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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2018 11:15pm-11:31pm CET

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hang on after going a goal at buying the in the ok washing d.w. news live from berlin and more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information on our web site dot com thanks for joining us. freedom of expression. of value that always has to be defended a new. all over the world. a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. dot com or to freedom. state by state. colorful. the life of. the most traditional.
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find it all and any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state. t w dot com. hello and welcome to the book in this league here on details on how. much day nineteen is a rough and what a weekend it's been i'm joined in the studio by the wonderful michel dames a former employee of the think of player to discuss this week's talking points hi michelle now give me two words one a player i want a club that jumps out at you from all this weekend's action if the montero. three words i let you know i would have put let's take a look at what's going on in this week's show. by and i have made
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a habit of humiliating braman in recent years with goals aplenty the question surely has to be by how many did they beat them by this time. and shall gain second spot with a win against one over but all eyes are on. this week about to be leaving the club at the end of the season. now barring. look simply unstoppable at the top of the bundesliga table with the champions holding a double digit lead prior to this weekend's action they five back to back wins their record against their rivals this weekend braman is impressive that the variance had beaten them in their last fourteen and cantered abundance league a record for the longest winning streak against a club veta have been languishing in the lower end of the table and are desperate for points was beaten by an almost impossible feat let's take a look. despite the unfavorable odds braman went to munich with big intentions and
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they started the game with a bang. sliding in to give graeme in a one million late after twenty five minutes their first goal in munich since twenty fourteen but had a tough time finding a way through their opponents but thomas miller was in the mood. outstanding technique earning the host an equaliser just before half time thanks shortly after the break it was two one the brothers live in dusky expertly writing to plans ahead to have lanka. but braman for back with a helping hand from byron max kruse a song in a corner and nicholas was cool ball watching. own goal suit to. fly and were forced to up their game and some in love and dusty to leave it again the pole seventeenth goal of the season hama's then headed muller his hundred
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point is the goal line a platter. for to the final score and forced to work hard for their customary win over courageous braman. so i'm here with michelle deans a former boy in this league and midfielder now michel what i want to know is there's been another win for byron but most importantly in fact a couple of goals for braman in munich the first time they've actually scored them there since twenty fourteen what i want to know is what the gene take away from this game first of all the two goals of freeman unbelievable there at the lead in the game but you know by i mean it is by many as a strong strong team and if you see it live on dusty and miller you know this from the fantastic goals of miller was brilliant and and the second goal of his header was from another mother looking very hostile. yeah at the moment here you have to say there are seventeen points away from from the whole holy whole teams and i
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think that the congregation by many also braman let's be honest brave and they did it well but you know if you don't win the table if you see that. then at the bottom of the table then. you have to be careful because you don't know the next games there are very good teams are coming and you have to beat them you have to you need points to come up from from from to from this position yeah well they want to start winning games because you know the season is going to end very very soon but in a few months but still let's move on and take a look at they haven't had a great start to twenty eighteen last weekend they lost to like sick and this week it was announced they'd be losing star made fielder to buy a new nick at the end of the season going into much day nineteen domenico to tesco side have won just once in their last six bundesliga much as their opponents this weekend and over headed by former royal blues coach andre brighton writer have had a decent return to the top flight and a win for them would move them within
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a whisker of a european place. scott might have expected a warm welcome back after three months on the site lanes instead chokers fans unveiled a banner that sold the barbara starr exactly where to go but it's good that scott was the villain of the piece new man market so was the hero the general saying from event to speech elkan for the t.v. turn and finish after just sixty minutes. in the second period things started to come unstuck for shelter. look at scott was subbed off to a kickoff and if whistling. an over crept back into the game yes girl fehrman looked to have sealed the points for shell kit with this double c. on seventeen minutes. but nicklaus fuku hung over have a striker who is buying one form he followed last week's hat trick with the pictures goal here in the eighty sixth minute to steal
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a point for his side and keep them in the hunt for europe. it kept a miserable day for good. he'll have his sights set on european glory with buyer next season but will his continued presence in the shelter team derail their bid for champions league football. match day nine hundred chat continues with michelle d.n.c. and one of the big stories of the week was the announcement that he's leaving the club later in the year in july in fact as we saw in the report he got a lot of abuse today from the fans and we want to take a look at a tweet here by be on twitter he points out that shelter funds think they made what he is but all they did was give him a platform he was a well established prospect. now michelle what i want to know it is it hypocritical of the fans to expect loyalty from him. on one hand yes but on the other hand you have to see you have just only a couple years in this and as
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a business and if you have the chance to go to many now i think everybody. when so moved to the to be club but he did a couple mistakes in the beginning also. and. everybody in the new stadium. if you go to buy a mini nobody likes to have you in you as you are a little kid on this on this side of football to move so and i cannot understand people but on the other hand he did a great job and this is what people have to respect yeah and you think i mean he's got several months left at the club i mean it's going to be difficult for him i suppose if he's going to be getting this level of abuse that we were seeing and also that's not particularly. considering you know that they definitely not you know they really want to be up there at the top of the table so you know but you know he have to make the decision and the club have to understand that we have
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some months to go to get to and like he said today it was the hardest time in his career to play this game today so i think they have to sit on the table they have to discuss about what's going on for the next weeks and then they put everything together. to fulfill his this point in the season let's move on to another big story which of course is the departure of marcos from hamburg hamburger obviously down there at the bottom of the table along with cologne it was probably inevitable but you know what's going to happen now and hamburg how does the future look for them it's the worst case. of all it's because but you know i live in hamburg and since a couple years people there any coach who is on the spot he can handle the situation because. if you see the president the president president of the club or sports director they don't have they are not walking in one one way
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this is what i feel and i see but you know no he's going and i think is coming and he's a good he's a good guy i know him personally and i think he's a little bit like. from now on all the players they wish he still is coming back we're going to move on because we want to talk about another team of course and that is dortmund they picked up another drilled this weekend and made rumors that star striker pierre emerick open the young is heading to premier league side arsenal so let's hear from his team mate and they should. know this is it's really annoying there's no two ways about it it's a major topic it's a question in the team really distracting but there's nothing we can do about. training points on the food despite all the drama well there you have it dortmund have failed to win a game this season without surely very worrying still for
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a pedo if he's going to go and leave the club you know there are so many tell of the players behind all of my young and true. let them play let them play because they are young young young young players and they can make it they can make it if if the club say let them let them come out and do whatever they can and do some positive things because all these discussions over to me arm it's makes me crazy you know because. let them go and everything is going quiet and i think it's the best thing to say. just on the pitch because they are very young and very good players and they can do it too so basically they've got plenty of talent and they should be worrying about it if he does decide to go now we were talking earlier about the fact that there was so much movement in this league at this weekend and let's take a look at how it's affected the table and eyes you can see there were no change at
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the top bar in munich obviously still up there in fact sixteen points ahead of leverkusen who moved up to second third. dortmund moved down frankfurt move off a lot going on there what you are saying to you from just top of the table. for. making a good job with this. fantastic team and the big win against hope and time shows us know that they're very close to international. you know i'm sure the europeans wrote it yeah well let's take a look now at the older end of the table the one club that you mentioned cologne ok there was no movement there it was only three points now between them and tom burke for two brave men and eight point two main no big question are they going to be relegated they are not going to really get it going on fourteen you heard it here first. is saying they're not going to be relegated let's see if that does come true
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michel thanks so much for all your analysis that is all we have time for on the bundesliga this week i'd like to thank of course michel games in my wonderful guest so for me and the rest of the team here in berlin. for a new printer. in her element. i'm really into winter sports and i'm going to do my very best to try everything that black berry has to offer. because there's so much to do. the clock for a job winter wonderland. just. entering
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