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tv   Made in Germany - Going Cashless  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2018 5:30am-6:01am CET

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sustainable protection for the earth. is designed to preserve our ecosystems the system around the. global ideas takes the next step protection for our planet's biological diversity trailblazing projects. d w dot com slash global ideals. are you looking forward to a nice meal later today well consider yourself lucky over the past decades real progress has been made in reducing global hunger but around the world our ability
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to feed ourselves is under threat of violence population is growing at an ever increasing rates and the future of food insecurity looks to become a global problem this is made in germany welcome in indonesia you can already see where we are heading the country's population is growing and so is the gap between those account afford food and those who can't sign fully an increasing number of entrepreneurs are now trying to tackle this issue. people come to jakarta in search of work and a better life. what is the future of mega cities like this one the german internet entrepreneur three just detzner is in asia to explore such questions what will people eat if farmers continue to abandon the land for the city and the population continues to grow. out and about with emmanuelle lawman he who has declared war on
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hunger with his food rescue program if you hear the predictions of so many people living on one planet and their form of space what do you think that's going to happen if i'm not mistaken the food ways of the u.s. alone can feed the whole world was all right so what we're doing with this program is more like a band-aid. right so we're helping people obviously we're making a difference yes but it's more like a bad mate it's not going to the root of the problem right there the problem is the waste the root of the problem is the awareness it's the sense of urgency is that the feel that we need to do something about it which all of that doesn't exist. in the basements of upscale restaurants and hotels collects waste food on. this day old bread would otherwise be destined for the dumpster for jakarta's urban
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poor such leftovers can make all the difference if. i call myself a rational beggar. that's pretty bad that's where that's what i want a description my question but i spend my time begging for leftover food begging for a bit of money or you're begging for other people yes absolutely. and it's depressing sometimes to the professional beggar. the two still have to collect leftovers from ten more hotels. indonesia needs to import food to feed its rapidly growing population which currently total some two hundred sixty million people it can't produce enough to cover their needs. like even staples like rice the brought in from neighboring countries. indonesia desperately needs to come up with solutions to deal with the
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growing demand. what if people grew their own food at home. founder and food lover albert primeau no has developed a vertical farming system it's still in the pilot phase fish are farmed in the bottom of the food station their waste is broken down by bacteria and becomes fertilizer that supplies the lettuces herbs and vegetables growing up above with the nutrients they need. the plants in turn oxygenate the fishes water everything's organic. how many of the facials a city like chicago would need in order to sustain i think it's five minutes of this. i think depending on a number of people on apartment having. one hundred plants and safe like family household you think it's realistic but everybody gets one of these at home i think it's realistic in
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a way when the price is going down and it becomes the same unless you don't even if the thing how the world plans. i think it's possible. has invested eight hundred thousand euros in the development of the cultivation system to help get the word out he creates special menus made with the self grown produce for food bloggers and restaurant owners. here undernourishment and famine seem a world away. nothing in seconds you can see even. when i'm. sober sitting here on the most table having great food and that's that's a great thing right. we do have this growing population and the question is how can we feed them all like what we have to do in order to get is like a starting point to everyone because like i think in fifty maybe more people so we
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need to research on like how people who thinks more effectively but what's interesting about this era is that there's an arrow and a belief and so basically we need to find new math that is that's a noble but it also can produce in a long. way. as well i do agree with you i think i would soon real living in the bubble of like minded people are thinking about. if you look at the population the whole people behave and what they eat. this way it's not sustainable go for a lower price and like i don't know i'm not always like i like to be optimistic but actually sometimes i'm not because i think most people behave as very different very different from. the left of the food has now arrived at its destination the founder of food rescue comes here once a week. so we're in south jakarta right now. and this is a community in july and uk there's about five hundred families here and there are
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scavengers so they collect and they recycle the trash for deckard that without them there is no recycling five hundred families but on average we have about one hundred families coming each time. there are dozens of districts like this one in the center of the city. that people here only make a euro a day at most recycling trash that's just enough to buy some rice. in places in communities in locations where there is an obvious increase in density off people. and at the same time a decrease or the same level amount of food being produced you'll create situations that are like a time bomb so when people are desperate when they see their children cannot eat they will either have to move to look for the food or they will have to fight for their food. each year lumo need to students about thirty seven tons of food among the city's needy. and. i started
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helping people when i was fifteen and when i was twenty i took the decision after i finished university to do this full time with my life. and i've been doing this for the last seventeen years i feel to necessity and i feel i have to do something and so i really would like to do just a small something to help other people but i really had a few crises moment where i was and i was like enough of this and not enough enough it's a constant struggle but i realize that this is like in my d.n.a. now it's part of me and i realize that i will continue to do this for the rest of my life. people like emmanuelle need a helping to make a difference but they can't keep pace with the rapid changes underway the gap between rich and poor between those who have enough money to eat well and those who have to eke out a living by collecting trash is growing and not just in jakarta. with
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so many warriors about how to feed the planet an increasing number of people in the west are choosing a vegetarian lifestyle and veganism seems to be a growing trend to restaurants that cater to them are sprouting up all over europe for example barcelona rome vienna or paris but the city with the largest number of even restaurants is berlin there are at least three hundred seventy one. so here in germany at least there's a lot of money to be made on vegetarian and vegan products and they now come in many shapes and sizes. tofu instead of beef there's not a scrap of meat to be found at dandy diner a completely vegan fast food restaurant set up by the fashion bloggers. and. they were fur to themselves as for trend reasons if you express yourself through your clothes on the brands you wear but also through what you eat and what you
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don't eat really can ism is huge these days we recognize this early on now with a view can fast food kings of us. need to have been detecting new trends in men's fashion for years and writing about them on their website and after opening their own diner they're at the height of fashion themselves and they practice what they preach they're both vegan. deacon ism is booming. cafes serving lodges and bacon cakes can now be found on every block. and there's also a lot of demand for animal friendly shoes and belts microfiber material replaces leather and pretty good imitation. and even the service sector is going. to hair salon which uses products that are guaranteed. is one of the founders. and in many other salons when begins
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ask what's in the shop who most hairdressers have no idea so the customers turn up with washed wet hair have their hair cut and leave again here we give customers of a good drink they know all their products are vegan and they don't have to worry about anything. nowadays it's much easier to lead a vegan lifestyle. that's partly thanks to begins the first vegan supermarket chain in the world here you can get all the soil yogurt and tofu sausages you can dream up. the first store opened in twenty eleven c.e.o. young says egan ism has entered the mainstream. i'm. beginning with it was a shop just for be for a nice market people soon realize that our vision was to make everybody happy. we've managed to attract many people to be good as i'm more skeptical before and
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a bit turned off by our originally very small target group. so the regular customers are not all the ends but a duck says that vegan food now is what organic food used to be people are prepared to pay a lot for high quality products whether in the supermarket itself or in the chains adjacent restaurants it goes without saying here that there are no meat or dairy products on the menu. the business prospects are so good that even the meat industry is jumping on the bandwagon. sometimes of the large more margins are higher for big in food because it's not yet so industrialized and rationalized. because it's a niche market that only makes up about one percent of the whole market and the potential for growth is huge like up to ten or twenty percent. back at the dandy diner the big ensure reso burger is their best seller so far but
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everything seems to be pretty popular and the two bloggers are already plotting their expansion. before opening we met a franchise consultant who flew in specially he really wanted to meet us because he thinks it's so exciting we've had loads of offers from people wanting to work with us but the interest is there now it's all about the role now. even revolution is here and even in fast food forms someone's certain to be tickled pink about its. take who won't end up squealing on the grill. no matter whether you choose a salad or a steak off the menu at the end of the weight it will present you the bill and you might have become used to whipping out your credit card or smartphone to settle it but try that in germany europe's biggest economy still has a widespread allergy against plastic money it's
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a serious case of german ants fear of fraud in this case some sixty years after they were introduced here german still mistrust cashless payment systems and not entirely without reason as our reporter found out. i have to pay in cash at the local market. traders don't accept anything else. but i get my cash from an a.t.m. and that can be a risky business a.t.m. fraud is rampant as are many other kinds of digital and cybercrime. recently somebody somehow got my credit card details and access data and used them to withdraw cash in malaysia this kind of credit card fraud is on the rise.
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under free and is a technology group based in munich that provides services and products in global payment transactions communications digital identities and data security it's a leading printer of banknotes and it makes chips for credit and debit cards and sim cards for smartphones. i'm not allowed to film in one of their factories but here in the showroom at headquarters it's ok. this is a new card i've only had it three weeks because a week earlier somebody in malaysia managed to use my details to get four hundred fifty euros out of my account. but. if you make payments electronically in the digital world you leave traces if you want super careful your data will be out there you have to guard your digital identity otherwise somebody else might be able to use it to. you saying it was my fault
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i'm popular so i would say everybody is responsible for safeguarding his or her digital identity and we tend to be a bit casual in this area sometimes now that it's so easy to me. payments online or to pay with a card sometimes careless with their personal data. and internet is internet crime on the rise so yes massively it starts with cyber vandalism masses of spam mails that are annoying but perhaps not seriously disruptive or dangerous. and . then there is cyber crime that involves data theft for example getting cash or conducting online transactions to acquire goods without paying for them with your own money. that's the most serious form is cyber war attacking say critical infrastructure such as the electricity supply. for you business
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opportunities yes they are the company makes encrypts in software and it's developed a new two factor authentication system and online payment is only possible if a second trusted device is involved for example a smartwatch. with an apple watch your credit card data copied here. i don't have one but it works with my smartphone to i log into my bank to initiate a transaction the bank then generates a number. and sends it to my phone it are then generates another number which i have to enter on my computer to complete the transaction. it sounds complicated but such a system could offer protection from certain kinds of hacking. but what about paying with a card at a shop doesn't that allow anybody to find out what i buy and where. even if. your company providing the technology that is actually undermining data privacy
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. i would not say that we're working to enhance security and confidence in the digital world and in the real physical world. as well we prakash we make id systems and we make sim cards for phones chips and they provide some degree of security as regards the transmission and structuring of data to goal is security we're not creating the conditions for a data free for all. it's estimated that about two hundred thousand cyber attacks occur every day around the world. companies like easy and unlocked in a very high stakes struggle with hackers and cyber criminals. one of the most popular buzzwords in the tech world is disruption describing the radical change that all sectors of the economy we had banking or hospitality are
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going through right now but how to react what is a good strategy where are the pitfalls made in germany met up with an executive coach explains how businesses big and small will need to adapt. it's second nature to good surfers and something most of us would love to master the ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances. very gelati ensures they stay on top. for management coach sabina as good on adapting to change is key. as looking towards the chinese word to crisis is made up of two characters one signifies danger the other opportunity does understand fear soul's. digital change and compass as both these aspects. of things aren't just changing on the factory floor either. but also higher up the chain. lots of managers feel
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overwhelmed. or used to say decision makers don't suffer from stress their staff do but that's all changing the stress levels amongst managers a soaring as well thought of so many are out of their depth and afraid of what's happening they're afraid to make the wrong decisions frightened of making mistakes i think we live in a fear driven age. in the banking sector fear is rife and not only because of the impact of low interest rates bankers are also under fire for taking too many risks corruption poses another problem. the entire sectors management culture is under scrutiny and needs to change but how. is that wealth managers often asked me do i also have to double as an entertainer now i tell them yes you do you have to arouse the enthusiasm of your staff you need to have a vision and we know this sometimes costs blood sweat and tears don't pretend it
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doesn't hurt because generally it does just. countless people are worried by the seismic shifts currently underway that sabina asco dom is a much sought after. public speaker. first of all let's look at our fears are they real or are they imagined can i do something about them and sometimes more distance is helpful between myself as an individual and the position i'm in this is where the word identity comes into play teet it's. because the right path is of course different for each and every one of us the coach advisor second lines to identify their own goals and they're not to lose sight of them and to steer clear of short term fads. but. if we all swim with the tide we always do what the others do and often we lose the sense of what we really want and that's why i love the image of swimming against the tide but maybe far better to get. back
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to the white water and what it can teachers about falling down and getting back up again come against you you can really learn a lot here you just have to watch the surfers they paddled keep moving that is their float to avoid going under and to keep their spirits up paddling trying to keep up with the waves and then trying to find a quiet spot to get out of the water then to get back in and try to gain a thoughtful. so it's all about fighting fear keeping on the move and not freezing up. when everything is in flux around you. gentlemen listen up have you looked into a mirror recently i you show you a business outfits are really up today of course you aren't you're in secure you just don't know for sure do you whether that bart simpson novelty tie you got at
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a christmas party in one thousand nine hundred nine is still up to date well is it and it can involve your sister or the woman at the opposite desk or let me explain . everyone has doubts sometimes you look at the mirror and see this guy in a suit and tie and you wonder is this really me. this work for me. and i over doing it. should know go back to playing it more casual. the answer a simple no no no no look it's going to take a while for you to develop a sense of it works for you and what doesn't it's a process and that process actually never really stops. in the meantime while you are feeling a little insecure you can listen to others but whose judgment can you trust good
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question let's start with those you card. first of all do not trust any man over the age of thirty five who still wears jeans and t. shirts and thinks that's a suitable at for work not even if he's your best friend. and for all these reasons to not trust the sales guy in the store always tells you this suit was made for you. and as much as it pains me to say this do not trust your mom. i know she loves you but she may want you to look like a more dapper version of your data twenty five. and you trust any man whose style you admire just are we love giving advice do trust your female colleagues at work especially if they're over the age of forty in their
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working lives they have seen so many badly dressed men they appreciate if you make an effort. because they make an effort every day listen to them you know want conscious self lucky if you like me have an older sister or two like mom they love you unconditionally but that taste might be a bit more can also keep you from making a fool out of yourself. if only to protect the family or not. so now you know that's it for this episode of made in germany many thanks for watching enjoy the show why don't follow us on twitter or on facebook also find more information on our stories in previous episodes and much more on our web site that's d.w. dot com. see you next time. submit . the be.
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the above. the be. the be. the be. the be. the be. the best. the best.
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to the. heart as a protest against having to flee and being displaced conversation cold civilization harsh man in a cold sweat all coquetry a few cool. share this very essential brother with some dignity of human beings. the artist as
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d.w. correspondent you're in russia joe is in chechnya. islamic state has recruited more young people here than anywhere else. and more and more chechen fighters are now returning home they are both respected and feared. how will this affect chechen society. circlets fear today in fine detail the new news. turkey's army says it has killed at least two hundred sixty fighters in its military offensive against a kurdish held in clave in northern syria the offensive is aimed at neutralizing the u.s. backed kurdish militia that turkey considers a terrorist organization the u.s. has voiced alarm at the campaign and urged restraint from on camera. at these
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twenty seven people have been killed by two car bombings in benghazi and he's turning libya dozens more were injured the bombs explode.


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