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tv   Doc Film - The Tattooed Lady  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2018 12:30am-1:00am CET

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this is you getting it come to life somebody let's go right to our correspondent he is in central istanbul i'm joined by the helicopter you know his political correspondent on those stories in just a minute but first this news cast it's all about the perspective closer d.w. news. story
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starts here in the streets of manila and it's one that could only take place in the philippines gruesome yet beautiful at the same time full of courage and passion. it's a story that will take eagleman charlie to the most remote region of the island group . the trip of a lifetime starts here. in a dimly lit tattoo studio in manila. it. was. graced uses a bamboo stick and a thorn from a lemon tree to create tattoos the technique is hundreds of years. old grace
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learned from a great aunt a dignified old lady. said she. was choosing old but she's one of the most beautiful women i know and she's an outstanding to text by you why. i hope i can still learn a lot from her her name's one nod she's my great aunt. even. egan and charlie really want to meet wang odd they've already heard so much about her. yet. wang aunt is the last of her kind the last tattoo artist of the killing a tribe i graces how people. everyone. has to two women for beauty while the men have to earn their lives. in the past only the brave warriors got a tatoo. anyone
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wishing to meet wang on has to travel to the far north of the philippines to the province of culling. just getting it takes two days it's not a trip for the faint hearted. to this day killing the province's more remote and less explored them any other region in the philippines. even in charlie our best friends only together they have the courage to come here. for. the roads will end soon then they'll have to continue on foot for a long time people didn't have the courage to come here the land of the kalinda the headhunters. that's how terrifying the thought of the wild warriors lurking in the
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bushes was even in charley are expected visitors. were not only. there is just a narrow path that leads to the village through the jungle first they have to climb down into a canyon then they have to walk half a kilometer up into the mountains they can put a man on the moon the people here say but nobody's managed to build a road to bush to line it.
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where we're. going talented. but the way that they really have quicker but by the by god or a. by the talent. he going in his friend charlie the two visitors from manila want to meet the one time head hunters and their unique tattoo on. it's an art form that now only exists in the remote mountains and the only real practitioner these days is an old lady. hwang on the tattoo artist. but until then until the touring gods have the plans for season and charlie.
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do slaughtered in honor of the visitors. how the guests from far away even welcome here. i'm sure. it's all written in the liver of the slaughtered animals according to the people here in killing. people. for one moment. when strangers visit us i search the liver for secret signs. that the liver is big round and full then everything's ok. you've got. people hopefully getting if it's small. and that's a bad omen we'd love to get. let me tell you the hewitt. that
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the two strangers are allowed to stay one decides that the men will get their tattoos the next day. from the history in or out because there was a really good. i'm quite exciting i was curious and. i'm hoping that after a few. of these i think eventually the rest of the almost equal. men tame the tears. i think it would be a whole lot and i think they're. running the.
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only the big has been slaughtered roasted and shed out among the villages. who no longer. than you. as a thank you the killing go perform their war zones. there's a custom for everything fell into a rule a ritual from birth and for death for a wedding and for a divorce for the harvest and the hogs and the tattooing. hwang on prepares the tattooing process carefully. she gets her needles from right behind how hot she uses thorns from
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a lemon tree. the only real now that would rust that would result in infections. that's why these the ones are so good. to. huang on mixes the ink from charcoal water and a dash of sugar cane juice that'll make the tattoo especially shiny she marks out the pattern on the skin using a rice store. charlie is going first today so far is not scanned.
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first you would think if it hurts about twice you get the feel of the first pinch of the new world order door and get used to it well for me it's it's the same it's the same as a getting ariel that with a machine and getting the hand that was so that it is the same feeling of course it hurts but you just have to take it not even one not knows exactly how old she is well over nine hundred twenty right the elderly lady still possesses an elegant beauty she learned tattooing from her father she was a young girl at the time. hergé didn't well i didn't go this year yet there's no school not protect two way you either have talent or you don't. when i was young my friends and i tattooed each other they practice on my legs my tattoos were always the better ones.
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the killing got haven't always been so hospitable to visitors. until well into the one nine hundred thirty s. strangers had to fear for their lives here. the kalinga blood thirsty battles for land and on a with neighboring villages to. lie.
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to deter them the war is cut off their opponents heads a more rewarding with magnificent tattoos. for the killing they were a sign of courage and strength. the crown of warriors of the past are gradually dying off. george passing is one of maybe thirty living warriors with to use. the main design is a magnificent eagle with huge wings. you know when the young ones were in our favor we went to battle the economy it was mine and against mine. when we all had a knife a spear and a machete. my only thought was about killing my opponent. when you're
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labeled but i wasn't nervous or told. it was like could be to me muschamp or not also i wanted to protect my village. when we got to head he would be brought it back to the village and slaughter the buffalo. but then. if. the celebrate three feasts after the battle must have been quite raucous. and evening fires send flames into killing goes night sky just like
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a hundred years ago. rice liquor was drunk out of the skulls of enemies. the victorious warriors danced themselves into a trance to the rhythm of the gangster gongs the gongs with the human jaw bones still we danced and beat the gong and. we know whose jaw this once was. but we don't want to say the name of. doc would only hurt the relatives. we don't want discord any more. we were thrown. in. these days this it is a mainly adventurous from the city huang aunt has spent her whole life tattooing
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brave headhunters even once a millipede design. southerly i'm nervous now. number one i don't know what to expect. but i was excited about the final product and. this is the first pretty. big business. i don't think the firing is good in. creating tattoos tanks time sometimes days or even weeks because it's so painful long breaks and need to calm the nerves. that. phillip. for.
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one threshold of. pain and then it just repeat it's agreed that she. puts on some more ink than your skin gets and takes a break and then your nerves i think just exhale quit and go. but . it's very calculated. piegan isn't the first to be scared. but. getting a tattoo is torture just as it always has been. really . ronnie because you would think of submitting to this kind of.
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writer i can't answer that people but for me i think it's a price they have to pay for. one on one side a proud warrior in front of her he beheaded three enemies but the man couldn't cope with her needle for a long. time. and a little edgy that i'd go there i've seen men and women who faint but some wet themselves because of the pain that's why you see some of people here who still have finished tattoos they couldn't cope with the pain. isolated from the world for so long the killing a have so far been able to preserve their culture. the jeepney brings visitors to the village just a few times a week grace wang aunts niece is also on board.
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i'm happy to be home. i miss my family and everything let's did to me. there's no shortage of rice. maybe there are even some people i can to to. the killing i gave up head hunting long ago but occasionally there still trouble with neighboring tribes these days they shoot bullets instead of using spears and knives. but they've always used bamboo and thorns for tattoos a hundred taps per minute the ink mixes with blood but wang odds needle finds its
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way with precision. you can see it right now there's a transition in modern it's old. and i think if i can i decided to get this bike and program tell the story to share. it. specially to give some meaning to. what. every tattoo has a meaning the millipedes many legs stand for all the people here we have to walk with the same rhythm then we can achieve anything. and that. anyone wanting to learn the art of tattooing has to feel it so the killing they have to experience the pain on their own bodies. as for
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grace she's almost completed the climb up to the village. grace started tattooing when she was nine the young woman is still undergoing training. and that it. was one laundry. mother there was no. one god became a teacher is an old woman she teaches grace everything passing on her knowledge like an inheritance. that's why grace is visiting her home village. life in the village is so simple and peaceful the city is just noisy i prefer to
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live in the village for ever. nature has always protected the people living in the mountains. but will the killing to be able to preserve their exceptional culture in the modern world. some women got their first tattoo at thirteen or fourteen. the more tattoos you have the more beautiful you are the killing of say a tattoo turns a girl into a woman let's find a husband get married have children. i don't know that i got my tattoo as a young woman when i was around twenty. so we'll see how we are.
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why did you get to tooth. before. we did it because we wanted more sex appeal to be more attractive to the men. one on never married and she has no children. she does everything on her own cooking eating pounding rice. and tattooing even at her advanced age i think. my eyesight still really good i can do as many tattoos as i want what she get to but who knows if i'll be able to see this well next year i'll quit when my vision gets blurry but if you really look at.
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all. of them why not teaches grace everything how she should hold the bamboo stick what thorns make suitable needles and how to make precise pricks hwang aunt has often allowed grace to practice on her arm time and again. i'm proud that i'm allowed to to to i've learnt everything i know from one i'm going to try to be a good two to artiste. i'm happy that someone is continuing this because i'd be sad if this art form were to die with me grace is still young she has to learn to work hard and be patient and modest thank you doing the tattoo for someone else not for yourself.
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john i just. told it to eagle and charlie this was the trip of a lifetime an adventure with the headhunters i i expect the hospitality from them but it was just too much. like my memory everyone was so nice if i could possibly give us coffee and whatever we needed they gave us during
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starting up the big three even had portions of it i don't know if we did this because it's the fifth of the month and it's got the way of growing up for example the first one is the scariest i don't need to get it is that i screwed right and i screwed up was a good to see you go up in the village and into production i did of course i was the summit of the month and that's the good people going up every out of it and i've lived out of the way but it's always been. a rewarding but painful blood soaked trip telling of. sometimes keeping a culture alive involves putting. more.
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the be. the be. the be. the be. the be. the be. the but the but. the be. the best.
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this week. the butcher the it's true how a female jurors seeking the peak of the books how much attention must come up markets michelin star. how the finish for. the ball hold the w. all morning the before games global insights from the news hour for local heroes the b.w.v. for markings from. crime fighter the new season of radio crime thriller.
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minutes during the hour check of the situation escalates. players no longer any money for scramble play with ruthless calculation military leaders work up the expense of the scale up control of the airspace as it does in a minute of play technological touch with the conflagration such destruction play area bombing from get make up to her machine. starting february third on t.w. . play
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. live. this is d.w. news live from berlin turkey and the kurds in syria a move that could seriously aggravate the war in the region turkish forces have launched ground and air offenses around the northwest town of top three and as they step up efforts to oust kurdish fighters there russia and the u.s. call for restraint also come.


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