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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is d w news live from berlin feeling a new american moment president donald trump delivers his first state of the union address there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. the polarizing president appeals for a bipartisan push on key reforms but can trump live up to his own call for unity will analyze his address. can europe pick up the slack trump slashes aid to palestinians meaning thousands of refugees could go hungry debate extra funding to fill the gap
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. plus music that gives an added meaning to the word cool this one of a kind cello is enchanting audiences across italy but is that a cancer concert soon the for it now. i'm sumi so much gonna thank you for joining us president donald trump has called on the country to unite behind him to create a new american moment during his first state of the union address trump also challenged lawmakers to support his plans for renewing the country's aging infrastructure and to overcome the impasse on immigration reform there are some highlights. there's cars. the president of the united states. not surprisingly they gave the president a hero's welcome the big question ahead of donald trump's first state of the union address with the leader of the free world adopt to most. presidential term on
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twitter trump or teleprompter trump a lot of change he said over the last year but one refrain from his election campaign remained constant. a new tide of optimism was already sweeping across our land each day since we have gone forward with a clear vision and a righteous mission to make america great again for all americans. there was praise for his own administration's achievements two point four million new jobs rising wages after years of stagnation more red tape cut them by any other administration unemployment claims at a forty five year low stock market smashing one record after another in fact is our new american mom there has never been a better time to start living the american dream and together we can achieve
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absolutely anything thank you it wasn't all upbeat a magical moment for the world to give up nuclear weapons had not yet arrived and the u.s. would exert maximum pressure in the face of north korea's nuclear provocation in one surprise trump announced the kohen tandem obey detention center would stay open he clocked in at one hour and twenty minutes one of the longest state of union addresses in recent is as long as we have confidence in our values faith in our services and trust in our god. we will never fail. our families will fry. our people will prosper and our nation. well for ever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free thank you and god bless america because.
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it was another landmark on trump's extraordinary white house journey. did i miss claire richardson is here with us in studio to analyze this address hi claire along the sweeping speech what stood out to you the big question going into this was is donald trump going to stay on script is he going to be a twitter president or a teleprompter president and for the most part he delivered a fairly sober address usually the state of the union is a fairly rare opportunity to get some insight into what the president of the united states is thinking what his plans are for the future of the country in the coming year with donald trump we know what he's thinking in real time because we can see his reactions on twitter so in this case we saw some things that we expected to see we saw him promote the strength of the united states economy we saw him tout the new republican tax plan that was passed at the end of last year but there are some
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parts that observers had expected to see that were conspicuously missing from this speech one area where he didn't go into great detail was on immigration which has been one of the most divisive issues in the last month particularly the fates of people who were brought to the united states illegally as children and have lived there since i known as the dreamers well divisive is a good word to describe tribes first year in office yet during these big speeches he does usually use a more conciliatory conciliatory tone and tone down his speech a bit and he did call for unity let's listen to what he said. all of our together as one team one people and one american family can do anything we all share the same home the same heart the same destiny and the same great american flag. so clear was that cole for unity
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convincing very nice patriotic words there from president trump of but if you look at the faces of the democratic leadership who are watching that speech it's gritted teeth they are not buying what he's saying remember this has been a deeply divided year as we said. issues like the russia and the investigation into whether close members of donald trump's circle were involved in russia meddling in the u.s. elections one thing that he did talk about in the state of the union was infrastructure and a new plan to fund. one point five trillion dollars in improving america's crumbling infrastructure and that's something that could be a fairly bipartisan issue is something that democrats and republicans historically agree on but even in this case it remains to be seen exactly where that money's going to come from and the big question is who's going to pay for it which social services are going to suffer at the expense of getting congress to fund something like this so what was his message for the rest of the world on foreign policy for
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example well he spoke for almost an hour and a half which is longer than your typical state of the union and in that time it was very foreign policy light he didn't go into great depth about america's relationship with the rest of the world some points worth noting is that he called iran a corrupt dictatorship and also made jabs at china and russia referring to them as america's rifles. and he's obviously facing some major foreign policy challenges with russia in particular so but it was not a place where he laid out his vision and how he plans to approach them in the near future. he also. about north korea calling the regime to craves and had a north korean defector on hand at the speech to tell his story about being starved and tortured in north korea and to make the case as donald trump said that north korea is a regime that does not respect humanity all right claire richardson with us here in studio to analyze speech thank you very much claire thanks to me let's move on now
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to some other stories making headlines around the world the office of australian prime minister malcolm turnbull has called an urgent investigation after hundreds of top secret government documents were sold in a secondhand store the files were found locked inside filing cabinets that were sold as x. government furniture britain's prime minister theresa may has met with senior officials in china she's there for a three day visit may's office said she's traveling with the largest business delegation britain has ever taken overseas china is key to british hopes of forging new trade deals around the world after it leaves the e.u. . foreign ministers are holding talks today on whether to provide emergency funding to palestinian refugees this comes after u.s. president trump drastically cut financial aid to them now some five million people are urgently in need of support and the u.n. agency responsible for them says it is running out of money let's take
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a closer look at what the agency for palestinian refugees is doing. the united nations relief and works agency has provided essential aid for palestinian refugees and their descendants first seven decades many of them were displaced during the arab israeli war in one thousand nine hundred forty eight and the six day war in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven today more than five million palestinians are registered in camps in jordan syria lebanon the occupied west bank and the gaza strip donations from u.n. member states make up nearly all of the agency's budget of over one billion dollars the united states gave three hundred sixty four million u.s. dollars in two thousand and seventeen four hundred forty one million dollars came from the e.u. and its member states earlier this month the u.s. froze some sixty five million dollars of its aid for the un refugee agency during the world economic forum in davos president trump threatened to cut off u.s.
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aid to the palestinians altogether unless they resume peace talks with israel the cut in funds could hit the most vulnerable palestinians across the region the un r w a provides them with basic care education health social services and food distribution emergency aid also supports palestinian refugees in war torn syria and in gaza the cut comes at a critical time for the organization and it's now urgently looking for a way to make up the shortfall. in brussels are covering the e.u. foreign ministers talks for us today hi gary they are meeting also to talk about this financial crisis facing the u.n. agency does that mean that there's going to be more cash from europe. the european union the u.s. and saudi arabia other key donors for that u.n. agency and so europeans take that financial crisis the u.n. agency now finds itself in very seriously and that's one of the reasons why frederica mimo greeny the chief foreign policy chief of the e.u.
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has called for this extraordinary session now will the e.u. be able to fill the gap entirely that has been created by the u.s. the answer clearly is no the. gold he does not have the money but it's also not willing to do that are they are they hoping to bridge that gap at least for the medium term that is very likely so it's i think the likely scenario is that we will see money that has been earmarked already for the organizations will just be paid earlier and then one hopes to find a political solution to this financial crisis how have international donors been reacting to the fact that washington has decided to withhold aid for the e.u. the two states the solution for. palestine is key so they see jerusalem as the capital for both a palestinian state and for east rail and in order to achieve that objective it's
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key for europeans to support the pellet the peace process in the middle east and thereby also support palestinian refugees which are a pack and parcel of that of that big problem now to withdraw aid to palestinian refugees on the basis of saying they are unwilling to pursue a peace process clearly is counterproductive from the european perspective here you said that that the you cannot fill in that gap what does happen then if u.s. aid is not replaced. other desperate report coming from agents from the u.n. agencies or just to give you an example of what is that stake here we're looking at access to basic education for five hundred thousand palestinian children we're looking at emergency food supply for one point seven million refugees and access to primary health care for three million people in the gaza strip and as one delegates who came from that region here to brussels put it he said the entire gaza is on the verge of collapse if that money does not flow. not just reporting from brussels for
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us thank you gary. now a one of a kind cello has made its debut at a concert in northern italy the instrument was sculpted from ice on top of a nearby glacier it's beauty and fragility are part of its sound and its origins are high in the alps. this is how eyes can sound when you give it the right shape. they call it the nice cello. italian musician giovanni salema plays it in a bubble inflated with cold air. inside it's minus eight degrees celcius but nothing puts him off his notes. the audience is in chant it. american schools thirty million are made the cello in a glazier does january he's created ice instruments before for him it's easy if you
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shape it like a cello it will sound like one. it's a sculpture it's a complicated ice sculpture no i scold her i have two kinds of r.'s i use the white what you see which is the body of the instrument is made of snow and water and the bridge which is the clear part of the chalice mission goes beyond the entertainment its creators wanted to draw attention to the urgency of climate change and water shortages in some parts of the world yet from the northern city of trento the channel will continue its journey to the south of italy transported in a mobile freezer. the last concert will be in sicily where the instrument will be thrown into the mediterranean sea returning it to its liquid state. and we just have a piece of breaking news from the soccer world a bonus to go club dortmund have agreed to sell their star striker pyramidical
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balmy on to arsenal of the english premier league for some sixty five million euros the internationals netted twenty one goals in twenty four games this season for dortmund with his instinct in front of goal and some point character obama youngest one of the going to see it is true superstars use. more of that store in the coming hours first christophe is up with business. when i'm travelling like to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up today latest news events. and e.w. makes that part of china.


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