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tv   Kick off - Review of Match Day 19  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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use the two traditions for every day rides and language because there's a lot of my lungs are so i'm young groucho. because centrica g.w. dot com makes the germans. slow. if the fights when it's hot it's time for belly flop steam. heated debates. arguments. little next was
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a story mr stewart the for the interest of the free just from which one thinks that and it will be a must when final match the last place team up against the second to last my country to put the two from. b. to the end. wow is there really so much drama already in january so much hope so many emotions it said that one's will can move mountains but even against leipsic don't go to them but i was a bloody big statement of it all it takes his insurance a fighting spirit and a few tricks of course to does buy him toy with the brain and. the buyers are taught to read closely. at his labor cues and face hoffenheim is it also a vice i just want to play. live accuse an on the hyped up coach's turn just that it was because art is a dead bodies or clay kicked off on the nineteenth matchday. leonardo's
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man husband holmes vonda can train a roommate to be off to a bigger club any day now his boys have only managed to wins in their last seven as he lost his touch it doesn't help the last season's top scorers under wagner just moved to by and leading attack as serge gnabry and mark who will head off in the summer looks happier about it than this crowd. goes man will need his old magic to stave off visiting leverkusen they've been a surprise of the season and with their form maybe it's their coach heiko halley but he said the height a win would be a big statement from either coach. it was now goals man side with the first good chance of the match twenty six minutes in likely for leverkusen the crossbar and last bender were there to play the danger.
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goes both ways and leon bailey was fortunate that the ball deflected directly to his feet need to know what to do with the ball when you get it and he's nifty backheel was a beautiful lesson in finishing i won eleven coups in just before half time. it was the on form jamaican seventh goal of the season i am. not defending couldn't have please noddles no no. of course scoring a goal with your back you are something special but it's not worth any more just because it was good to look at the way through. and pellets just happy it went in. but it looked like oftentimes pep talk at the break woke them up. they nearly scored twice in the first five minutes of the half maybe if i was taking those shots it would have been tied up the back line wasn't much better since. letter by
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and in the off season often has lacked stability in defense and i'm simply watches the visitors move the ball to union bank out laying out coolly finished face first of the season i see you know if the leverkusen and the home side already looked defeated only fifty two minutes in. things got worse from that bailey who seemed to have acres of space around him at all times but lucas a lot easier for the easy finish i three nailed with twenty minutes left to play i fives for hellish. goals man loses his cool. i might do his boys have a chance. i'm sol i finds himself alone in front and makes no mistake
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i think he's finishing like that so he won't be at hockenheim for long i. prefer one not trying to celebrate. too little too late a lot of gets another. even easier than his first to make it an embarrassing one in stoppage time i defended like zuma might have been useful less. often i'm more outclassed by their visitors who put on an attacking masterclass the guests look like the team to beat. it's a good massage a very strong side but despite the result i don't think we're the worst team today the only thing that separated us was a clinical touch we didn't have it while leverkusen did. the times in hoffenheim now goes months golden reputation has lost a base of its claws back now and sooner ideally. missed often time will have the
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pleasure of seeing their old buddies again next week when they head to buy. what could have happened to make someone explode like that. he's the lead volcano he can move mountains and freiburg with his will and emotions his boys are undefeated in six but life sick is basing the law it's visits davis at home this scenario was practically made her to stanch tie he. did not need to beat around the bush if. we need to defend extremely well it was like six offensive power they were attacking playas their absolutely top levels were just complete. plain english scale against the mighty lights they killed none in seconds last season five or it will have to take their top attacking talent base of the match. sounds easy enough
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and it might just work. the guests are hobbled at least up top they've gone for matches with that is a win that's the longest drags in their young bundesliga history. but once in a statistic. leipsic are still heavy favorites and that's how they performed forceful aggressive quick and direct fire break under pressure from the starched crazy two goals against and the second worst goal difference in the meet and then the expected happened a goal from burma. to waste no celebration because young kevin augustine was offside for the pass. tight and fibroid could exhale again except keeper alexander sholto was injured on the play and had to be taken off. so it was a wake up call pushing the underdogs to their first chance hungary's national team . keep their pay to
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a lashing have to strategize still everything was playing as as expected. but hasn't had leipsic remains dominance. they've scored twelve times in their last three against freiburg. surely they can manage to score again. t.-mo venner did just awesome finishing with the fish and see the german international ten the bundesliga go sixty six minutes and the key goalkeeper rafael he could fix could only watch him go because he didn't think i had a chance in the school has yeah i was too far out for half in its football but we played super opponents i was. getting super good not at all not still on and justice but not for this money he believes in his team. a train just team on the basics all week that's why breaks they get strength fifty six percent of their goals come from set pieces that's the best in the league and fibroids corners are especially dangerous. to seventy seconds minutes cantor takes the corner.
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and suddenly it's one one he had a combo with the tying goal it was the eleventh light sake has conceded on a set piece this season. just four minutes later comes the next corner and terry get on the ball is once again the mess this time thanks to the call. to since it was all about the training practice corners every week and have different variations it's working very well in games at the moment. we gave the corners a wife far too easily had a game that was off and as a result of the octomom lost the games with it was unnecessary and this is i knew it was the movies this can always happen again all isn't always fair sometimes ordered off the. football. but something's not. right it's too to late. yeah today i know the little guy won the field line of
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a corner position and some of the day we won so little. for a day we weren't so little david peace kilauea. seven not just with engine loss for five bridge that's the league's best role in nature the compact for more of the weekend's action. we begin with the action from girls in kitchen shocker against hanover an important match for shocker. believe. that's all anyone wants to talk about is this one person is our friend our news our colleague. who's on the team until the summer and that's a as far as i'm concerned. still disappointment lingers in the end and some a shock a style of play on grand scale will transfer by in munich. and on the field knockouts
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and that's the one for champagne and the sixty minutes. i know the equalized thanks to nick last through shortly before full time i only know that one one carets go and he spent the last minutes of the match on the bench while shall chemist a chance to grab second place. players that can spoil the mood or everywhere like doormen for example the stress would strike m.p.'s emerick obama young continues that gap unease dave is still suspended for a p.t. misconduct. so he will score for dortmund just forty seconds after the half half as davies ok shows them how it's done one nil for the house and. afterwards has a keeper thomas. it was the center of attention. goldman pushed for the
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equaliser. and eventually they found it thanks to she. has had to salvage the points i don't know and i'm one of. the hosts were happy enough with a draw a decent result for half half but not quite enough for adult lands. the music of victory. just how it sounds. just. as specially after messiest ginter buried his colon and so make it one nail against ours was just ten minutes into the match. and then the ninetieth minute he let a seventy meet a counterattack taking things alone and finishing from any press of range of.
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the great results of the benson c one darby defeating cologne for the team fans and as i. have managed to lose eight of nine away matches they're looking for their first win a white in minds. and there it is the first goal was fish took us. a bit of pinball in the nineteenth minute but somehow the ball went say. and might his answer came quickly yoshinori mucho turns and shoots from twenty five meters. right for the stuttgart keeper. the japanese forward wasn't finished in the fifty fourth minute his first attempt was blocks but he managed to put the second away from the grounds of. the ducks. if
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you're wrong robin cielo went on in the sixty fourth minute he fumbled the shot from garrett three one. twenty fourteen see the world cup in brazil sadly is showing in minds was anything but world champion like. that will get checked last gosho strike was too late for three two cuts road was only continued. quite the opposite in frankfurt only by on a stronger away from holland next victim false book. midfielder marius both was the hero of the day the assistant sebastien always eighteen minutes go. and only four minutes later set up timothy chandler. post book coach martin schmidt demanded more from his team and maximillian on all
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delivered a dream free kick in the sixty six minutes. but it wasn't enough especially after a superstar palooka yo bitch made it three one. looks simply unbeatable on the right. and now her match with miss down to factor you makes olympic stadium in two thousand and four a better frame and celebrates their last major title would they be by in three one to win the bundesliga get the glory days of tomas shop. and. things have gone steadily downhill since then but they're still alive to dream. which are sometimes on sunday will face a lot of world class players at every position and i think that we need to spend about zero percent of our to. i talked about his favorite for this weekend despite
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. taking something from the. old. blind optimism or an honest call to arms against his colleague case the legend a pro coach for fifty three years he's lost more to braman in his career than any other close. to his in mind there to start bravely plenty of chances from the stars but little to show for us their fourteen goals are the lowest in the league. twenty five minutes in braman backed up their coaches confidence. awakening memories of the good old days by i jerome gone down scored braman spurs goal in munich in nearly three years i want to shift of art he was possession we wanted to control the match from we had the ball to find solutions not only in transition but to be organized and i think we managed to suppress
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a question. and by it shaken awake by the goal they took braman seriously and raised the pressure. and sports tomas met our target shortly before half time. of each took his eye off the ball and was punished heavily by the german international thanks afterwards the record holders were more dominant they've won their last fourteen encounters with brave men often taxable but haven't offstage and he notched one again this time two one in the sixty third minute as. a safe late. we didn't play so well. enough to show in the first dentist taken off was better to start but then again the same. thanks to the friendly support of his own keeper spent with the slapstick howler of the much say. facts clues it's clever corner cake
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some have found its way into the next. say sale in the seventy fifth menace braman is back in s. thanks to an own goal from the typically commanding the chance to live. on the flair of the old days where back things were on their heads and eleven dollars he stepped in for his second then brought by and bought confronts three to the fullest striker's seventeen the season for him clearly ahead in the golden big race now is like shows he belongs at by and with this say. six minutes from the final whistle a world class lob from hama's to tomas miller thank you all making it for it's him is his one hundred five by a. lot further braman continues to struggle in munich. stiffle place to come here and yeah we came with the idea of trying to two women
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and you know i think. following the way we we did a good job but in the end they had individual pass that shows the frame there were aggressive they played very well but at the end i think still we deserved to win but of course two golds to receive is too much of it. so your time case has improved his record against better braman and after their showing ko fell squads can take hope in a brighter future now it's up to hamburg. every year in hand disappointment. helplessness they started with high hopes but in twenty eighteen find themselves in the relegation battle. meanwhile in cologne euphoria right after the darby win against bloodbath the bottom side believes in miracles again it would be the biggest comeback in his league history the two last
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place teams in the lake is this much already a must win final game that's why they're not in the third or fourth must win them said it feels like it's the twenty fifth sixth does my country's a positive from theirs talk about feeling like a final match day and the final of all finals the mother of all fine and well i guess it's a final match has had and should be. exactly on some of his kids know it actually will be his final match but first let's have a look at the gang. simply watching it unfold on a headache again and again the players fell to the ground one after the next. but hamburg i'll talk to the better stuff if you didn't have shot stop a team honing goal who knows whether we'd be telling a different story i. think that's when the show if you want to work wonders then
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you need a goalkeeper that can sometimes do the impossible so that you can stay in the game as in the additional of not also the middle name drives while the keeper stands his ground at the back another player puts one in the top seam entourages scores twenty seven minutes a game i'm just playing as a team is welcome if you take command from the very first day and that's not creates confidence in my performance and sometimes you're just in the right place at the right time when the most i believe his second game to come out and already his second goal. and i'm back giving it their all but like we said there's this team oh one chap in the white i got to replace i was trying to keep everything out and also in. hong was on base of all of the back and up front z. months geraldo was shining sixty seven minutes in and he doubled his tally to know why the tonight show us some people looked at me funny in winter the team was down
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in the dumps but from the first day on i realize that a team has lots of potential and a good atmosphere should we ask what's with hamburg how they played almost the entire match proved why this could possibly be that last season in the bundesliga. it seems all of a remarkable players who much too often seem to only watch rather than take action i. even the throw ins or rejected the referee interface and come on get the ball. i and that was it defeats hamburg with two male model of a come back face twice since the fall nothing but when so far in twenty eight say if they continue like this maybe even the europa league could be within reach for the second goal was critical and from then on we finally had control of the match but the two nil final score the result was well deserved for didn't i am on taking a look at the year overall we've now won three matches in a row that's enormous for us for you that most of all and it's just good to know
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that we're still capable of it was servicing those muscle from i well they've not forgotten how to celebrate cinco hamburg is in a complete shambles. so just frustrating of course because we really wanted to win today so we took on so much in the end we didn't earn any points stuff on all of us are things i have noticed on acceptable to us it's about time for hamburg to finally learn from its mistakes and make some serious changed. with a squad that costs more than fifty million euros pay you the least they could do is utilize their midfield instead the club's been fighting relegation for years now didn't manage to change that either now comes the next coach that makes it in the past five mi a. lot on match day five goals in hof and i'm five goals in mind and six goals in munich the total of thirty one goal scored in the nineteenth match say a surprise is in five word bold spirit and another miracle in cologne heads rolled
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after their sunil win over how hard. the sobering to no loss against a last team in the league didn't hit the mark on democracy and a mere fifteen points and nineteen matches. if you don't know what i'd like to have continued. but i think that it might be good news to feel we can be satisfied with the results and we can't be satisfied with the team's performance and we'll have to ask ourselves where and which point we went wrong. and there was no alternative to taking this step this is kind of a tentative incident should go. and the new manager will be banned hull of the former assistant coach to felix magath was offered a contract until twenty nineteen in his mission to stay in the first division before we look at hamburg at the bottom of the table first let's look at the top number one it's pie and of course right behind there's a lot of movement on the table for teams with equal points each of the kenai for being second best and dortmund in frankfurt are just one point further back even
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hanover intensifies trails only four points behind the second place team in the relegation zone the last three are inching closer and closer to one another already in the next upcoming matches possible that hamburg could replace colliding at the foot of the standings. we leave you with our match day moments this week it just had to be equally owned by see you next week on keiko. seriously on. the move. one of the most special blows i scored. i don't know i'm very full the chance came on just one card. thanks to our. m.m. x. x x x i just got the ball and just try something because. i've got to go until he makes his shots cohen i
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say back and finish those things come like individually just just both of the moment you know just how many. cool movie.
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using satin is. never miss close to protection project is the only one of its kind with. years ago kind of sad but sometimes driven by the forces of nature help to protect the coasts. but is the plan to come tomorrow to do a thirty minute d.w. . dropping bombs on some going.
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more troops the situation escalates there's no longer for scruples. ruthless calculation military leaders were coping extent of the past. technologically. to come to grisha massacres. coming. to her starting february third on t.w. . circle of fear. d w correspondent you're in russia is in chechnya. islamic state has recruited more young people here than anywhere else. and more and more changing fighters are now returning home they're both respected and feared. how will this affect chechen society. circles here today on d w names.
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so we may improvements all the time we have more public transportation and i will be in the big cities. some of it is the car sharing the point is that energy has to come a former clean source renewable we need to produce wonderful better ways for cars so that all cars we want in the electricity. with no mission but to remove the high capacity over the city it will take all those hundreds of kilometers it's a story often unique problem it's chemistry physics it's material science. who would do it if you take time to look at.
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this is the news coming to you live from bali and turkey is offensive and god just militia inside syria enters its fourth day took his ground troops and allied sit in syrian rebels advance on the kurdish enclave of often turkey's president valas there is no stepping back and moves to saddam's descent to get an update from istanbul and a kind of specific to drive here also coming up. the blonde economic forum opens with india's prime minister as the dystopic traction but is there more the ones against barry.


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