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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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odd. this is you know big news coming to live from berlin a syrian rebel shoot down a russian door plane in italy province footage appearing on social media claims the show remnants of the crash pilot career shoot it down but was killed in fighting on the ground and you caught a scroope with ties to al qaida has claimed responsibility. and
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a drive by shootings three in the city of much of it leaves at least six people wounded police believe this attack was racially motivated this twenty eight year old italian national is now in custody. and super bowl fever is taking hold in the united states the new england patriots and the philadelphia eagles are preparing to do battle with the u.s. is biggest football prize. to say that. fans have descended on minneapolis ahead of the game but first song in this experience is the closest they'll get those tickets selling for thousands of dollars every. day now the. little. odd. time sarah harmon welcome to the show it's good to have you with us. al-qaeda linked militants have claimed responsibility for killing
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a russian pilot after shooting down his fighter jet over syria's most western italy province russian officials say the pilot ejected was a parachute but was then killed in fighting on the clown russia long as it's syrian government allies has been targeting rebels in the region. a freelance journalist lot of nirvana vegan burgas following the events in syria from the kurdish capital or below and northern iraq by mere opposition groups have shot down syrian planes in the past where only those belonging to the russian army why do you think this plane was shot down. there has been an increase in fighting and problems of those here in the army backed by the russian air force there are fighting against syrian rebels and. so good fight has been intensifying so it's not very surprising the russian justice or what of course is worth whatever implications because they
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show the russians are going to be russia has responded by firing rockets on syrian rebels and the indeed russia has already responded it seems at this russian pilot was killed by rebels once he got to the ground we read that he parachuted out of the plane there's been images of his body circulating on social media how do you see this changing the conflicts. well of course there will not be a huge change in the conflict because russia was already supporting the syrian government in their fight against islamist rebels in the province of idiot but it could result in more tensions between russia and turkey because turkey has been supporting the rebels in egypt in the past and they're supposed to be a sort of agreement on these areas but the problem what this is causing because it's not very clear where the lines are in the agreements between turkey russia and also iran over which area of belongs to who. so it's going to create more complication complications in the relations between the different regional council
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and russia indeed as you say there are a lot of different parties involved in the war in syria what is russia trying to achieve in italy province specifically. well i mean russia there made a deal with turkey before so that they allowed turkey to attack the kurds in actually and in exchange the parts of it look like basically turkey allow them to do what they wanted so basically now i mean most of the rebel areas have been shared by going to a certain army not all of them there still a large part of certain areas on their on the rebel controlled but it lip is the main target now for the syrian army and turkey focus on the kurds so what what they want they want to defeat islamist rebels and the next few months and that's why the fighting is getting very heavy now and even that ok that's the freelance journalist lot of nirvana they're going by he's joining us this evening from a deal in northern iraq lot of our thank you and italy at least six people have
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been injured had tried by shooting in the city as much as twenty eight year old italian men affiliated with the country's far right is now in custody all the victims are foreigners which is let us already is to believe this attack was likely wastefully motivated. police say the suspect drove his car along this road and opened fire on pastas by several wounded one is said to be in a serious condition all the victims were african immigrants. i was born in the war but. no more like disappointed in the. business. because you know feel a little prince. students. some of the injured was standing in front of this bakery the owner says she's shaken by the violence ridden road to shot right
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through the window of my bakery i'm really not well something like this isn't easy for someone of my age i need to leave food for today the shootings happened just days after another violent attack near. the dismembered body of an eighteen year old italian woman was discovered outside the city a nigerian migrant has been arrested in connection with the killing the mayor of the city has called for calm and want to do it sooner the better than a month ago the situation is really dramatic we trust that we can go out with the spirit of peace to refuse this moment regardless of political thoughts which must be put aside we must ensure that the city returns to live in respect of people to put in your view to a respect to the rabbit sort of mana luker trainee a twenty eight year old italian national has been arrested in connection with a drive by shooting it's reported he shouted long live it's late at the time of his
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arrest philip willingness following the story for us from rome philip good evening the suspect was politically active with the anti immigrant party the northern league it appears to be a racially motivated crime here how politicians in italy are reacting. well of course they ferry reacted with considerable alarm. is preparing for elections the election campaign is hotting up and migration is one of the key issues so many of the leading members of the political parties have been calling for calm calling for people to behave responsibly and also calling for their rivals not to exploit the issues behind this episode which could turn the campaign very nasty. it's quite a brazen attack week we saw in broad daylight in front of
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a bakery it looked like how frequent are attacks like this in italy. when in reality they're fairly rare there was a very serious attack about ten years ago when their six african immigrants were killed in the area near naples in a similar shooting spree with the victims chosen at random but in that case the people responsible were members of the local organizers crime and it was related to organized crimes control of the territory but an attack like this it is really a year without precedent and a sort of courses course very considerable shock briefly do you see this having an impact on the upcoming parliamentary elections. it's very difficult to predict i think it certainly. affects a very delicate issue facing the italian electorate and so it's difficult to
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predict which way it will push voters when they come to cast their vote on the fourth of march as philip well in reporting for us from rome thank you. in the u.s. speculation is swirling as to whether president donald trump will now fire officials who are leading the russian meddling investigation trump claims that a republican memo he ordered released in defiance of f.b.i. objections shows proof of bias among investigators president tweeted this the memo totally vindicates trump in the pro but the russian witch hunt goes on and on there was no collusion there was no obstruction the word now used because after one year of looking endlessly and finding nothing collusion is dead this is an american disgrace trump tweeted but democrats and some republicans have continued to hit back at the president's claims saying the memo offered misleading incomplete
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information here in germany the country's two biggest political parties are on the homestretch as they try to hammer out a deal on how to form a new coalition government chancellor angela merkel's conservatives on the social democrats hope to conclude their talks this weekend and if they're successful it'll move germany a step closer to a continuation of the grand coalition that's governed the country since two thousand and thirteen. negotiating teams meeting in the conservatives berlin headquarters say they made progress on environmental issues and energy policy the a cool bans in some cities have not been ruled out but the new government will try to avoid the measure and they'll be no more limits on renewable energy and. that seriousness i coughed this is our goal is to quickly increase renewable energy and aim for a realistic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions without making the end of fossil
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fuels a central part of our policies and in the realistic up just see what is. while negotiators also reported compromise in agricultural policy a new dispute surfaced in housing the conservatives want to encourage home ownership while the social democrats want to focus on renters. it clobbered a city on your love for them on the conservative still cling to the idea that the market can regulate everything we say the market doesn't regulate anything and it's up to the state to make sure renting a home stays for the. time is running out but politicians involved in the negotiation say they remain optimistic. i think all the participants in these talks have a strong desire to bring them to a successful conclusion floor search so bring it in officially the goal is to wrap up the negotiations on sunday if that doesn't happen the parties have set aside two extra days for overtime talks. to the bundesliga now where rb leipzig left it
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very late to grab the winning glock buff. look man netted the winner in the eighty ninth minute on his debut with the bowls earlier on byron munich continued their dominance with a convincing win against mines the chasing pack all failed to make an impact was shock of losing the braman and liverpool's and dropping points in freiburg further drawls there in berlin and still two more games of course coming up on sunday and we haven't forgotten about dortmund they played friday and quickly got over the departure of star man pierre emerick obama striker was sold to arsenal during the week but placement loan signing. made a dream debut friday night the twenty four year old belgian striker scored twice in the other was driven defeated cologne three two victories he used to call their way back into the champions league spots. and of course is
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a little something going on in american football right now in sunday's highly anticipated super bowl clash five time champions the new england patriots will be taking on the philadelphia eagles thousands of fans have already descended on minneapolis whose city has its work cut out for them keeping those fans busy before the big day. this super bowl is truly something for the census and this super bowl funfair is this close to some fence will get that's because you have to have deep pockets for the full n.f.l. experience most fans have no chance of buying tickets. ok i know that it's six thousand votes but some of the fans arriving in the host city will tell you that even with a ticket in hand there's no peace of mind. thought all week we're going to smash tom brady by double digits so i spent four thousand dollars for my ticket yesterday down below where if you know what your money's on the line you're like. back at the
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funfair fans got to feel for what it's like to be a footballer they had the chance to test a kicking and throwing skills opinion on who will take home the trophy on sunday however remains divided. everybody tells us if lot of eagles and everybody here has like this made of impact but you know what we've come overcome so many different steps paths are going to win there are six. super bowl rings. whether your patriots or eagles fan. out the back of the town. most lucre that the entertainment value is always on point. or researchers have discovered remnants of a nasa is mayan society below this jungle in northern quantum the findings suggest millions more people lived in the region than anyone has ever sought scientists use
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a high tech aerial mapping technique to generate images like these so as the original network of lions structures the technique uses lasers to pinpoint the contours of buildings hiding under dense layers of jungle foliage culture forest roughly one thousand b.c. . to nine hundred eighty six that's your date every news you're up to date we've got more coming at the top of the hour for now for me in the team in berlin thanks for watching this and. playing dortmund shell good like say the biggest favor team sleeve all the best golds we've got all the action. is the whole german football share the experience of every match in the indus league on the weekend here g.w. . created movie milestone. it was an instrument of propaganda and
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persecution. it underwent a bankrupt.


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