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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2018 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin the u.s. wants to work its military action in syria risks bringing the two islands into conflict but ankara says prince ahead with its operations targeting the u.s. backed goods militia group which it views as a threat to its national security we've talked to our correspondent in turkey also coming up. a much anticipated guest at the world economic forum in davos will daughter trump to be able to reassure the world's movers and shakers that his
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america first policies can be good for them as well we talked we did douglas ben president at the swiss resort. and things baby monkeys don't just look like they are clones scientists in china calling it a breakthrough this opens the big question of how close to from clothing humans. hello and welcome. turkeys behind to press ahead with this military operation targeting u.s. backed militia in northern syria and that's despite a warning from u.s. president donald trump to limit the advance or risk confronting american forces on the ground in a full quarter with the turkish president donald trump arge turkey to quote exercise caution to avoid any actions that might risk conflict between turkish and
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american forces in the region. but president. office denies this was said to me if i should say the phone call was limited to an exchange of views and the truong did not second sons about the escalating violence in thin goodish white b.g. militias that have played a key role in helping us backed forces against the so court islamic state the turkish government courts the y.p. g terrorists. the shuttered turn of yielded us evidence of the force that turkey has brought to bear enough turkey's government is determined to press on with operation all of branch which to them has been a success so far. the operation will continue until the threat has removed. a little but the kurdish y p g wants the world to know that they would surrender the enclave without a fight. we will resist and will not allow the enemy to invade our land to the last
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drop of blood we have we will never retreat from here. those appear to be no idle words missiles fired from y p g controlled territory crashed into this mosque in the turkish border toad of kilis causing fatalities and panic as worshippers try to free the wounded from the rubble. the death toll rises on both sides but turkish president rich one says he will expand the offensive eastwards. u.s. troops stationed in northern syria might soon find themselves caught between kurds and turks each ally determined to banish the other from the region at all costs. cause wonderin joint jones joins me now from istanbul dorian that appeared to be conflicting reports about what exactly was said in the trunk telephone call how do you see it. well this just underscores how little
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trust serious between these two nato allies and it's not the first time there's been a dispute over what was discussed by the telephone of these two leaders and it reveals as how difficult it is going to be to come to some sort of solution and the escalation of this potentially very dangerous rift between the two countries a rift that could even lead to a complete collapse in relations between the two countries and i think going forward i think until there is a solution to this there is little hope of any resolution in fact the turkish foreign minister. underscore this by saying before we can talk about any technical solutions we have to rebuild trust between our that's going to take time and most people on the ground feel that there is little time left to avert a major confrontation between these two nato partners but how likely is it that turkish forces will come into confrontation with u.s. forces that the expansion of the military operation. with this apparent failure in this conversation between the two leaders it does
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raise the prospect that turkey will carry out its threat and there escalate its operation eastwards towards the syrian kurds towards mom beach which is under the control of the syrian kurdish forces and where there are u.s. forces placed there they are part of this ongoing cooperation between the militia and the wider region and if that was so occurred then the fear is that there would be the prospect of the two forces possibly engaging in one another that runs the risk of a collapse in relations something moscow will probably be very happy about but there is a possibility of some sort of solution during the conversation president heard one is reported to have proposed that the syrian kurdish militias should leave mom bitch retreat over the euphrates to the east and turkish forces will provide security to u.s. forces now given the fact there is so little trust between the two countries it's very difficult to see whether that deal could possibly come into reality but there is still the possibility of the. what many fear is
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a nightmare scenario for nato that's right and what about the possibility of a nato and a russian conference or russia or force of a key player in the region. certainly are you have to realize that it was moscow that allowed this turkish operation to start in the first place they control syrian air space it appears that they are what they do are allowing turkish forces now to use airspace with impunity for now at least i think moscow is very happy to sit back and watch this deepening crisis between two key partners it's always been a long term goal of moscow to drive turkey away from later to drag its. influence this least for now appears to be succeeding and moscow will be very happy to sit on the sidelines and watch it all on fault although moscow will have the back of their minds be worried about turkey's growing influence in syria with that comes the prospect of turkey clashing with damascus which moscow is backing so it's a difficult game moscow's play but at the moment i think they're very content with
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the situation right daryn jones in istanbul thank you very much for that this article look at some other stories making news around the world at least three people have been killed and more than one hundred injured ten of them seriously as . carrying commuters to the italian city of milan. many passengers were trapped and had to be feedback services the cause of the crash has not been established as yet . to forty the total number of people killed in last saturday's attack on a luxury hotel in the capital kabul a health ministry official said twenty five guards died in addition to fifteen. militants have claimed responsibility for that. a delegation of north korean officials and athletes has crossed the heavily guarded border into south korea for joint olympic streaming as pyongyang called for all koreans to seek unification of the divided korean peninsula the north and south korean women's ice hockey teams
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will join forces at next month's winter olympics in junk chunk in the south. the annual meeting of the world economic forum is underway in davos switzerland all eyes are on donald trump who becomes only the second sitting u.s. president to take part in the event and in the past hour his helicopter touched down at the resort trunks of grass is expected to give a defense office america first policy and that contrasts with the multilateral message heard from leaders at the forum so far a trumpet also called for greater foreign investment in the u.s. on his agenda are meetings with the leaders of britain and israel. john him enough of the world economic forum is a bend physical response to a five dollars or steam welcome bena something trump could shake up things there the u.s. president's visit being viewed. there are lots
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of different opinions let's put it that way protesters for example they've been protests this week right across which led to zurich thousands marched against not just trump but also the world economic forum itself and what it stands for in their eyes as a global elite they believe trump belongs to that global elite as one of the super rich. there are also many here who would really like to hear what he's got to say and whether or not he's is a message that could actually. go down well with many of the rich and super rich here in davos it will be very interesting to see what he has to say amrita no doubt he's going to be talking about his america first policy that won't go down with well with a lot of the globalists here his tax policy certainly has that's what i'm talking about tax policy not trying to see an office for over
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a year when it does this represent does have something to gain from us policy but the key was tax reform as you said the want to get on the farm reacting to that. the c.e.o.'s here from america they love it they're reinvesting that money that they're saving on those taxes to expand their businesses that means more jobs and that's going to play into the hands of mr trump for sure i mean who doesn't want a job in a secure job in a good job especially in fields like take the tech sector there well paid jobs of course and redo the big question is whether or not mr trump's message goes down well he has some analysts here have been saying to me that he could actually come with a message to explain and help people here understand what real americans actually need whether or not the people here listen to him is another question it all
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depends upon how they view him do they view him as a man of power now in his status as u.s. president or is he still just one of the global elite as they've treated him in the past i love to talk about ben visit and we have to leave it there but we'll talk to you of course later in the program thank you very much for that update from davos now almost twenty years ago dolly the sheep made headlines as the first man to be successfully kill and now researches in china have announced a new breakthrough using the method that does dolly they've created two healthy cloned monkeys now this is very is the question what scientists up potentially one step closer to being able to clone humans. meat and while they might just look like two cute baby macaques but they also represent a breakthrough that has excited scientists around the world the monkeys are clones
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the very first successful clones of a primate researchers at the chinese academy of sciences presented them to the public this week the purpose of doing and the use of monkeys experiment to animals is really for the human health for the cure in a few men disease there are many other animal models you can use you can use mice was widely used but there has been difficulty. in using that as animal model for the human disease because mice are very far away from humans the process took over a year and one hundred twenty seven eggs almost eighty viable embryos and a bevy of host mothers to produce the two babies it's hoped the clones could be used for studying diseases like parkinson's and alzheimer's researchers say clones like these could help them glean results that would be more pertinent to humans but this breakthrough also begs another question can we clone humans and should we the
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burial of cloning primate species is well over. in principle any private including humans can be called but all purpose of producible call monks use is purely for human benefit for medical purposes we see no reason of call of humans but despite the issuances it seems the debate around possible human cloning is once again on the agenda. to tennis than remain in a similar to khalid will face carrying what's in the uk in the sas days australian open final in melbourne top ranked ultimately proved too strong for germany. she came through in three sets winning them out on match six three four six nine seven to maintain her unbeaten record so far this year in the early game down under number two seed what's new overcame a second set wobble to defeat belgium's matins the day in the is
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a former world number one but like has yet to win a grand slam title. enough the philippines where scientists are watching mount my own and this is a violent option could happen at any moment they say the volcano is relishing with magma under the surface and it may not be able to withstand the pressure of all that molten rock about seventy five thousand people have been evacuated from the area officials fear a full load eruption could become a humanitarian emergency that last for months my own is the most active volcano in the philippines the current iraq to the started about two weeks ago. you're watching the news coming to you live from london coming up ahead don arrives at the walls economic forum in davos we look at how business and political leaders seem he is a medical first on the scene and tax reform. and that's with
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monica jones who being the business update for you and she'll be talking to ben friends who then who sponsor dollars was seen in the what economic forum. such as. the to. see it find it. here it discovered. video and audio podcast to language courses. d.w. media center at libya center dot w dot com.


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