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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2018 12:15pm-12:30pm CET

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for now the government has announced that it intends to further that expand the operation. that report and interview from did abuse you'll be on speaking with me earlier from istanbul this is day to view news live from berlin wall more news throughout the day and we're live to davos and fourteen hundred c.d.t. for president come speech please join us for that five. center see it find it here it discover. video and audio podcast to language courses in the g.w. media center at the media center go to w dot com. climate change. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our
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firemen for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire others. to let it go the environment magazine. long t w. my message is peace and prosperity says u.s. president donald trump as he tells reporters in davos what to expect from his closing address. the reversal states are doing. really well there were journalists decades the stock markets are incredible businesses are coming back into the united states and i think it's going to be a great message that people are going to like europe. by. come to d.w.
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business well it is the last day of the world economic forum in davos and the high point of today's proceedings is likely to be president donald trump's closing address which we will broadcast live here on d w a trump arrived in the mountain resort late on thursday and he wasted no time in getting down to business flanked by the c.e.o.'s of two major german call parades asap and siemens trump discussed his america first policy. trump started his visit by hosting an informal dinner for a group of some of europe's most powerful business executives and justice had been expected he wasted no time in listing his achievements for corporations i just want to say that there's been a lot of war a lot of respect for our country and a lot of money billions and billions of dollars coming into the u.s. and people are very happy with what we've done not only on the tax bill but also cutting of regulations and i think also prematurely or for a country you know if you're not
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a cheerleader for your company or for your country. no matter what happens or sack you don't work and that's what i did and that's what my whole group is so about his audience included top executives from corporate giants including nakia volvo bya and siemens the business leaders seated around the table describe to trump what their companies were doing in his make america great campaign trump is due to give the closing address later today of just over four hundred speeches which have been made during the forum this one is likely to attract the most attention how do you live like a moron so far and detail the use been physical and has been paying attention in davos all week long he joins me now ben trump is due to give the closing address in davos that seems odd how do people there feel about that. this is extremely interesting monica because we've had the conference bookended basically by two of the most powerful leaders in the world first of all indian
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prime minister narendra modi in charge of the biggest democracy in the world he basically said that the world needs to remain open and warned against protectionism that was something we heard time and again from every leader the took to the stage until of course we get to mr trump today who will be closing the conference and he's going to be talking about. moving back and pulling back from well he won't be talking about pulling back from deals but talking about fair trade he's been withdrawing himself from deals ever since he's come into office and when he talks about fair trade it's a bit strange because there is a body called the w t o the world trade organization to that makes up the rules to ensure the trade is fair while remaining open he doesn't want the w t o anymore which would be quite a problem when it comes to fair trade what analysts here are saying is that when he
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does take to the stage he's going to give a very strong message perhaps even to the global elite here in davos who are often told they're out and honest about their expectations. well i hope he's going to reach out to the wider world this hasn't been his practice so far but there's no point in coming to dallas if you don't bring a global view and so i very much hope he will reach out to connect with the world would be really interesting to hear you know american first party see how it will affect that global economy. i expect him to continue to deny climate change and to do things that are against what people really need so i think his message is still what's good for america should be good for the for the world obviously there's a little bit of uncertainty as to what that means but generally opposed to that he's here in gauging i hope that he will tell us that the u.s. of course is
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a part of the international community and we support to free trade and globalization we're nothing new or your product and especially to corruption so i'm worried about it softly interest. in general the position of the government regarding transparency integrity honesty i expect him to say something quite controversial. all right i mixed expectations there certainly on the streets of davos the bin but we hear that as from a senior official of the trump administration that he might be open to rejoining the paris climate agreement after all and he's also warming up to the idea of trade talks with the united kingdom. senior administration officials have said that he could rejoin the paris agreement you'll remember this was a milestone for environmentalists and a huge disappointment when trump said he would pull out the thing is these
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officials are saying he wants different terms and a better deal for the u.s. so again the same problematic that america expects to be dealt with differently to the rest of the world it's i can for trade this quite well in an example someone i was talking to was telling me about an american woman here who broke through a barrier she decided to take a shortcut and security told her to stay where she was and not move through the area she went ahead they then came out with their guns and arrested her she waved her american passport and said i'm an american soldier said so what all right. ben we have ten seconds the highlight of dallas in one word but the highlight for me pottery got my first pottery class it was very hands on it was almost like a ghost moment if you remember the film goes moment what will this it's that one then we can revisit it online for sure it was all in and out was thank you so much
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for your work there and of course our team has been covering the world economic forum in davos all week long they've been catching our poor not only with business leaders but also experts from the world of science helen humphrey for example had the chance to meet with the head off center in the european organization for nuclear research to discuss the global challenges. fabulous john ought to thank you for joining us many thanks for the opportunity of this tract now as the head of a center for nuclear research you know perhaps better than anyone the power of a split atom and therefore the power of nuclear warheads does that keep you up at night knowing that there are potentially unwieldy leaders who have nuclear codes nuclear buttons on their desks of course this is a warning and for what everybody on the other hand this clear that we cannot stop science because of the fear on how science is going to be used because you know i
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thought nuclear physics through it has led to atomic and nuclear weapons on the other hand it has also led to nuclear medicine which is used to treat cancer and to and to cure people so i think that we cannot really stop in order to because we are afraid of how government or political authorities are going to use it these uncertain times that times of hand-wringing worrying times how important there for is it that we then take the scientific approach to thinking that we consider facts it's very very very important science can really play a role it can play a role because science is unifying and universal and so it can connect people and it can help. build a shared future in a fractured world which is actually the theme of. this this year. it's also very important for the thought that the science becomes one essential component of the decision making process when. these and the suicide society
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decides about the big challenges because not the only component but one of the central components because decision must be based on facts and not just on opinions and on synthetic evidence we began by speaking a little bit about the worries links to nuclear nuclear armament and so on haven't you clear power can have advanced his particular mitchell king about climate change about finding. new energy needs however in the time off to china build fukushima can you have a scene you can hear power stepping in to fill some of our energy needs again. you know i think that we have to continue to work on all our technologies in all their actions in order to make them more reliable for society you can't just say now we stop everything and we just don't have energy because we know that none of going to solve the problem ok so we have a problem a challenge energetic problem so we have to fight right through to face it in all possible ways by using all possible approaches and i want to bring in the fact that
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you're also the co-chair of the world economic forum this year one of the rallying cries has been that the davos man needs to listen to the davos woman to make things change do you get the sense that that's happening frankly this year. i think having a panel of co-chairs made a women is a very strong sign and anybody not notice it of course and so i think that it's really a speaks to the importance of diversity and inclusiveness if you look at the panel we are all women but we're all different we have different backgrounds we have different to traffic on origin we have different messages to bring so i think this is the strongest side i am a strong believer of diverse either city which means giving everyone the same opportunities thank you very much of your time thank you thank you. helen humphrey there in davos and she will also cover donald trump's speech there this afternoon that's your business update for now here on d w thanks for keeping me company and i'll leave you with some impressions of doubles team
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a sentence from the beautiful swiss alps i'll catch up later with you. oh.
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