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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CET

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on our website including the story of oscar a teenager living in berlin was boyd and attacked by his classmates for being jewish you can find that film on our website www dot com. that's all from us thanks for watching t.v. news and have a great weekend. we take it personally. with a little bit wonderful people once to make the game so special. for all true fans. because more than football online. sustainable protection for the earth idea is designed to preserve a horn ecosystem exist around the. globe aligned to
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those takes the next step protection for our planet's biological diversity trailblazing projects. t w dot com slash global ideas. frank for coach me coco botch was calm after the opening game of match day twenty design truck started just catapulted into second place after beating a frustrated glad top team to no but when they stay there let's find out on the bundesliga here's what's coming up this week leading byron have been playing like a super team but they face their kryptonite on saturday hoffenheim head off to bahrain in two years with their hot streak against the champs continue. and
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relegation threatened hamburg had their hands full when they travel to leipzig but would there be a crafty new plan in place for new coach bent. to tame the red bull. hello welcome to the bundesliga here on d w i am matt herman good to have you with us we're going to lead off with the team who has been leading the bundesliga ever since mass day ten after a slow start buying munich made a coaching change they brought back stalwarts you've hike since then they've lost just once in the league but saturday brought a tough test against often not a team who were on beaten against biron in their last three meetings you know that kind of success led some to put you leonardo's man in the frame to succeed high kiss when the seventy two year old leaves at the end of the season but oftentimes recent poor run has quieted all that talk though another good result in munich and who knows. popham hi i know
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a thing or two about beating by and you need not go from inside of one to the last three in counts is including early of the season but then the man forty two years now has been senior pine kiss wasn't on the opposite bench crying tears must defeat the worst as hoffenheim came roaring out of the blocks it was just two minutes on the clock when the searching surged gnabry was felled in the box no doubt about the penalty which met risk it was poor if lead to division says mark was on hand to finish the job. read awakening for by and in the right back yards and things were about to get worse mabrey online to hoffenheim from by and seventy's parent club what they're missing to nail after just trials minutes i also know even a two goal head start isn't enough to beat by and especially because robert never drops the leading the line if he pulls out the taxi with his eighteen this season.
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by and we're rocking and starting to smell blood which i both said was referees a shock around the box he had it in his best league goal in four years all square with a match badly of course from the way three. stage level until the break herself to that by and feeding frenzy can easily come and put the champions in front for the first time and then moments later the terrific doubt made it for. brian's poor start now all but forgotten and there are still times the sounds are about it's about cells in the rooms yet stuff and i'm striking i think his account for his new club. not those men left to think well since by and finally get the better of the episode the team. well well well let's have a look at what kind of reaction that comeback got on social media we have a tweet from. jerome boa tank he's head of goal sought by draw level he tweeted to
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celebrate the side's win dedicating his goal to his twin daughters with a candidate for the longest ever hash tag lumia and so lay this goal was for you and this byron fan from lebanon also chipped in with a new nickname idea for the center back calling a boa king i think that might catch on. all right after all that talk about the top of the table it's time to visit the bottom of the second bottom to be exact hamburg they have a want to game in more than two months which meant that bant. was drafted in as their new coach this week his first test a trip to fourth place life sick and that sounds tricky but hamburg did get a three no win their last season so anything's possible. a familiar scene at hamburg in recent years a new coach in the spotlight and on the pitch it's the same old story. number give away the ball and likes to make them pay. found bruma unmounted the
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bumps and lights each of the elite. are in the hunt stumbled with the ball and was too slow for kevin campo and the defense were ripped apart and the visitors were a goal down to just nine minutes. the new coach looked on and saw a very nervous hamburg side. another mistake this time from papadopoulos almost gifted leipzig a second goal is shown to have an august on sale to hit the target. number got back in the game on the half hour mark he and young with a perfect pass to finish hostage he rounded the keeper and slotted the ball home. one male at half time. the goal gave hamburg the boost they needed and tossed it almost got the winner late in the game. when all the final results not a bad return for the new coach. and once or for the reason that i did it seems
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showed amazing spirits and really battled hard so it was good. it limits hope for hamburg fans but coach hollaback still has his work cut out for him to save hamburg from the drop. there are four more saturday games for us to cover here on the bonus leg action from teams battling the drop as well as near the top of the table teams like dortmund who hosted fribourg with none other than this guy pierre emerick obama young in the starting line up quite well he's supposed to be off to arsenal by now well yeah but the want to weigh striker is still adore and play are not meant he had to turn up for work like nothing was a miss. no player is bigger than the club that's what dortmund fans had to say about emerick obama young before kick off but attention soon shifted to the game nine minutes in shinji kagawa banged in the ball from close range i've missed him failing to hit the target and could go waiting for the rebound then it was time for
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fribourg mills pater sent to put his stamp on the match first he hit the net in the twenty first minute to pull the side's level and then he struck again midway through the second half with an incredible long range shot to the private eye but men weren't done yet jeremy told young with the last second equaliser to let them escape with them to all draw i. shouted defender naldo made his three hundred thirty seventh just league appearance this weekend the most of any brazilian in league history passings a roberto and it didn't take him long to display his trademark aerial skills i the fourteenth minute daniel keller jordi with the free kick and now joe heading in his fifth goal of the season to open the scoring for shaka and the royal blues didn't stop there just by minutes later she just got debutant yakob broun foul play on gorecki in the box and the ref wanted to the spot up stepped on mean hot it and he
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hammered home to see of a shock of victory and power them back in to second place and it was an especially positive day for now though i think if this is it's an honor for me it's a day i'll never forget. it was all. i scored a goal. it's a special day for me i'm really happy i'm still playing. cologne have been in carnival mood there are three straight one just to go wins under coach to find him back nothing sure. a stunning revival and they were on track for a fourth when milos yo-yo it hit the target with an unstoppable free kick in the fortieth minutes i outscored didn't play along and ups the pressure on their hero the brazilian chi ubi who rose up highest to beat keeper t. mohan late in the second half. when all the final score still cologne at another
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crucial point in their battle to beat the drug the coach looks satisfied enough. exciting game action packed for me as a coach as well some interesting battles to some to go to war against outside no small thing. i raymond's maximilian eg a stein threaded the bali and after ten minutes against head to berlin but the celebrations did not last video review determined in earlier by thomas de laney meant the goal was ruled out and so this one and did score this. well now you've seen the highlights it's time to look at the results from match day twenty thus far byron getting that big comeback win over hoffenheim splitting the points leipsic and hamburg shock a very big away when it stood guard dortmund needed that equaliser late the little
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things up with fribourg cologne couldn't quite make it four wins on the truck but i'll be very pleased with the point again against al spork braman and heritage know what he scored there frankfurt's got passed on friday night and on sunday we see it leverkusen hosting minds and votes for travelling to and i work for lower saxony darby all right let's look and see what all those results mean on the table with seven of nine matches in the books for match day twenty buy and they stay top the it's so frankfurt's time in second and up in very short shelf is when put them in second. at least until leverkusen have their say on sunday down in the second half of the table there actually wasn't a whole lot of movement and that's not good news for the likes of hamburg cologne and indeed braman there is starting to be a bit of a gap down at the cellar a three point gap between fifteenth and sixteenth as always we're going to take
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a look at our play of the day voted for by you this week's winner with sixty one percent of the twitter vote is neil's pedrosa the freiburg striker is for both of his side's goals and to all draw against dortmund and this thirty meter rob took him to ten goals for the season. he watched on to a careless back pass from nuri shah you were about to see it right there and. that was five words first for its endorsement in sixteen years bob. that's all for us here at the bottom of sligo sit back and do enjoy these images from the weekend's action so far from me in the rest of the team here in berlin. and.
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your romance highlights. from last. because region just never gets enough. lifestyle or. the highlights it was.
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because your agenda by jewish boy from the then was a bullet and attacked in school the nearest was heard around the world. lost consciousness for a few seconds none of them your first life as a documentary because you're a jew. followed by an edition of quadriga which explores living in fear anti semitic is germany thirty minutes on w. . good job it difficult. to link screwed africa the war story link to exceptional stories and discussion. is a visit and while it's a good debited constant suffix join us on facebook j w for. you're going to unofficial estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already at all i'd
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return to vast. visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. with news global news that matters. made some minds. however want to welcome to our highlights show i'm your host meghan lee bring you the best pics of the week here's a look at what's coming up. on its head celebrating georg basel this is inverted style as the artist turns eighty. on his way maxime seimone sets out to revive the.


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