you want to drive around ok daniel thanks for you know. sales of electric vehicles doubled in germany last year but the real boom is. billet he is really taking off almost eight hundred thousand electric vehicles were sold there last year up more than fifty percent from the previous you. at wharfs the market in
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germany where fifty five thousand electric cars were sold analysts say conventional petrol engines are likely to dominate german roads for at least another decade. the eighty third birthday an international green week has opened to the public the focus on plant protection and animal welfare the timing couldn't be worse with african swine fever spreading through wild boar populations in europe culling is underway in many countries to stop livestock getting infected germany is the e.u.'s biggest pork producing nation. there's a lot to see and even more to taste burlington's killing of walker will green week brings together more than sixteen hundred exhibitors from sixty six countries one big topic the recent spread of african swine fever across large parts of eastern europe the disease is no threat for humans but farmers are worried if their stock gets infected all animals would have to be killed and what i have is
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a genuine worry that this is will reach germany i would say to farmers or in germany that we are doing everything we possibly can but we have to be vigilant at all times and we have to implement the actions that we have promised to do. last for ten days galleria is this year's official partner country four hundred thousand visitors are expected. the first anniversary of donald trump taking office as president of the united states babbitt does thank you so much yes some said he wouldn't last until christmas with the american economy booming and his health reportedly good mr trump is holding steady but he's unpredictable nature has had his supporters cheering his opponents cringing here's a look back as an eventful year. it was an audacious first week in office. but gratian had been a central tenet of candidate trump's campaign within days of his inauguration
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president trump issued the first of what became known as muslim bands his supporters welcomed the move but thousands of people turned out at airports across the country to protest the executive order legal challenges against the travel ban came almost immediately even after trump signed a second and then a third ban later in the year courts prevented them from going fully into effect the supreme court will ultimately decide their fate this year. shortly after the election the number of illegal crossings at the u.s. mexican border hit an all time low according to u.s. border officials throughout the year the government stepped up raids and arrests of suspected undocumented persons in the u.s. . the wall on the u.s. mexican border that trump promised is now part of some key immigration negotiations in washington. one clear triumph for trump was the ascension of neil course to the
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supreme court for many conservatives this was an affirmation of why they voted for trump course it is an arch conservative jurist at just forty nine years old and with a lifetime appointment he is likely to shape a good portion of american law moving forward. only legislative success so far has been his tax bill with an estimated one point five trillion dollars in tax cuts it advances several conservative republican objectives like slashing corporate taxes and in particular lowering the rate for the richest americans he signed the bill into law even though the american public largely disapproved. the president also fulfilled a key campaign promise when he announced he'd withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate agreement over the objections of many of his advisors the u.s. is now the only country in the world. that is not signed the accord. building on strategies the obama administration put in place trumped up the numbers of u.s.
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troops in iraq and syria ultimately helping to defeat the so-called islamic state the prime minister of iraq declared victory over i asked last month. and the u.s. economy has remained strong under trump u.s. stock markets have reached record highs and unemployment is at a seventeen year low although the president's behavior has been a daily flashpoint and many people still feel left behind in the economy mainstream conservatives have a lot to be happy about. take a look at his record of being with allan lichtman he's a professor of history at the american university in washington is correctly predicted every president since nine hundred eighty four including number forty five welcome to d.w. professor you also predicted that president trump would be gone by the spring that's only a couple of months away now. well i sort of
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predicted a duel scenario look we have a special counsel investigation looking in to a host of serious transgressions including possible conspiracy with the russians including possible financial crimes and obstruction of justice we have seen but the tip of the iceberg of what the special counsel has uncovered and will uncover i believe by the end of the spring say by june the special counsel is likely to come up with findings that will shock the nation and shock the world the republicans in congress can either respond by beginning an impeachment process or if they don't they'll be voted out of office and my second scenario will come into play the democrats will take over the u.s. house and they can start the impeachment process without a single republican. that is the republican party then still broadly behind its
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president. well they to an extent they are behind this president there is no love for this president among republicans he has demeaned and attacked members of his own party as well as democrats but they believe they can use donald trump they used him to get what has been a longtime republican priority big tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy they have used him to get conservative judges on the supreme court including as you report indicated a supreme court justice but as soon as they believe that he is no longer useful to them and by even be dragging them down in the midterm elections they might be quite willing to turn against look if they got rid of president trump it's not like they're going to get a radical like bernie sanders as president they get the very conservative vice president mike pence presuming he's not involved in any transgressions. if.
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they do get rid of. the president how does that then go down with the trump supports us they please these people who got mr trump elected and who don't like politicians. well it will not go down very well they will feel betrayed but they are you know a small minority of the american people he has the lowest approval ratings after one year of any president in the history of polling in the united states and you know we've had two impeachments already in america not removals andrew johnson in the eight hundred sixty s. bill clinton in the one nine hundred ninety s. and we had richard nixon resigned to avoid impeachment and removal none of these events were catastrophic none of them really hurt the country or divided the
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country in some ways they actually brought us closer together so this idea of a cataclysm following an impeachment or even a removal by the senate a separate process of president trumper way overblown very interesting professor thanks so much for joining us allan lichtman my pleasure let's take a look now at some sports temperatures of sorts to forty degree celsius on day five of the australian tennis open in melbourne playhouse however continued uninterrupted men's world number one rafa nadal easily reached round four with a straight sets win over damage and meanwhile third seed grigor dimitrov came through and four sets against andre rieu bluff and ran three of the women's singles a fifteen year old ukrainian amata cost you and her dream run ended six two six two by compactor it alina it's alina and to football the point is that it is much day nineteen takes off several hours from now when the hit to berlin and dortmund the
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buildups been dominated by the future of dortmund stoss striker appear emerick about me i will miss the berlin match with a transfer possibly on the horizon and dortmund will probably have to try and continue their run of good form without him. problem child pm eric obama yang is once again giving his coach a headache with thirteen goals so far this season he's brilliant on the pitch the problem is it's not going on now it's just us a new coach i was in vegas said of verse day that he thinks the twenty eight year old would fit in well in north london. has long been looking for a way out of dortmund and vegas talk seems to have gone to his head the striker has been left out how i'm ahead of dortmund straight to badminton because the club deems that he's got too much else on his mind and isn't fully focused. things had been going so well for these unbeaten in the bundesliga since taking over in december and now christian policy is set to make
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a return from injury. is ready to play again he took part in the last two training sessions and we're going to see how he is so he's a possibility for the game. than a move which is fortunate because right now dortmund need all hands on deck the much discussed departure of their biggest star is looking likely than ever. today to the top of the aisle in the meantime of course as always the web site. of the day.
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