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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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storing food were thirty. visited every news coming to you live from berlin the russian police have released opposition leader alexina ball me this after the el spoken kremlin critic was arrested after making a short appearance at an answer to putin rally earlier today palooza rated not only office as well more on that coming up plus another day of heavy fighting in syria
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is out for when egypt turkey claims a diplomatic success in its offensive against the u.s. back to kurdish militia. and swedish ikea founder of our count grog has died he turned a small scale mail order business into a booming global formatter empire making himself one of the richest men in the world. i'm sarah harman welcomed the show we're happy you could join us russian authorities have now released opposition leader alexina volley he was detained earlier in the day after he made a brief appearance at a moscow protest one of dozens of rallies held across the country and all news expected to be charged with a public order violation he and his supporters are calling for a boycott of the march eighteenth presidential elections in russia down the vuln a
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had been barred from running against putin due to a previous fraud conviction a conviction that only has always claimed was politically motivated. aleksei navai violence scuffles as the supporters try in vain to pull him free from police who arrests the opposition leader and preston flooding me a push in smoke a prominent rival. huddled into a bus and taken away from protests that he told. the goddess but it did several thousand turns out and most go one of dozens of really spring held across russia authorities say demonstrations are illegal the protesters want a boycott of what they say will be a break to presidential elections this march expected to extend president putin script on power now vonnie a spot from standing. yes i want russia to have an elected government and not
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a pretty appointed one i'm sick of going to protests but i'll still go as long as i live in ways that he rushes isolating itself more and more from the world and he's making demands but we're not living in a country that can dictate anything. i want to changes within government to be possible because the zon history now has been there for too long. the finnish police raid at the headquarters and t.v. studios belonging to alex a no vonnie interrupting a live programme saying they were looking for a bomb. police also detained some of the vonnie stuff during the raid. so it's unlikely the wave of protests can stop flooding me approach and being really liked it alex i know vonnie supporters want at least to discourage russians from voting in the hopes of a moderate ballot with a low turnout. correspondent near drunk sorts joins us now from moscow mia drag you were at the protest so they wanted to say. well so i would i think it was
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remarkable of the children young people were there was a lot of police in the streets around to our square square and in pushkin square protesters knew their colleagues she not only was rescued in the afternoon but they did not they they showed no sign of fear do not only supporters have a chance of actually inflowing this upcoming influencing sees me this upcoming presidential election. where the bills were much what you mean by influence not only and it's just we'll be able to change the result we know that president putin is going to win the next christiane selections approximately seventy maybe eighty percent of russians are going to vote for him but corruption is a big issue here in russia that resonates very strong and you shouldn't forget that the vast majority of russians make now less money than a couple of years ago and if this is not going to change and we will have
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a discussion of the weeks to come but more sanctions coming from america so if the financials nation situation good russia is going to deteriorate if people are making less money in the months to come they will blame somebody for that and this is going to be mr putin all right magic storage reporting there for us from moscow thank you very much turkey's president roger tab everyone has vowed to quote clean its entire border with syria of terrorists ankara's nine day offensive against the kurdish one p.g. militia in syria is showing no sign of letting up turkey has demanded that the u.s. pull its troops out of the northern syrian town of nine beds turkish forces and y p g clashed again over the weekend. say saturday's fighting concentrated in the northwest of the african region in this video kurdish fighters target turkish helicopters with small arms fire activists
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say turkey is making slow progress on the ground. president richard sipe added to supporters just over a week into the campaign he claims turkey has inflicted heavy casualties on it telling me. three hundred ninety four terrorists have been neutralized. and we have twenty martyrs from the free syrian army and our military is full of books. you did. the figures are disputed and cannot be verified in the pen and the turkey took journalists close to the front line in syria on saturday here militia watch over territory they've controlled for the past two years overlooked by white p.g. positions on a nearby hill. so the re continues to show why p.g. forces with support from the turkish air force more and more turkish tanks are
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heading into the region as the offensive enters its second week he looks sick for the long haul. here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making news around the world film star and activist angelina jolie has called on the international community to find a solution to the crisis in syria charlene made the plea during a visit to the tare refugee camp in northern jordan the desert camp is home to about eighty five thousand refugees from neighboring syria. and yemen separatists in the southern port city of august seized government buildings after fierce clashes this forces the move the president of the month or hadi dozens of people have been killed or injured yemen's prime minister accuse the separatist of melting a coup audio is serving as the temporary government basis if the rebels control the capitals so no. african heads of state are in ethiopia's
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capital addis ababa for the annual african union summit the two day meeting is headed by rwandan president paul kagame a is taking over as the union's chairman african leaders are expected to make a joint statement concerning us president donald trump's reported slur on the state of their nation. finland's incumbent president sali minister has declared victory in his attempt to gain a second term early election results show that the center right politician security constable lead early in the vote against his closest rival harvest gold in isto is known for cultivating good relations with russia. swedish ikea founder enviro come fred has died at the age of ninety one come under small scale mail order business into a global for mature empire ikea's first department store opened in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight today the company has more than three hundred shops famous
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for their meatballs around the world. aged just seventeen founded a mostly mail order business called ikea five years later the company began to sell furniture with its first dedicated store opening in sweden in one nine hundred fifty eight ikea's international expansion began in the one nine hundred sixty s. . the concept was simple straightforward scandinavian design self-assembly and practical packaging to see if we're interested in manufacturing our furniture is designed to be easily manufactured and that keeps costs down not. come proud of had an important impact on the living environment of millions of people the furniture lines billy and eve are practically standard in many homes today there are almost four hundred ikea stores across the globe. calm proud was a times
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a controversial figure. in one thousand nine hundred ninety three he moved to switzerland for tax purposes ikea later became a registered find based in the netherlands and today still has a complex business structure. it remains privately owned and come proud was among the richest man in the world. he faced scrutiny when it was revealed that he had supported neo nazi groups this led to a boycott of ikea compromised later apologized. the archaea founder spent his last years in sweden after moving back home in twenty thirteen to be closer to his family. time now for some sports news in tennis roger federer has won the australian open after defeating lauren chillin in a five set thriller in melbourne the swiss they secure his twentieth grand slam singles title after a nail biting showdown with. fight back twice to even the score federer held his
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nerve in the decider and secured a comfortable six one final set when federer is the first man to win twenty grand slam titles. and then those early bundesliga game buyer leverkusen reclaim second place in the table by beating minds at home the young jamaican winger leon bailey open the scoring is the start of the second half with a supplier of a long range shot brazilian defender when del converted a penalty twenty minutes later to round out the two no scoreline. for got the better of hanover in saturday's late game the scores were level for much of it until you know smelly put the head after seventy one minutes one know was wouldn't it and right away league leaders biron reader coasted hoffenheim the guests were unbeaten against biron in their last three meetings so good their coach mastermind another upset. hoffenheim know
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a thing or two about beating by and you need not go as many sided ones who are the last three encounter this including early of the season but then a man forty two years now has been seen in pine case was in town the opposite bench crankcase must defeat the worst as hoffenheim came roaring out of the blogs they were just two minutes on the clock when the searching says canaveral was felled in the box no doubts about the penalty the cat restated his pool likely to the visitors mark was on hand to finish the job. read awakening for pa and in their right back yard and things were about to get worse mabrey on loan to hoffenheim from buying and selling his parent club what they're missing a few nails off just piles minutes i also know even a two goal head start isn't enough to be by an especially good robot leavened just me leading the line if you hold it at the seams with these eighteen this season.
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by and we're not kidding and starting to smell blood red bow its head was wrecked three's a shock around the box he had it in his best league goal in four years all square with a match badly of course with the way three. it stayed level until the break percent after that by in feeding frenzy he couldn't put the champions in front of the first time and then moments later to rivet out made it for. by him sports start now all but forgotten and there was still time for sounder but that's about souls in the brains yet stuff and i'm striker i've been his accounts for his new club. not those men left to think what if by and finally get the better of the fop team. all right let's take a look now at all the results from the bundesliga this week.
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well up at the top you see confirmation of those wins for labor coups and wolfsburg and byron which we just told you about elsewhere like in hamburg split the points shaka got that big win away to stuttgart dortmund needed a late equal laws or so levels things up with freiburg cologne grabbed a point against. freeman and harris have both failed to score frankfurt. on friday night. and some other bundesliga news stood guard have parted ways with their coach thomas wolfe this following their two nil loss to shock up one saturday thirty six year old took stood guard from the second division up to the bonus legal last season but the club well they've struggled for consistency back in the top white shirt dark have lost six of the last seven matches and wolf has lost his job. there's a brief reminder of the top stories we're following for you this hour here on d w.
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police have released russian opposition leader alexina bol me the el spoken kremlin critic was arrested earlier today after making a short appearance at an anti putin rally earlier today police raided not only his office. and that's your news this hour you're up to date don't forget you can always find the latest information on our website w dot com i'm sara harmon in berlin from the whole team thanks for watching we'll see you very soon. learn german with w. anytime anyplace.
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with you with jo jo and her friends. are you going to do the. same species.


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