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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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you need to upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this. song for human machines starting february first on t w. this is date of the news coming to live from berlin a massive suicide bombing rocks kabul officials there say at least ninety five people are dead one hundred fifty others are wounded and will bring you the latest from the afghan capital also coming up german police shut down a huge kurdish demonstration in cologne protesting turkey's intervention in syria.
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also ahead remembering the holocaust survivors and their families gathered at the former auschwitz death camp which marked international holocaust remembrance day it comes and made warnings of rising anti semitism in europe. and we'll introduce you to a ninety five year old holocaust survivor who's working to ensure the atrocities of world war two never happen again. i'm sara harmon welcome to the show it's good to have you with us. at least ninety five people have been killed in a major explosion in the afghan capital kabul the country's interior ministry also says more than one hundred fifty were injured in the suicide bomb attack which took place at a checkpoint on saturday morning the taliban have claimed respond. ability. the
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attacker made it past the first checkpoint posing as a paramedic transporting a patient and then ambulance the bomb was detonated when he was identified by police at the second checkpoint where i was sitting in my shop when there was a powerful explosion all the windows shattered. in the casualties a very high bodies were everywhere near the hospital and everyone. a hospital coordinator described the attack as a massacre the blast happened on a busy street during lunch hour the area is home to several foreign embassies and government buildings. this is the second major taliban attack in kabul in the past eighty s. that's despite reassurances from the government and its u.s. allies that their joint offensive against the taliban was succeeding.
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or earlier we spoke to the comp of based journalist tom haircut darry we asked him how people in afghanistan are coping. people in afghanistan are shocked horrified and everyone is actually puzzled because it is not the first attack which happened in kabul over the last few days actually it is that that is one of the serious attacks which happened here full of people we talked to on social media as well everyone is really sad and criticizing a lot of people of course you know asking the government to fire some of the senior afghan officials the security officer afghans when you speak on the street they believe that the afghan government does so much busy with the politics and accusing the neighboring countries that they for getting children security of afghans this isn't especially in the capital kabul for example any in a few days i could say that probably is under siege but it is not only called but whole afghanistan is under siege i mean over the last few weeks has been a serious of attacks across the country in the north of the country for example in
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south yesterday it was in kandahar and today as well i think in one of the thousand provinces as well so it is actually the total failure people believe it is a total failure of the afghan security forces even though to bring it to the audience attention that hewitt's embassy couple of days ago they issued a warning saying that the end might be an attack against a restaurant hotel or some of the busiest places in kabul that we have been actually witnessing at least two attacks in kabul. and that was journalist tire contrary speaking to us a little earlier from kabul please the german city of cologne have broken up a demonstration by kurds who were protesting turkey's offensive one kurdish fighters in syria authorities decided to shut it down after protesters refused to stop waving flags that showed band symbols security was tight at the protest with fears that violence could break out between kurds and the turks who support the
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military operation turkish president rush of capital one has criticized german authorities for allowing kurdish protests and not permitting turkish pro-government election rallies. the kurdish demonstrators had hoped that this protest would draw attention to the human cost of turkey's military operation in northern syria many of them friends and family there and saying they fear for their lives. they came from across germany united against a turkish military offensive in the kurdish. this is. her family are from the affected area that civilians are being killed the murder and hatred have to stop it's not rice. turkish troops syrian fighters have led a week long offensive in raging german kurds the use of tongues made in germany has added to their anger. that this rise that's so awful to know that my own
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government is providing weapons that are being used against my people. to go to start was born in germany it's her home but her thoughts are very much with her family and our friends her friends and relatives have been following every development on the news. communication with them has been difficult. there's no connection directly to melbourne on the dollar so much with guns not just rice on the border we can see into turkey. the troops also have other weapons it's not only that. they've been shot at i can hardly leave their homes there's a scared for their life and. the city on flood for in two years ago with his father and two sisters his mother was too ill to join them she stayed behind with his two younger siblings and up location with german immigration authorities for the family to be reunited was denied
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a few days ago the family's home and was bombed. our own two in the morning from turkey landed in our bedroom. my brother was asleep and my sister was playing on her mobile phone. of a mother who was also asleep. brother was killed instantly his sister lost both her legs and remains in intensive care along with her mother who was seriously injured so. at first i couldn't believe my brother had been killed. he was seventeen years old and just a civilian he. wasn't a fighter. he was just a regular person. so. the families are still in shock. so they spend a lot of time looking at photos and videos folk loaded by their neighbors in syria
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. and libya most of all i live here but i want to be able to visit my family and i want to see them alive i'm not in the garage and that's. the husband being to offer him for many years before the war started in syria she spent her holidays helping with the all of harvest those days are a distant memory now the chances of being peacefully at home with her family once again appear almost impossible. here's a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world saudi arabian billionaire prince oh well we've been told he's been released from detention this comes more than two months after he was confined to a luxury hotel as part of what the kingdom calls a crackdown on corruption prominent businessman was accused of money laundering library and extortion all of which he has denied. protesters have clashed
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with police in honduras up to the country's president was sworn in for a second charm one or londo are none of those was a narrowly reelected in november after the supreme court ruled he could run again the opposition don't accept the result and accuse the government of. paris is on high alert for flooding as the reverse than is expected to peak at four meters above its normal level authorities have shut roads train stations and rail lines and hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes. well today marks international holocaust remembrance day it's every year on the anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz nazi concentration camp in one thousand nine hundred five for prisoners and their families placed candles on the central lawn human at the site of a camp in poland some six million jews along with millions of others were murdered
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by non-si germany during the second world war most of them in camps like. on holocaust remembrance day chancellor angela merkel warned of rising anti-semitism here in germany she said life is still far from normal for jews who live in the country. and it's shameful that no jewish institution can exist without police protection. a kindergarten. that's why we have to do everything we can to fight not only anti semitism but also phobia that's a task we must face every day. for decades now holocaust survivors have played a central role in teaching younger generations about anti-semitism and the horrors of the nazi genocide w. met with ninety five year old margaret weisshaar in the u.s. city of washington d.c. she was among those first working to up hold the memory of the victims.
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margaret meissner was born in austria and grace impractical slovakia's in one nine hundred thirty four the growing anti semitism in her city became more and more noticeable so markets mother center to paris and joined a year later. but the influence of the nazis was soon felt in france as well. one day margetts mother received a letter so i went to the police station with her and us the will you take care of since none of your business. and where you. go so here i was burma served my mother was gone we had no money markets mother was deported two girls in ten months camp in southern france margaret was eighty years old alone and had to find a way out of europe she fled paris on a bicycle at the same time her mother succeeded in escaping the internment camp by
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some miracle the mother and daughter found each other just twelve kilometers from google. together they made their way to spain where they found a way to travel to america but he was not to be they were picked up by the spanish police and thrown in jail so after or this we were going to be held to the germans in spain but you see i'm here so we had good luck good friends who helped. and they exactly three years after i left my room will we came to the united states but i was ninety my good meisner regularly tells visitors to the holocaust museum about her memories and experiences this is one of the most visited museums in the u.s. capitol many people come specially to hear the sorry survivors have to tell that her generation is quickly vanishing this current of industrialization of death has
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never happened and the person. with this wonderful reasons why one should not forget that and more than the thing else were untrue. these arrows from ruby repeated. to margaret meissner these issues have gained a new sense of urgency in today's highly volatile political climate. certainly some of. the moves of the american government right now this very similar to work her in germany in the month in twenty's and the nineteenth and trying not to be a bust the. market is determined to remain active as long as she can she's put her story into a book so that people in the world can read it and that future generations are aware of this part of history. well today people all over
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the world are commemorating victims of the holocaust using the hash tag we remember you can see here german foreign ministers of more gabriele participating as well as european commission president juncker and many others if you want to find out more about the we remember campaign you can go to our facebook page or follow us on twitter at the news. moving on to some sports news now in tennis news caroline wozniacki has been crowned the women's australian open champion after defeating simona halep in melbourne the day and led out for a nail biting first set went all the way to a tie break before haul up to level while snacky held her nerve to claim the finals set at her first ever grand slam title seven six three six six four the final score roger federer faces more until it's in the men's final on sunday. and the
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bundesliga on saturday afternoon table toppers by a nick went on a scoring spree against hoffenheim five different players hit the target for the variance in a five to rout in munich's only answering a including your own boa tang who headed home half an hour into the game rb life say she could only manage a draw with relegation threatened hamper. and that's all from us here at d w news more coming at the top of the hour and as always you'll find the latest on our web site www dot com thanks for. your support t.v. the smarter with the d w four small. what you want when you want to look to do it extraordinary. and decide what's on sunday oh more. to come smart the. climate change. least.
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