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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2018 9:00am-9:15am CET

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this is due to the news live from berlin currently mobilized to protest the turkish intervention in syria demonstrations in lebannon it's like the turkish embassy is germany also preparing for a large kurdish demonstration linkers a day. fighting corruption tops the agenda of the african union and you will see all of us in ethiopia our correspondent take those to nigeria for a glimpse that has corruption is affecting people's daily lives.
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i'm good to have you with us police in the german city of cologne are preparing for a large protest by courage as groups against turkey's ongoing military offensive in northern syria and they say expects more than fifteen thousand at the rally which german intelligence ses has been organized by groups of close to the banned kurdistan workers party the offensive by turkish forces against the wife militia in northern syria has also drawn protests in neighboring lebanon. the turkish embassy was the target of the protest in beirut while the battle with guns and tanks goes into its second week in northern syria the kurds have now started a campaign to win hearts and minds in other parts of the world. but street protest song going to stop turkey's president and russia tired of the one he's announced his forces will now push further east to
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a town called man beach there no one should take issue with this because the real owners of man beach aren't these terrorists there are arab brothers there. or they keep afterwards we will continue to fight up to the iraqi border until no terrorist is left. other one threat to attack the entire kurdish controlled area of syria is in direct contradiction of the interest of his nato ally the united states just hours before a senior white house adviser had called on to take his troops unarmed fighters out of the conflict zone he appealed to other want to focus on the longer term strategic goals of ending violence in syria but the turkish president seems to be in no mood to heed the call saying when the syrian conflict the syrian opposition says it will boycott russian sponsored peace talks next week an opposition spokesman says the missing as an attempt to sideline the united nations peace
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process. was speaking after two days of bilateral talks involving the un syria and boy and representatives of both the syrian government and the opposition we believe that. is the russian court. the. responsible for saving the sea gene pool. bring it to who it is so to actually get it to you shoot. if we won't break it. and to some of the other stories making news around the world germany's green party has said goodbye to co-chair of americans who want to pay to head of the party leadership post lead the party for nine years and with a lead negotiator they failed three way coalition talks last year are stellar gets are set to elect two new co-chairs nature today. a u.s.
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trade commission has ruled against punitive tariffs imposed by the trumpet ministration on canadian aircraft. c. series was facing three hundred percent import charges after u.s. plane maker boeing complained its competitor had unfairly received government subsidies. to shoes and philippines president two or three go to terence a has voiced support for myanmar as a broyles leader aung san suu kyi to tara tafe said he sees the nobel prize laureates he's facing international condemnation for failing to address the atrocities committed against muslims in myanmar. fighting corruption is topping the agenda at the african union's annual salles which is the under way now and ethiopia's capital. over the weekend african heads of states and government are jews joined the discussions on wants seen as one of the key
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challenges facing societies across the continent our correspondent in nairobi brings us this report about how corruption affects people's daily lives. police checkpoints in nigeria have been part of everyday life for years. but here they're not about maintaining security they're little more than payout stations of corruption. although the chief of police outlaw long ago his colleagues continue to stop cars and money. we are on the road from lagos the economic capital of nigeria to the neighboring country and we observing what traders and travelers go through here every day although we're still more than one hour away from the border we've been passing several checkpoints of the police immigration and customs in many cases drivers
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for bribes. more than ten checkpoints on an eighty kilometers stretch of road is how the unusual. anyone who refuses to play along and fork over cash will need hours to proceed. many people here say that nothing has changed since he was elected president of nigeria. complains. of the big issue is. the. well we asked but. there was something very. drastic changes. during pain he promised to combat corruption. by the
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recent after a barometer study shows that more than ninety percent of nigerians still believe often. corrupt. on the other hand fifty nine percent of nigerians think the government is making a serious efforts to fight corruption three years ago that figure was just twenty one percent experts have praised the government's initial measures and people began to fear getting caught steve minding bribes but there's been no sign of change at the institutional level and little evidence of a shift in behavior in other words business as usual we have the example of a president who is said to be you know. somebody who is detached and doesn't seek a lot of base no wealth but a person who is really just plain understands his mission will make sure that everybody around him basically. just don't feel that rightly or wrongly the most
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ground he. has been for. despite indictments and arrests of several high ranking politicians no final convictions have been delivered. the government says it has to abide by the rule of law. it is i mean the judicial process which he started with that with a lot of technicalities to slow the pace but not the war the war is still a good thing when this flag. crosses. the snail's pace it's what people traveling the roads to know all too well it's one of the most important trade routes in nigeria where the rubber hits the road is still a far cry from the end to corruption with henri in the halls of power.
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today is international holocaust remembrance day marked every year on the anniversary of the liberation of the outfits concentration camp nazi germany murdered more than six million jews in the second world war one of those working to uphold the memory of the victims as ninety five year old survivor markets in the u.s. capital washington. margaret meissner was born in austria and raised in practical slovakia in one thousand nine hundred eighty four the growing anti semitism in her city became more and more noticeable so markets mother sent her to paris and joined a year later. at the influence of the nazis were soon felt in france as well. one day markets mother received a letter. so i went to the police station with her and us the will you take since none of your business go and were you to momofuku business go home so here i was burma served my mother was gone we had no money markets mother was
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deported two girls internment camp in southern france market was eighty years old alone and had to find a way out of europe she fled paris on a bicycle at the same time her mother succeeded in escaping the internment camp by some miracle the mother and daughter found each other just child kilometers from get. together they made their way to spain where they found a way to travel to america but he was not to be they were picked up by the spanish police and thrown in jail so after all this we were groomed to be. but you see only here so good luck good friends who have. exactly three years of bone left. that's the.
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market meisner regularly tells visitors to the holocaust museum about her memories and experiences this is one of the most visited museums in the u.s. capital many people come specially to hear the stories of survivors have to tell. that her generation is quickly vanishing this current of industrialization of this is never replaced so there's one of the reasons we should note for growth and movement in this ng is whom through. these arrows from ruby repeated. to market my side these issues have gained a new sense of urgency in today's highly volatile political climate. certainly some move. move move out of the american government right. this very similar to world germany the moment into insistent the nineteenth
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and trying not to be a bust the. market is determined to remain active as long as she can she's put her story into a book so that people in the world can read it and that future generations are aware of this part of history. change of gears now and some sports news and in the bundesliga much say twenty got off to a thrilling start as i track frankfurt defeated fellow european hopefuls bross invention got back to nail kevin prince boa tank put the hosa head on the forty third minute before luke a goal which steals victory in injury time it was the on loan strikers turned goal in as many games the wind saw on track to move up to second in the table ahead of the rest of this weekend's fixtures. as are in the going to see again it's that time of year again however have sacked another coach they've made
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a habit of bringing in new blood during the season and despite plenty of poor results in recent years they have always managed to avoid the drop boss will it work one more time well on saturday the new coach will face leipsic in his first game in church. it was all smiles from new hamburg coach banned all of us the one time no frills defender hopes a back to basics approach can steady the ship at the troubled club. in the table tells a clear story but we need to improve across the board we know that and we're working to make it better wouldn't this is what appears of the hamburg fans have heard this sort of thing before over the past ten years no less than thirteen coaches have tried their hand at improving the club's fortunes well several of hamburg's relegation rivals brought in new players in the winter break the northern club stood pat their middling roster will stay as it is
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a potentially risky move. the coaching staff got together and we came up with a plan. that was we'll see whether it works on saturday and. who does win them some to see in one part of all of us plan is apparently welcoming a once out of favor player back into the fold while a-c. looks set to make the start in central midfield a tough assignments in lots of. just austria to use we know it's going to be tough to take points off them. but i think as long as we play as a unit. and we'll do that. i have got a lot of practice pulling themselves together and beating the drop in three of the past four seasons they've gone down to their final game before safety was assured. remains in the lead after the second day of the things an opening monte carlo rally
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the french fourth biggest a driver stroke in the slippery conditions to finish the . driver. aiming to win his sixth straight running time. here watching didn't he stay with us it. takes. us. to make the game so special. treat. more than football.


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