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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is you know redos live from berlin america first doesn't mean america alone that's what u.s. president donald trump tells the crowd in davos in his closing remarks at the world economic forum he took credit for the booming u.s. economy and attacked unfair global trade practices still use helena humphrey will bring us analysis from davos. the u.s. president makes a sales pitch to the world in davos calling on companies to invest in america i'm headed home for the world economic forum and i'll have more coming up.
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thank you very much for your company effort when u.s. president donald trump has delivered his much anticipated closing remarks to the world economic forum in davos switzerland trump said that america is quote open for business and that america first doesn't mean america alone the president stressed that he supports free trade but it needs to be fair and reciprocal while trump said america's immigration system is quote stuck in the past but he announced a change on his immigration stance saying republicans will accept citizenship for the so-called dreamers who were brought into the u.s. illegally as children. we're going to discuss present trust beach in greater detail and bring your analysis of it but first let's take
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a listen to some of the sound bites that stood out i believe in america as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also but america first does not mean america alone when the united states grows so does the world. u.s. president addressing davos there a little earlier on now i'm joined by professor erwin collier he's a professor at the of economics at berlin's at john f. kennedy institute we're so glad to have you here with us to discuss in greater detail what we just heard the president say america first does not mean america alone as long as it's in america's interest as long as america remains number one
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this is fairly clear he was talking about trading rules he wants fair trade everybody wants fair trade but the devil is in the detail what are the rules how do you enforce the rules who enforces the rules and how do you leave something and it's fairly clear he is not a multilateral davos man so he really does appear to believe that america can determine the rules of trade thank you enforce the rules of trade rather than trust its fate in the hands of multilaterally negotiated agreements which is a system that america actually before him has put in place absolutely you know that was much of the legacy of bretton woods institutions and. experience from the great depression that we need each other badly all right but he seems to up and that let's talk about his presence at davos i mean he was this star of the show what do you make of the fact that he's the first u.s. president in almost two decades to make an appearance at the world economic forum i
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think what's also important is you know the last time when bill clinton came it was kind of a last last tour of a great rock star here it's the beginning of his minutes administration it's also for him it's very important to be accepted by the elites one of the grudges donald trump has carried with him is that he was not accepted by the manhattan elite by the great financial elite and here he is now center stage which is a place that he certainly likes to be he loves the limelight indeed. what's interesting is that he did not very off script it was this you know according to you if you go by some of his past features a very subdued speech a lot of people expected him to be combative why do you think it was so subdued i think part of it here when he speaks freely to his people his crowds he is fed by the energy in the room and i think here he was quite aware that he was not
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exactly going to be getting a lot of echo from the people he's talking to and so i think that helped him stay on script and i think this was also he had been briefed and there are times when what else is he going to do when he reads the speech and perhaps someone also convinced him that any deviation could get him into complications that he doesn't want down the road perhaps he's learning speaking about complications while he's meeting world leaders in davos switzerland domestic politics are hanging like a dark cloud over him talk to some of it about that well you know it's one of those things that this miller investigation to find out you know from the new york times right before the president is about to speak that in fact he tried to fire robert mueller the special counsel investigating the russian
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affair so that's continuing we've just come out of the united states a shutdown but very few short fuse to the next crisis i think that's also why we heard any words about immigration at all that that's a topic he wanted to signal to the democrats there's a possible concession our lots going on when he's already had at every turn in home as we speak thank you so much professor irvin from john f. kennedy institute pleasure talking to you. now in his speech president trump also discussed a word his administration is trying to achieve on trade let's listen it. also working to reform the international trading system so that it promotes broadly shared prosperity and rewards to those who play by the rules we cannot have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense
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of others. we support free trade but it needs to be fair and it needs to be reciprocal because in the end unfair trade undermines a saw. right there was president trump again and davos and in davos is the business reporter how not humphrey how i got to see you at the president's favorite and recurring theme made an appearance at davos the unfairness of the global free trade who was the alluding to. later that was a big head nod to china remember that even before he touched down here in switzerland the president signed off on trade tariffs on solar panels on washing machines up to fifty percent some people say on some of those tariffs provoking from china and from
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a south korea who those trade tariffs were aimed against he said that we want a free and fair trading system perhaps the irony is though that the body the all the traits fair trade is the world trade organization in geneva which the united states president has also said that the u.s. wants out of he also made head nod again to china referring to intellectual property theft which he said washington would no longer tolerate now in a major trade deals as you know better than anybody else taking years of painstaking negotiations through the business leaders gathered in davos believe that he will actually read buddies deals or are they just moving on now without the u.s. . but of course a year ago we saw president rip up t.p. pay on the sidelines of the world economic forum we have heard from white house officials that he may be looking to renegotiate t.p.
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pay now he says to make it a better deal reading between the lines of course that means a better deal for the united states the same can be said for nafta the same indeed can be said for the paris climate agreement as well although that's not a trade deal essentially though he said in that speech that he's looking for bilateral trade deals not multilateral trade deals certainly what donald trump was looking for in his speech and his time here at the world economic forum here this hour finally did he manage to square his protectionist stance with the events more global outlook. so it depends to you all sky i think that the founder of the world economic forum klaus invited him and was giving him a platform for his pro-business reforms that the tax cut at the same time did say when people feel that they are being forgotten that is how the woes the comes fragmented the theme of this year's world economic forum is creating
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a shared future in a fractured wall so perhaps that was a useful reminder even if it is in contrast to the globalist few of the devil city to the heart humphrey and davos with a beautiful backdrop thank you. all right now to some of the other stories making news around the world in south korea at least thirty seven people have died in a fire at a hospital in the city of marry young and broke out in the emergency room of the hospital which is also a home for the elderly it's not yet known what caused the blaze a brazilian court has barred former president luis in a suit of the saver from leaving the country the federal judge ordered authorities to seize the seventy two year old's passport earlier this week an appeals court upheld corruption conviction and increased his sentence to twelve years in jail. turkish president parts of tiber one has revealed plans to expand operation olive
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branch the spied international criticism today announced that turkish forces will head east from the enclave in syria to the iraqi border girl wants to drive kurdish fighters out of the region but there is a risk of confrontation with u.s. troops stationed in the town of mom binge who are allied with the kurds while the united states has raised concern over the operation saying they have asked turkey to limit their military actions but turkey's the president appeared to brush aside the objections from washington take a listen to what he said. we will continue operation the olive branch which is in its seventh day today until all our goals are achieved. we will then rid of terrorists. no one should take issue with this because the real owners of these terrorists there are arab brothers there.
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afterwards we will continue to fight up to the iraqi border until no terrorist is left. so could nato allies turkey and the united states end up facing off in syria did always take shots in brussels put that very question to nato's number two the secretary general rose gottemoeller. madam deputy secretary general you've just returned from turkey where tensions are rising in northwestern syria between two allies of nato are you concerned that this could move from a pill that political class to a military clash i'm not worried i've been watching very closely what has been said both in washington and then on crow the two countries seem to be closely communicating with each other they seem to be paying attention to deconstruction they seem to be paying attention to making sure that the other is informed so i'm not worried of course in general nato is always worried when lives are being lost
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and that goes for syria turkey that goes for afghanistan iraq anywhere in the world so in that sense we are worried about conflict the german foreign minister is calling for a nato to take a stronger role to sort of facilitate more dialogue between turkey and the u.s. so clearly allies are worried what more can nato do first of all nato is already active on the ground in turkey we are not operating in syria but we're active on the ground in turkey providing for air defense for airborne morning and control for surveillance we are doing what we can as a nato ally to help turkey in their fight against terrorism which has been going on for a long time but in addition to that we have been hearing from the turks here at nato headquarters we've been getting briefings there's a lot of information flow and allies have the opportunity to ask the questions they need to ask so i do think that that will continue and there will be great interest
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in this matter in the coming days but it's one thing if the opponent is bashar al assad or terrorist the p.k. it's another thing if the united states is on the other end of this operation well i think we need to continue to bear in mind that the two countries have been operating closely together in the fight against in syria and iraq for now many many months and so they are accustomed to paying attention to deconstruction on their custom to to really staying in close communication so that there are actions are transparent to the other and i i only see that continuing thank you very much thank you. nato's the deputy secretary general there speaking to the w.'s teri schultz in brussels all right before i let you go and remind you of our main headline all right now. u.s. president donald trump has delivered closing remarks to the world economic forum in switzerland he told the audience that america first doesn't mean america alone he said he supported free trade but added that it must be fair and reciprocal.
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and it does it for me a little rock n roll and now we'll see you again at the top of the hour.


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