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i mean is the amount of the book and i wore. this is the news live from berlin a weekend. to make or break the coalition talks this weekend a new poll indicates just over half of germans think the chancellor should keep their jobs they're losing patience after a drawn out wait for a new government will she finally give them one. also coming out saving the children of the so-called islamic state fighters who follow a man hoping to retrieve his grandson from an iraqi prison and save him from
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a childhood behind bars. and disappointing results for germany's biggest banks more than half a billion euros in losses so what is going on with the country's largest lender. i'm going to have you with us michael heads into the final round of talks to form a new government this weekend with less than half the country supporting her hoped for a grand coalition that according to a new poll released today there is still doubt whether merkel will pull the coalition off and germans are losing patience the numbers are even worse for her potential coalition partners the social democrats germany center left party is looking at its lowest approval ratings ever. germany's social democrats need to regroup they're still the second largest party in parliament but their standing
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has been flagging since the party's poor election results last september the latest polls suggest if people voted now chancellor angela merkel's conservatives would score thirty three percent of the vote far ahead of the s.p.d. which would get only eighteen percent and that's just four points ahead of the far right alternative for germany party which would score fourteen percent the business friendly f.t.p. would score ten percent the greens and the left party eleven percent each the center left s.p.d. recently agreed to formal talks with chancellor merkel's conservatives with the aim of forming another grand coalition public opinion on the prospect is mixed in the future this means a standstill nothing will get done it's a lame compromise strange for i think it's crucial for germany that the two parties unite me i was hoping for a different result less than half of those polled forty six percent approve of
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a grand coalition government fifty two percent disagree but just over half still think chancellor merkel should keep her job fifty one percent of german surveyed felt good or very good about the chancellor remaining of the helm while forty six percent had a less favorable opinion of her leadership as a head i would have liked to see a change but you convinced me i support the chancellor we have no other choice. both parties will meet this weekend for further talks but even if they're successful in forming a coalition there's not much enthusiasm for it on the streets. we have our political correspondent for time and young with us here in studio hi simon it seems like germans are losing patience that the two coalition parties they're meeting at to have hammer out a deal or try to hammer out a deal will they manage to buy this weekend i'd say it's still hangs in the balance
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at this moment you know these talks have been going on as you say a painstaking glacial uninspired call of what you will hear the deal making has been done has been a fudgy compromise done on migration with the conservative side saying they're standing tough and the social they were saying they're standing up for humanitarian principles so the party is sort of already splitting on how they interpret the deal that they've done and there are other areas still to work out labor market policy health care and some others if they wanted to finish up by sunday i think it might take a few days longer but i'm expecting they'll get there in the end what about chancellor merkel she has a fifty one percent approval ratings right now should she be worried even if she does manage to get a government together but she's not as sure of her position as she used to be and her personal approval rating is about ten percent or lower now than it was at the time of the general election back in september but i think even more important than
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you know approval is the fact that people within the conservative ranks also in the media have begun to talk a lot more in the last couple of months about the possibility that one day america won't be the chancellor you know they're saying that perhaps she isn't the person to renew her party and to lead the country in the future so more of these noises of come out paul. in the context of the slow coalition talks what about for coalition partners the s.p.d. they once had a double the support that they have right now what has been behind their decline well because there are there are many reasons i think social democrat policies around europe have their roots in traditional left politics have to find a new agenda in the post industrial economy perhaps a new way of talking to younger voters and so on but there are other things as well
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too many grand coalition governments with the social conservatives you know this will be the fourth cold with democrats and serves of two conservatives together if it happens so that is that is affected their support the other thing a lot of people within the s.p.d. a saying the leader most insurance hasn't really done what he should have done he hasn't inspired and he hasn't really need the policy and given a new direction our political correspondent simon young breaking down the story for us thank you very much simon. now to some other stories making news around the world the united nations says some ninety migrants are believed to have drowned off the coast of libya after the boat they were in capsized three known survivor said most of those on board were pakistanis more than two hundred fifty migrants have died in just the last month trying to cross the mediterranean headed mostly to italy hundreds of miners trapped for over a day in a south africa mine have been brought to safety buses carry them away from the
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facility some nine hundred and fifty miners became stuck underground after a storm knocked out power to the mind elevators no serious injuries have been reported but trade unions say the incident reflects ongoing safety problems in the industry. crowds in the dives have celebrated after the country's top court overturned the convictions of several opposition leaders including former president mohamed nasheed he's an exile in sri lanka and vows to run again for the office the court offered a retrial of the lawmaker saying the guilty verdict had been influenced by the government. french police have sent extra officers to the northern port city of after clashes broke out between migrants more than twenty people were injured in the violence as many as four are in critical condition with gunshot wounds police say the clashes broke out between afghans and eritrean migrants fighting with sticks while waiting for food handouts authorities are blaming organized gangs for
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the rest no arrests have been made so far french interior minister visited the scene thursday night he said europe needed a new policy on migration to stop the escalating violence in calais which serves as a gateway to britain. europe for instance in germany we've had three hundred thousand migrants rejected for asylum in the last three years and they came here it means that if we don't have the appropriate policy will not be able to resolve the problem. now to children living in a world of terror and violence boys and girls growing up under the brutal rule of the so-called islamic state in the middle east some were born there others were brought over by parents who joined us as fighters and the jihadists lose ground what happens to these children we follow a german man who is trying to rescue his grandson it is a journey into the unknown the man who has asked us to call him to bring him some
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routine iraq he wants to bring back his grandson who was born in territory and is now held in prison together with his parents. well said economic and kinetics that's all children aren't responsible for what their parents do definitely not the children suffer months or years in prison this is a necessary evil he said. in the abbey and he had straight to the german consulate and they want to get. a plot of the salt according to the iraqi government i will be able to stay here for a week and spend time with a child every day so he can get used to me. by this kid on the street event. in the past weeks germany's government has been making efforts to bring back children of german i.a.s. supporters for humanitarian reasons iraqi officials support this move there are dozens of cases some even involving older children the question is could they pose
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a threat in the eyes of the islamic state they were future fighters security officials have issued warnings. and of the fastest user can second are there is a risk that these children come back brainwashed that they are ordered to carry out attacks so we have to consider that these children could be ticking time bombs he misses but it can on them david it's happened monday and come to the can as it kind of these children aren't perpetrate as they have victims in the first place victims of the circumstances and of their parents who brought them into a war zone and exposed them to indoctrination that still also doesn't stop. parents such as those incarcerated in iraqi prisons reporters from german broadcasters and the avidity and the daily newspapers the dutch its title were able to meet with three german women and their nine small children one lady agreed to an interview. on the do you look at i.a.s. critically by now. that's
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a list you don't want to comment on that. instead of talking about the terrorist group's atrocities she prefers to discuss her children who she wants to go to germany we have altered her appearance in the stronger. one that six zero there are a hundred and six women and children living together in a room that is roughly one hundred square metres there's only one toilet and not a square meter is empty. there are matches is everywhere and most children a sick i mean they play with buffle cats they collect bottle caps and use them to play with spilled on the. back to even him he's the first family member who with the help of the german government is able to bring a child of i.a.s. members back to germany on the condition of a d.n.a. test he saw the taller in prison twice before taking charge of him the child's mother agreed to response departure he is fourteen months old now and apart from stories he didn't know his grandpa at all now he has received his german passport
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and is allowed to board the plane it remains to be seen how his past will affect him in the future all he knows is war and prison. he will be examined by doctors in germany i think with love and compassion you can succeed in anything. the grandfather has brought in friends and family to help his grandson settle in and turn a victim of bias terror into a survivor. olympic spirit has reached a fever pitch in south korea with a p.r. winter games just one week away teams are pouring into the olympic village and getting in some final practice sessions on the slopes before competition starts in just a few days time fans will be able to tune in as early as wednesday april seventh taking off before friday's opening ceremony at the olympic stadium. competition
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isn't the only thing heating up ahead of the games either organizers have stocked the olympic village with a record one hundred thousand condoms in anticipation of a steamy few weeks on the slopes of chang. now members of argentina as national ballet have performed on the streets of side a second act of protest against austerity measures some eighty employees of the state funded dance company lost their jobs in december under government budget cuts so the performers put on a public display of artistic activism. now this next story is not something for people with a fear of heights of the world's longest zip line is opened in the united arab
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emirates built on the country's highest mountain the so-called jebel flights and some point eight kilometers riders can reach speeds of up to one hundred fifty kilometers per hour they're all seekers are really getting the superman experience while gliding the rocky terrain. if you're watching don't forget you can always get your news on the go with her after you get access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications on your phone for any breaking news you can also use the d.w. off to send us your photos and videos just download the app or google play from the app store. still to come on the program in business to disappoint you results out today for germany's biggest bank more than half a billion euros in losses what is going on at the country's largest lender. and with the super bowl kicking off on sunday a lot of people are getting ready for the off the field action the commercials of course. the square speech works. very well.
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for chris colfer we'll have all the details that's coming up in just one minute. by and dortmund shall goodlike say the biggest favor teams we've got all the best goes we've got to go go go to sleep go right here. see exulted is the home of german football serious serious every man. just legal
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