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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2018 3:02am-3:31am CET

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relations defeat of islamic state they are also considered terrorists by the turks tonight in northern syria the front line of a proxy war between and washington a test of two nato allies whose weapons now run the risk of targeting into other go off in berlin this is the day. we will handle offering. those stepping back from a friend. or two and we need to purge people are calling on you to get out of our friend you are a terrorist and we discussed this with our russian friends that we have an agreement with them. the russians threatened us with a turkish attack if we didn't hand over a free to the syrian regime. and we also discussed this plan with the other coalition forces you know this. view what's happening in a free is
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a war against the whole of humanity and. also coming up tonight the world economic forum is now underway and india's prime minister narendra modi today fired the first warning shot aimed at protectionist policies and perhaps a protectionist president yeah i'm going to take a hack. get restrung it is essential that the spirit of competition between the major nations of the world does not become a war on between them not. we begin the day with what could quickly become the latest war in syria kurdish fighters the ground troops credited with knocking out islamic state in syria are now the terrorist targeted by turkey and in the worst case scenario we have a military conflict erupting with two nato allies turned enemies and on saturday
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turkey launched and land an air campaign known as operation olive branch across the border in the northern syrian region of freeze you see right there now why. well it is a region controlled by kurdish militias known as the y p g and considered to be terrorists by ankara turkey fears that kurdish forces could expand their hold on northern syria but this isn't just a conflict over an isolated piece of land targeting the white p.g. essentially puts turkey in direct conflict with the united states a risk that turkey for now appears willing to take had a net positive no lose votes and regardless of the price. we will tear down the tetter kota door that they are trying to establish in the region. well there's some tough talk coming from turkey yet it concedes that it discussed this military offensive with the u.s.
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and with moscow beforehand well let's pull in our correspondents in russia and the us tonight your english other joins us from moscow and michele macneill is in the u.s. capital washington to both of you good evening yuri i want to start with you can we confirm what russia is saying i mean did it give turkey its blessing for this operation olive branch. hi brenda there was indeed a small russian contingent in africa contingent and to the chorus believed even the russians who was there would be more or less safe from turkish attacks experts say kurds obviously believed that the turkish and forces wouldn't come because russia has a sort of agreement with the pentagon covering that part of syria but last week a terrorist military location came to moscow for tolls with the russian minister of defense and apparently there reached a deal the deal supposedly allowed turkish forces to go to a free mean while turkey for its part allowed russian iranian and syrian forces so
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everyone fighting on the syrian government's side to bomb the syrian opposition into it so they have all this libyan to operations going on at the same time on the ground as a national duration in one of these so-called these collation zones and to the turkish operation against the kurds ok so everybody two operations going on when once the dust settles i mean yuri what does russia plan to get out of all of this. well russia is a big military power brand to that the has become an influential player in the region for russia it seems to be very important to the turkey a lot of them to fight against parts of the so-called al nusra front which is a part of the syrian opposition in egypt province province so there is obviously something big at stake here as well moscow wants to drive a wedge between turkey and nato between turkey and its western allies because for russia the greatest prize could be if turkey breaks with the west and is special
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with united states yes speaking of the united states what are we to make of washington's luke warm reaction to all of this. let me ask you i mean why why has america's response so far been so muted. well because washington is walking a very fine line on this issue i mean the u.s. clearly doesn't want to anger turkey a key nato ally but of course it has also no interest in an all out extensive a war against the kurds because of course the course played a key role in defeating isis the islamic state in syria so the u.s. so the u.s. in a way is in a very difficult position here and we heard from europe that one of russia's aims here really is to destabilize already strained relations between turkey and the u.s. so michelle i mean how is the u.s. reacting to that if we if one of the goals of russia is to see two nato allies
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basically fall out with each other well it seems to be that for now at least the u.s. is siding with with turkey a key nato ally and not the kurds this is of course contingent on on this this this is a kurdish district defense if not not extending beyond a few days probably and also not being a becoming an odd war against the kurds but it seems that so far when push comes to shove the u.s. sides with them with its key nato ally instead of the kurds and supposedly this is michelle let me start with you i mean the kurds they were indispensable in the fight against islamic state they were considered the best ground troops that the u.s. led coalition had against islamic state in syria and now we've got a different conflict is the u.s. willing to let its best ground troops just in to be delivered to the turks and just be abandoned. well it could certainly be
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a read like that right now at least and also critics here in the us who actually actually make that point that you made that the us it's basically leave it leaving the courts out hanging to dry and and this could only change and as i said before if if perhaps this this this this offensive which is supposed to be limited extends and becomes a full fledged war than that then it could be that the u.s. will will will try to rein in turkey and europe briefly i mean is that how we'd seen in moscow as well. yes it seems that the russians have used the currents to achieve the allied goals goals much more important to moscow than surrendering a small seat in syria brant are the correspondents michelle in washington during her shadow in moscow do both of you thank you very much. well in recent months as we as we have heard so called islamic state has lost
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control of most of the territory that it once held in syria and iraq a victory over borders but what about winning the hearts and minds as defeat looms foreign fighters for i.i.s. returning to their home countries are posing a growing threat hundreds of vias fighters came from the russian republic of chechnya now what is it about chechnya our moscow bureau chief yuri rich shadow wanted to find out himself. to believe that the capital of georgia one of russia's neighbors to the self late last year an operative of the so-called islamic state was killed here russian media celebrated a victory in the war on terror. the man who was the tire attention carrying a russian passport who had been hiding in georgia previously had allegedly been home in chechnya to recruit fighters. there are roughly eight hundred chips
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fighting for isis their return to their homeland is a major problem for russia and russian president vladimir putin has already declared victory over the islamist extremists. but you can celebrate this victory for a while but you better pray five times that while you're celebrating another terrorist attack doesn't take place. that. draws name is not only the geographical center but also the heart of church. after a debilitating what in the ninety's it was rebuilt to with money from moscow. nowadays the city seems peaceful but appearances can be deceiving. chechnya has become a hotspot of religious fanaticism since this began searching for new recruits here . were to high unemployment social discontent and soured hopes to drive many in the region towards one of the most
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perverse forms of islam and into the hands of the jihadists. do artists are sowing on fertile ground in chechnya despite a near total state surveillance and to despite the two leaders demonstrations of allegiance towards putin and the kremlin rule in the last few years whole families left for iraq and seen. if they will be coming back now with that victory of isis has been declared. here in grozny see if those who are trying to return from syria and iraq back to chechnya as a threat to state security their support for this so-called islamic state has become a matter of profound concern for chechen leader runs on of course a key step in containing militants returning home would be to prevent young people from joining the terrorist organisation in the first place despite
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a series of military defeats isis is still recruiting fight us primarily among young people so what the government is focusing on prevention in this vocational school in girls the mother of as militants warn the young people of the dangers of jihad to recruitment their children who were around to the same age as these students when they left for syria. i love my fellow chechens in the name of allah i am a patriot but i want to warn you about what happened to me my daughter and her husband left to join isis her husband is dead and there is no trace of my daughter. her story hits home. it's the first time we're talking about it so openly here at school. i don't know probably because we're all afraid to talk about it. what are you afraid of that will go to sleep one night and when we wake up our brothers will have left to join
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isis no one can see it coming. obvious not to know anyone who is with them now. i was with them. everyone says you'll find paradise if you go but that's not true paradise can only be where your mother lives. thousands of chechens had a different opinion of this old paradise in acts of terror. but as their path is leading them hope. for their families if they are husbands and sons. put the government though they are terrorists and to know terrorists. are how to understand what is going on in the minds of chechens help us do that i'm joined here at the big table by christiane also told he is a historian who has written extensively on the separatists conflict in chechnya and the role of radical islam there christiane it's good to have you on the show thanks for having me why did and why do so many chechens end up joining islamic state well
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you have to see that many of the chechens who joined this state have been fighting . against russia for years being members of the so-called caucasus emirate islamist terror organization that has been established in two thousand and seven and has carried out a range of terror attacks in russia such as the airport bombing in two thousand and eleven in moscow. after the rise of the islamic state many of the those people decided to go a brooch in order to build a caliphate because the chechen security authorities had managed almost to wipe out them completely and i guess one could say those guys wanted to finish the job in syria they hadn't many to do at home. just having the desire to join in something like islamic state did did that come from their experiences in
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chechnya or was was that imported into their country i mean they have obviously they have an islamic past is it something that is part of their roots or was it something from outside you know although the chechen people rests upon a long lasting should vision of islamic resistance against russian rule they had never been to the x. is extreme. due to the start of the first chechen war a certain group of radical jihadists came to chechnya join the resistance and menage to spread their ideology. among the people after the chechens had won the war and some in one thousand nine hundred six those people stayed and turned chechnya in what you could call islamic state that what we were they able to spread this while he visited the you're talking about me what with what was going on what was in the people's mind at the time that made them open to you know it is because
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of the origins of the first chechen war which started actually as a typical separates conflict there was no deal about religion at all but when those people came to chechnya they started to tell the people that they're not fighting only for their freedom but for the religion and although the chechens have been muslim for something like two hundred years their religion never. menage to be very dominant above people you know and yet they didn't have a really profound understanding of what islam and it was easily for those preachers to manipulate people in their interest so they were vulnerable and it was they were easily manipulated or brainwashing exactly. how is russia responding to the return of these chechens who you know were as fighters and now want to come home and live in peace or maybe not you know joining illegal terrorist groups in russia is
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a serious crime so if the chechen jihad this came home they would either be put into prison or be tortured or killed and they know that really so the russian security authorities would deal with them quiet roughly. which means they will put them away i mean if a chechen came back to chechnya ramadan could be personally the site what's going to happen to this guy either he would be killed either he would just disappear we don't know it but so can we even talk can we talked about chechens coming home or trying to come home is is that even happening you know i think you know chechen chechnya is a really small country you know that there's a inhabitation something that one million people families know each other from that point of feuds almost impossible for homecoming terrorists to remain unseen you know. i guess there are not many people coming home the story christiane was told giving us some very valuable insights into theory of radicalization and the history
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of chechnya thank you very much thanks. i. started. in everyone is talking about an interconnected world i mean but we will have to accept the fact that globalization is slowly losing its luster the. out of work ahead by everyone talks about reducing carbon emissions but there are very few people or countries who back their words with the resources to help developing countries to adopt appropriate technology but we looked at the knowledge you looked at on it. and that was never in your modis speaking earlier today he is the first indian prime minister in more than twenty years to address the world economic forum in davos he warned that global free trade is being threatened by a new wave of isolationism and it came on the same day that u.s.
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president donald trump slapped tariffs on imported solar panels and washing machines the first move to correct what he sees as a global playing field that is tilted against the u.s. economy. we want to go now to my colleague helena humphrey she is covering the world economic forum for is in davos she joins us now good evening to you helen i mean it truly seemed that modi was offering his answer to the policy of trump ism today is that what it was you know brian i would characterize this is a passive aggressive speech from the indian prime minister modi he didn't single out trump by name but he didn't single out his policies he said that trade barriers represented a bigger the biggest risk to the world economy in the same way as terrorism in the
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same way as climate change even to global security and then of course the irony that waltz neurons are modi was deeding this warning from davos in washington the u.s. president donald trump was busy signing off on those rofft of tariffs stealing a blow to international cooperation and of course to free trade as well. and today at the same time we had the nobel laureate economist joseph stiglitz criticizing trumps tariffs saying that they will not create jobs and creating jobs is probably the biggest economic class that is hanging over the world right now especially for young people is an. everybody is talking about job creation here at the world economic forum in davos people are well aware of the fact that robots are taking over more jobs than governments can create off the back of a painful financial crisis and one country that knows about that is greece i'm
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delighted to be joined by dessie cherubs cancer now who's working for watts and volt a great energy company that was founded during the crisis there and has you know is a surprising success story how many jobs did you manage to create hell in the mace the faker in a crisis we have managed to create two hundred jobs a sustainable jobs reliable jobs at this hundred to sustain the level of jobs and we're educating our energy specialists in greece just tell us then a little bit more about how you managed to create these jobs in the depths of such turmoil because still currently in greece we're talking about a youth unemployment rate of around forty percent i had this role but we were always had a vision we had a purpose and we know that we're going to do it because then there's this sector is growing in reece and we had to believe and done not to give a patient to what is happening but just work and be passionate about what we're
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doing and some people would say that success stories like these are actually only possible out of the ashes of a crisis do you subscribe to that view or do you find that a cynical view i thought of as a scrape where the living by the can too. we believe that we can they suddenly get something they don't give out involved there are many companies that that experience that this amazing journey despite whatever is happening in greece and what about the great the brain drain now today that greece is having to battle with i mean do you have a view on that of course we are trying to fight a brain drain in greece we want people to stay in greece the youth the same greece and to be there when greece and goes back to development and growth now we understand that greek prime minister alexis tsipras will be having a series of meetings tomorrow here in davos is there a point that you would like him to hammer home to his counterparts to call the
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youth to stay there to be living grace and to maybe to communicate old to success stories that happened the last five years because maybe of the economic crisis all right to see carrot gents go from what and volta greek and its company which is having a surprising success story out of what was a very and continues to be a painful crisis brant yeah it is interesting to see to the optimism that she has there considering what we were not what we've all seen happening in greece and in the eurozone in the last couple of years with the euro crisis speaking of europe tomorrow is going to be the day when european leaders take to the stage in davos we have the german chancellor angela merkel we have the french president both delivering speeches tomorrow what do you what are you expecting and are you expecting them to also give an answer to trump isn't the way mr modi did today.
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that's why they're coming they will be out in force to put on a european united front in the face of protectionist policies it's interesting that german chancellor angela merkel will be giving the first address as she hasn't been to davos for the past two years and yet she is coming to spite the fact that she doesn't have a government in berlin back home perhaps there is the sense that she has been persuaded let's say by french president emmanuel mccall to come and put a united front on here in davos and that's something the french president really needs because he wants to put forward you know a series of years a reforms to backstop the french economy he has to revive the french economy and he needs a strong euro zone and a strong european union to do so so we're really going to see that that team that franco german team i think persuaded by some of the charisma of the french president and i mean it's not it's not by chance either that we have two european
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leaders speaking on the same day we know that president mccrone we know that he is depending on the german chancellor to be his partner to push the european project the german chancellor she doesn't have a new government yet is she going to be speaking tomorrow as a a wounded leader i think people are always interested to hear what german chancellor angela merkel has to say she has provided a voice of reason in you know past years and i think the devil salit will be looking for that she has championed international cooperation she will continue to do you say tomorrow and the devil salit will surely provide a ringing endorsement of that i think brant and before we let you go ahead with how can our viewers keep track of the talks in davos and keep track of what your doing . d.w.
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dot com of course we're providing updates all sickles videos reports and of course please do finish fifth follow us all to twitter at d w business we are tweeting like crazy here from the annual meeting of the world economic forum i can attest to that you have been a very very busy busy journalist today that is for sure we'll look forward to what you have to say tomorrow especially with those two major european speeches are right my colleague helena humphrey in davos covering the world economic forum for us tonight helena as always thank you very much. well the day is nearly done the conversation online continues you can find us on twitter you can use or write to me you can use the hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and it tomorrow is another day we'll see you get in touch. clay.
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gets off to a roaring stocks as the detroit. state favorites. anticipated. and treasures from cars of the future. and trying to measure glug glug glug glug glug glug hungry dragon. chinese investors on
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a shopping spree in germany. now buying up industrial enterprises like never before . what kind of supply chain is driving this offensive what all the potential risks for germany as an industrial locations china's the german companies. close up in forty five minutes. with different. languages we fight with different things that's fine let me all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for mines. dropping bombs on civilians. or change the situation escalates there's no longer any scruples. ruthless calculation military leaders or dopey extent of the basque.
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