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tv   In Good Shape - Coughing - Harmless or Dangerous  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm CET

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hiro's. w. made for mines. state by state. colorful. a life of. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany by state. on t.w. dot com. welcome to in good shape coming up this week how the m d r therapy can help fight chronic pain. why so much salt can be home full to your house. when a simple cough is
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a sign of something more serious. and his own host dr costin nico tot. there says move dry cough i have when i get nervous and then there's this big deep productive cough like this. no i won't show you this but today i'm going to talk about coughing. welcome to the second. doctor tells the bo is an expert in cuffs into respiratory diseases. he's the head of the moment. at the hill his clinic in berlin. is a normal symptom of the body with a persists for a longer time we need to watch me coughing is great yes i really needed cutting is great because it helps you to get rid of all the stuff in your lungs like the dust
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or the insects you inhale and it gets rid of all the big tyria infection so if you catch a cold should start coughing it takes some time and this perhaps you take some home remedies. in the fall and winter when cold viruses begin to spread you're likely to hear people coughing where ever you go. so that's what brought esther armbruster to her doctor's office today she's been fighting a cough for days. she hopes her doctor can help. but she checks to see if she might be developing pneumonia but her lungs are clear . in. my cough is usually a symptom of a viral infection that will subside within a few days because can be bothersome and even painful it can disrupt your sleep and it's not pleasant but usually it's nothing to worry about fools is over her food
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crisis is about ninety percent of all costs are caused by viruses and unfortunately there are no medications that will knock out a virus. and if you want to go skiing biopics have the reputation of being very effective if so many people come in hoping for a prescription of antibiotics and what many people don't know is that they are completely ineffective against viruses if you mention that group. but it is possible to alleviate symptoms with home remedies like honey. studies show it reduces throat irritation for about half an hour. steam and whole nation could also help either using pure water or water with a drop of camel miles it helps morrison and soothe the irritated mucus membranes. expectorants are substances that help loosen mucus and phlegm but there are effective measures under dispute you're probably better off just drinking more
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liquids that also helps loosen up thick mucus making it easier to cough up and that helps the infection clear up. cough suppressants should be avoided if you're unable to sleep due to coughing though your doctor might prescribe a cough syrup that contains coating. but during the day you should not suppress a cough. that will school if it's in the car for a flex as a protective mechanisms that protects your body from substances that you might have inhaled and they could be harmful if they remain in your lungs that's why you shouldn't rely on a cough suppressant every time you get a cold or bronchitis. but home remedies can help for example homemade onion syrup has an anti inflammatory effect that herbal tea or and this cough drops can soothe your throat but there's no substitute for patience coughs
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often last up to two weeks if it lasts longer than that or if you have a fever it's time to see your doctor. we just saw in the report that there are different remedies for treating it. so how do you treat it and the clinic we usually don't treat curfew look for the reasons for coffee there are many reasons like tomorrow's like pneumonia was an ally gas where for example and usually when we treat the low lying disease also the coughing stops and i mean is it usually treating common cold and flu like symptoms what should i prescribe my patients but it could prescribe some of these one of the drugs like here is you see a real like to me dean for example that helps to relieve the symptoms but it never cures the cough when there is a reason for cough so is it better to stop a cough or to help to lose in the nucleus of a membrane well if that can be achieved loosening it's
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a good goal you can also tell the patient to drink enough to cause the fluid go to goes into the you can sometimes insist you but when the cough persists for a longer time they need to see a specialist ok and if you've got a common cold you take anything no not at all so why do we have to see a specialist with a persistent cough because as a search for the underlying diseases like if a smoker for example coughs for more than three to six weeks. be. mixed ray and see the tumour and to choose the reason folks if you have young people a few will. associate it with the cough we do in the x. ray to see whether they have pneumonia and then we use them to biotics and the cough resolves so this is all an underlying disease and there are dangerous diseases like a cure but there could even be something like cell allergic reaction out there it's exactly but specially this happens in some moron susan on its own something that
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happens to younger people we could have you a christian one of our views from kenya again i q re that wants to know if you can get a cut even if there is no infection and no tumor involved more psychosomatic can of course. well there are situations psychosomatic but it's a real event. there are some reports for example that instamatic people looking at think goes some of the pictures start coughing this is definitely not business like a semantic but usually we have to look behind the picture with lung disease so the lot of reasons for coughing and one of those reasons might be a whooping cough so now you might say this doesn't affect me because i'm not a child and this is children disease and i'm vaccinated against it but don't be so sure about this here in germany the cuff is on the rise. you know it sounds like an ordinary cough but then it gets worse a coughing fit that makes it hard to breathe could be whooping cough. when you are
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not off the thinker you will get up in the middle of the night sit up in bed but at first you can't get any air so you start to panic panic. being cough an adult says on the rise there were more than eight thousand cases diagnosed in germany last year doctors estimate the true number of cases could be as high as fifty thousand per year. because we never used to think about what being cough we didn't see it in adults but more and more often we are seeing within coffin adults. or who's the prototype this bacteria is very contagious if you breathe it in or it comes in contact with mucus membranes it's easy to become infected. patients have a persistent cough that won't stop and can even continue for months six to eight months isn't unheard of miami
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a deck and her partner frank peters and both had it music is a nurse but she doesn't know where she was infected at first she thought it was just an ordinary cough. candy i can fly didn't have a fever or anything like that just a cough but it got worse and worse and i started having pain in my ribs because for so strong that it hurt by ribs and i felt very weak there here. after two weeks her coughing fits grew more intense especially at night she couldn't get any rest and he thought then it got really bad my cough would wake me up in the middle of the night out of a deep sleep i couldn't catch my breath it was so bad i started to panic educated national panic. finally she went to a lung specialist he suspected whooping cough right away and ran a blood test to detect petrus antibodies. and then a day later the results came in and definitely whooping cough i was very surprised
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. her doctor prescribed an antibiotic the drug kills the whooping cough bacteria and prevents the patient from infecting others but it does little to quiet the cough. and if you do get to that peaking us out even with antibiotics it just went on yeah. it's been three weeks and i'm still coughing it's like i have a frog in my throat. the bacteria is spread in droplets from person to person through the air it lodges in the mucus membranes of the upper respiratory tract the bronco tubes and lungs. the bacteria multiply and secrete a toxin that stays in the airways even after the bacteria have been killed the toxin attacks the silly in the bronx kill tubes fire. these frying celio are damaged by the toxin and the damage cells later die that's what causes the
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intense car off and also what does damage to the mucous membranes. in germany whooping cough is becoming. a serious problem again because many people aren't getting vaccinated. skipping the vaccine can be harmful to your health but for babies who are too young to be vaccinated whooping cough can be life threatening. and organizationally when young babies can't breathe it's very dangerous being cough can be fatal in infants it's not just a harmless childhood disease and the congo for the time can. increase the vaccination rates would help protect infants and young children. that's why two mothers whose babies died of whooping cough have launched a public awareness campaign. one paid he was three months old the other just four
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weeks. if everyone got vaccinated every ten years being cough could be eradicated. we just saw two really tragic cases of calf so why is it that patients don't get more vaccinated while the vaccination is a vaccination of the very young children the parents have to do so without the vaccination takes place. in our society there are a lot of people who don't trust that acceleration especially in germany it's a very hot controlled business there is a committee that recommends vaccinations and those are safe why mother also fall those don't vaccinate their children for whooping cough i don't know let's focus more on adults so adults should get refreshment explanation after some period of time every adult should be vaccinated every ten years especially those that are
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exposed. work with young people with children or even with top. it was over ten years we command a really vaccination because at least we know when the draw will be in coffin the half mile to see us we just saw something like an outbreak here of coffee in germany you know in two thousand and sixteen around twenty two thousand cases how do you recognize that this is not the normal cough but this is a big difficult but the quality of the cough it's a very dramatic coughing and people even vomit because it's so dramatic cough and it's a specialist how do you diagnose encompasses something that just well it's a lab test for usually takes about two weeks. until body has what is need to develop but we can always try to get a hold. of my call didn't want to turn up to service either boy p.c.
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are all by culture so why is whooping cough so dangerous when it's dangerous for very young the older it's not very dangerous only a low mortality associated with it but it's one hundred day cough so it's a very annoying cough but you can treat it we can treat it perfectly it's a very sensible about against all standard you know ticks we have that the warping cough persists for. so you can treat the symptoms but you can reduce the chance of spreading second of all thanks so much for inviting me today into your clinic and if you've got any questions you like me to ask our experts be sure to write to me and. then one of our upcoming shows will be looking at prato biology how does the day night rhythm of checked our body clock why does medication affect us differently at different times of day if you have
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a question about that right too in good shape at d w dot com with the subject line chronobiology we looked. forward to hearing from you. this is really strange moving your eyes should help against pain for instance lower back pain especially when the pain is caused by a trauma that's what scientists found out in the are like in our next patient. and today is brock of bush trains his eye on his therapist finger as it moves back and forth at the same time he has to consciously think of his chronic back pain it's a therapy called i movement desensitization and reprocessing andrea's was skeptical when his doctor first recommended a.m.d. our. first what's your. of my initial reaction was this is just hocus pocus it's not something tangible after all. but it helps.
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if you have your office we tested it and then incorporated it into our pain management program if i was impressed with the results and that's fine topic with a certified hurt bush two i know of cases from ten twelve years ago where patients say the pain is gone and it hasn't come back and. andrea's has suffered from chronic back pain for forty years that's often meant taking six to ten tablets a day injections and frequent doctor visits to even go back to the doctor and it would be better for four weeks but then it would come back one false move and it's like i'm paralyzed with intense back pain. it really gets me down. both after so many years his pain has taken on a life of its own his brain doesn't process the pain properly and traces back pain isn't due to an organic problem and that's why he decided to give e.m.t.
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after a pee a try so. this file for this method is suited to patients who have a long history of chronic pain and who report a high level of emotional stress idea for this test much more than our experience shows that pathological processes can sustain pain even if they have nothing to do with the pain initially. in andrea's braca bush's case his episodes of back pain are triggered by emotions that have a connection to a specific experience in his past. either. i was on the tram and had this awful back pain i couldn't sit stand or lie down comfortably. there was an old woman across from me who got terribly worked up because i couldn't sit still. he felt humiliated and rejected during therapy he amasses himself in that memory and tries to separate the sensation of pain from the emotional experience that's
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where the eye movements come in is there we're going to there are very good studies that show that the eye movements help trigger changes in the electrical activity of the brain and how information is processed. that transforms the pathological memories into normal memory phenomena in norman over the years and raise his brain eroni asli stored the emotional memory of his back pain in the limbic system instead of in the phallus. when andrea's experiences strong emotions his brain goes to where the back pain is stored and releases it. e.m.t. after a pee helps to separate the pain from the emotion the brain can then process the pain correctly and overcome it. the method also works with phantom pain daniel has lost his lower arm in a road accident after the amputation he began to feel pain in the arm he no longer
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had this is his tenth e.m.t. our session with pain therapist. here was. schmidt's nandita pain started to ease after the fifth or sixth session when he really go first the sensation of heat in my arm changed i was shocked because something felt different then i realized my hand the phantom hand felt cold and didn't hurt as much but when you go the therapy helped alleviate the intense pain in his amputated arm better than the strong pain medication he used to take. business preference we've found that in half of all phantom pain patients the pain vanishes and invite and the other half the pain is reduced and once the pain is gone it stays gone. similar results have been found in people with chronic pain and today i started seeing results after the tenth session. so this is
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interesting to fly i had this relaxed feelings to lose his felt like i was finally free of it. and i can't really describe it it just happened years of i had the feeling it's over and done with yet sed this is felt like. andrea's parker bush finished his course of therapy now he can finally say goodbye to all those pills. so this should be enough it's one teaspoon full of salt and this should last for a day from your eggs for breakfast time to the soup at dinner more is not healthy for you because it can raise your blood pressure and it can harm your body and if you eat too much of it body can't get rid of it. for the first time in excess salt has been made visible as deposits in the body's tissues an incredible breakthrough and the result of years of research. it's
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a groundbreaking discovery and opens up new possibilities about where to look for sodium in the body. when we have such a surprising finding that isn't contained in our textbooks we have to ask ourselves why that's the case. until now scientists have only been able to trace the passage of sodium through our blood circulatory system into the kidneys which produce urine and excrete the excess salt but researchers can now detect salt deposits in the body's tissues with the help of magnetic resonance imaging the machine makes the sodium the harmful part of the salt visible. sodium ions are deposited in the skin and muscle tissue. the brighter the white region in the photo the higher the salt content. the researchers found that salt in the tissue disrupts the immune system. it can strengthen the immune system but it
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can also impede it. salt is vital to our health but getting the right amount is important. too little can be just as dangerous to health as too much. it's too little salt results in insufficient sodium levels in the brain leading to confusion and disorientation in that case you have to intervene sometimes with the help of medication excessive amounts of salt are also unhealthy they can lead to high blood pressure and water retention. for people with certain heart conditions too much salt can also be a problem. during rehabilitation part patients learn about the effects of salt there are advised to consume at least four to five grams but no more than six
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grams per day and that's no easy feat. on his i know it's contains one gram the six grams isn't all that much. when he shines. by cooking meals at home you can decide exactly how much salt to put in and of course it's important that you don't add even more salt at the table. so i never really thought about cutting back on salt. i know you're supposed to be sparing with salt but i never really bothered with. them to over salt my food but now i've cut back significantly . just like my back he suffered a heart attack twelve years ago and his blood pressure was one sixty over one hundred then he changed his diet and began monitoring his salt intake. we now use more hugs instead my wife planted some small her containers. now off to taste much better than it did when we had to blog
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a day on the exercise bike nordic walking or just going for a stroll he's lost twenty kilos and his blood pressure has returned to normal this is sheer it's hard to pinpoint exactly what caused his blood pressure to return to normal levels with barely any medication at all it's a combination of weight loss salt reduction and regular exercise. researchers still don't agree on exactly how much blood pressure is raised by an excess salt but the images produced by the berlin researchers demonstrate the harmful effect on the left the tissues of a healthy person with minimal salt deposits on the right the tissues of someone with high blood pressure which are full of salt. the scientists suspect that salt can trigger other diseases as well. but. our latest findings regarding immune cells show that sold isn't just cardiovascular risk factor salt
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could be associated with inflammation and autoimmune diseases as well. and. my hope is that someday we'll be able to develop a medication that allows us to influence the mechanisms governing the harmful effect of salt that's what the point is true then we'd have a drug treatment we could offer up patients and. the lifestyle interventions and reducing day to day salt consumption is difficult for most people. the scientists are continuing their research into the harmful effects of salt part of that is determining exactly how much sodium we can consume without suffering bad health. that's it for today see you next week and i'm so then let's all try to stay in good shape.
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thank you ca but. the best.
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