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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2018 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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delay delay. on freedom and. where i come from the region is rich in history. poor in education and freedom this makes it specially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the young promising journalists who are now making names for themselves all over the. song by the way song. would continue. their experience of freedom and sense is life experience ok
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you can visit your car come back. my news report and i work with. germany's car makers found themselves under fire this week for their involvement with exhaust testing involving humans and animals in two thousand and thirteen and fourteen subjects at a clinic and often inhaled varying concentrations of nitrogen dioxide for long periods several times a week. the car makers were testing the effects of the exhaust gas on humans. a company called the european research organization for environmental health commission the study. german car makers v.w. di miller and b.m.w.
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along with parts supplier bosch financed the tests. books wagon is still struggling with its emissions cheating scandal from twenty fifteen the release this week of the emissions tests unleashed a new wave of the nick nation. it's absolutely understandable that people are outraged the tests on monkeys and even on humans cannot be ethically justified. environmentalists groups however say the german government is part of the problem and that politicians have been in bed with the automotive lobby for years. is really the first chancellor she even fights in brussels to make sure that emissions regulations are less strict and if possible not controlled. this latest scandal delivers another blow to the german car industry's image especially revelations that monkeys were used in diesel emissions
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testing the automakers have apologized for their involvement while the university of often defended its research methods as ethically in line with the stablished testing protocols. seaman's workers from the eastern town of gurlitz cycled hundreds of kilometers to the annual shareholders meeting in munich to protest plans to dress tickly slash the company's workforce. we're continuing to fight for our future as long as we continue to do so and see a chance we're going to keep going as even c o joke is appointed to market trends in his defense of the cuts. in the declining market for fossil fuels is not temporary so it reflects the expectation of a dramatic development which we can. address with structural measures. siemens is to shed seven thousand jobs worldwide half of those cuts are set for germany it's
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a bitter pill for workers to swallow especially with siemens posting solid profits overall. if you're in china trying to skype chat with colleagues in the u.s. think again what about surfing google or using twitter and facebook sorry game over . the chinese government is banning all virtual private networks which have helped users bypass online censorship businesses also use them to move their data securely . the government has assured foreign companies they can now fully access the internet without v.p.n. by using state approved portals. but many firms are nervous about exposing their data to the chinese. this won't impact security that's because government telecom companies just provide a channel a network they can't see any related to your company for businesses that follow
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chinese laws and regulations and this is guaranteed constitution stipulates that citizens have the freedom to communicate and that corporate communications will be protected with. privacy however comes at a cost many small and mid-sized companies are troubled by the usage speeds for the state own software well over one thousand euros a month. that's more than many small businesses will be able to shoulder in the long run. in a state visit to beijing british prime minister to resume a signed a number of economic agreements to forge closer trade ties with the world's second largest economy this before britain is to leave the e.u. in twenty nineteen deals with some nine billion pounds up out of the u.k.'s bid to improve access to the chinese market. reported its third consecutive annual loss
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and twenty seventeen the frankfurt lender was in the red for nearly half a billion euros the bank pointed to recent us tax reforms for the continued slump which impacted total write off for the year. but other issues continue to plague the banks' balance sheets including fines that still paying after being found guilty of market manipulation. legislators in hong kong have approved a ban on ivory trading they set maximum penalties of more than one hundred thousand euros and ten years in prison for the sale of ivory in their territory this follows last year's ban in mainland china. hong kong's ivory market one of the world's largest has been linked to mass elephant poaching in africa. waiting in line for water has become part of everyday life in cape town. and conserving it a civic duty from february first water consumption has been limited to fifty liters
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per person per day. in comparison germans consume one hundred twenty leaders on average. the only now having a plane more than ten years he says he gets a good. living now. over the past twenty years cape town's population has doubled to four million. add to that the two million tourists that come every year and it's no surprise that the city's water needs have skyrocketed. what can you do we all need. it. most residents are taking the restrictions in stride but if it doesn't rain soon and the city's water isn't drastically reduced by mid april the south african city could find itself in a desperate situation. tourists
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in havana met by locals eager for their business. some travelers choose. while others prefer smaller private outfits. and dining in family run eateries. but last august the government instituted a ban on new private companies saying it was necessary to enable the passage of laws to curb illegal practices in the tourism industry once those new laws are in place privatisation could continue apace but six months later there's no sign of progress many now fear the party is divided on the future of privatisation. we were all surprised when privatisation was suddenly suspended that in august many thought the ban would soon be lifted and they'd be able to set up private businesses again but now more and more cubans believe that there is some internal disagreement with
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the government about the privatisation process. cuba's privatisation process got underway in twenty ten the economy then was in a mess and the government was forced to cut felson of jobs entrepreneurship seems to offer a solution the move led to a rush of new small businesses from industrious street sellers to hairdressers and proprietors of bed and breakfasts. but the cuban state still controls eighty percent of the economy and many now fear the government isn't serious about relaxing their ban on privately owned businesses. cigarette looks like smoking but there's really no smoke at all what comes out of the cigarettes is vapor which is why aficionados they ping the company two hours north of berlin experts and culture ricardo is one of germany's biggest
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manufacturers and retailers of the cigarettes demand for beijing continues to grow as does the workload. is developing fast so it's difficult for us to stay on top of orders we place a lot of bad because we always need more people to keep up with the demand. it's estimated that by twenty twenty two the number of people will be at the same level as regular smokers. we expect it will be like this. kind of modern. aromatic liquids are placed in a chamber within the device and heated with a battery powered coil until they turn into inhalable vapor. the vapor liquids containing greedy. nicotine but at lower doses that in cigarettes. the packaging for the liquids is highly colorful perhaps to send the message that
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they're not so bad for your health that's because manufacturers are anxious to offer an alternative to cigarettes but scientists urge caution in fly through a no mind together compared to normal cigarettes they're likely significantly less harmful but that doesn't mean they're harmless i thought long and the home with the vapor contains certain noxious substances that you're inhaling. and when you breathe them in hundreds of times a day for years you can't be certain what the long term effects will be. bypassed yet. in the last fifteen years the number of tobacco smokers in germany has declined by half. this has challenge big tobacco's billion dollar industry to rethink its strategy. with some two million people in germany already vaporing ricardo is betting their products will continue to lure regular smokers into partaking in a smoke free habit. this week in
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nuremberg the world's largest toy expose exhibited the industry's newest technology the trend in kids toy making use programmability it's the adult world in miniature even traditional toys are getting a high tech make over like diggers for the sandpit. and even board games where your smartphone or tablet instructs each special agent what to do next. today there are two worlds classical toys and electronic toys they're developing side by side and as they do they're creating new possibilities for toys you could have all of which is bringing exciting change to the toy fair to. the gaming generation has long enjoyed bringing a virtual age to real world fun like teaming up to play laser tag and linking up to multiple players online with smartphones and why five. but
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there comes a point when kids just need to get moving no matter how old school that maybe. even the school is here and that. gives the came. to the teacher through its paces. to design. even more dr. says give it an explicit. take the play grid for test.
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there's. a million has plenty of this alkaline metal to make batteries for cellphones and. one of the poorest countries in south america has the biggest reserves hoping to get rich or foreign investors also want a slice. of . the scholars from. the past. the target. for cities. they have survived. have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something
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. in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance darkness cities after starting march tenth. place. drive it. in this edition a luxury wagon rough terrain. cross country a successful. hybrid the lexus an x three hundred h. . and the new cayman g.p.s. from porsche. but i posted a sheet.


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