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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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i am. i am. this is the daily news live from berlin seeing double after shooting and dogs now researchers have successfully cloned monkeys decades after dolly the sheep was close scientists in china use the same technology to create to call thing monthly's a scientific breakthrough that's raising many ethical questions the planet close makes you and cloning possible one day also coming up no safe haven a top u.n. official says myanmar is still not safe for the relationship to return to being mars's is really disturbing the peace treaty persecuted muslim refugees but do the
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right thing just want to go back. and double shrug our lives at the world economic forum in davos can you reassure the world's movers and shakers that his america first policies can be good for them to. thank you so much for your company every month all right we begin our broadcast with a scientific breakthrough in china the baby monkeys that you see right here behind me don't just look like they are identical researchers created them using the same cloning method that produced dolly the sheep almost two decades ago but monkeys are primates just like us humans and now the question is being asked are we next. me chose sean and they might just look like two cute baby mechanics but they also
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represent a breakthrough that has excited scientists around the wild the monkeys are close the very first successful clones of a primate using the method to produce dolly research is that the chinese academy of sciences presented them to the public this week the purpose of doing it and the use monkeys experiment of animals is really for the human health for the cure in a few men disease there are many other animal models you can use you can use mice was widely used but there has been difficulty. in using that as animal model for human disease because mice are very far away from humans the process took over a year and one hundred twenty seven eggs almost eighty viable embryos and it bevy of host mothers to produce the two babies it's hoped that clones could be used to studying diseases like parkinson's and alzheimer's research is say clones like
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these could help them glean results that would be more pertinent to humans but this breakthrough also begs another question can we clone humans and should we the burial of cloning primate species is well over. in principle any private including humans can be caught but all purpose of produce of course monkeys is purely for human benefit for medical purposes we see no reason of call of humans but despite the assurances it seems the debate around possible human cloning is once again on the agenda. well it is considered a major biomedical breakthrough and raising also many many questions we're going to try to tackle a scientific angle with their claims are due to science editor and martin gagged you know he's correspondent for religious affairs and ethics will help navigate some of the ethical issues that have come up as well want to start off with you if
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i may dare to give us the state of play before we start talking about this specific case about the the world of cloning because since dolly the sheep we had cloned monkeys cloned dogs dogs excuse me and many different mammals why well there are a there are about twenty different species that we clone now want to regular basis and many of them have there's a variety of different reasons we clone mice for example for research study purposes we clone cowls because they can then we can get callous that deliver more milk and we can be certain that they'll deliver more milk so there are a wide range of reasons why we clone animals this is definitely this is definitely moving in the direction of medical research cloning monkeys we don't have any we don't raise monkeys for food so what exactly it was so what talk to us live it more about the significance of this breaks or but it's very highly significant because it's going to really smooth down medical testing it's going to make it happen more quickly and easily because if you're working with
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a group of genetically identical individuals that are actually very close to to shuman beings evolutionarily then you're going to end up in the end with products that are probably going to work a lot of the time with medical research you go in with mice testing and it works and by the time you get to human testing it doesn't anymore because of the differences are just too great the differences between humans and monkeys are very small are very small is that already raising some ethical questions there for you martin well i mean it raises of course i think questions i mean which is the production of subjects for experimentation i mean this obviously is a question journalese speaking we tend to think. not only human beings but people i mean that you know all ninety miles understand this very well i mean we are not simply dealing with biological material one of the issues that we need to ask ourselves is how we said that we're going to actually account for the way in which we're trading and the status of this clone individuals this is obviously an ethical question that cannot be ready leanne's here but this is one of the things that is
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on the table there is also a question which was debated in the late ninety's and early not so i mean then it subsided about sort of the genetic makeup of the clones so there were issues concerning for instance aging aging. aging markers other genetic a level that were found to be the fish and let's say i mean we cannot go into a full explanation in dolly in the famous she. these things were somewhat put aside as concerns but sort of there is still a pandora's box effect and i think we do not understand the full significance and significance and impact these are things that will have to be discussed but we will we want understand the significance and back until we don't really large scale studies and the question is is i think it's still up in the air how large scale do we want those studies to be close are we realistically to be able to clone human beings to me for my opinion yeah a little bit and i would say we're probably going to see it in the next ten to twenty years wow this is for us you are out there probably working on
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a right now but it's considered criminal martin in many countries in the winters i don't know if in single case in which human cloning is actually permitted essentially goes there bioethical medical ethics protocols which in theory at least play internationally known the lists part of a promise that regulatory frameworks are of course stronger in some countries not in others and many of the countries i mean the translation countries are doing it already we don't know if they're doing it already but countries like china which have a lot of might in technology i mean these are enormously powerful technological bolz . which have a lot of means at their disposal how much we can regulatory frameworks and there's another interesting aspect of this which is that a lot of a lot of of the research that's being done is very very closely related to this for example for example research into embryonic stem cells which have really issue could have a huge medical impact so it's very you know drawing those lines that clearly is
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really not as simple or easy task give me one really compelling or so compelling leeson in favor of human cloning. i'm not in favor of human cloning so it's hard for me to get in his age in a situation where it would be called for to continue with this type of research i think that this is one for the assist well i think that the strongest arguments are not i mean take this one i think that the strongest arguments are really concerning the amount of genetic fitness to solve to solve essentially or to cure or to cure in this is i have very strong reservations about human cloning very strong reservations but i think it's very obvious that the potential for medical cures are just enormous i mean really beyond beyond the imaginable these are very strong arguments because we are still committed to the health of her populations we still want people if you're going to ration where you are critically you know absolute that how absolutely so that it's
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a very very strong argument that this should be said which is this is a wonderful gift that does have small print and we have not read through the small print yet and this has to happen right on that note of brave new world for all of us thank you so much for breaking it down there claims our science editor and martin gak are at things that i think my pleasure so much talk to you about. all right now to some of the other stories making news around the world. authorities in france have issued flood alerts across the country after heavy rains in the capital paris authorities have shut train stations and rail lines due to the rising river water is in some areas in the suburbs have been flooded the region has had twice as much rainfall as normal in recent months at least three people have been killed and more than one hundred others injured and of them seriously as a regional train carrying commuters to the italian city of milan derailed so many
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passengers were trapped and had to be freed by rescue services the cause of the crash has not yet been determined. or the world a senior u.s. diplomat has with an international panel dealing with the injure refugee crises bill richardson said he feared the panel would whitewash the role of myanmar's government and he criticized what he called an absence of leadership by me and mar leader aung san suu kyi her office said richardson had been terminated for having his own agenda well meanwhile a top u.n. official has warned against me and maurice plaster repatriate the nearly seven hundred thousand range of refugees currently living in bangladesh unicef director justin forsyth says it's still not safe for them to return home and that members of mia mars military are still attacking were injured villages but mean maher says it
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wants to begin bringing there were hand job back soon. for those traumatized by ethnic violence this may prove a forbidding prospect it's one of the holding camps myanmar is building just across its border with bangladesh the site will serve as a reception area for returning ranger refugees before they're sent to camps in other parts of wreck and state. the bangladesh side will send back the forms of those who want to return to us we will check whether these people are the people who stayed in myanmar or not by cross-checking with the evidence we have for now though most of the ranger around willing to return over six hundred fifty thousand of them fled to bangladesh last year after myanmar's armed forces targeted their villages this man has fled persecution three times now in one thousand nine hundred eighty one thousand nine hundred ninety one and last year he now has a small shop in the could to prolong refugee camp. i kept going back because i
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still have love for my country and my heart they take us back saying they will give us everything but they don't give us anything they say they will beat our demands but they don't the government is a fraud and they cheat us after taking us back so i have no intention of going back this time the united nations is calling on myanmar to give its aid agencies full access to the camps it's building for ranger return nees the un says necessary safeguards are still missing the red families i've met today but particularly the children tell me that they do want to eventually go back but not right now because it's not safe. for them to go back into a violent situation i spoke to one i'm a young woman who had been on the phone to iran in. and they were attacking villages even today so the situation is unsafe for the returns to begin. in the meantime many rangers are busy improving their living conditions in bangladesh
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until they receive credible safety guarantees for a return to myanmar that may well be their best bet. you're watching every news we still have a lot more to tell you about where turning home after serving the so-called islamic state or the story of one ex fighter from chechnya. but first the message of business as usual is coming from the european central bank today card that's right and that raised some eyebrows in the finance community as the euro reached its strongest level and against the dollar it's three years but today the c.b.s. said this is not planning to hike rates this year european companies are getting increasingly worried that their products will get more expensive abroad but druggy remains unimpressed here's what the president of the european central bank had to say the recent volatility in exchange rate represents a source of uncertainty which requires monitoring well since mid december the euro
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has gained six percent against the us dollar hitting one twenty five today its highest level since two thousand and fourteen that rally is based on investor expectations that the e.c.b. plans higher interest rates soon. well let's bring in financial correspondent. who's standing by in france but only as expected the e.c.b. left its stimulus program in place it keeps pumping money into the economy how was the market reacting to all those names. of the market reacted first rather benignly it took it in its stride because one realize that the recent surge of the euro might not be the right time to announce that the e.c.b. was even perhaps adding well to the fire and saying that at some time rates would rise and the quantitative easing that is the bond buying the pumping of billions into the economy would stop or would start coming to an end so that was not
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a surprise but a very good driver these comments were apart from the comments that you posted he also said that. if he beat was comfortable with the current level of the euro and that it didn't target certain foreign exchange targets and that led the market to believe well it's a dollar they don't really care or they don't care to stress that they care and so the market now is speculating against the european central bank whereas the breaking point when do they care that's why the euro surged and when the euro surged the stock suffered because mainly the argument that it hurts exports here is some people say that it's high time the e.c.b. at least begins to consider to make a move to send some signals out there are they right. i think they're right many other economists think that those voices are right they say the same thing if you
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factor out the euro let's say even at these prices it hasn't really stopped the economy from going at full steam i mean we saw data today from business confidence and consumer confidence and record highs are at seventeen year seventeen year highs and eurozone is also growing inflation is at one point four percent when if not now you start raising rates rates are at zero the key lending rate of the e.c.b. pumping money a bubble forming in the bond market could cause turmoil with a bubble breaks at some point the e.c.b. will have to exit and then there will be trucked term all the time could be now in order to prevent more exaggerated more exulted of all in the future a lot of people believe that the time is now really balance in frankfurt thank you very much. donald trump has arrived it's davos to sell is america first agenda shall we say skeptical crowd of dyed in the wool
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multilateralist haven't already fired a volley of punitive tariffs and pressed his home already and stellar world leaders and business big shots unlikely to cotton on to the idea that isolationism made in the usa is good for the whole world economy. the big moment has arrived donald trump is in davos mr america first himself and what's mostly been an assembly of multilateral lists the elephants in the room have names like trade wars and punitive tariffs expressions that stand for the u.s. is in a word pivot in contrast to european appeals to look beyond borders but that's not a unified stance the british have a tight rope to walk they have to sell themselves as a country open for business despite brags that impending free trade is a topic that i have discussed with the president of the balls we're very keen that we'll be able to do that free trade agreement where we leave the european union with the united states of america that we are all that of already working on how we can shake. mae and trump are due to meet in davos today ahead of trump's arrival
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u.s. treasury secretary steven minucci was already selling his boss's strategy over the wilds of meetings again lots of discussions just focused on international trade what's good for the united states is good for the rest of the world in terms of growth what that actually means in practice has not always been easy for the international trading community to decipher many in davos will be searching from speech on friday for additional parity within them. this situation in syria is on the table at diplomatic talks and. thank you heart because in vienna the united nations has begun fresh efforts to jumpstart peace talks between the syrian government and the opposition while the two days of talks of vienna come after eight previous rounds in geneva do you expect a breakthrough this time around but host u.n. special envoy for syria stuff on the mr remains optimistic outside the u.n. the kurds protested against another ongoing conflict in the region but turkish
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military operation in syria of a free fall the turkish offensive is turning into a diplomatic dispute between nato allies turkey and the united states u.s. president donald trump has urged turkish president to want to limit the advance or risk or fronting american forces on the ground. operation although if branch continues together with our life even wrapping fight is turkey is pushing on with this massive offensive in north and syria to drive felt what they call kurdish terrorists they have entered to city of thoughts about when i was driving from a free in turkey is a family to advance to what's meant bench and other kurdish held enclaves where some u.s. forces are stationed ankara and washington increasingly at both the turkey doesn't seem to be to go right about drawing the u.s. into the conflict. i don't see the possibility of turkey coming face to face with
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the united states during our operation in this region. turkey is determined that despite don't want us president donald trump allegedly voiced on wednesday in a phone call with this turkish counterpart with ankara seemingly disregarding the concerns of the u.s. homeland security adviser reiterated that his government would prefer turkish troops to leave the area. well i think that i think that president obama will make decisions to deescalate violence in africa in into a normalized stabilize a prayer freeing actions in that region and i think they'll make that decision here with the full support of the states. meanwhile the asterix and ground operations have killed dozens of civilians and now i've come out more than five thousand people from african had to flee to places like this case once again these are people who are fled after all run away to safety multiple jobs and the
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latest crisis of course if i am in a vertical situation in particular this time of year where it may try to call this knowing strains. or who are these people is very very difficult situation. with no end in prospect field fence if it's opening a new front in serious multi-site at seven you. on a related note this week we have been looking at radical islamists and russia and the threat posed by the return of former i asked militants from syria and iraq touch now was fertile ground for the group to recruit fighters and the third and final episode of our series called the circle of fear our moscow bureau chief jure yuri ever chettle met up with a former chechen fighter who talks about his motivation his life as a jihadi and his escape.
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did you ever use a weapon to shoot or kill people but. no i didn't kill anyone not that i could see him and me at the in the. safe and i don't know i like to know why why did you go there are you. sure. in my case it was a feeling of injustice against the sunni who were killed by the shiites you mean. it was to pursue me. but didn't you watch any news use didn't you know that you were going to join terrorists. i knew that what i was doing was illegal but i didn't give it a second thought. you know with them you. didn't think about the fact you were
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going to be killing people. and i knew i would get a weapon after all this is war but my view that everything changed the day i arrived in syria as you read took place about beauty was new to her so. how did you leave what did you day look like yeah i was a guard i kept watching over occupied areas in aleppo. in from chechnya how were you treated by the i.r.s. . we were treated well national chechens they know who are used and the kind of character they've been raised with for hundreds of years it's become a social so how to shands of. this find said young chechens please explain to me. you are courage and the religion islam which we've held for centuries we've also fought in many wars that's what the i.r.s. appreciates about chechens. actually i wanted to go back as soon as i arrived
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that's when i witnessed an execution of refugees who have fled the war it took place right after i got there at my settlement which was a gathering place for new arrivals to syria just because you know there was full. of the pacific ocean there you know the bus came to a stop and see if it's the men were taken and interrogated. they were asked about their religion even. if they were executing the next day or the news. they were beheaded by the. yemeni it was a shock for me that people could use their religion as a justification to kill others. i waited for the right moment to escape unfortunately it only worked when i was wouldn't it i used my medical treatment as a pretense. against a target of two and from there i went home because. there is usually any evidence i
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had many chances to as a refugee and enter germany or france and escape justice france with by the them because of it but i thought if i had the courage to fight in a war. that i had to find the courage to return home. and face legal punishment. male students of them with the bunnies to. discipline their causing us if we could only see you came back to teach me how were you received was no less. when i returned the police weren't aware that i'd been in syria the whole tell you nobody knew that i could simply go back home and live my life but i told myself then which had a mitigating effect. in the end i was given an eight month prison sentence. why did so many chechens go to that
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center why do they steal girl. it's not just a problem among chechens many from germany go to join the i.a.s. to. highly educated people as well lots of russians use. not just those with russian citizenship but russians all the same even the good in. safety state now many including the leadership in russia are saying there has been destroyed and there to be shoot now focus on serious political future do you believe that the i.r.s. is finished my own in my opinion no yes is not defeated it will carry on along to be sure it will move. to tennis now and simona halep will caroline wozniacki in saturday's all staley an open final in melbourne all this after the top see the romanian got the better. germany is actually cared for in so we be marathon sets and the other semi
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a number two seed wozniacki overcame a second set wobble to defeat belgium's a while the debt dispatched to britain's kyle edmund in straight sets he'll play either defending champ or roger federer or the other seed at chongqing on for the title before i let you go and remind you of our main headline of this hour scientists in china have revealed two identical baby monkeys created using the same claims technique that gave us dolly the sheep more than two decades ago their research breaks the technical barrier that could open the door to human cloning. thanks so much for watching.
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