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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is to give you news live from berlin russian police force their way into the office of the country's opposition leader alexei involving the police say that they are responding to a bomb threats but the marines call this on the day that the opposition is gearing up for a nationwide and deep you tube rally also coming up. another day of heavy fighting in syria after a breach in turkey claims a diplomatic success and it's so expensive again to do x. box kurdish militia.
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i'm honored on a welcome to the program police in moscow have forced their way into the office of opposition leader and spoken kremlin critic alexei involve a spokesperson for an avanti said that the police were using the ruse of a bomb threat to question members of the opposition this comes on a day that the opposition has an answer rochelle why protest that over one hundred cities in support of a boycott of presidential elections in march which the valley has called a farce. and a volley of stuff won't be allowed to roll in he was banned due to a previous fraud conviction he says was trumped up now he's turned all of his compatable forces into what he calls protest offices we caught up with one of his volunteers in st petersburg. hopes her message sticks she's hanging up fliers in st petersburg's courtyards calling for people to boycott the
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upcoming presidential elections and i came to st petersburg from siberia for one of these protests in october for now she's decided to stay and is volunteering for the politicians campaign every day eighteen the upcoming elections would be her first but she won't be casting a ballot. let's say you want to eat something but they're only empty plates on the table and only one with food so if they take that one away i'm not going to go chew on the empty plates. and so i think of all the isn't taking part in the elections i'm not going to. in december and he was banned from taking part in the presidential race the electoral commission cited his previous conviction which the anti corruption activist says was politically motivated in the first place president vladimir putin has also made his position on the politician clear he usually refers to in vague descriptions and refuses to name his name in public
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reactions to mentioning his name on the street are mixed i mean. because russian state television hardly talks about it and even the president never mentions them. and i would guess that a lot of people don't even know who he is. more over the news the western puppet. nationalistic. one but that's a close the he's trying to create chaos he's trying to bring russia of course and i don't like it. meanwhile at the st petersburg office the other volunteers and staff are steering their own course they are planning for the upcoming protests discussing how to deal with possible arrests herself was briefly detained at a recent demonstration but she's decided the cause is worth the risk. because such . want to show that there is a civil society in russia people who are prepared to take to the streets and
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express their views and that doing that isn't anything to be ashamed of. something important. during the upcoming vote hopes to work as an election monitor and should continue to fly by these fly. turkey says it has sure and says from washington that the u.s. will no longer arm the kurdish militia and syria has also reiterated demands that the us pull troops out of the key northern syrian town of turkish and y p g forces clashed again on saturday as i'm pushing ahead with a military operation aimed at clearing the kurdish militia from the turkish border area. kurdish and other activists say saturday's fighting concentrated in the northwest of the afrin region in this video
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kurdish fighters target turkish helicopters with small arms fire activists say turkey is making slow progress on the ground. president richard sipe added to supporters just over a week into the campaign he claims turkey has inflicted heavy casualties on the attorneys. three hundred ninety four terrorists have been neutralized. and we have twenty martyrs from the free syrian army and our military believes. the figures are disputed and cannot be verified independently turkey took journalists close to the front line in syria on saturday here protest this militia watch over territory they've controlled for the past two years overlooked by white p.g. positions on a nearby hill turkish artillery continues to show why p.g. forces with support from the turkish air force more and more turkish tanks are
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heading into the region as the offensive enters its second week turkey looks set for the long haul. the kurdistan straits has has hope their protests will draw attention to the human cost of turkey's military operation in northern syria many of them have friends and family there and say they fear for their lives. they came from across germany united against a turkish military offensive in the kurdish held enclave of afrin. this is. her family are from the affected area that civilians are being killed the murder and hatred have to stop it's not rice. turkish troops syrian fighters have led a week long offensive in raging german kurds the use of tongues made in germany has added to their anger. and this is concern that this rise that's so awful to know
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that my own government is providing weapons that are being used against my people. to go to stan was born in germany it's her home but her thoughts are very much with her family and friends her friends and relatives have been following every development on the news. communication with them has been difficult. there's no connection directly to melt box on the door so much with guns not just right on the border we can see into turkey the troops also have other weapons it's not only. they've been shot at i can hardly leave their heads there's a scared for their life and. syrian flag for in two years ago with his father and two sisters his mother was too ill to join them she stayed behind with his two younger siblings and up location with german immigration authorities for the family to be reunited was denied
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a few days ago the family's home and often was bombed. our own two in the morning from turkey landed in her bedroom. in one. shot see my brother was asleep and my sister was playing on her mobile phone. of a mother who was also asleep. brother was killed instantly his sister lost both her legs and remains in intensive care along with her mother who was seriously injured so. at first i couldn't believe my brother had been killed. she was seventeen years old and just a civilian. he was just a regular person. the families are still in shock. they spend a lot of time looking at photos and videos by their neighbors in syria.
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i live here but i want to be able to visit my family i want to see them alive. for and for many years before the war started in syria she spends her holidays helping with the all of harvest those days are a distant memory now the chances of being peacefully at home with her family once again appear almost impossible. to some of the other stories making news around the world. spain's constitutional of course has. president. presence in the parliament. supporters have been considering electing him president with a. return. that the
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death toll. at. more than one hundred fifty. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. in the us casino mogul steve wynn has resigned as finance chairman of the republican national committee just a day after the wall street journal reported that he had subjected women can work for him to unwanted sexual advances. so his forces there and in the book where runaway league leaders by a munich hosted recently where he said bogey side hoffenheim on saturday the guess where against by and in their last three meetings so could coach ilya not want another upset. popham hi i know a thing or two about beating by and you need not go as many sided one through the last three encounters including earlier this season but then the man forty two
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years now has been senior pine case was and so on the opposite day each find case must defeat the worst as hoffenheim came during out of the blocks it was just two minutes on the clock when the searching surged gnabry was felled in the box no doubts about the penalty it's not restate his pool let's leave the division says mark it was on hand to finish the job. read awakening for by and in the right back yards and things were about to get worse mabrey online to hoffenheim from by seventy's parent club what they're missing to nail up to just trials minutes i often know even a two goal head start isn't enough to beat by and especially with robert levin just the leading the line if you cold call it tennessee which is a team of the season. five and we're rocking and starting to smell blood
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and i both saying was refs reach a shock around the box and he has it in his best league goal in four years will square with the match badly it cools from the way three. stage level until the break for softer that by him feeding frenzy he's become and put the champions in front for the first time and then moments later the dial made it for. by him sports start now all but forgotten and there is still time to sound sorry bob it's about souls in the brains yet still sometimes strike i think his accounts of his new club. not those men left to think well to buy and finally get back to a deputy team. effort at the things and at a further down the table second boss and how back travel to life sake on the back of a well lets run that stretch back to months so could a new coach band hollaback turn things around against fourth place like think. a
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familiar scene at hamburg in recent years a new coach in the spotlights and on the pitch it's the same old story. number give away the ball and lights and make them pay. muscle sabots found bruma on mounts of the pops and lights each of the leads i am in hans stumbled with the ball and was too slow for kevin campbell amber defense were ripped apart and the visitors were a goal down after just nine minutes. the new culture looked on and saw a very nervous hamburg side. another mistake this time from papadopoulos almost gifted leipzig a second goal as young kevin august on sales hit the target. number got back in the game on the half hour gideon young with a perfect pass to finish caustic he rounded the keeper and slotted the ball home. one nil at half time. the gold is hamburg the boost they needed and cost
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which almost got the winner late in the game. won all the final results not a bad return for the new coach. and one of a threesome with all the same showed amazing spirits and really baffled heart so it was good. it limits how five hundred fans but coach hollaback still has his work cut out for him to save hamburg from the drop. and venice is getting a head start on this year's carnival season the italian league and susie kicks off its calendar of events with water parades and one of its main canals a full week ahead of the official opening and the theme of this year's carnival festivities is the circus. and as you can see there hundreds of times and of tourists are expected to flock to the carnival stronghold which is they wish for its most grateful. they're watching the news coming to you live
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from berlin and more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you kind get all the latest news on information around the clock on our website at state of new dot com thanks for joining us and do stay with us from. those values in germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and have something him to resign we must overcome it and. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w. me for mines.


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