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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight's more carnage in kabul another terrorist attack hits the afghan capital at least eleven soldiers are killed as suicide bombers and gunmen strike a military academy in kabul so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility also coming up the german all the industries white washing of dirty diesel a shocking report reveals car makers that funded emissions tests exposing people and monkeys to dangerous fumes with the goal of telling the public that diesel is clean and.
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prizes in politics at this year's grammy awards in new york as female musicians confront sexual harassment in the recording industry but the night belonged to this man bruno mars he took home six grand. i'm bringing off it's good to have you with us tonight afghanistan is really from yet another terrorist attack suicide bombers targeted a military academy in the comparable capital kabul killing at least eleven soldiers so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility now this is the third terror incident in the city in just one week and it is part of a wave of deadly violence which also involves the tele bot. there is no escaping the military presence on the streets of kabul for the third time within
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days attack is have killed victims in the afghan capital this time the target was the army itself militants including suicide bombers stormed a battalion near the marshall a military academy and began an onslaught afghans are turning their fury on the government. look at what's happening to this nation we're not able to control the current situation it's better that the security ministers resign what's kind of government at ministry is this you're not even able to secure the city. the afghan defense ministry says two gunmen were killed in the exchange of fire and two others died off to detonating their suicide vests one other was arrested now people want to know how the attacks keep happening in a city already on to tighten security measures. or u.s. president to discuss this wave of recent attacks in afghanistan he was at
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a meeting of u.n. security council ambassadors he highlighted the taliban's role in the violence and he said that the u.s. will not hold talks with the militant group. they're killing people left and right innocent people are being killed left and right when we see what they're doing and the atrocities that they're committing and killing their own people and those people are women and children many many women and children that are totally innocent. it is it is horrible so there's no talking to the taliban we don't want to talk to the taliban. or the f.b.i. is deputy director andrew mccabe he will be talking much longer with the presidency is reportedly leaving his post more than a month ahead of his planned retirement in march mccabe has been repeatedly criticized by president drum for alleged bias against him and the republican party the reason for mccabe's early departure from the law enforcement agency is not yet
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known the white house says that trump had nothing to do with it but that he still stands by his criticism of mckay. here in germany the two main political parties chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats are struggling to make a breakthrough in the goosey asians to form a new coalition government one of the main obstacles is family reunions for refugees the social democrats want a lenient approach but the conservatives are demanding a tougher line and w. spoke to one refugee from syria who was holding out hope his wife can join him here . her son hasn't seen his wife since he arrived in berlin two and a half years ago he came to germany with three of his brothers. cousin's wife alone in lebanon has requested entry to germany on the grounds of family reunification. she hasn't yet received a response. i hope my wife can come here has and
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says. he knows that he's among many refugees hoping to reunite with their families . but he and his brothers have little chance of bringing their relatives here the german government expects refugees like him to return home at some point if they're not in danger of persecution the u.n. disagrees with this policy. the need for protection is the same you cannot predict a conflict is significantly shorter than the need for protection based on individual persecution for example because someone is a political opponent mentioned people need to be with their families we have to see the situation from a humanitarian perspective it's not right that people should be separated from their spouses and children for years at a time and this is a question of humanity and for the teat cussen isn't sure why it's difficult for refugee families to be reunited here imagine he says if germans were in his
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situation all alone in a new country without family in any case he's adamant that returning to syria is not an option there's nothing left for him to do but wait for the decision from the authorities and keep in touch with his wife every day online. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world observers say at least sixteen civilians have been killed in government airstrikes on syria's province that brings the death toll to thirty three people since sunday is the only province in syria under the control of opposition forces government troops have. been making advances in recent weeks israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in moscow for talks with russian president vladimir putin the two are expected to discuss israel's concerns about an expansion of iran's military involvement in syria russia has close relations with both countries thousands of people have reportedly been left homeless following a fire at
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a slum in kenya's capital nairobi the blaze that got this long broke out on sunday evening at least four people are believed to have died. a new front has opened in yemen's protracted civil war four people have been killed in a second day of fighting between rival factions looking to gain control of the southern port city of eight now the government is based in that city and it has accused the separatists of an attempted coup the unrest is a fresh threat to the authority of the country's president he remains in exile in saudi arabia. it's a new front in yemen see as a long conflict here many separatists fighting government troops in the south in city of aden in the forces had previously been on the same side in the civil war between the saudi backed government and hoofy rebels in the north of yemen who are aligned with iran government forces are determined to head off any attempt at rebellion in the south. and you are there's no difference between the truth isn't
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anyone else who rebels against the legitimate government no matter who they are left right silence east if they're not with the government then they're an enemy of the entire country but of course. the complex conflict has devastated yemen already one of the region's poorest countries long running u.n. backed efforts have so far failed to bring peace now the u.n. is urging parties involved in the latest violence to end the fighting and pursue dialogue. or earlier we spoke to political scientists many are from the university of zurich and we asked her what the latest developments mean for civilians caught in the crossfire of yemen's complex one. means another. case another. source of money kerry and is that says that the situation is complicated enough and right now we need this
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development in the south one realizes that the people are quote in between in design and in the north most importantly the gains the collation been making and it is the duty forces might be in theirs because the duties might feel in bold and in order to try to expand other reasons so another. layer that can and will lead to more humanitarian suffering. public criticism has been coming thick and fast after reports here in germany that those toxic emissions test on monkey use are financed by german car companies they extended the humans as well now the aim was reportedly to clear up the p.r. disaster in the wake of the diesel gate scandal and give diesel a good name again and secure valuable tax breaks it did not work.
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here at the university clinic in africa in two thousand and thirteen and fourteen a group of twenty five healthy people were made to inhale nitrogen dioxide in varying concentrations over periods of hours several times a week manufacturers' wanted to use the tests to determine exactly how dangerous nitrogen dioxide was to humans the tests were commissioned by the european research organization for environment and health and financed by german car makers v.w. b.m.w. and german parts supplier bosch the study was supposed to be conducted under the car the that they were to be no negative effects on the human subjects but the methods which have now been revealed have let loose a wave of indignation. it's absolutely understandable that people are outraged that tests on monkeys and even on human beings cannot be justified. that amounts to nothing more than hot air according to environmental organizations they
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say the german government has been in bed with the automotive lobby for years. mrs merkel is really the first chancellor and she even fights in brussels to make sure that emissions regulations are less strict and if possible not controls which control yet and it seems there were no controls at volkswagen either the supervisory board says it knew nothing about the studies and is now threatening consequences. to complex this complex is reprehensible ethically morally and in that sense i think the w. will have to hold the employees who are responsible for this accountable so they can shift. these revelations will deliver another blow to the german car industry's image. david beckham has launched a major league soccer team in miami the announcement was made of a ceremony in the city on monday the new team has yet to be named but back when he
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played. the l.a. galaxy the former england captain had an option in his contract to buy an expansion franchise in twenty fourteen now it's finally become reality check it is the first former m l s player to own a team in the league. are listening to the grammys now the stars of the music business they were out in force in new york for at the grammy awards these surprise winner of the night was bruno mars who beat some tough competition the likes of jay z. and kendrick lamar to take home six awards but music was not the only item on the bill following the lead at the golden globes many participants wore white roses as a visible show of solidarity with the me too and the time's up movements confronting sexual misconduct in show business. bruno swept the grammys this year with six wins including record and album of the
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year the twenty four k. magic and so on with the if and that's what i like he gave a heartfelt speech as he accepted his award and you know those songs were written with nothing but joy and one reason and for one reason only and that's love and that's all i wanted to bring with this album and hopefully i can feel that again and see everybody this and everybody moving but his mom's went into orbit wrappers kendrick lamar and jay z. were left down on earth leaving the hip hop community without a win in the coveted album of the year award to take consolation in just five prizes for his album damn and single humble but this year music wasn't the only thing sent to stage with sexual misconduct allegations rocking other areas of the entertainment business music industry figures showed solidarity for the times up and me two campaigns by wearing white roses and pop singer cash who has spoken out about being a survivor of sexual abuse herself delivered her powerful ballad praying.
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i sing a gentleman a gave a rousing speech that pulled no punches silence us we offer you two were times. we say times that propel you know quality time's up for discrimination time's up for harassment of any cause and time's up for the abuse of power because you see it's not just going on in hollywood it's not just going on in washington it's right here in our industries where these grammys were all about women raising their voices to call time on sexual abuse. all right time's almost up for this program a reminder the top story we're following for you at least eleven afghan soldiers have been killed in an attack on a military academy in kabul so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility and . the third major attack in the city in recent decades. you're watching news more news coming up at the top of the hour for all of us here thanks for the
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company we will see you again soon. flying dortmund's shall get like think of me as a favorite scene sleep all the best goals we got all the action delta is the home of german football share the experience every match for. the mundus league every weekend here on g.w. .


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