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i think it's only the beginning of this song. starting february first on t w. n student news coming to long from the world american forces doesn't mean america alone that's what u.s. president donald trump told the crowd in davos this pulling in the marks of the world economic forum you took credit for the booming u.s. economy an attack on the fair of global trade practices also coming up. defining the warnings from washington struck you to expand its controversial
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offensive against colleagues in northern syria president there are long says we're all going will extend east ward to argue us forces when clinton station. also ahead trying to gin corruption in africa the fight against corruption of the top of the agenda at the african union's main engle summit you see over the last our correspondent one of the plans under starvation can actually succeed. is open for business but the u.s. won't tolerate trade practices he sees as unfair trump was delivering the closing remarks to this week's world economic forum in davos one of his key messages to the business and political elite growth in the u.s. spells growth for economies around the world. deliver his speech the first u.s.
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president to do so since bill clinton two decades ago. and eventually it was plenty of pomp trump arrived on stage. he didn't mince his words. as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also but america first does not mean america alone when the united states grows so does the world in what's being viewed as a disguised reference to china he demanded a reform to trade system we cannot have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense of others we support free trade but it needs to be fair and it needs to be reciprocal. because in the end
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unfair trade undermines. the united states will no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practices you're just a u.s. president stuck to his america first message and used at davos stage to pitch to investors is open for business and we are competitive once again. trump took advantage of a human a session afterwards to take a swipe at the media for reporting sake news his comments were met with distain. but. by the doing us president later tweeted his speech was well received. well nicholas castles joins me now for some analysis he's a political scientist at the j.f.k. institute here in berlin ok so we've got trump the protectionist addressing davos a meeting of globalists what do you think he was hoping to achieve here. speaking
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in davos but he was not talking to the audience you know gathered in switzerland he was not talking to the business elite or political leaders he was talking to his home base which is the ready kading in the united states it's twenty team with you he's facing me or the republicans are facing midterm elections and what he was saying was basically i'm responsible for the economic upswing in the united states and we're open for business what's actually happening is that the wall the economy is you know pulling everybody up including the united states and he was basically advertising himself and his policies. what do you make of the stand out one from a station america for us does not mean america alone are we seeing a softening of trump stance no he was simply catering to the audience obviously he wasn't davos and he recognized you know the gathering as a gathering of world leaders of internationalists so he said but he's an opportunist and in any way that's that's not necessarily a bad thing but it was
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a little disappointing to say the least that the american president delivering you know the closing speech did not you know address the question of the splintering international globalized world and you know to to get to the finishing touches of the doubles meeting you know to outline a real strategy of how the u.s. is trying to reshape the more fair and more just world do you think trump speech to the davos elite or to the republican voters at home is going to have an impact or is this just a lot of hype about nothing i don't think that this speech had any impact whatsoever especially not particularly not on international corporation. that is nicholas castles he is a political scientist at the j.f.k. institute here in berlin nicholas thanks for being with us. ok we have time for one more question here we do because there are sometimes that
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how you don't think i'm better ok i was struck watching the speech by how trump seemed on message it looked like they'd actually got him on the teleprompter he gave a coherent speech he gave a largely scripted speech what did you make of that can we look forward to more of that same trump next week at the state of the union so i read the speech as a transcript that's different from hearing it what i read was everything but here and america is open for business we need fair trade we need just trade america alone or first but not alone you know it was. it was a lot but it you know it led as i said it let the strategy elect you know this one coherent denominator that said ok this is my vision for the global list or a read globalization of this world i mean this is what he's all about right that the forgotten men and women have been forgotten for too long i'm here to fix it i'm the deal maker and there's no deal to be made there's no deal to be had he's out of
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t.p. he lost the pacific economically and this speech did nothing whatsoever but you know the. rise in world economic activity as his own making all right that is nicholas castles from the j.f.k. institute in berlin thanks for being with us. it's time now to give you the economic perspective about the trump speech because despite the criticism trump air to deal with what is definitely clear is that the business people in davos do approve of his economic policies so far the president left davos in a helicopter after delivering his highly anticipated speech but none of the economic news he presented there were really new and sold the world economic forum comes to an end and with today's other discussions focusing on everything from cyber wars to the future of education it became evident that the global economic and political elite will continue to tackle the challenges ahead with or without
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the u.s. president. and the w.'s team has been covering the meeting all week long and they've been talking not only to business leaders but also experts from the world of science w.'s helen humphrey had to chance to meet the head of the c e r n the european organization for nuclear research to discuss global challenges. fabulous jan ought to thank you for joining us many thanks for the opportunity of this chat now as the head of a center for nuclear research you know perhaps better than anyone the power of a split atom and therefore the power of nuclear warheads does that keep you up at night knowing that there are potentially unwieldy leaders who have nuclear codes nuclear buttons on their desks of course this is a warning and for for everybody on the other hemisphere that we can all stop science because of the fear on how science is going to be used because you know i thought make nuclear physics true it has led to atomic and nuclear weapons on the
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other hand it has also led to nuclear medicine which is used to treat cancer and to and to cure people so i think that we cannot really stop knowledge because we are afraid of how government or political authority are going to use it these uncertain times the times of hand-wringing worrying times how important therefore is it that we then take the scientific approach to thinking that we consider facts it's very very very important science can really play a role it can play a role because science is unifying and universal and so it can connect people and it can help. build a share future in a fractured world which is actually a team of. this this year. it's also very important for that that the science becomes one essential component of the decision making process when. it is and the society decides about the big challenges because not the only
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component but one of the central components because decision must be based on facts and not just on opinions and on scientific evidence we began by speaking a little bit about the worries linked to nuclear nuclear armament and so on have a nuclear power can have advantages particularly talking about climate change about finding new. energy needs however in the time off to china build fukushima can you ever see new clear power stepping in to fill some of our energy needs again. you know i think that we have to continue to work on all our technologies in all their actions in order to make them more reliable for society you can't just say now we stop everything and we just you know use a tentative energy because we know that and i'm not going to solve the problem ok so we have a problem a challenge and the problems we have to fight to to face it in all possible ways by using all possible approaches and i want to bring in the fact that you're also the co-chair of the world economic forum this year and one of the rallying cries has
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been the davos man needs to listen to the davos woman to make things change do you get the sense that that's happening frankly this year. i think having a panel of co-chairs made a women is a very strong sign and anybody notice it of course and so i think that it really speaks to the importance of diversity and inclusiveness if you look at the panel we are all women but we are all different we have different backgrounds we have different to graphical knowledge and we have different messages to bring so i think this is a strong aside i am a strong believer of diverse city which means giving everyone the same opportunities thank you very much in your time thank you thank you. that was my colleague helen humphrey from the world economic forum in davos which we now leave behind but we still talk about the future of the economy because cannabis is getting legalized in more and more countries and that means great business opportunities for those who dared to get involved now one investor in iceland
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believes his country is ideal for growing weed and that the government is missing the opportunity of a lifetime. growing cannabis the plant used to make marijuana is illegal in iceland but one investor wants that changed he believes the island offers great conditions for growing the wheat. question we need electricity and water for production we have a lot of both here in iceland. iceland has a huge amount of geothermal energy and islam says using that resource to grow cannabis could benefit the country's economy. or we it is clear that there are things happening in this area and everything is on the move. whether we like it or not everything indicates this is growing into an extensive international business. as more countries legalize marijuana the market is growing earlier this month alone legalizing recreational marijuana went into effect in california
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experts say sales of marijuana could reach seven billion dollars use of the drug is a ready legal in countries like spain and the netherlands no surprise that investors in countries aspire away as iceland hoping to benefit right now. that's all from the business desk now it's back to sara because of course we have more news in brief that's right some short news from around the world coming at you next in south korea least thirty seven people have died in a fire in a hospital in the city of moore young fire broke out in the boardroom see women the hospital which also operates often for the elderly it's not yet known what caused the blaze. a moscow cinema says it will no longer show a banned movie following a police raid russian police paid a visit to the cinema a day after it screened the british satire the death of stalin russia's culture ministry has revoked permission for that movie saying it marks the country's soviet
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past. voters in the czech republic of begun casting ballots in the country is today a presidential one off pro russia anti immigrant incumbent nilo shimon have been favored to win a second term but the latest opinion polls point to a neck and neck race as his challenger. said the. german chancellor angela merkel and her conservatives have begun formal coalition talks to . social democrats at your side stressed the need for speed negotiations and set a deadline of february fourth for wrapping up talks to form a government and a coalition deal will still have to be voted on by s.p.d. party members. paris residents living close to the banks the river center a vacuum waiting their homes amid rising floodwaters the river flowing through the french capital has been swelling due to heavy rain water levels are expected to reach their peak over the weekend. turkey's president russia has
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revealed plans to expand an offensive against kurds in northern syria despite widespread international criticism today here in else the turkish forces will have eased from an enclave in syria toward the iraqi border guard wants to drive kurdish fighters out of the region but there's a risk that the confrontation with u.s. troops stationed in the town of man beds there allied with the kurds the united states has raised concerns over the operation and asked turkey to limit their military actions turkey's president appeared to brush aside the objections from washington has reset. we will continue operation the olive branch which is in its seventh day today until all our goals are achieved. we will then rid my beach of terrorists. no one should take issue with this because the real owners of these terrorists there are arab brothers there.
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afterwards we will continue to fight up to the iraqi border until no terrorist is left. to diseases. so could two nato allies turkey and the united states end up facing off in syria as teri schultz in brussels put that question to nato as number two deputy secretary general rose got to move there. madam deputy secretary general you've just returned from turkey where tensions are rising in northwestern syria between two allies of nato are you concerned that this could move from a pill that political class to a military clash i'm not worried i've been watching very closely what to spend said both in washington and on crow the two countries seem to be closely communicating with each other they seem to be paying attention to deconstruction they seem to be
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paying attention to making sure that the other is informed so i'm not worried of course in general nato is always worried when lives are being lost and that goes for syria turkey that goes for afghanistan iraq anywhere in the world so in that sense we are worried about conflict the german foreign minister is calling for a nato to take a stronger role to sort of facilitate more dialogue between turkey and the u.s. so clearly allies are worried what more can nato do first of all nato is already active on the ground in turkey we are not operating in syria but we're active on the ground in turkey providing for air defense for airborne morning and control for surveillance we are doing what we can as a nato ally to help turkey in their fight against terrorism which has been going on for a long time but in addition to that we have been hearing from the turks here at nato headquarters we've been getting briefings there's a lot of information flow and allies have the opportunity to ask the questions they
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need to ask so i do think that that will continue and there will be great interest in this matter in the coming days but it's one thing if the opponent is bashar al assad or terrorist the p.k. k. it's another thing if the united states is on the other end of this operation well i think we need to continue to bear in mind that the two countries have been operating closely together in the fight against in syria and iraq for now many many months and so they are accustomed to paying attention to deconstruction on their custom to to really staying in close communication so that the or actions are transparent to the other and i i only see that continuing thank you very much thank you. that was rose gotten real or nato's deputy secretary general she was speaking to do teri schultz in brussels where fighting corruption is at the top of the agenda at the african union's annual summit which is under way now and ethiopia's
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capital over the weekend african heads of state and government are due to join the discussions on what's seen as one of the key challenges facing societies across the continent our correspondent in nairobi brings us this report about how corruption affects people's lives. police checkpoints in nigeria have been part of everyday life for years. but here they're not about maintaining security they're little more than payout stations of corruption. although the chief of police outlaw them long ago his colleagues continue to stop cars and money. we are on the road from lagos the economic capital of nigeria to the neighboring country we need and we observing what traders and travelers go through here every day although we're still more than one hour away from the border we've been passing several checkpoints of the police
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immigration and customs in many cases drivers for bribes. more than ten checkpoints on an eighty kilometers stretch of road is how unusual. anyone who refuses to play along and fork over cash will need hours to proceed and . many people here say that nothing has changed since he was elected president of nigeria. complains. the big issue is. that it's. like the boy. is a right oh yes but. something very. drastic changes. but it's been disappointed.
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during pain he promised to combat corruption. by the recent after a barometer study shows that more than ninety percent of nigerians still believe officials are corrupt. on the other hand fifty nine percent of nigerians think the government is making a serious efforts to fight corruption three years ago that figure was just twenty one percent experts have praised the government's initial measures and people began to fear getting caught steve minding bribes but there's been no sign of change at the institutional level and little evidence of a shift in behavior in other words business as usual we have the example of a president who are you who is said to be you know. somebody who is detached and doesn't seek a lot of base no wealth but it person who is really disciplined and understands his
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mission will make sure that everybody around him is clean. the most millions don't feel that rightly or wrongly there must be around him i believe that's been the problem. despite indictments and arrests of several high ranking politicians no final convictions afb and deliver it. the government says it has to abide by the rule of law. it is i'm in the judicial process which is such a good that we did a lot of technicalities to slow the pace but not slowing the war the war is still a good thing with this flag this notice pres judicial process we will consider. the snail's pace is what people traveling the roads to be mean know all too well it's one of the most important trade routes in nigeria where the rubber hits the road is still a far cry from the end to corruption rethought in the halls of power. try
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turning out a bit of sports news a passion for the sport of cycling has reunited a group of friends who were separated by the war in eritrea the african refugees cycling was founded in neighboring ethiopia now they have received documents from the united nations refugee agency they're hoping to raise the cash to allow them to take part in international competition. the love for cycling is in my blood. i've been cycling all my life if i had to quit it would be very sad. i'm very passionate about cycling i cannot put it in words but when i'm riding a bike it makes me happy and i feel relaxed this. early morning
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on the outskirts of addis ababa ethiopia these men shared a love of cycling as well as a similar life story they've all fled their home country at a trailer where they could have faced compulsory military service under slave conditions anyone who resists risks their life. every day they spent hours in the saddle under the professional guidance of their coach to fled at a tree or to escape being drafted into the military. i'm very proud of the refugee cycling team. i was a professional cyclist and had technical manager of the eritrea cycling foundation . once the training is over the team heads back to the city it's a tight squeeze in the car even though several team members aren't here today three are in uganda and others have left for europe. or.
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we don't have any money to pay them so they don't get a salary. i don't think they might have gone to uganda to look for better clubs and earn some money. refugees are not allowed to work in ethiopia so they need to survive on money sent to them from relatives or friends in america and europe. but it's not always easy cycling can make you very hungry so things. food also need to be included in the budget. and. four of us live in this room and we pay a rent of three thousand beer per month. that's about one hundred fifteen us dollars. we share everything and all of us contribute to the bills. and. after the rent is paid each cyclist is left with the road one hundred dollars
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a month this has to cover all other expenses including bicycle repairs and spare parts if you crush a damage or bicycle you can't train for weeks. why not a woman problem the tires. you have to change them frequently. but if other bicycle spot spray that is more problematic and even more expensive to buy . if all goes according to plan the team trains every day the hard work is already paying off cycling has a long tradition in any case it's a remnant of the colonial era. started from scratch with very limited resources but we compete with different teams from. we dominated the other suburb a championship we're very proud of the.
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big races like the tour de france will probably remain a distant dream for the african refugee cycling team it is after all unlikely that countries will grant visas to these better trained cyclists. and that's europe today don't forget you can always find more of the latest on our website that address for you dot com i'm sarah harmon at the news desk here in berlin from the whole team thanks for watching take care. who observe. the be be. the.
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these men share a common history. both in demaris who is jewish and again she resident who is muslim. she's great grandfather say vulcan's mother from the nazis in occupied albania. over seventy years later the to pay tribute to this relic. in sixty minutes on t.w. . the fast pace of life in the digital globe shift as the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information the
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wiki is finds and interviews with the makers and users. shifts in forty five minutes on. climate change from. waste quebec pollution c. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it is up to us to make a difference let's explain each other. he could cut the environment magazine. on b.w. was dropping bombs on civilians. fortunately the situation escalates it was no longer enough for schools. ruthless calculation military leaders work up the extent of the past because technological progress comes from the conflagrations massacres destruction coming from going to her
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starting february third on t w. america first does not mean america alone but what does it mean breaking down donald trump's speech in davos i'm sarah harman in berlin this is the day. you're really. really.


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