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tv   Treasures of the World - Epidaurus Greece  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2018 3:15am-3:30am CET

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because each and every weekend on d. w. . germany state by state. list. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d. w. dot com. let's move on to kate but god became a bit. sort of i know he would have his office has any idea. but if i did see the below sort of mood energy house leadership look you see do a lot if it's on a chart go. produce an individual dish is i don't
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know seems to be using the loss on their god when does a good minute that you know. the tell you live epidaurus begins like so many of the mythical stories of greece with a beautiful woman and a god in love then i was. coronas he was apollo god of the music.
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she bore her child at lovely it's where epidaurus is now and she abandoned. a herd of goats gave the infant food herdsman's dog protected and kept it warm. and when the guilt head went looking for his goats he found the child surrounded with bright light the infant was a scrappy lot of heat but although he was a god he was destined to down. zeus struck him down with a thunderbolt because he raised the dead asklepios lives on in the sacred circle. there was a cultic site here in very early times. first a hero named money utters was worshiped here. then apollo and when the cult of asklepios spread in greece in the fifth century b.c.
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the sun came to be worshiped alongside his father apollo and finally supplanted him apollo had been the god of all the arts including the art of healing it's clear pierce was the god of therapeutic healing alone in the fourth century b.c. the sanctuary became a pilgrim site and healing center allured of the ancient world nowadays tourists the pilgrims of our times come here less for the remains of that sanctuary than to see the best preserved of ancient greek theatres one of the principal tourist sites in greece and who can blame to see in a field of stones the center of a great sanctuary requires a powerful imagination. the temple of escape yes with its votive shines the avatar the whole set apart for therapeutic sleep and the thoughts and it magic secular
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build. time has cost down in most of the stands at the door as was devastated by earthquakes in five twenty two and five fifty one eighty. six. the museum conveys an impression of the sanctuaries ancient splendor the little that survives is exhibited bad. the pilgrims of old came from the normals.
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here in the proper long they entered the sacred area which was subject to its own law office in front of the sanctuary was an ancient wellspring. a water conduit and a basin where the pilgrims were expected to wash. an inscription on one stone reads you must be cleansed pure if you are to enter the incense fragrant house of the god. the pilgrims waited in the problem until a group had gathered. then led by the priests of asklepios they proceeded down the sacred street to the central square where the temple of asklepios stood and the avatar and fungus.
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a melancholy procession it must have been as they hobbled limped and coughed their way into the sanctions men and women young and old most of them hopeful some of them skeptical and some of them veterans of other escapee a shrines where the god had failed to cure their ills people who are now trying again in this famous place. some were supported by companions others went in on crutches all strange. all of them had brought animals to be sacrificed. to the guy the wealthy wrote oxen the poor wrote aloud or adults. in front of the temple of a skeptic as they had to wash once again and then one after another they were admitted to the priest who presided over the sacrifices they presented their
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animals which he slaughtered at the open air altar outside the temple the sacred right was performed by priests on an altar in the center of the square. the pilgrims had now been received into the sanctuary they prayed in the temple and lay down to sleep in the outer. this is all that remains of the temple of asklepios foundations walls the bases of votive shrines. poe's ania's a greek writer of the second century a.d.
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left a description of the temple building was begun in four twenty b.c. it was in the dark style and stood three steps above ground level a little of the pediment freeness has survived the freeze may have looked like this a backing singer. and. i think. atop the temple stood a statue of nike the victory dance thanks to computer animation we can now enter
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a reconstruction of the temple. to have. the wooden doll was adorned with ivory and go. as was the statue of asklepios sculpted by stressing medias of paros showing the god with the sacred simple and and the goat heads don't. feel. i have. let this go on from the temple to the from us. beneath this wonderful second. building there were three interlinked rings of rules like
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elaborate. no one can say what purpose the building sent. some to reign in dwelling of the sacred serpents perhaps. did the priests of the scrappiness descend with the sick into the labyrinth to the underworld and leave the net to discover the secret of recovery themselves. we shall never know. we continue from the farmhouse to the avatar if the function of the tunnels and in some to randian complex remains unclear the abba ton and the cult of therapeutic sleep are profoundly mysterious. the pilgrims would reportedly see the goddess crappiest on their first night and he would explain the
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fair appeared to have. a good day in fact seeing masked priests visiting the patients by night. and what part did the sacred serpents play. did they really suck the sickness out of the patients bodies. the killer certainly seems to have worked. this man is offering an enormous leg to the day at tea in gratitude for being healed. they have a ton a tepid doris is now being reconstructed original stones that have survived being incorporated.
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a stadium was an essential feature of greeks anchorage places every four years competitive games were held here in the name of the day it as a dylan pia or delfi. and then of course there's the famous the it built in the said and second centuries b.c. it originally had a capacity of six thousand two hundred later it was extended to accommodate twelve thousand three hundred. the theatre didn't merely set to entertain patients for the greeks played an important part in the healing process the tales of guilt and the ten meant told by tragedy were intended to touch and purify the human spirit by making the audience identify with both the guilt and the expiation with the entire course of faith.
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doctors distinguished for levels of phatic first tragedy followed by proper nutrition then medicinal plants and finally the surgeon's knife. today the theater of epidaurus with its magnificent acoustics is once again being used for performances.
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german rock band took the tronic celebrates twenty five years together with a very personal album titled still interest cuts or infinity. it's a musical also a biography in twelve tracks which shows that he knows everything he used to be best. to shut. up explore next door. in malaysia pictures on breaking. be islamic. tradition malaysian feature ahmad zaki on maya the courage that he has to draw on things that are not politically correct and decent things that are supposed to be a good muslim but with god too bad i think it's good relevant to him the. w. . as long as. i'm not sure you know. nothing
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would change you know the banks i mean you know my answer was the language of the bank the money. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines. hello and welcome to export for your fill of all the latest and german music i love ina and here's what's coming up.


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