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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2018 2:02am-2:16am CET

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u.s. president donald trump is in davos touting his message of america first but will world leaders sit on helena home for the world economic forum and i'll have more coming up. and while helen i was freezing for you in davos the euro hit another record high mario draghi still says the european central bank doesn't plan to hike interest rates anytime soon. and for business on the w m how are you going to get us welcome to the program donald trump arrived at davos and as expected it's all about america first the president's visit comes amid announcements of new tariffs set by the u.s. government that have been heavily criticized mostly between the lines of others davus speakers in his first day at the world economic forum trump held several bilateral talks behind closed doors. security has been beefed up at davos that may have something to do with the arrival of the u.s. president donald trump he seems to have opted for a soft landing meeting key u.s.
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allies first among them british prime minister to resume a many so her criticism of countries not doing enough or free trade as a direct swipe at trump's policies but she was less critical following her meeting with the u.s. president. facing challenges across the globe and as you say to get to the key challenges in. the long term looking for the change they should teach or should be focused on the trade. concha rush thank you very i think it's a most important if they can close i'm going to agree with tremendous inclusion great leader thank you for was great for both in terms of job. we look forward to that you're starting that process pretty much. it's unclear whether trumpets speaking generally or referring to a free trade pact between the u.k. and the u.s. much like their prime minister many in the u.k.
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believe that such a deal would be essential after leaving the e.u. but despite a friendly start with may trump's upcoming speech is likely to meet with resistance that's because many expect him to defend his america first policy and recent punitive tariffs he had imposed on some imported goods. and of course the dollars business team is in davos we're now going to bring in helena humphrey who has been covering the conference for us helena hi it's good to see you again well we saw donald trump arriving today and some were outraged by the simple fact that someone said to him thank you for coming so how welcome is the us president. well the us president walked into the lion's den of globalists who mostly stand for everything that he doesn't they're against populism they're against protectionism that said i have never seen the courage of the congress center so packed out when
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the u.s. president walked through he said switzerland great country and that he was here to deliver a message of peace and prosperity he then proceeded to hold a closed door talks with the british prime minister to resign may offer to which he then held a small press conference where there was that long awaited slightly or quit handshake and theresa may wants again made a point of stressing how important not special relationship still is probably because she's looking for global trade ties out of the european union as she readies who breaks it and he also held talks with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu so speaking to his two allies here at the world economic forum his speech much awaited tomorrow we'll have to see how it goes down bated breath at the moment definitely and for sure now we know it's not going to be an easy one especially because some are really not happy that he's there in the first place what can we expect for tomorrow. we can expect it to be
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a message of america first donald trump will concentrate on successes at home because he doesn't have those successes to trump it in terms of his foreign policy so he'll talk about the stock market its gains and tax reform as well they'll be two of the main talking points in that speech and you'll be there covering it for us thank you very much own humphry from davos. and the u.s. president also hosted a dinner for leading european c.e.o.'s trump is hoping to attract more foreign investment despite his america first policies that many in the business community finds divisive the u.s. president's measures to protect american industry may cause foreign companies to lose out some of the guests included the c.e.o.'s of tech giant s.a.p by air and zealots all the countries participating in davos currently are trying to make
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a case for investments in their countries just like the u.s. but the context is difficult considering the isolationist vibe sent out precisely by usa industrialized nations like germany or canada certainly have nothing to fear but what about emerging economies they are hoping for the best with a bit of caution. in the morning this is the hotel breakfast area for the rest of the day it is the pakistan billion dollars the country's delegates are proud of how their country's economy is performing and want to show that here pakistan is no longer dependent on the help of old industrial powers china is investing fifty four billion dollars in infrastructure it is helping build roads ports and industrial parks that it also helps to profit from. and for pakistan it is also vested interest to develop spark fun from the grassroots level. anything that we've basically been doing with the us all the europe is not really planting than roots and ritual growing up to become i mean i think it was always. good relations good
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investment bad relations and things go down so nothing what those no continuity. things are changing as are the investors many countries sent delegations to davos to showcase what they can offer but competition is intense ten african heads of state have travelled to the swiss ski resort south african delegation is already claiming positive results it says its economy is on the road to recovery. all the meetings that we have. we've had nothing negative that has been said about our country or what we've had has been encouragement you're on the right course keep go that's what many are hoping for more free trade and investments but the discussions here have also turned to protectionism and isolation but that doesn't threaten the vision of the bangladeshi minister of information technology he still wants his country to be in a world of open borders. not at all because in terms of the global online
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marketplace from the bangladesh we have contributed second largest online workers on the global online marketplace after india so you can easily understand that country. bangladesh we are really feel that we are not facing any problem in the present scenario but that could change on friday many will focus on us present trump speech to see how his america for its policies could potentially affect free trade. the euro search to a fresh high after european central bank chief mario draghi highlighted what he called solid and brought growth in the common currency area the euro jumped about one percent to its highest level since mid december twenty fourth scene but then retreated druggy called the exchange rate volatility our quote source of uncertainty that needed monetary he also took an interest jab at u.s. treasury secretary stephen newton for saying this week that
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a weaker dollar helps us straight they see the president responded that global leaders had a strong standing agreement to reframe and competitive devaluations. all right let's talk about this with our correspondent on wall street the ends call to yes is this all talk or is there serious concern about the currencies. it certainly is incredible what happens in the currency markets these days and we can really wonder what influence does the head of the treasury with his top really have on the currency yes it did have an impact but on the other side isn't it more on the monetary side meaning the federal reserve what really drives the dollar higher or lower and by now monetary policy in the u.s. for quite some time is by far not as excessive as we see it with the e.c.b. in europe and a lot of economists actually believe that specially with the tax reform here in the united states a lot of money could flow back to the united states so that could strengthen the
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dollar and also if we might see more interest rate increase there within this year some also by the way donald trump said that the government should stop talking about the dollar and in the long time at least the president believes the donga to the dollar will get stronger again ensconced in new york thank you very much. and before we go a quick look at the latest driverless bus was now arriving in scandinavia. it may be slow but this could be the future of mobility transportation this driverless bus is making one of its first journeys in stockholm much to the excitement of some locals i was expecting expecting it to be a little bit bumpy like should be a head start like jump start but it was really smooth and i'm impressed computers tend to do less hours the human so if we could get more robust out in traffic
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unless you must live in traffic i think that the amount of. stands and i think overall the traffic will reduce the project is part of a collaboration that includes telecommunications company ericsson and the law just writer in scandinavia i have a six months the driverless bus will shuttle people over a one and a half kilometer stretch of road. apart from looking at how people react to trial could have a larger impact on jobs in the transportation sector. drive. fifty percent of the operating cost of public transport so of course. we have a look on this but then at the same time it's also to actually be always at the front of your business this may be the frontier of urban mobility but although the swedish government bus company is currently on a recruitment drive there are fears that this technology will ultimately put
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thousands out of work. but that's it for next time. the be. cut cut cut. cut. cut. cut cut cut.
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fasten your seatbelts slate legal the book look at the be. again. travel guide to doubling. the top stories followed across social media share your comments and content welcome to. news. w.'s program guide to. leave the holy month. to come floodlights. have a terrible problem with biofuels right now in that in that they're eating
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they're taking food. so i've made a prediction about a century from now to. have a new industry that grows up that supplies carbon for industry. if you can imagine making synthetic fuels out of carbon that you broke. with plants it will be in salt water the coast of syria will be in. and the reason it was given song fresh water supplies water it competes with food that is a perfectly possible scenario.


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