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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2018 11:00pm-11:02pm CET

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if you're up you are connected to the whole world. experienced outstanding shopping and dining office and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from. fighting on the turkey syria border has intensified as turkish troops and their allies advance on the kurdish enclave of a free and inside syria the offensive is aimed at neutralizing a u.s. backed kurdish militia that turkey considers a terrorist organization the u.n. says the fighting has already displaced five thousand people and left many others trapped. the world economic forum has kicked off in this was outs with the
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keynote speech for the indian prime minister narendra modi his address in devil's commons as the us is host tough new tariffs on a range of imports modi said that now was not the time for protectionism as he talks of india's credentials to potential investors. a fifteen year old high school student in the u.s. state of kentucky has shot dead two of his fellow students and wounded nineteen others police say he was armed with a handgun he was arrested at the scene the governor of kentucky says he will now be charged with murder and attempted murder. the legendary south african jazz musician and political activists he has died massa came to played the trumpet sang and composed music over a career that spanned decades many of his compositions were about the struggle for democratic right kurdish soldiers in syria they were key to the u.s. led coalition's defeat of islamic state they are also considered terrorists by the
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turks tonight in northern syria the front line of a proxy war between on her own and washington a test of two nato allies whose weapons now run the risk of targeting in shorter arbor golf in berlin this is the day. we will handle a free there's no stepping back from a friend. or to one with the kurdish people are calling on you to get out about friends you are a terrorist. we discussed this with our russian friends that we have an agreement with them not to be near the russians.


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