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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2018 1:30am-2:00am CET

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every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word emerged from the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn something simple on line on your mobile and free themselves from d w z e learning course we can speak german formating see. everyone who welcomes our high life edition with the best of pics of the week a here's a look at what's coming up. the flights motif loop think obama and her award to winning the creation. of fashion back out a swiss the village to relive a bygone era every winter. crossing parades some of the best spots on the
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greek island. his fashion style was bold brash and flamboyant to say the least i am talking about the late designer gianni versace and how he created his upon him as label in the one nine hundred seventy s. and soon became a sensation in the fashion world well not everyone watch what he produced but versace didn't seem to care and even said he didn't believe in good taste while the fashion designer was murdered outside of his villa in miami in one thousand nine hundred seven at the height of his career now some twenty years later the largest a retrospective of his work is on display right here in berlin. these creations on not part of a new connection then it's from the nineteen eighties and nineties all designed by john even. this extraordinary fashion show in berlin was mounted to open
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a new exhibition as a tribute to the later time in design of some of the sanchez film associates came to the corn princess impelling in berlin for the endgame. his creations refined memory. a gene uses for designing i think it was all the models were to work with them all the sword for someone to work with and they always had the small simplest of first the best show so it was really an on earth to to work with. you i discovered gianni versace for germany and hotel by yoni in florence and it's very important to me to be here today. to see. that that is the gentleman he was a real gentleman and a family man with a great great talent for what he did and a talent for communicating that great love he had for fashion and for people with
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all of that. the retrospective incudes over three hundred designs covering johnny visit chance and tie a career in the largest exhibition of its kind. in the world so far some of the high end. dress inspired by painter and co stuff. there are pieces from his pop art collection and clothes designed for stylists like this tailcoat ensemble for british thing us things wedding. in a mission that. we want the visitors in to feel like they're getting a good idea of the scope of his creative work not just the borrow go and gold and bling bling but the more classical things he did as well he also dressed lady di every room in the exhibition is devoted to a particular theme to his famous miami prince shirts for example. the golden black cream presents pieces from the seminal bondage collection international collectors have also known as their price is. one is an example stephanie of brazil
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a collector and founder of the fashion design essence nine hundred eighty nine. it was not only ask her to look and buy through was something that is about more about pleasure and elegance here wally his well we about that sometimes to watch with the bad taste but in such a good way. but the beautiful. this is the first time alexander stefani has shown his pieces from the sanchez men's collection in berlin in the one nine hundred ninety s. the design in liberated men's fashion from old constraints using among other things pretty colors and striking cratylus he was one of the of the same attention for the months and the woman's i mean he also used the same inspiration for both collection by the time gianni versace was murdered in one thousand nine hundred seven he was
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a legend as like centric and flamboyant as his own creation. he gained international fame in the 1980's his clients include. princess diana. and singer elton john. has such a passionate in the era of supermodels like now do you. naomi campbell and kate moss. the exhibition trace his chains rise from five point pitch to study design and. you see all just the development it was much more intellectual than it became more sexy than it was appeal for celebrities and when your soul all all do is release for such a for everybody. swedish top model marcus schrenker barry pool one of alexander stephany's outfits in the one nine hundred ninety s. he was not just favorite male model. the model and the connector still enjoy donning the design as outfits for special occasions. but for the st nick santa
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stephanie doesn't limit himself to vintage after around. the times has changed the bling bling we don't dress the way we used to drive but there is always the i'd be ideal freedom on that yeah i'm used to for using his every day. to retrospective in berlin presents a designer who grew up fashion history now gianni versace is fashion is at least twenty years old it's anything but old fashioned. we turn our attention now from a famous fashion designer to a famous lighting designer lucy called dove brings together centuries old bohemian glass art with modern lighting technology in her creations have earned her a number of accolades including designer of the year in the czech republic well we want to see more of her work so we visited lucy in her studio in prague.
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lucio called over plays with light and the energy it radiates glass is her favorite material. the designer works with it to make objects that are both translucent and colorful like here with her lamp cups. told of also combines different materials here and onyx stone divides the fragile the last hemispheres of this limp called. light is a phenomenon it's something that you can't fully understand i mean it's it's very emotional it's a strong source of energy. so this is the main thing what fascinates me and together with glass and the transparencies the translucency the color the gloss and this. after completing her studies at the academy of art architecture and design in the czech capital prague gold of all moved to paris that was back in two thousand
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and nine. in the meantime she's returned to prague where she has her studio. for her creativity involves teamwork designing a lamp is a complex task it takes time she says sometimes more than a year. the source is essential for lights and when i start designing i always keep in mind what kind of source i need and i i build up the concepts based on the source you have. filament bulbs so so many different kinds of source sources that you can play with. this your lips your cold over was a special guest of the i am cologne furniture trade fair. she was invited to design does house and you will installation there present selected designers ideas about living space. becomes there's no surprise there in color of his interior light
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plays the main role some of her lighting fixtures were created especially for the i am and. i wanted to show people what light can do indeed interior in terms of atmospheres i think that if you are at home. the ideal case you should recover you should feel say you should be able to recharge your batteries and lights shoots should. provide you this this conference. call of us lamps are manufactured one hundred fifty kilometers southeast of prague in young stein in the broker's company's glass factory. when it was founded in the early nineteenth century it made every day glass objects. in one nine hundred ninety seven young rebel but the factory modernized it and developed a new product line. he's been working with lucy it called of us since two thousand
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and ten. the chip we're making glass is very tall. it's very. classic but the mains demand seeing us seeing the glass blowers one tool more to simplify the seeing swarm through to logan to invent some string mule and apply the cern technique or combine different techniques to our eye for tool to pull us through to make the. gold of his creations often challenge the glass blowers the shapes and sizes are unusual and require great skill. the pieces are entirely handmade muffin the first lamp that the designer created for broca's was her international breakthrough.
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now she's the company's arc director. i follow my instincts and basically i try to express what i have inside and this is this like creator so feeling that you think that you have something to say and i'm trying to express by objects and by lights. and then if the under the other people if they understand what i have to say and they cherish the work and the objects then it's like an added value. in your search for something new to a called of often pushes the limits of what's possible and in doing so she creates timeless and poetic shapes of life. with all the religious conflicts in the middle east and the rhetoric surrounding the global war on terror it is quite easy to forget that christianity judaism and islam are
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inevitably intertwined at least that is what one finish for tara for would like you to see all i call him a man has brought out a book combining photographs of churches mosques and synagogues in a kind of photographic religious utopia regardless of your beliefs it's hard to argue the beauty of these pictures. the pantheon in rome. the eye of sophia in istanbul. and the star temple synagogue in india. often you can't tell whether it's a mosque a church or synagogue until the second or third look. centuries old houses of worship are all a color mine and subjects before he presses the button the chemistry has to be just right. when i go in i need to have the kind of in light moment of the space or enlargement of the light so there's something
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a driven force that i'm looking for. some places it's very easy to find somebody says it's a little bit more difficult sometimes it's easier to find but very hard to capture . this time call a mine in is turning his lens on berlin's cathedral he looks for just the right subject the optimal position and especially the perfect light. the challenge for him is to capture the particular mood and spatial dimensions fun film. by a divide the image in several parts so chemically deconstruct the space and then reconstruct it but it's not perfect and that the certain point. when the viewer is looking the work. so the. three dimensionality. in creates his artwork after the shoot. in his berlin studio here ranges his photos like the tiles of a mosaic into
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a larger panorama. all of this is possible to get to but i like to do it on a lot of my work is not for talk. to get. the native of finland discovered his fascination for houses of worship in two thousand and thirteen. he spent months photographing must after that he spent more than three years visiting over fifty sacred sites all around europe the result was a book of photos and next edition titled sacred spaces in the house. the walls and spaces themselves became part of the installation. there were twenty seven. twenty five colors. so it becomes. a coal mine is a photographer of what's known as the helsinki school while studying in the finnish capital in the one nine hundred ninety s. he began to specialize in images of spaces and facades. he made his name which have
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strict photos of architecture. he compiled his sacred spaces from twenty fourteen to twenty seventeen years during which tensions between the world religions were growing in europe and elsewhere. did his photo project have a political message. you are not doing political odd product think already the theme and how it's handled bring something the. board what i'm thinking about it. all and call it mine and images reveal that when seen from a distance christian jewish and muslim houses of worship are visually at least not all that different. time now for a bit of time travel back to the turn of the twentieth century now every year the swiss town of can mash relives the ballot for an entire week the whole village gets
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involved and dresses for the occasion the women even don heavy old fashioned wooden skis and attempt a salon in long dresses or we went there to see for ourselves how and why this small town embarks on such a journey to another era. it looks as if time has stood still. as if condor stake is stuck in the pre-war ballot. once a year for a whole week at the end of january the entire village turns back the clocks. on county you really get a feel for what it was like in the bella puck i love that if you. look at the women walking right now that's what's so great and it's the passion of a belly pork for their bare pokey stink it i think it's simply wonderful the whole atmosphere and the way people are parading around the side of the pot as these are it's fabulous to feel like an elegant lady almost the whole village gets into the
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spirits of the ballot box even the local supermarket gets a different name. called tells of the based on recipes from the time and of course there's absinthe and aniseed flavored spirit that was all the rage at the turn of the century. the baker to has turned back the clock he's waffles are made from only flour and water the chocolate is lucky used to be two. chocolates in the belle of weren't so sweet they were made of seventy percent cocoa and were slightly grainy so not so smooth. but what really gives you an uncanny feeling of time travel all the clothes the man in the top hat some titles and the women in their fancy hats and gowns back then the wealthier women would have changed their outfits several times a day they could choose from
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a whole series of local dress makers but now people have to go further afield. and i thought that my dress made by a tailor in poland of it cost between five and six hundred here is a piece depending on outfit and fabric that would happen if we simply. and to these lovely dresses this far to me the little black coat comes from the states and the furs from scotland because i always bring things back from my travels that i can combine with other items. one of the most beloved events of the bella hawke week is the scheme of course it goes without saying that the outfits are just as they used to pay. the look fish has come here for the first time she found her outfit in the classified ad section. outside moscow but i tried it out once before on the slopes i know it's going to be an adventure no doubt about it if you wipe out students but we'll give it
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a try for years i thought. they weren't any challenge steering the ballot box so skiers go up the mountain on forty. it's hard to get the hang of skiing with century old equipment but this event isn't about speed and performance so much as fun. ursula take is usually a good skier but she needs a lot of practice. because not an inch of carving it's about weight distribution and you need to concentrate more on think you. less adventurous partaken often in team rich ladies used to meet to drink tea and eat sandwiches and cakes the first of all to gossip about other rich ideas. even here there are some who find it hard to leave the digital era behind completely.
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catch teaches people how to dance like they used to and in our nouveau ballroom this scottish dance was particularly popular at the end of the nineteenth century. figure dancing started going out of fashion joining the ballot. wanted to be a bit wilder so they love the scholars. they found it fascinating. baseline to dancing double time is just one of the dances at the century which marks the glorious and to the sea is barely talk week dancing the night away in congress. now a trip of another kind next up we are after the beautiful greek island of crete it's a tourist magnet in the summer time thanks to the pristine beaches but what about in winter creates a mild climate and sunny days allow tourists to embark on a number of activities now swimming in this scene may only be for the brave hearted
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but there are plenty of other things to do for the adventurous traveler. with its different styles of architecture is one of the most beautiful cities in the mediterranean one of its most famous landmarks is the lighthouse which dates from the venetian era the however deal town behind are very lively in the evening when the locals and tourists throng to the restaurants and bars during the day the area is quite peaceful. but simply because the stuff is a local tour guide. to the current place that you can read the history of the city from its architecture do not see who occupied it over the centuries but i threw up a paradox that you know beginning with the byzantines then the phoenicians and then the ottomans for us both of them on. the byzantine wall was built during the early
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middle ages remains from the previous while the wrecked it during the hellenistic period are still visible. the church of ideals nikolaus is an illustration of the influence of different religions and culture as it has both a bell tower and the minaret. and the first good mosque to be built after the ottoman conquest in the seventeenth century is now an exhibition space. the venetians built in the orient shipyards to repair ships in winter they can be seen clearly from the water and early afternoon is a good time to go on a boat trip the boat has a glass floor which makes it easier to see what's in the water go see the article on the records of that you'll get your very stick to. his rescue just in the second war war by the german warfare. like
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a car going through super and sometimes like a beagle right install or. another's great weight to take in creeds natural beauty the mountains and valleys the word isn't high plains has to go tandem paragliding. cats and react is runs a pair of lighting school. you could if you miss that they get this but at least this was a bit creatures known for its branches and there's some that are also fantastic mountain ca of the year paragliding is the best way of getting to know creek from a bar and checking out the beaches for instance to go to later with. the adventurous tourists agree with them. on the modern there will be. you get a view of the whole of the west of crete a lot so if there was some you can practically see the whole island from top to bottom it's no mazing view that you couldn't get otherwise.
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those who prefer to stay on the ground can take a gentle ride in the evening sun. i really like your end of each because it's nothing new. you don't do it every day and it's just really nice. there are roads among the of the island in both some thirty million on live trees in total. including one that's toted as being the oldest in the world it's estimated to be five thousand years old creech is also famous for its all of the crucial ingredient of the local cuisine for a new novel the only one who has always been the most important ingredient in traditional recipes is really no need still it is. one of the traditional recipes in western creech is still goat's meat that is slow roasted with onions herbs lemon and all of oil. a fish is pure overlock east built his
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restaurant phobos in ruins from the venetian era in the old town just behind the porch over twenty years ago he's been cooking traditional cretin cuisine ever since . the restaurant is particularly popular in the evening when the atmosphere was quite magical. only then with that we wrap up another week don't forget to check out our social media pages for more on the program from me my wonderful producer robin merrill and the rest of the crew here at euro max as always thanks for joining us through and seeing the end.
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from the the. law becomes the be. the big. block. mob truck bombs on civilians. more troops move the situation escalates law is no longer a mosque move some oxalis cutlash military leaders work out the extent of the massive macho camacho the because good gracious mr gerson the bush mob seized on.
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the top stories followed across social media sharing commons and content to welcome the truth let's just. move it's all happening. tojo finished african. tour linked news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to their african program tonight from fun to me from his it's easy to out with say the deputy comes to africa join us on facebook at t.w. africa. i am the rain forest i watched them grow up. they have left but they always come. yes they all would come back. for my trees there were. my plants their medicine.
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for my beauty. their escape. i've always been. and i. think sometimes i give. up call for cover. bush humans are so smart so smart such big brains and opposable thumb. they know how to make things less amazing things now why would they need an old forest like me any. chunk treen. well they do breathe air. and i make. if they sold. so. they'll figure. shit human making
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their that'll be fun to watch. militants have claimed responsibility for shooting a russian fighter jet over syria's province russian officials say the pilot ejected with a parachute but was killed in fighting on the grind the russian defense ministry says it responded with an asse strike on the area which killed at least thirty militants.


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