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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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climate boost green energy solutions and resource station. results of people you cannot protect the forest create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection. using all the channels available to inspire people to take action and were determined to build something here for the next generation . a multimedia environment series on t w. he was beaten in kenya's presidential election in october that he boycotted the rerun in november today rather a dingo's a national resistance movement has been declared a criminal group after he declared himself the people's president i'm phil gale in berlin this is the day.
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that it. was. also on the day all russia on the united states entering a new arms race state of new speaks to nato as deputy chief about the future of nuclear weapons. the major nuclear powers are proceeding with nuclear modernization but it must be coupled with continuing work on disarmament. well
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starting cabinet where the opposition leader rather a dingo has taken a symbolic presidential oath of office at a mock inauguration ceremony in nairobi a danger disputed the outcome of the presidential election in august when the supreme court ordered a rebound in october he refused to stun saying it was a shot. thousands assembled in the kenyan capital to support opposition leader while odinga supporters have been gathering in hugo park since early this morning. it's an important day for us i'm gonna come one time i don't want to miss out i say are we out with. this is that was obvious that. this country are not allowed to this will be a summer here and the left all presidents as well that. the police initially used tear gas to disperse the crowd. wanted to use this occasion to denounce
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a vision he says was brought about by election making at noon he was cited an oath of office in a mock inauguration and pronounced himself the people's president. so today it's a historical day in our country of kenya he said kenyans have decided to remove themselves from the dictatorship that came about through feldstein and. shortly after his speech disappeared kenya's attorney general has threatened to charge him with treason which could lead to capital punishment the government has denounced the opposition as a quote organized criminal group despite international recognition of president who took an jada's reelection amid low voter turnout he had three private broadcaster shut down to prevent a live transmission of the ceremony wasn't upsetting the reader for that person ever can have the right information center and the petition but it will thing is that we have social media which are not using and that is a very. big to get information out is because mainstream media has always been
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known for its. the situation remained calm despite the turn of events in the kenyan capital over the past few months more than a ninety kenyans have been killed in election related disputes. let's get more data because poland catherine i wonder who joins us from nairobi welcome catherine so the government has declared a kind is a position of assistance we want a criminal organization what effect will this have. well that has a great effect in the sense that the the national resistance movement is an arm of the national the super alliance so that prominent politicians who are in there who have declared that they are members of this national resistance movement so we could see a rest of these prominent politicians but then also it's very hard to determine who among the people of kenya who are not politicians and just supporters who is
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a member of the national resistance movement so now we could see the government going into surveillance you could see the government victimizing anybody who is chris is critical of the government given the situation right now i mean if you see the crowds that came to who pop compared to the crowds that actually attended the inauguration of president who can ya it seems that right loading of does pose a big threat and the national resistance movement does that then now to differentiate who is a member of the national resistance movement and who isn't is going to be hard to tell now that the government has put a band and a ban on the media and shut down there are fears that this could be part of a plan to also start surveilling journalists and also you know try and follow and see what they're saying if they're critical of the government so it's up in the air in the sense that no one knows what this blanket statement actually means at this point why did so many thousands turned out to watch this. you know gratian.
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well for them they feel that this is right loading the is the rightful president last week the national that released results that said or suggested the tried loading got eight million votes in august during the august eighth election and the president of good king actually got seven million votes and he won the vote by one million so according to these supports his they feel that's right loading is the right for president and they feel that if he is put as the people's president they are represented in the government or over represented in some form. and what is mr o. doing goes plan he declares himself the people's president war next well it's difficult to tell but then he says that this is the beginning of electoral reforms the original plan was to get right loading and presently working out on the table to discuss possible ways of finding going into another election within three
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months but now that hasn't happened the nasa had always said that the swearing in was the last resort if the government did not open up to dialogue and now this is happened this shows that he has a great number of people and this shows that he kind of has some force and needs to be listened to so he hopes that this is the beginning of a discussion for election reforms in the future and why do this now the rerun election was last october. in january was. well for him and for his supporters they feel that election didn't take place in october we had majority of the counties and constituencies only or below twenty percent voter turnout so not many people came out to vote when there was a boycott so many people this election didn't really take place and we also saw the intimidation of the supreme court at the time and them actually passing this
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election and seeing the president who cannot who was badly elected so to a majority or to house of kenyans. the elections did take place and the process is not yet over. in nairobi thank you this is the day on day dublin still to come ireland has some of europe's strictest abortion laws and even terminations involving right forbidding look at why that could be about to change. the kremlin has reacted angrily to a u.s. treasury decision to release a list of russian officials and business leaders who may be eligible for sanctions prime minister dmitry medvedev is named dozens of members of his cabinet including foreign minister sergei lavrov also on the list are almost one hundred russian oligarchs each thought to have fortunes in excess of a billion dollars the document doesn't trigger sanctions yet russian president
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vladimir putin criticized the list as hostile. this definitely isn't a friendly act it complicates russian american relations which are already complicated and it harms international relations in general. we are not interested in ending relations to the contrary we want to develop our relations with the united states so. people across the whole world will breathe a sigh of relief if they see that the two largest nuclear states build their relations in a modern way and with respect to each other. less was ordered by the u.s. congress following allegations of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election campaign cia director mike pump a.o. want today that he also expected russia to attempt to influence this year's midterm elections of course. i have every expectation that they will continue to try and do that but i'm confident that america will be able to have
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a free and fair election that will push back in a way that is sufficiently robust that the impact that the impact they have on our election won't be great. to us russian relations are worsening on many fronts tensions between the two nuclear superpowers come as both nations and modernize their ass and also instead of striving towards a nuclear free world there have fears that washington and moscow might be slipping into a new arms race reaction from nato stefania chief after this report. a disused nuclear warhead is being dismantled this is what the future of nuclear weaponry looked like until now that is. i want this our nuclear arsenal. to be the biggest and the finest in the world and we spent a lot of money a lot of time a lot of effort at a tip top shape and getting better. only
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a small number of countries in the world possess nuclear weapons russia and the us are by far the biggest player as between them they own more than ninety percent of the world's nuclear arsenal while russia is estimated to have seven thousand nuclear warheads the us has six thousand eight hundred though only a fraction of them actually deployed and ready for action for. you the proclamation of the treaty for your signature. ever since the end of the cold war the us and russia have steadily reduced the number of nuclear weapons in their arsenals a series of agreements signed by successive governments committed the two countries to a path of nuclear disarmament. but with a new president in the white house things may be about to change in february the u.s. administration is set to publish its new nuclear posture review an early draft obtained by the media suggests that trump wants to build new smaller nuclear weapons that
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would be a radical break from decades of u.s. nuclear policy. and it seems the russians are no longer keeping their side of the nuclear bargain nato recently confirmed that moscow is in breach of a bilateral treaty on intermediate range nuclear missiles something the u.s. has known been claiming. this is fuel for trump's nuclear ambitions observers say he has scientists already working on developing a missile system to match that of the russians. last week nuclear scientists move the hands of the doomsday clock it is two minutes to midnight. revealing that the world is now another small step closer to nuclear annihilation. the last time the clock was this close to midnight was nine hundred fifty three point of the cold war . w.'s terra show sat down with nato deputy secretary
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general rose gottemoeller the american diplomat is an expert on arms control and international security issues on the prospect of a new nuclear arms race. as somebody who has spent their entire life working for arms control how does it feel to know that the perception. for many people is that nuclear conflict what you've spent your entire professional career working against is closer than ever that we truly are facing the possibility of a new arms race i think that's an important point once again that we have at the present time a situation where. where the major nuclear powers are proceeding with nuclear modernization and the united states is modernizing the nuclear triad i frankly support that as long as nuclear weapons are in the world the united states needs to maintain a safe secure and effective arsenal and the age of the current u.s.
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arsenal is such that it's hard to maintain its safety frankly going forward so in my view modernization is necessary but it must be coupled with continuing work on disarmament so it's fine if we modernize the arsenal but it doesn't mean that there's going to be a big build up and fact the numbers are coming down and they need to continue to come down so you can modernize but you modernize in a judicious and a measured way and i think that's a very important point that people lose that modernization it means a big burst again of building missiles building submarines bombers nuclear warheads no it means judicious keeping the numbers coming down but on the possibility that the u.s. is now reversing the strategy of i mean clear free world it seems to be a worrying sign for plenty of people the arms control community back in the u.s. certainly and european allies as well. is that something you think is warranted at
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this time i don't expect there to be any change for example in u.s. support for the nonproliferation treaty which is the bedrock. it's truly the bedrock of u.s. arms control among pull of for ation policy as well as for countries around the world and it means that the united states remains focused on cooperation on one plus ration cooperation on disarmament and cooperation on peaceful uses of nuclear energy and that you know that those three pillars of the n.p.t. are extraordinarily important and really provide the backdrop so i frankly don't expect any change there and that's what people need to be focusing on. nato allies support the u.s. belief in something that the obama administration believed when you were in it that russia has violated the i n f what is going to be the. the approach that should be taken and nato is being asked to back us to put more pressure on russia to bring it
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back into compliance with the i n f is it possible you will have new verification meetings on how on earth is this going to work out or is the treaty dead i don't think the treaty is dead by any means and in fact it still provides for stability in an important way the really dangerous thing about intermediate range ballistic missiles is that they are relatively fast fliers it may not seem like much time but the i.c.b.m. takes twenty five thirty five minutes to fly between continents intercontinental range ballistic missile takes takes approximately half an hour intermediate range systems flying between for example moscow and western europe only take about fifteen minutes approximately to reach their target half of the decision time and so that is what is so dangerous about intermediate range systems and why they were banned in the i.n.f. treaty in the late one nine hundred eighty s.
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it was to prevent the danger of what is called a decapitating first strike coming from these intermediate range missiles somehow. moscow and that was the reason the russians joined the treaty in the first place that moscow because there would be intermediate range systems deployed here in europe but that was happening in the one nine hundred eighty s. would destroy the command and control systems in moscow so so at the time they said yes we have a strategic overarching reason to ban these systems and so that reason has not gone away it's in the physics of the missiles and the way they are able to reach their target so but you believe that they have violated that they have gone ahead absolutely absolutely and so we called them on it you're right we called them on it in two thousand and fourteen in the in the obama administration and we're working with them to try to get them back into compliance i was very glad to see that the trumpet ministration pick that up and have even upped the ante they talked about
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some of the response measures they are working on and would be willing to take if russia does not return to compliance with the treaty so that's a very important diplomatic steps they've taken and as far as i understand they're going to continue to work the matter at the negotiating table. speaking with nato deputy secretary general rosa got some of the islands to hold a referendum as well open the door to easing its near total ban on abortion an irish parliamentary committee recently recommended a lot of abortion up to twelve weeks into a pregnancy a poll suggests a majority of voters are in favor prime minister. says he will become paving for a change. for my part i love the k.t.s. vote my own views of evolved over time life experience does that but it was minister for health that i became convinced that abortion is no place in
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our constitution. w.r. journalist jennifer collins is irish and has been following this story for us so welcome jennifer well as the push for this referendum come from well i would say there's always been a level of pushback against arlen's restrictive abortion. laws with the lay shift pushback really can be largely traced back to the case of the fisa held for in twenty twelve. for it was a thirty one year old indian dentist who lived in our land she presented to hospital seven weeks and her pregnancy with. miscarriage request an abortion early on in the miscarriage but was to know if asked doctors that their hands were tied because there was still a fetal higher base and she was told it was a catholic country and this is why she could not they could not perform abortions at that stage she later died from complications from the miscarriage and when the story broke there was huge outrage and really thin fast and the movement has
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massive momentum people have been sharing their stories on line and been taking to the streets and out a lot of to the point today where they are as government. has announced a referendum ok good just because it's such a shocking story the intrigue who did the presumably there were inquiries and was it was it some of the doctors will correct to. doing. well there just seems all of the mother died when the whole point of the challenge previously was that the two lives are equal yes certainly both the doctor the doctors were in. the afraid to do anything too early on because there wasn't a clear indication that she would definitely die in those circumstances the law with completely murky there and since then the irish government has legislated around up but it's still been very difficult for doctors so to make those decisions on why and we're talking about on restricted abortion access up to twelve weeks now
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ok so that's what's that's what's. being talked about this is the talk about a referendum this is to change the law this is to allow the law to be changed yes to the law of to be changed so two stages to this if it goes that way if the referee if a amendment is the pails paled than the government will have to legislate for abortion access now that. this will likely be under strict access to abortion of weeks without of course has to be debated in parliament and so members of parliament have expressed a bit of reticence around and also the government has been given legal advice from the attorney general and are those that there could be legal challenges to this from the anti choice science and the very briefly despite the law plenty of other humans still do have abortions but how. many travel in their thousands every year
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to britain if they have the money and the ability to travel they can do so that's the main route that women take but women who. don't have the money have to continue the crisis pregnancy thank you so much jennifer collins. on german health authorities are warning patients not to stop taking their medication following the visit of a ukrainian evangelist this month. claims to be able to heal anything from cancer to blindness in correspondent nick connelly. was. this is the man they'd all come to see in the flesh self-styled apostles like him in one town prolific on social media and cable t.v. this was the ukrainians first personal appearance in the german capital.
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time destroying the curse of cancer of one color g.'s. us be gone. but it's not just cancer that claims to be able to heal. there was a problem exactly here. the problem is now gone. the holy ghost has taken it away. your heart is completely healed which is it's a new the. it's a claim that draws in the crowds to these crusades as the service is unknown. it is maidment on a celebrity in ukraine but it also raises questions to munch on followers give up on conventional medicine and who pays for these immaculately choreographed events. back in the ukrainian capital the country's orthodox churches and their arcane
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rituals a losing ground fast of the times. john's church known as regeneration center with its modern social media operation and cable t.v. network is one of those filling that gap. if. you touch on a spent ten years as a member of one town's regeneration center by the time she left she was working as a live in assistant for the montel family her own family first joined the church when her sister became seriously ill they credited the church with her recovery. people always want some kind of miracle something extraordinary i was a member of regeneration for a long time sometimes they'd bring the same person onto the stage more than once they'd pray for them and the person would fall to the ground that would go on wake up to wake yes. but the promise of healing comes at a price. that they convince people they need to donate
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a minimum amount each month that to really get god's blessing they're told to give more and more each month. touch on a tells us of congregation members going heavily into debt to donate to the church of a culture in which spiritual growth meant paying for expensive courses and retreats . the nerve center of men chance church and media empire is located in this vast industrial units in kiev a place to tell us spend a lot of time. but eventually she became disillusioned by the incessant financial demands she says was the excessive focus on the church's founder. and the worst the president i think there's a cult of personality around a lot of me among regeneration it's all about serving him everyone values to him it's not about god anymore it's all about he he can shop movies about himself. and with a record number of crusades planned for twenty eighteen ever more of them in germany
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the outside world looks set to hear a whole lot more about ukraine's health. well this day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find the song twitter. at. the day a good day. what
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drives the economy. to see it coming. made in germany always has its finger on the homes. of the markets. and spoke to. me in germany
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thirty minutes w. t w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. thought of programming going to. the tasks our innovations magazine for in. the classroom every week and always looking to the future on t.w. dot com science and research. dropping bombs on civilians. more troops the situation escalates own personal longer in the first couple's. ruthless calculation military leaders work ok extent of the massive. technological progress principle to complications ministers
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going to come. to her starting february third on w.
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this is t w news live from baghdad u.s. president donald trump from has to deliver his first state of the union address celebrates a robust economy and push for congressional action along immigration bringing a preview from washington also on the program. kenya's opposition leader stages his own presidential inauguration the government response by outlawing his
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political movement is the scene setting for more political violence. and germany's would be governing coalition process.


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