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tv   Interview - Sevim Dagdelen Be fearless and brave.  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2018 11:15am-11:30am CET

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for the table with seven of the matches in the books will change at the top or in second life sick move open after their away went to dortmund shot that move down after their shock to face down at the other end then berlin move after their draw minds down again and are dangerously close to the bottom to. that that you are watching news from britain and will be back again at the top of the hour. my first boss i heard was a sewing machine. where i come from women are both by the social rules even something as simple as learning how to write them by side those isn't. since i was in the good i wanted to have both eyes at the loss of my home but it took me years to. finally they gave up and went on buying young guys like this but returned with
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the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for those than writing a. novel i want to meet women back home who are bones by then two thousand and social rules and informed and old that piece of writing. my name is the about of the group and i work at the to. save him darlin is the deputy leader of the left party in the german parliament i will talk to her about german arms exports turkey under president and courage welcome to the show. thank you. darling you once stopped german chancellor angela merkel from leaving parliament during one of your speeches. how did you manage that
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thing off. well we were the leading opposition party in parliament during the last election period i thought it was disrespectful for the chancellor to make a government declaration open the debate and then not wait to listen to the opposition it was. the parties of the grand coalition government are a lot of my lots of time to speak with but the opposition doesn't get much time. and i think that in a parliamentary democracy government should also listen to what the opposition has to say that's why i directly addressed the chancellor because i thought it was rude for her to try to leave parliament when it was the opposition's time to speak so. that's provided you have that proves you're not intimidated by the political heavyweights you've publicly argued with foreign minister in the leader of the greens in the bundestag opening account and even with the left party idle grey dog
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easier what gives you that courage. when you well i'm from a working class background i was born and grew up in a socially deprived neighborhood the book lowest of the low by investigative journalist going to evolve off people might remember it basically tells the story of my life because i grew up on that exact. indoor sports book house and it features prominently in the book and it was a pretty rough neighborhood i guess you'd call it today. you have to assert yourself and growing up with five siblings i also had to learn to assert myself in school and in the neighborhood so i don't mince words and i fear nothing and i think it's part and parcel of politics to be fearless and brave. last month. when i lived in your parents immigrated to germany from turkey your mother is kurdish does that mean you have three different identities what will i. i'm often
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called a turk mostly by neo nazis telling me to go home by which they mean turkey. some call me a kurd because my mother's native language is the kurdish dialect. and my father's native language is turkish yes but i think all these descriptions are just more projections than anything i was born here and grew up here i only have german citizenship and i'm very happy with that it still wins which relations between turkey germany and the kurds are a major political topic for you because turkey is using german built tanks to attack the kurds in northern syria because germany's ally in the fight against the islamic state you've called the german government cowardly why. because the german government is turning a blind eye to a nato member violating international law that. this clearly started as
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a war of aggression in violation of international law because the syrian government in damascus did not request this intervention and there exists no un security council mandate for it either and turkey was not attacked so this is a breach of international law and i expect a democratically elected government to take a clear stand on this matter and declare this a violation of international law. the government hasn't done that and turned a blind eye it turned a blind eye when images and footage surfaced showing turkey engaged in a war of aggression using german built lay upon tanks alongside bands of islamist murderers that turkey has been arming and training for years germany's government is cowardly refusing to admit it helped arm these aggressors with weapons exports and that these weapons are now being used in this war on what. you say that weapons x. wants are a political mistake was made but it doesn't not have to be stated that the delivery
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of german milan antitank missiles helps the save many lives in their fight against the barbaric i ask you this as a cotton dress example shows what madness german arms exports are germany is exporting weapons irrespective of all law and order into crisis stricken regionals in regions marked by tensions and even into war zones violation of our existing laws and without anyone controlling where these weapons might end up. with it and it will close it with them and so is the fight against bias not justified. of course the fight against the barbaric ah yes is justified. the kurds did join the coalition of the willing under leadership of the. united states to valiantly fight and defend themselves. but that makes it even more macabre that the german government and its ally erda one in turkey are fighting the kurds who stood up to
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the barbaric i ass and helped protect us they're being fought with german made tanks. and it just goes to show what a failure german arms exports actually are in terms of german defense and foreign policy. also. you took i hope turkey wants the german made tanks it already owns to be upgraded the german government has refused this by you at least pleased about that. well i'd be happy if the government would actually reject this request but the government is being deceptive they're reacting to the growing criticism and want to play for time by saying we have postponed the deal. but the turkish side says the meeting has been postponed and that nothing has been cancelled on the old or suspended. and that the provisional decision
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made on october sixteenth twenty seventeen concerning the modernization of layer part two tanks remains valid. i fear that the government will just want to continue its arms exports like before that. turkey is on a path towards becoming an autocracy maybe even a dictatorship how is germany supposed to deal with turkey. well there's been a lot of talk of proper between both sides since german foreign minister gabriele poured tea for turkey's foreign minister at his private home is it not sensible to use communication channels during times of crisis certainly the left party absolutely favors engaging in dialogue and i personally support it. without that foreign affairs will get nowhere but that's different to entertaining someone at home in some form of chummy living room diplomacy that's not engaging in dialogue i
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think arms exports don't contribute to mutual understanding but only add to conflict against the backdrop of turkey's domestic political crisis and its foreign policy role in the i was severely criticizing turkish president had no one but two thirds of tax living in germany supported advani in the constitutional referendum do you have an explanation for why so many turks voted for someone who wants to abolish civil rights. across. well several factors explain this one is that turkish president heir to one did push forward many reforms that produced a certain degree of wealth and that has earned him the support of many citizens including many living in germany it has also earned him some international esteem but the president and his ruling party also control a dubious network that is also active in germany it connects lobby groups like the
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turkish islamic union for religious affairs. and thugs like the us monger monny a boxing gang who are armed and intimidate and threaten those with dissenting opinions in germany. this network aims to drum up support for the turkish ruling party's agenda mills. talks liberals a call to win and i have you personally experienced intimidation or being threatened. sadly yes and i think it's scandalous that elected delegates are threatened here in germany just for holding a mandate acting on this political mandate and acting on their conscience with the the. what the turkish government and the president himself has repeated the educated against german lawmakers just for doing their jobs. with just for expressing our opinion and trying to reorient germany's foreign
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policy regarding turkey. into a cup with that in they receive hateful messages on your social media profiles how do you deal with that and with all this by take action if there are death threats then i report everything i will not accept this i don't accept that the internet is somehow a place where the law doesn't apply where you can just insult people. i think it's ok to have a tough fact based arguments and dying courage it. but there can be. no insults hatred or hate speech that's what they've been under police protection since twenty sixteen is that a high price to pay for being brave. the money if that's what it costs then i'm willing to pay the price. but it's not nice of course because it's no longer possible to just do ordinary things that normally i'd never think twice about. and
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never ask myself if i could put myself or family members at risk. by it's very sad that my own personal freedom of movement has become restricted. to one myth but apparently that is the price i need to pay for freely exercising my political mandate. i think the german government has partially allowed turkish president to want to close. unfortunately our time is almost up on the d w interview we like to end by giving you three sentences we'd like you to complete i wish for germans and turks. to have good relations. especially on the sub government level sort of speak and that german turkish relations focus on peace and of course on the rule of law democracy and civil liberties including in turkey. for the future of my family i wish.
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that they remain healthy and stand strong by my side despite the present threat situation my life motto. well that is to be fearless courageous and willing to fight we hope that's what you'll continue to do. thank you so much thank you very much. you're all mix this week's highlights. journey in the true faith finish photographer explore sacred places. strolling through the ballot box a swiss religion churns the clock back a century. soaring over. an island adventure in the offseason in.
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