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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is you know we newsline from berlin more carnage in kabul another terrorist attack rocks the afghan capital the latest in a wave of attacks at least eleven soldiers are killed as suicide bombers and gunmen strike a military academy in kabul the so-called islamic state claims responsibility but also coming up. a shocking report reveals that german automaker's funded diesel emissions tests exposing people and monkeys to do small fumes or raises more disturbing questions about the country's car industry.
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prices and politics at this year's grammy awards in new york city is female musicians confront sexual harassment in the recording industry but the night belonged to bruno mars who took over six grammys. thank you very much for your company everyone we begin our broadcast in afghanistan where people in the afghan capital kabul are reeling from a string of attacks the latest incident in a bloody week killed at least eleven soldiers after suicide bombers and gunmen attacked a military academy while so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack as part of a wave of deadly violence just months including a powerful car bomb where the talabani used an ambulance as a weapon. there is no escaping the military presence on the streets of kabul
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for the third time within days attack is have killed victims in the afghan capital this time the target was the army itself militants including suicide bombers stormed a battalion near the marshall fire he minute trick out to me and began an onslaught afghans are turning their fury on the government that you know is not a modest look at what's happening to this nation we're not able to control the current situation it's better that the security ministers resign what's kind of government at ministry is this you're not even able to secure the city particularly . the afghan defense ministry says two gunmen were killed in the exchange of fire and two others died off to detonating their suicide vests one other was arrested now people want to know how the attacks keep happening in a city already on to tighten security measures. all right and then we
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can take you to kabul now where the security situation has been very precarious for some time now but the uptick in violence over the past couple of days is very concerning a journalist to hear contrary is on the line from the capital with the latest tara what is the situation in kabul right now. well the situation called everyone is in shock and everyone is terry all right and horrified of the recent series of attacks because it was in the attack the only attack today we have had a couple of attack over the last few days in fact three attacks over the last ten days in kabul and hardly more than two hundred people killed so people are still in or even though the afghan government declared a public holiday today because the indonesian president was coming to afghanistan is in afghanistan so that's why but it's still people there are still thinking until morning about the loss of loads of civilians and nobody knows why all right
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well to hear why is kabul facing such an uptick of attacks right now at this moment what's going on there. well the afghan government killing that at least more than twenty terrorism groups operate in five kabul city the president of afghanistan recently say that call is very speedy but the afghan people here and believe that it's not only kabul but the whole afghanistan is under siege the problem is that the afghan government has recently been so much full of the internal politics so therefore god in that period you know a priority for them for example three security ministers appeared in a press conference yesterday three of them people who are accused additionally sit down as soon as possible but they don't so seems like the afghan government as well people here accusing the afghan government of australia but then the afghan government accuses the regional countries some specific countries all of interfering into a kind of tears and in the security it is you know
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a blame game that afghans don't like it here because everyone wants some sort of accountability at this point all right now to hear you're already alluded to the fact that to the in the nation president jacoby dodo is visiting kabul what does that say about president a shotgun his government and the security forces ability to secure kabul the capital. it is not the first time actually when a high profile foreigner or in the town explains so it is very unfortunate even though the afghan government wanted to because there has been an outcry and birth of prostration by public over the last few days the afghan government thought to be to declare today as the holidays so that nobody may take to the streets in protest but unlike that you know unlike season two the expectation of the afghan government today another two places so it was very unfortunate even did an afghan government didn't expect it and i'm sure it was in a very good well coming to the indonesian president but it is not the first time
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with such attacks take place when high profile people come to afghanistan so that's why guns are quite complicating that is because of the polity of the president or the joint security to here in kabul thank you and so-called islamic state may have claimed responsibility for the latest kabul attack but it's been almost completely defeated on the ground in syria and iraq all that means many of its fighters are returning to their home countries and the fear is that those battle hardened veterans will pose a threat and your belgium is the country with the highest per capita number of foreign fighters are brussels correspondent teri schultz some of them this park in antwerp was a hotspot for islamist recruiters on belgians to battlefields in syria and iraq now some of them are headed back making many communities nervous earlier return he's trying to reintegrate in society are reluctant to be identified and city councilor
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he owns there knew some of them personally and asked them to share their stories with me nobody was willing to speak many of them came back. feeling of shame. and they don't want. to show up to show their name. to be on t.v. to say i went there and i was a fool and they came back there are some exceptions laura persone was all over t.v. in two thousand and sixteen publicizing her book about being an islamic state militants bride in syria she decided to escape when her four year old son was taught to behead a teddy bear as shown in this jihadi propaganda now persone occasionally visit schools as part of the belgian government's anti radicalization efforts but she declined our multiple requests for an interview some are attorneys have other motives for staying in the shadows those are the ones that were there and muslim community you don't want to see the back and to be you don't show any
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feeling of shame. about the fact that. he's losing. here. that's how returning. seems to feel set free after receiving a suspended sentence for three also wrote a book and publicly praised islamic state he said his only regret was coming back we couldn't speak with him as he's in prison on unrelated charges sources tell me returning is and their families are urged to keep a low profile by belgian authorities but they're not the only ones i'm told the brother of a belgian fighter gave a television interview a couple of years ago with his identity disguised but islamic state supporters found him and beat him up very badly a warning to others to keep quiet local communities are figuring out how to deal with people who return the border just north of brussels many youths left this suburb to join us mayor has taken
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a personal interest in them he visits them in prison to make sure they understand their choices he warns them that after their release they will be under constant scrutiny but that's not all he tells them. second thing i said is when you are free you're a free man you have had your punishment and. you have the right and he will help you and all the opportunities to do to give you all the opportunities to reintegrate unopposed via want to gives us an example of how his city supported one return he committed to being a law abiding citizen by being completely transparent about the situation and we informed the employer who was ready to give him a chance after all the information that we have got was transferred to them probably are the same thing on the housing side. that man is still a success story two years later but there are more i.a.s. followers being groomed peter van listing in one of the best known researchers of
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the belgian jihad movement says he sees no decrease in pro jihad language on social media how strong is their influence well basically will only know when the next that that happens are afraid however the belgian government appears a bit more optimistic than venomous than it has reduced the national terror threat level meaning an attack is no longer considered probable but rather unlikely. well it's a complex issue that several european countries are grappling with and here with me on the set is a gator steinback from the german institute for international and security affairs or to shed some more light about this very warm welcome. but there's a perspective for us how many europeans who have joined so-called islamic state have returned are their reliable statistics out there they're all reliable reliable statistics about five thousand europeans went to join isis and other organizations in syria and about a fifth of them have have returned all together but the numbers are different in
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different countries for example in germany about a third of all those who went to syria have returned while in sweden or generally in scandinavia the numbers are so we will it's a considerable number if you keep in mind that most of these people have gone through training by isis or other organizations in syria and iraq so what makes a difference why are more people were turning in safer instances sweden at this would have a different approach no i have no idea it might be that people in sweden are not as radicalized that they have not been as convinced when they left to syria and. and therefore left the country relatively early in general it seems as if the north africans from france from belgium the netherlands and from west from
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the western parts of germany are that deep into this ideology that most of them remained in syria and iraq and many of them wanted ok well let's talk about this group of people how have their communities reacted to the ones that have returned has had the authorities reached out to these communities in the meantime as well well what happens first is when somebody somebody comes back he's under scrutiny and most most of these people go to jail right now because they have remained with the islamic state in times of crisis and by and large there is evidence against these people so they go to jail others simply leave the organization they confess they serve as witnesses but this is a relatively low number and there is a there is a certain number of people who we know about who are a problem and governments here in germany at least try to try to create do radical
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is ation programs in order to win them back the problem though is that our security or authorities have to monitor them in order to find out whether there is any success for these programs or not right so there is a path for rehabilitation for some some of these people it depends on the country there are there are countries that reject these the radicalization programs france for example and that is important because france has the highest number of jihadi row tourney's from syria and iraq in germany we have states that are federal states that are a little bit pessimistic about it but by and large governments try try to present a way for the for these people people back into society. although in most cases that won't work all right so there isn't really a common e.u. wide policy when it comes to these returning is if i understand correctly from your answers of course not that is domestic security policy and the differences
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are huge especially between france which traditionally is quite tough on terrorists and the more liberal states especially scandinavia germany the netherlands and belgium all right thank you so much peter steinberg from the german institute for international and security affairs for spending time with us thank you. all right want to tell you about some of the other stories making news around the world. observers say at least sixty civilians have been killed in government airstrikes on syria's lip robyn's that brings the death toll to some thirty three people since sunday it lives the only problem is in syria under the control of opposition forces government troops have been making advances there in recent weeks. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in moscow for talks with russian president vladimir putin while the two are expected to discuss israel's concerns about it expansion of
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iran's military involvement in syria russia has close ties with both nations. thousands of people have reportedly been left homeless following a fire at a slum in kenya's capital nairobi the blaze that the long got a slum broke out on sunday evening and at least four people are believed to have died. and we stay in east africa where leaders gathering for the thirtieth annual meeting of the african union have announced plans for cheaper air travel within africa well more than forty leaders from across the continent met at the summit in the ethiopian capital addis ababa they hope the plans to liberalize market access between african states will promote trade and investments the fight against corruption was also high on the agenda. all right and our correspondent catherine mando has been following the summit from
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the very beginning catherine what exactly have participants agreed on in a disability. well apart from the single f. based markets they have also there seems to be some sort of consensus when it comes to africa union well now this means that trying to find resources to you know african countries funding the african union rather than depending on the u.s. and the e.u. funding as you know right now funding or the budget for african union is funded seventy four percent by the. by the european union and by the united united states so what they are though looking at is trying to move away from that and there seems to be some consensus but then we also saw discussions over the dispute over the nile water it is building a dam on the nile and that could affect the water supply into egypt so we've seen that these countries are hoping to find an agreement by the end of next month to to
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dissolve that particular dispute and see how both countries can co-exist or into how do these agreements affect countries outside of the african continent catherine . when you talk about african union reforms this is about africa being independent in the african union actually being more effective than it has been over the years it has been accused of being a toothless dog and it has been accused of coming up with great policies that doesn't that don't really get implemented and so it just does happen if this if. it does come true when. and then that means it has more space or largest space in the global sphere where they can actually you know make decisions and be more effective and protect the interests of the african people now is she being really china has been accused of spying on the african union how has this been adjusting the somehow to fit all. well the chinese ambassador to the african union says that he's appalled by the act by the article that was written by le monde which is
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a french. french newspaper or french. and he says that this would affect the relations between china and africa and this will also affect the image of china to african people but then when we spoke to paul kagame who is the chairman of the after two union he says that he doesn't mind being spied on and in fact he says that. china is not the first country to be accused of spying on another country so he doesn't really mind and he says africa has nothing to hide but this is has been a worrying trend but especially given that china gave the africa union a building work two hundred million dollars and you know. who's the chairman said that he hopes that you know there will come a time when africa can actually fund itself and actually provide resources it infrastructure for itself alright catherine wando reporting we're turpin cricket's in the background thank you. all right superb florists
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repulsive absurd and inexcusable that's just some of the reaction to another twist in the diesel that we're talking about this we're still talking about it just got even worse public criticism has been coming in sick and fast off to newspapers here in germany reported those toxic emissions tests a monkey's financed by the german car industry giants well they extended to humans as well now the aim was reportedly to clear up the p.r. disaster in the wake of the diesel gate scandal give diesel a good name again and secure valuable tax breaks but it clearly backslide. here at the university clinic in him in twenty thirteen and fourteen a group of twenty five healthy people were made to inhale nitrogen dioxide in varying concentrations over periods of hours several times a week the car manufacturers wanted to use the tests to determine exactly how dangerous nitrogen dioxide was to humans the tests were commissioned by the
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european research organization for environment and health and financed by german car makers v.w. diamond b.m.w. and german parts supplier bosch the study was supposed to be conducted under the cover that they were to be no negative effects on the human subjects but the methods which have now been revealed have let loose a wave of indignation. and it's absolutely understandable that people are outraged that tests on monkeys and even on human beings cannot be ethically justified taking that amounts to nothing more than hot air according to environmental organizations they say the german government has been in bed with the automotive lobby for years old. miss america all is really the first car chancellor and she even fights in brussels to make sure that emissions regulations are less strict and if possible not controls which control yet and it seems there were no controls at fault either the supervisory board says it knew nothing about the
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studies and is now threatening consequences. because i'm to complex this time of complex is reprehensible ethically morally and in that sense i think p.w. will have to hold the employees who are responsible for this accountable so they can shift. these revelations will deliver another blow to the german car industry's image. that as you just saw there those tests called out as being reprehensible but ethically and morally that says industries from cosmetics to cleaning products all have to run tests including on humans so where do we draw the line well we take a look at this next report. clinical trials involving humans are critical for example for the approval of new drugs testing volunteers is the final step in the approval process because findings from animal tests are limited in assessing effects on humans but recent studies on the effects of car exhaust conducted on
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behalf of the auto industry have set off alarms. the opposite you can only speculate about the politics of underlying intentions as to whether these special interest groups deliberately promote studies like this with the aim of coming up with a negative result concerning nitrogen dioxide effects they can then use politically . it's a question of ethics when volunteers endanger their health just for the money a mere seven hundred euros compensation is not unusual one reason why the world medical association says in its helsinki declaration medical research can only be performed on humans when the potential benefits for the subjects of the experiments outweigh the risks and harms but ethicists say weighing these things up becomes difficult when science becomes untangled with business. not to just going to have to sponsors are exactly the ones who profit from these kinds of experiments and the entire thing is a bit fishy to be so why is that it's also an example of the dilemma that
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scientific research finds itself mired in functioning and the calls for more transparency with such questionable research in the future. i want to bring in david brody now because he's a moral philosopher at the university of oxford he's also the managing director of a business advisory principia thanks for joining us david now i know that you also business consultancy advice to folks talking during the depths of the diesel they stand on what was it you identified in the crisis you could help them correct where are they going so wrong. as it is the very start of them but i never actually were with the company so this is all from the outside so what we do in principle here is try to bring some of the knowledge that we had from academic discipline such as moral philosophy about how it will musicians can structure themselves well to making good ethical decisions and when things go wrong to try to understand why they're wrong and what can be done about it so little we're going to destry such as
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the banking industry that experienced very significant systemic problems and again looks like the beginning of another very systemic industry wide issue in the in the car sector. and the pay off scandal that the german car industry now finds itself in his eye what it's reached another level can they come back from this and what could happen now do you think. so than anything absolutely come out from it what it does is it requires very very strong systemic leadership from the very top it requires an ability to look back and really reflect very very honestly on what went wrong within within this organization so we know when issues of this kind of this scale happen they're very very rarely simply want to risk number of individuals acting against policy and we know that they tend to be something that is systemic so there's really a bit within the organizational culture that allows or encourages people to lend in
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this way so what it requires is strong leadership in the southeast of all to look and understand what the source of these problems where it is a very strong steps to address that and again just as these problems tend to be very widespread very systemic and they tend to have developed over a very moment here it looks like this case that it was several decades that had issues around on a typical behavior in a ring sorry to interrupt but i just want to ask you don't have much time left if we're talking about something being systemic that implies then that that is going from the top to the bottom what about the german calling the streets relationship with the government how systemic could that be. so we know that the. state of area has proof from present ition all of those five who are we know that as your report pointed out the british from links with the german government. needs to be looked at as well i think where if you get these these very strong
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connections between huge business interests governments and other activists there's always an opportunity for bad behavior as it were disseminated across these boundaries all right david ray dean the managing director of the business advisory principia thanks for sharing your insights with us here on to. thank you. we have to the philippines now where president already ordered that there has visited the province where tens of thousands of people have been displaced by the active volcano mt it's been ejecting all lava and ash for the past two weeks geologists say could be a major eruption within the next couple of days. the philippines most active volcano is at it again for weeks now mount my own has been spewing a white hot cocktail of gas and volcanic debris down its flanks complicating matters nonstop brain is mixing with the volcanic ash and rock that's resulted in
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fast moving much flows which have damaged roads and could potentially sweep away entire settlements. more than eighty thousand residents have fled their homes and are living in temporary shelters which are quickly getting overcrowded food in others the pines remain adequate but concerns are growing over health and hygiene conditions. in return for improved if people want to help a nine kilometer danger zone around mount my own but that hasn't stopped defiant farmers from tending to crops and livestock that they depend on for their livelihoods. whole villages are living in evacuation centers sometimes they go back to the harms to feed around a malls and then they return to the evacuation centers their life at the moment the government is bracing for a possible three month long emergency in the areas around my own more rain is
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forecast for the coming week. could a coughing crisis be brewing in london we'll have that story for you and just a few. good books. is the daily basis volunteers rescue people from the mediterranean sea but all they were saying into the hands of people smugglers again coaching more if you choose to risk the perilous crossings critics say they. tell our relief organizations responding to the allegations help or hindrance n.g.o.s see basically use. the five minutes on d. w. . when i'm traveling i like to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news events.
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and d.-w. makes that part of trial fun easy just because it's available and thousands of her talents resorts and cruise ships worldwide. the brand new found determined scientists send us a picture that shows the w. in your room you can price thirteen d. w. dot com travel quits. on civilians during the launch of the situation escalates. there is no longer a cameraman for screwball cope with ruthless calculation of military leaders were told the extent of the most going to control of the airspace as opposed to submitting a. technological troops to come for grisham missed the destruction of the
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book. come get me to hiroshima. morning february third d. w. . good to see you again you're watching you know we use only a little rock n roll and this is our main headline right now at least eleven of gun soldiers have been killed in an attack on a military academy in kabul the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility it was the third major attack in the city in recent days. a new front has opened in yemen's for track to civil war where southern yemeni separatists are fighting government forces four people have been killed in a second day of fighting between the rival factions looking to gain control of the southern port city of aden the government is based in the city and it has accused separatist of an attempted coup the unrest is
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a fresh threat to the authorities of the country's president. heads who remains in exile in saudi arabia. it's a new front in yemen she has a long conflict here many separatists fighting government troops in the south in city of aden the forces had previously been on the same side in the civil war between the saudi backed government and hoofy rebels in the north of yemen where aligned with iran government forces are determined to head off any attempt of rebellion in the south and you are there's no difference between the truth is and anyone else who rebels against a legitimate government no matter who they are left east if they are not with the government then they're an enemy of the entire country but of course. the complex conflict has devastated yemen already one of the region's poorest countries long running u.n. backed efforts have so far failed to bring peace now the u.n.
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is urging parties involved in the latest violence to end the fighting and pursue dialogue. are on the call to call the ongoing crisis in yemen complex is possibly an understatement when a is a male is expert specializing in yemen and she is at the university of surrey she joins us now from a burned out we hope you can shed some light for us on this complex situation why has this new front opened now. thank you very much for my perspective there today mentioned to consider here. that coalition supporting the president had is often described as led by saudi arabia the reality that the leadership is contested between saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and both have different visions of how the south should be controlled and that reflected on the whole going fighting because those who are
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contesting the legitimacy of the government are supported by the united arab emirates while that had a government is still supported by saudi arabia on a reasonable level of a local level. south of yemen because very often when we discover the cause of the conflict in yemen we talk about it as if it's a binary kind of a conflict between the north and this so in fact if you look at it closely you will see that in both parts you have competing factions fighting against each other into some of these factions where united like in the. you know front in order to get rid of the hootie and president. what happened right now is that they are to find a team even before settling the discourse and in a way i know it's very complex thing but that's what is taking place right now
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right so we've got a situation with shifting alliances also taking place there in yemen i unfortunately don't have much time left so i'm just going to focus a little bit about the civilians the the people in yemen i mean we've all seen the scenes of horror that is the war in yemen what this is development mean for the civilians caught in the crossfire. it means another layer of another. source of who really carry it is that says the situation it's complicated and right now with this development in the sound one realizes that the people are quote in between in this hour and in the north most importantly big gains the collation been making is that all the forces might be in there is because the police might feel emboldened in order to try to expand the authority in other regions so another. layer that can and will lead to more
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humanitarian suffering loss more unfortunately for the civilians in yemen and they're already suffering so greatly and how many is a middle east expert specializing in yemen at the university of syria thank you. we've seen a raft of conflicting messages of late later regarding where the dollar should be the greenback should be at the moment now the dollar crawled up from the lows on monday but while it struggled to put ahead from six to eight weeks which we saw of losses now treasury secretary steve nugent said out the world economic forum in davos last week that a weak currency would help us the u.s. in terms of trade balances and we're talking in the short term but on thursday well he backtracked he said he fundamentally believed in the strength of the dollar and surely all through as president donald trump speaking again endowed also added that he ultimately favored a strong dollar that the booming u.s. economy he said should be pushing the dollar up now instead it's been tumbling as
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so many other economies recover now since mid december the dollar has fallen six percent against the euro so it's been falling dwindling down at a level of around eighty cents which you can see on the chart behind me that's the lowest level since twenty fourteen and that's raising eyebrows among currency experts and the president of the european central bank mario draghi said last week that the recent volatility in exchange rates represents a source of uncertainty which requires monitoring. right now are you a coffee addict living in london well i'm afraid if you are we have some bad news for you and yes it's briggs it related persons intending departure from the e.u. could threaten the very future of the way you start your day our correspondent back at mass has mall in central london speciality coffee shops have sprung up everywhere in the smallest of spaces. and even in form of
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public toilets for coffee lovers like me this is very lucky bought mine this comes on and off the bricks and. it takes some skills to prepare a really good coffee. the attendant has the special sharma former public you ryan. here every portion is weighed the temperature and the pressure of the water must be strictly controlled as well as the stability of the middle five. everyone who works is a coffee professional. eliza's from italy as are many offer barista friends. everywhere you going you'll find the time when you're working here saw this kind of be you know it's family outside of. life without a european the resistance absolutely unthinkable for the attendance customers. it
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would be a living nightmare yeah mixed boot it would be good if british barristers can develop european flair but we also treasure i europeans here of my very disappointed about frank's small shops already find it difficult to find the right people. kathleen in london has one international crisis behind the counter many australians and eastern europeans. he has some english people applying for jobs says caffeine's owner peter george smith but nevertheless he's still worried about bricks it you're going to need a pool of people to keep working it's proven in the facts it's proven in society it's headed the industry is growing at a certain rate we need a certain amount of people to fill those spots or there's going to places that will close it's not just the owners of small shops that are worried at one of the biggest chains more than half of their staff e.u. citizens from outside the u k. pratham ozzie has warned that only one in fifty
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people who apply to their company is british and that they would not be able to fill all the vacancies just with british workers there is now extra training for british baristas but the first for coffee in the u.k. seems massive and thus artisan coffee lovers are hoping that even researchers will continue to be able to enter the country even after pricks it. now it is january and some people opting for dry january so no alcohol for a month off to the festive season of classing perhaps enjoying a drink or two but in lithuania when the clock struck midnight on the last day of the year the government source which everyone living in the country had a harder time finding their favorite tipple not only is the drinking age being increased in alcohol shopping hours cattails but advertising is now also that. lithuania's biggest distributor of foreign print media has been forced to rip full page alcohol ads out of foreign magazines and if the ads are small enough they can
7:40 pm
be covered up with a red sticker it's labor intensive but necessary to avoid a thirty thousand year old fine. go to. your message there is no other country where alcohol advertisements are completely banned at least we don't know of any we find ourselves in a situation when we receive magazines from europe and all over the world and we have to take such on pleasure and if you measures. measures to the case to look at look at slipping them a lot this means expensive foreign publications like national geographic esquire and vote come with pages crudely torn out readers like vida are upset to find their magazines defaced in this way which they tore it here quite badly. here it's ok even the president is less than impressed with the new law. it reminds me of the middle ages and it's caused
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a huge international harm to look away as image and reputation abroad go to the good up with thoughts from the good and yet there's no question that lithuania has big problems with alcohol according to the world health organization per capita alcohol consumption increased twenty two percent in a decade to over one thousand liters of pure alcohol in two thousand and sixteen and lithuania has the highest suicide rate in europe. well over to lay the now of music sounds a lot as well on the big apple last night though you betcha sunday night the come to like him of the music world gathered in new york city of for him sixtieth grammy awards this that's the industry showcase event it was a night of powerful and colorful performances with white roses as the fashion accessory of the evening with musicians showing their support for the meet to end times movements. all right lots lots to discuss karen helps out
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from our culture desk is here with me on the set and elizabeth shoaf from our social media desk is joining us as well karen i'd like to start off with you what was the tenor of the evening ok well things were definitely a lot more political than they've ever been in the past and i think this is something that we're going to see continuing support for the need to in the times of movements was was reflected with the white roses now that's a flower that that historically represents peace hope and resistance and a lot of stars even went as far as to turn up in black or even in all white which is the color that's often also associated with the women's movement an interesting thing also last night was it looked like it was going to be a night for rapper to sort of bask in the limelight finally when you know jay z. went in with eight nominations kendrick lamar with seven and yet it was pop music dance band bruno mars who came in to still there thunder it was interesting because kendrick lamar was tipped to win best album for dan and jay z.
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went home completely empty handed so i think you know the definitely we've been hearing hip hop community has a lot of bones to pick with but so bruno mars one all of the three really big awards for best album best song best record best song and album of the year for twenty four k. magic and he kept his speech pretty gentle have to say and sort of folk it was all about the joy so let's have a quick look at that and also a little bit of a listen to it. but for me probably coming over on the grammys right now. thank you for tomorrow and watching you guys my love you know with all my heart this is what the fans thank you guys.
7:44 pm
but. there was. as a good party experience whatsoever at all and so many things are right i said i was going to say i still listen i think that when people meet at the same time i salute ok liz want to bring you into the conversation bruno mars took home the true face question arguably with her performance brought down the house what's been the reaction on social media. absolutely as she gave a really emotional performance singing her latest song it is called praying and it is about this or a deal that she has gone through over the last years so she has been engaged in a legal battle with her former producer his name is dr luke and catch ahead sued him alleging that he had sexually physically and emotionally abused her she lost the case and was forced to continue working with him as her produce a soul the whole song is about that and we can just listen in to that performance.
7:45 pm
thank. you thanks. and layla lots of people in the audience were moved to tears by that song and also on social media many people saying that they were really touched by that and let me just show you some reactions here on twitter us actress america ferrera saying you stood up and used your voice a long before there was a massive culture shift and movement to support you you helped create this culture shift thank you for your fried for your beautiful artistry and for this stunning performance there has also been this kind of a debate about whether she would have won a grammy for that song she had been nominated in that category best pop solo performance this user saying kushal wrote praying after being through her literal
7:46 pm
worst nightmare but ed sheeran wrote shape of view about a girl that he met at a club and he is the person who won in that category so people really saying that the grammy should have gone to cash about really grammy or no grammy this song praying is becoming be and them the me too of movement right now or a grammy or no grammy karen me too was the star of the evening undoubtedly absolutely you know and i'd like to pick up on tours that elizabeth mentioned there's a cultural shift that we heard in that one tree because i think we're definitely seeing a cultural shift. that meant that the issue just had to have a place and i think we're going to see that obviously at all of the upcoming events that are still to come for instance the oscars first and foremost and you know i think we're seeing it building because it has to be said that at the golden globes for instance the women spoke out for them to movement but the men did not so this evening here yesterday was was actually
7:47 pm
a lot more balanced in the sense that the men were more and more much more demonstrative i think that performance that we saw from cash is an indication of what we can expect to come so here is calling a spade a spade and making public this incredible trauma that she's. through and you have to remember there's a lot of really innate contradictions in the music industry where a lot of various accessed and i saw in this news they can video i mean we just saw some images there from birth on mars has been in the industry spreading bad for better for such a long time so it's very hard for it to do a complete about face but there were also for instance lots of disappointments on the sides of the of the women nominees only one woman actually made it into the real big categories so there has been criticism that the grammys are sort of making it all look more progressive on the surface but there is an awful lot more work to be done a lot more people are seizing it as a platform. just you got to start somewhere a list but there was also a surprise appearance that everybody's talking about today as well. that's right ok
7:48 pm
there was politics at the grammys lots of politics actually you saw a number of artists using the stage to bash the us president and the grammys the people we have the grammys themselves they had organized this clip which they showed to their audience so it basically is different from reading excerpts from the very controversial book of fire and fury which paints a very negative and chaotic picture. the first few years in the white house and from that clip really the surprise guest there was this person here just take a look. so you want he had a long time fear of being poisoned one reason why he liked to eat at mcdonald's nobody knew he was coming and the food was safely pre-made that's it we've got it that's the one you think so oh yeah the grammys in the bag in the back. and of course a lot of people who are close to trump did not think this was funny and iggy haley
7:49 pm
the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says i've always loved the grammys but i have artists read the fire and fury book killed it dawn true and great music with the trash some of us love music without the politics through all and in it and here is a download from sand on from jr saying getting to read a fake news book excerpt at the grammys seems like a great consolation prize for losing the presidency you saw there he is a mocking hillary clinton for that appearance there oh i thank you so much liz and karen i believe we also want to prize no absolutely germany cup for best electropop electric album congratulations to them thank you so much art pioneers. spain have been crowned european handball champions after defeating sweden it was
7:50 pm
a lucky fifth try for the spanners after losing four previous finals they had to fight hard and dig deep for the title just take a look. sweden played a fast paced game just as they had in the semifinal against denmark and they got off to the better start with a strong performance from goalkeeper mikhail apple again and fast counterattacks making it six for i but spain stayed composed changing up their attack and were only two goals behind at half time then the experience spaniards turned the match around right davi by their hair making it twenty fifteen and at the back keeper opposite step it was hard to beat i the swedes were lacking the strength to stand up to the aggressive spaniards in the second half with their passing errors leading to many easy goals for spain the final score twenty nine twenty three sweden went
7:51 pm
down in defeat. and after losing four previous finals spain were finally the european handball champions i. owe it was second on the bundesliga now and for that we have matt herman from the sports with us here with me on the set always good to see you matt i'm going to start sounding like a broken record byron are sony ahead but the interesting action right behind that indeed indeed the team that's right behind them is by leverkusen they had a really off season last year they brought in a coach i could care less that no one really knew what to make of and surprisingly it has worked out really well for them they're a very strong second place side right now let's take a quick look now at the get laid because of how little concealed the win on sunday . patient's first name of the game for labor couzin coach heiko hellacious his side struggle to make any impact in a frustrating for us top of the parents' minds happy to sit back and disparage
7:52 pm
after captain bender went close because the laurie is head was as good as it got for the hosts before the break. maybe because they needed something special make of it from a familiar source neon bailey curling in from twenty yards out as a goal of the season the jamaican like his team just come stop scoring at the moment bailey's effort was so good fellow when the union branch tried to carbon copy but without the same success. no matter because the three points were secured midway through the hall to formulate accusing manager via its n.r.t. file the lhari are in the box penalty when doubt that the rest from the spot to do an issue may because and hold on to second place. our right matt they needed something special and that somebody special was leon bailey indeed indeed
7:53 pm
he's been a huge part of their success this season he's got the speed he's got the ball skills he's got the tactical intelligence and what he has right now is extreme confidence he's doing some some really innovative things on the pitch we saw that shot from distance this is a shot from his match last week where he scored on a back heel from about eleven yards out which is i don't think you need to me to tell you that's very very hard to do and when a player is in a run of form like he has right now he's four or five goals in his last five games he just feels like he has a license to do anything and it's really really working out for him and for later kids are not the other stars shining a bright of course a certain set obama having that talk to celebrate about yeah we got news both from kicker and bill the two main sports you know reporting out. in germany the deal to send him to arsenal was likely to go through today we're still waiting and it's basically because they've been haggling over price for you know several weeks now
7:54 pm
and because there's sort of a musical chairs thing going on all beyond obama young is supposed to be heading to arsenal arsenal striker livia asia who is supposed to be heading to chelsea and chelsea striker. is supposed to be heading to door and if all of these things come together it's going to work out and hopefully it will work out so it sounds like a complicated. that's going on there what about because they sacked their coach. and brought in a new coach did you see that one coming i did not evolve is a guy who they brought in last summer as a youth team coach from dortmund and you know they thought it was going to give them lots of time to get things right things aren't going right and they gave him a quick hook the guy who they brought in has brought a lot of people sort of the sugar fanbase scratching their heads it's good he is a native he does have connections to the club but he's been at you know three other calls before now and over causes louder and leverkusen last year part of that bad season and he hasn't really done well so it's kind of puzzling move all right i
7:55 pm
hope they give him some time to prove himself. all right matt herman thank you so much always great talking to you are before i let you go want to remind you of our main headline right now. i least eleven off guard soldiers have been killed in an attack on a military academy in kabul the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility it was the third major attack in the city in recent days. and also singer bruno mars swept the grammys winning all six awards he was nominated for and white roses for currying favor as many stars display them in a show of solidarity against sexual misconduct of. heart thank you so much for spending in this part of the day with us on the rock n roll and on behalf of all of us we have to see again at the top of the hour.
7:56 pm
i'm going to move. on.
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to daily basis. more than two years. rescue people from the mediterranean sea but other playing into the hands of people smugglers loading coaching more refugees to risk the perilous crossing and critics say their own callow relief organizations responding to the allegations help or hindrance n.g.o.s see based news. in fifteen minutes long d.w. . the fast pace of life in the digital. shift has the lowdown on the web it shows are new developments useful information and anything else worth noting. resumes the resumes finds. some good looks over the shoulders of makers and choosers. should.
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be five minutes to. hijacking the news. where i go wrong the news is being hijacked journalist would still has become a scripted reality show it's not just good vs evil us vs them white and white. in countries like russia china churchy people are told it's that it's not and if you're a journalist fear and you try to get beyond it you are being seen scare tactics intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoking mirrors it's not just about being clear and balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. chinese born of golf and i work you know.
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this is v.w. news a lot of it from berlin tonight more carnage in kabul another terrorist attack hits the afghan capital at least eleven soldiers were killed as suicide bombers and gunman strike a military academy in kabul so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility also coming up the german all the industries white washing of dirty deeds ole shockey read.


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