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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is g w news live from berlin a new front line in a new war in the middle east turkey defines international criticism and pushes ahead with its offensive in syria turkish troops and syrian forces are advancing on the kurdish enclave of. the goal to destroy kurdish militia which turkey labels as terrorists the u.n. says the fighting has already displaced five thousand people and left many others trapped also coming out of the world economic forum gets underway in davos with a free trade for be india's number. but not everyone is thrilled by the gathering
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of the global business elite in this was al gore's. it's good to have you with us tonight turkey is intensifying its military offensive against kurdish militias in northern syria despite criticism from the international community the united nations says the fighting has already displaced five thousand people and left vulnerable civilians trapped says it will press on with its operation in a free against groups that it regards as terrorists. turkish forces firing on come easily and other towns along the syrian turkish border officials say their aim is to divert attention from the main campaign their advance
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on the kurdish enclave of our free it's the fourth day of a push by turkish forces and their syrian rebel allies to clear the northwestern border enclave of kurdish why p.g. fighters banker reckon sit is the y.p. g.d.b. allies of kurdish insurgents who for decades have force against the turkish state within its own borders and turkey wants to prevent kurds from gaining their own independent territory but ankara has promised an unrelenting campaign. but there are good and. we're turning all the terrorist elements will be cleansed from this region. and our brothers came to our country from syria to save their lives but not been able to return there and continue their lives. high out in order. had net positive. regardless of the price. we will tear down the terra cotta door that they are trying to establish in the region. and the tax broncho has boomed
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back its ground troops from the region washington times the kiddish y p g militia injuring the war against so cool the islamic state but is now refraining from direct criticism while urging turkey to quote exercise restraint in its military actions the us has also said it takes to legitimate security concerns seriously. well there's some tough talk coming from turkey yet it concedes that it discussed this military offensive with the u.s. and with moscow beforehand well let's pull in our correspondents in russia and the us tonight yuri rich other joins us from moscow and michele macneill is in the u.s. capital washington to both of you good evening yuri i want to start with you can we confirm what russia is saying i mean did it give turkey its blessing for this operation all of branch. hi brenda there was indeed
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a small russian contingent an african tinge and and to the chorus believed even the russians who was there would be more or less safe from turkish attacks experts say the kurds obviously believed that the turkish and forces wouldn't come because russia has a sort of agreement with the pentagon covering that part of syria but last week a turkish military the geisha came to moscow for talks with the russian minister of defense and the parent leaves they reached a deal the deal supposedly allowed turkish forces to go to a free mean while turkey for its part a lot of russian iranian and syrian forces so everyone fighting on the syrian government's side to bomb this here in the position into it so they have obviously been to operations going on at the same time on the ground as rational duration in one of the so-called these collation zones and to the turkish operation against the kurds ok if we brought two operations going on once the dust settles i mean yuri
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what does russia plan to get out of all of this. well russia is a big military power brand that the has become an influential player in the region for russia it seems to be very important to turkey a lot of them to fight against parts of the so-called al nusra front which is a part of the syrian opposition in egypt province province so there is obviously something big at stake here as well moscow wants to drive a wedge between turkey and nato between turkey and its western allies because for russia the greatest prize could be if turkey breaks with the west and is special with united states yes speaking of the united states what are we to make of washington's luke warm reaction to all of this. let me ask you i mean why why has america's response so far been so muted. well because washington is walking a very fine line on this issue i mean the u.s.
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clearly doesn't want to anger turkey a key nato ally but of course it has also no interest in an all out extensive a war against the kurds because of course the course played a key role in defeating isis the islamic state in syria so the u.s. so the u.s. in a way is in a very difficult position here and we heard from europe that one of russia's aims here really is to destabilize already strained relations between turkey and the u.s. so let me show i mean how is the u.s. reacting to that if we if one of the goals of russia is to see to nato allies basically fall out with each other well it seems to be that for now at least the u.s. is siding with the with turkey a key nato ally and not the kurds this is of course contingent on on this this this is a kurdish district a fence if not not extending beyond a few days probably and also not being
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a becoming an odd war against the kurds but it seems that so far when push comes to shove the u.s. sites with with its key nato ally instead of the kurds and. michelle let me start with you i mean the kurds they were indispensable in the fight against islamic state they were considered the best ground troops that the u.s. led coalition had against islamic state in syria and now we've got a different conflict is the u.s. willing to let its best ground troops just in to be delivered to the turks and just be abandoned. well it could certainly be read like that right now at least and there is a critics here in the us who actually actually make that point that you made that the us it's basically leave it leaving the courts out hanging to dry and and this could only change and as i said before if if perhaps this this this this offensive which is supposed to be limited it extends and becomes
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a full fledged war than then it could be that the u.s. will will will try to rein in turkey and briefly i mean is that how we'd seen in moscow is well. yes it seems that the russians have used the currents to achieve the a wide goals goals much more important to moscow than surrendering a small seat in syria brant or the correspondence michel in washington during the shadow in moscow to both of you thank you very much here's some of those stories now that are making headlines around the world the u.s. justice department confirming that attorney general jeff sessions was questioned by investigators probing alleged russian meddling in the twenty six thousand presidential election the meeting reportedly took place last week behind closed doors sessions is the first member of president trump's cabinet to have been interviewed in the investigation human rights activists gathered at dusseldorf airport this evening to protest the deportation of more afghan refugees
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a plane carrying at least seventeen failed asylum seekers took off for kabul critics say it's just not safe to send people back to afghanistan because of the poor security situation. well staying on the issue of deportation belgium is awaiting the results of an inquiry into the alleged torture of sudanese migrants deported to their home country of the affair have sparked a scandal in brussels with the opposition alleging collaboration between the government and the sudanese regime belgium have since suspended deportations to sudan but migrants from the african country are keeping a low profile catherine martens has this exclusive report from brussels. mubarak a thirty six year old refugee from sudan meets us at a brussels train station. he postponed our rendezvous three times for fear he'd be arrested. he's been holding out here it's much warmer than staying out on the
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street. he says he hasn't eaten for two days but that what matters most is that he's not sitting in an airplane bound for sudan. he's already had one close call. they tried to make me leave they bought me a plane ticket and said i was sending me back to sudan and. i was staying in a reception center in the rashid. looking at mubarak is from niala the capital of south darfur state in southwest sudan he fled to europe through libya and nearly died on the way deportation would be a nightmare for him. and. so i was shocked that they wanted to send me back to sudan. mubarak is one of a group of refugees belgian would like to send home immediately. the opposition
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says the government in brussels has been secretive about contacts with sudanese officials who helped compile a list of forty one sudanese nationals to deport. the first mistake is you don't collaborate with a dictator especially on something that stays in the shadows and isn't put in writing as soon as we heard about this we denounced it. it was the research of a middle east analyst kurta birth that brought the belgian government activities to light he shows his message exchange with refugees who've already been deported to sudan. bush says it's unacceptable for belgium to send people to war zones where torture is a daily occurrence. i took contact with these people in sudan who told me personally that indeed they have been beaten and have been told that the belgian government has some back at least three people who are coming from mainly
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south kordofan and therefore and these people always deserve protection and anyway so this international law. the people continue to take to the streets over belgium's controversial deportations. this is consistent it's a repressive policy that doesn't respect international human rights. this is sad for us and our country you can't judge someone's worth by their passport or a piece of paper. the belgian government is under growing pressure declining requests to discuss its deportation practices prime minister sean michel did call for an investigation committee but for many it's come too late. in the meantime a court ruled that mubarak would not be deported so he no longer has to fear being tortured for the time being. the controversial action of the government might hurt
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belgium's reputation on international level bad timing according to observers. is campaigning for a permanent seat on the united nations security council. the world economic forum has kicked off in this was out so with a keynote speech from indian prime minister narendra modi his address came as the u.s. imposed tough new tariffs on a range of imports but modi said now is not the time for that kind of protectionism as he talked up india's credentials to potential foreign investors. this is the first time in twenty years that a head of india's government has come to davos for the world economic forum and he's brought one hundred executives and six ministers along with him. narendra modi's message was simple warning against the protectionist tendencies of some countries is diametrically opposed to u.s. president donald trump has just imposed punitive tariffs on a range of imports. paul said some argue are very many societies and countries are
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becoming more and more focused on themselves it feels like the opposite of globalization. the negative impact of this kind of mindset and wrong priorities. can't be seen as any less dangerous than climate change or terrorism. modi's speech was greeted with wide acclaim along duffels participants. suffering is ready of a great time frame it's just happening and it's to be a cabaret too is other countries from your climate change the number one priority was automatically really well mention mode is also using davos to highlight his country's progress in the switch to sustainable energy a sector he intends to expand forcefully on day to wednesday devils turns its attention to europe as well as german chancellor angela merkel the heads of
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government of france italy and greece are all expected to attend. and we'll have full coverage of that. this edition of the news for all of us here thanks for the company will be back at the top of the hour with more world news. we take it personally. with a little bit wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true. my. legs more than football.


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